The Lead Fall Guy is Donald Trump. This Fall Shall be His Fall…

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Received 10-3 through 10-10-2020

My children, all is not as it seems, even many of My chosen ones are not discerning the events of your world clearly or correctly. My judgments are upon the whole world right now, yet many believe it not. They long for the times that will never return again. This longing will lead many to the pit because they do not seek Me and My kingdom but their own. Many have allowed themselves to be polluted by worldly pursuits such as material wealth, prosperity and the gathering together of things that will burn. Until just a few months ago most in the western world had more worldly wealth than ever before but had little if any treasure stored in heaven, where it cannot be touched by the corruption of your world; rust, fire, flood, disaster or being stolen by thieves. Part of the enemy’s plan is to take away the things that he has lured men with by doing away with the current financial system. The wealth of many has already been taken away and made them dependent on hand outs from the world’s governments but these will run out. A complete and utter collapse is coming very soon. Continue reading “The Lead Fall Guy is Donald Trump. This Fall Shall be His Fall…”