The Situation at My Local Hospital

This video was taken about 3:30PM EST 4-9-2020 At UPMC main campus in Jamestown, NY



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  1. Hey Jeff, just found one of your youtubes, abt shaking. Left a comment, as mf. I grew up in western ny. I live out in the catskills now, not that far from jamestown. GOD BLESS!

  2. Pam I’m very frustrated as well, because I’ve dried to warn people about what’s coming in the word for years and they just seem to think that I’m lunatic somehow. Off course they have bee busy and stressed with they daily activities so that they have been unable to receive any warnings – this time ( maybe a year ) is they last opportunity. Thank God for american sisters and brothers that have been active in the internet – otherwise I would have been sleeping as well.
    Blessings from Finland!!

  3. Hello, this is the first time I’ve seen this website. I’ve been a believer since 1985 and I’m seeing how quickly our nation has changed. I feel like all of our American freedoms have disappeared. I sense that it is just a matter of time before the people start to revolt. We cannot have every freedom ripped away like this and just be content to stay this way. People are so blinded and are believing in this so called virus. Maybe the virus is real, but it’s not like what they are making it out to be. The gov. is putting fear into the hearts of people in a way to control the population.

  4. I thank God for your website and for a few others He has led me to read. He woke me up in 2015 that we were running out of time. Oh, how I have learned so much since then. I can’t even imagine how little we still know! Is anyone else saddened and yet astounded by the amount of brainwashing that has been done? We had a restaurant that was closed down like all of the small businesses…hm. I knew the week that the news started talking about this, when the grocery store runs began, and business died overnight; they were crashing the economy on purpose. I could see that they were setting up the 1 world government. I see the push for digital currency from vendors, payroll companies, hints the news drops about “dirty cash”. Everyone I talk to believes what they are told to believe. No one will listen. Believers I told to stock up on supplies won’t. The made up number’s, the social distancing to kill the last bit of compassion and caring left… I’ve sent various youtube videos showing the empty hospitals, ID2020 and vaccine articles, etc., and they scoff. When did everyone become so trusting in our leaders? I feel sheep are being led to the slaughter. Everyone I know, including my husband, believes that if Fox news said something, it is the truth. I tell them biblical scripture; and they don’t want to hear. My husband is scared to death to go anywhere! Most of the believers that I know have never read Revelations, or the Bible itself. They say, “Revelations is scary.” I tell them, that this is the only book that blesses you for reading it in the beginning and again at the end. I am so saddened by the overnight loss of jobs. Our employees are scared to death and cannot find work. I see big government handing out billions to their fellow cronies, yet wanting small business to borrow funds that “may” be forgivable! I see entrapment all over. I’m in tears thinking about how many are so lost. How can we possibly save these people? I pray daily for boldness, and am speaking out more, but it is to dead ears. Does anyone else feel this way?

  5. I myself had Corona, according to the symptoms, which are specific and atypical for common flu or cold. I’m not going to get tested, because I don’t want to end up on any list (forced vaccinations). It is indeed a scam.

  6. The same picture is here.Yesterdaymy little town was full of people,,but many do not wear a mask.Our Govnm Elite do not wear a mask,too.BG elite take another huge loan..but who will be the User,and who will pay back?I saw in many places in USAmerica the same picture as here.Nobody was repenting here in my place.Lukewarm Church.They mock me.Nobody care with me.There no real Love.There wil be no real cure…will be Judgment.Lord Jesus..Come !!please…

  7. None of this makes any kind of sense until you understand that they are going to be putting the whole world under the New World Order and they are afraid what people are going to do when they realize it. Civil war is coming!

  8. Yep there are a lot of people who have done videos about their local hospitals and they are all the same. Pretty much nothing going on at all!

  9. Thanks much Bro Jeff. 🌷
    Noticed that Oklahoma City Hospital had many empty beds too.

    I think Sweden has a better way to handle this so called Pandemic. Article is on Yahoo.
    Why should healthy people be Quarantined? Makes no sense.
    Young and old are controlled and waiting for the cure with the Vaccine,
    which will probably do much harm to people.
    Authorities are Getting everyone ready to take the Mark/Chip.
    That is what I believe.
    Important for all of us to be very Prayerful and sober each day.
    God bless and Protect you and yours and all of us. Amen

  10. yup yup yup surprise surprise Mainstream media always pushing their lies. It’s all about to keep people in fear to submit to their takeover. Some people have gotten sick and some died but not as many as they are showing and saying.
    You crack me up! lol

    It is the same at the hospital by me too.

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