You are Eating from the Scraps that Fall from the Enemy’s Table

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Received 1-16-21

My people, I see many of you in confusion right now and this is not My will for you. I am not the author of confusion. This is happening because you are eating from the scraps that fall from the enemy’s table. You are not dogs  and these scraps are full of poison! Many of you even beg at the enemy’s table. He uses your vain imaginations and screams lies so all can hear him especially through the media that the world sees on all of their screens constantly. The little tidbits of truth he gives you are polluting your spirit. The enemy gives you truth mixed with lies. I only give you the truth, for I AM the truth and I cannot lie. The more that you eat from the enemy’s table, the less you will eat from My table and you will grow weak and sick. Would you eat  physical food that knowingly had dung mixed in it ? I know what your answer is. So why then do you eat what the enemy gives you? Do you not trust Me? I will tell you what you need to know if you ask Me with the correct motive. Continue reading “You are Eating from the Scraps that Fall from the Enemy’s Table”