1. Glory to the most high God and his son Jesus Christ. Brother Jeff the Lord gave me a similar word of prophecy on July 4 2020 from a Dream , even a vision in the night in regards to Ezekiel chap 6 & 7. I put it on my YouTube page:


    At the testimony of two or three witness every word is Confirmed. This is serious and people need to repent and seek the Lord while he may be found .

    Amen brother! Keep speaking the words of the Lord .

    May the grace of our Lord Jesus (yahshua) Christ be with you and all his saints . Amen !

  2. I read Ezekiel 7 just recently and got exactly the same aa Jeff was saying.
    There was another who posted on You Tube, a man with a very long beard whose details I did not get, who said that 4 of the prosperity preachers will die in one day, and that this would be the fiery kick-off event before Californian Earthquakes. 2 of the names were Kenneth Copeland and Joyce Myers. As he set a date in September that has passed, I paid little heed. However, now I do wonder if those in mansions will suddenly be killed and their riches all taken, in one day. What a terrible tragedy, to have chased riches that will not save.

  3. Dommage pour ceux qui ne comprennent pas votre langue. Par écrit, Google Chrome traduit fidèlement le texte. Que le Seigneur vous bénisse.

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