Continue to Wait upon Me and Expect from Me what I have Promised of Old

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Received 2-27 through 3-6-21

My son write My words once again to those who have eyes to see and speak once again to those who have ears to hear.

My children, what you have seen happen recently in Texas and the surrounding region was a test allowed by Me but perpetrated by the enemy and his followers. Most were not ready to go without the modern conveniences of electricity, heat, water, communication and even transportation. Many homes were made unlivable by today’s standards, many earthly possessions were lost and some even were taken into eternity by this. This is not the first time I have allowed such things, there have been many instances. Remember what has taken place in California, Australia, Africa, Syria, Jordan, Venezuela, China and many more countries and regions around the earth.

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You are the Carriers of My Presence

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Received 2-13 through 2-20-21

Once again I will have you speak for Me to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. The number is getting smaller and smaller as the separation goes on. Those who have put their trust in man and his evil plans for the future no longer seek Me or hear Me. Some of you have gone through fiery trials, some of you are going through fiery trials and some of you will go through fiery trials in the future. Know this, I have a purpose for these trials and tribulations and that is to divide My sons and daughters from those who are sons and daughters of the enemy. I am separating the holy from the profane, those who live in and by My Spirit from those who live in and by the flesh and those that love this world from those who look to the world that is to come because it is their home. Continue reading “You are the Carriers of My Presence”


The Golden Calf

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Received 1-31 through 2-6-21

“My son, I speak to you to put out another message from Me to My people that will see and hear the truth. The platforms that you have to give out these messages will not be available for very much longer. Tolerance for My truth is growing less and less by the day. Darkness is rising but remember it will never overcome My light. Today I speak to you in a more veiled manner than I have in the past because fewer and fewer are receiving the stark truth. It is very difficult for those whose eyes have gotten accustomed to the darkness to look upon the brightness of My light that reveals all truth.” Continue reading “The Golden Calf”


Some Even Began to Idolize and Worship that Brazen Snake (Donald Trump) and Looked to Him More than Me

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Received 1-23 and 1-24-21

I see confusion among My people right now especially among My people that live in America. The reason this is happening is because you have listened to false prophets, preachers and teachers and you have not listened to My Holy Spirit. I am not the God of confusion but of order and peace. You have turned your eyes upon a man and taken them off of Me. You say that God has given us Trump and that is true but am I not also the God that takes away when He sees fit? Oh, My children in America, how you have fallen since Trump has been your king! You have never truly repented! Oh, you said that I would bless your country because of him but just the opposite has happened. Look back now and consider how far you have fallen in the last 4 years! Continue reading “Some Even Began to Idolize and Worship that Brazen Snake (Donald Trump) and Looked to Him More than Me”