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hello my beloved brothers and sisters in
Christ this is finally here with you
again and I just wanted to come in on
here today and tie some stuff together
because there’s getting to be so much
confusion out and the you know NATO
figure you might say and God is not the
author of confusion so first off I would
like to start by comparing what is said
in Matthew 24 and you can say I’m using
New King James Version and I’d like to
compare that to Revelation chapter 6 and
the first six seals and I’d like to show
you how these two relate to one another.

alright Jesus said in verse 4 well no
let’s back up just where Street now yes
he said on my namaz the disciples came
to him privately saying tell us when
will these things be and what will be
the sign of your coming and is the end
of the age and jesus answered and said
to him them take heed that no one
deceives you boy should we ever listen
that one for many thing many will come
in my name saying I am the Christ and
will deceive many now where can we see
that it’s in the first seal and it is
stirring the worst one now I saw when
the lamb opened one of the seals and I
heard one
of the four living creatures sing with a
voice like thunder come and see and I
looked and behold a white horse and he
who sat on it pedable the crown was
given to him and he went out conquering
and to conquer
then verse 6 of Matthew 24 we have and
you hear of wars and rumors of wars see
that you are not troubled for these
things must come to pass but the end is
not yet that is compared to the second
seal when he opened the second seal I
heard the second living creature say
come and see another horse fiery red
went out and it was granted to the one
who sat on it to take peace from the
earth and that people should kill one
another and there was given to him a
great sort and then it says in Matthew
24:7 for nation shall rise against
nation and Kingdom against Kingdom and
there will be famines we see famine and
seal number three we opened this third
seal I heard the living creature say
come and see
so I looked and behold a black horse and
he who sat on it had a pair of scales in
his hand and I heard a voice in the
midst of the four living creatures say a
quart of wheat for a Denarius and three
quarts of barley for a Denarius and do
not harm the oil and the wine
so what does that mean in our language
today a loaf of bread for a day’s wage
which would be probably between 100 and
200 dollars per day within normal wages
that people earn in the United States I
guess anyways other countries vary and
you know like take Venezuela for example
they’re probably already facing this
right now I know that Germany when their
currency was devalued that you could
bring a whole wheelbarrow full of their
cash to the store and it would barely
buy you anything that’s coming that’s
come in the United States do I believe
that that comes from what I’ve heard
from Lord after the fiery kickoff event
takes place in New York City and we’ll
get to more on that in a little bit so
then we have in back to verse 7 and
Matthew 24 pestilences and that would be
the same as the fourth seal right here
in which I believe that will in compass
World War 3 they didn’t know how to
describe radiation back then she says
here the fourth of the earth to kill
with sword with hunger with death and
the forfeit by the beasts of the earth
so it entails a lot of things diversity
of us but I do believe that ncludes
world rosary
and then the fifth seal of course is
martyrs we’ve had martyrs or over the
entire church age but it’s going to be
worse in the physio than we’ve ever seen
before and that you can see from verse
nine over here they will deliver you up
to tribulation and kill you and you will
be hated by all nations for my name’s
sake and many will be offended and
betray one another and will hate one
then many false prophets will arise and
deceive many
because lawlessness will abound and the
love of many will grow cold he who
endures to the end will be saved and the
gospel of this kingdom will be preached
in all the world as a witness to all
nations and then the end will come now
verse 14 people’s think that hey the
Internet has spread the gospel around
the Cold War’s well I guess it has but I
don’t believe that that is exactly what
this verse is referring to I believe
that verse 14 of Matthew 24 is referring
to the transformation of the remnant or
the Bride of Christ or the 144,000 or
whatever whatever other terminology we
would like to use that’s what I believe
that entails so let’s skip a few verses
let’s go down to verse 29 of Matthew 24
immediately after the tribulation of
those days the Sun will be darkened the
moon will not give a slight mist
ours will fall from heaven and the
powers of heaven will be shaken I think
that matches up very well with the sixth
seal looked when he opened the sixth
seal and behold there was a great
earthquake the Sun became black as
sackcloth of hair and the moon became
like blood and the stars fell from the
earth as a fig tree drops its late figs
when shaken by a mighty wind then the
sky receded as a scroll when it is
rolled up and every mountain and island
was moved out of place I believe during
this there will be an asteroid or you
could term it as a comet will hit the
earth and there will be it will the sky
will roll back there may be a pole shift
involved I’m not exactly sure on that I
have been revealed whether or not that
would happen right then I know that is
going to be part of the judgment I
believe the the what’s falling from the
heaven right here is meteorites and
fallen angels because their place will
be removed and there will be no place
for them anymore and having what they
inhabit right now is the second heaven
which is the space between Earth and
where the father resides in the third in
all though Satan is allowed to accuse
the Brethren before
the courtroom of heaven but for now
we’re going to just concentrate on on
the second in the first seven which is
the first heaven would be the earth and
there are demons in that area there are
fallen angels there are fallen angels
that have host bodies when they possess
a person then they take over that that
body it’s I believe they will be falling
as well as the meteors and then like I
said there will be darkness on the earth
right then I believe that’s when the
three days of darkness will take place
so oh yeah and the kings and the earth
and the great men rich man and
commanders of my team and every slave
and free man hid themselves in the caves
and in the rocks in the mountains and
said to the mountains and rocks fall on
us and I just when the face of him who
sits on the throne and from the wrath of
the lamb for the great day of his wrath
has come and he was able to stand
be right there is when the rapture as
people call it I don’t really like the
word rapture I like to call it to
catching the way of the bride or the
catching the way of God’s people because
I think rapture is you know it’s not
even in the Bible really it’s a it is
sort of let’s just call it the catching
away we can see that over here
let’s see he will send His angels with a
great sound of a trumpet and they will
gather together his elect from the four
winds and from one end of heaven to the
so where are we right now I believe we
are right here the second seal is open
and I’m sure there’s gonna be people
that you want to argue with me about
that and if you do well I’m not gonna
argue back because I’m tired of that I
really am I that’s not what I’m doing
this video for not to argue I’m trying
to make sense of everything that’s going
on right now so as we see ever Pyke’s 3
world ward letter 1871 what do you know
about that
the elite have a plan and you know what
they have some guide stones that say
that they want to reduce the world’s
population down to 500 million people so
they’re gonna have to eliminate 7
billion people very quickly
the Lord is going to allow them to do as
they will through the seal judgments and
that is where we are right now let’s see
what ever Pike wrote to Giuseppe Mazzini
and you’ll see that their plans are
going forth on an have been going forth
first world war must be brought about in
order to permit the Illuminati to
overflows the power of the Czar’s of
Russia and of making that the country a
fortress of ascetic communism the
divergences caused by the agent or of
the Illuminati between British and
Germanic empires will be used to foment
this war and the end of the war
communism will be built and used in
order to destroy the other governments
in order to weaken the religions Second
World War must be formatted by taking
advantage of the differences between the
fascists and the political Zionists this
war must be brought about so that Nazism
is destroyed in the political Zionism be
strong enough to institute a sovereign
state of Israel in Palestine during the
second world war international communism
must become strong enough in order to
balance Christendom which would be then
restrained and held back held in check
until the time when we would need
it for the financial social clericalism
the third world war must be fomented by
taking advantage of the differences
caused by the agent or of the illuminati
between the political Zionists and the
leaders of the Islamic world well what
do you know about that the war must be
conducted in such a way that Islam and
political Zionism mutually destroy each
other which will not completely take
place but you can see their plan
meanwhile the other nations once more
divided on this issue will be
constrained to fight to the point of
complete physical moral spiritual and
economical as Ostend
we shall lease denialists and the
atheist and we shall provoke a
formidable social Cataclysm which in all
its horse will show clearly to the
nations the effect of absolute atheism
origin of slavery and the most bloody
turmoil then everywhere the citizens
obliged to defend themselves against the
world minority of revolutionaries will
exterminate those who destroyers of
civilization and the multitude of
disillusioned with Christianity but what
they don’t know is that there are those
who believe in the real living Lord
Jesus Christ Yeshua HaMashiach they
don’t know that and we will be
victorious Alleluia so the
err they’re just talking about the
religious people I would say for example
most of the Roman Catholics I can sorry
to say that but it’s the truth okay so
the they will exterminate the Destroyers
of civilization and they multitude
disillusioned with Christianity whose
deistic spirits will from that moment be
without compass or Direction anxious for
an ideal but without knowing where to
render its adoration will receive the
true light that they think it’s a true
light it is the false light the angel of
light himself through the universal
manifestation of the pure doctrine of
Lucifer or as we know him Satan because
he is fallen is the deceiver and accuser
of the Brethren finally brought out into
public view so you see this is their end
this manifestation will result in the
general reactionary movement which will
follow the destruction of Christianity
or so they think
and atheism both conquered and
exterminated at the same time what a
plan huh they got it all figured out
well now I’m gonna jump you up to
September 11th 2001 from 1871 what a
jump and I want you to watch this it’s
got a catchy little tune too
surprisingly so little rubble where did
all the rubble go
it’s a very good question Peter and I
have asked some people who’ve been doing
some of the rescue and recovery work
this morning if you look behind me you
can see the very remains the skeletal
remains of the World Trade Center and
one volunteer Robert Carr Linsky
explained to me the reason they’re so
little rubble is that all that simply
fell down into the ground and was
pulverized evaporated
could it be shipped
but it doesn’t make sense to me
this is yeah
but you need to last you
yeah yeah
okay watch that beam that the arrow is
pointing at very important because that
is a solid steel beam watch what happens
to it
wait girl
it turns into dust have you ever seen
that happen in real life because if you
have you live in a different world than
I do that’s for sure
the reason I showed you that is because
we can see that the world’s elite played
a magical trick right in front of our
eyes and most people still believe to
this day that jet fuel which is barely
not barely basically it’s kerosene like
you would burn in a kerosene heater
which is a distillate which is closely
related to diesel fuel would burn solid
steel and concrete into dust
what any seconds flat how does that
it doesn’t I mean I could go on about
this for a long time and here’s the
other thing
buildings seven there’s there’s a bunch
of buildings I don’t even know all the
names of them all but most notably
building seven there was across the
street it had a fire and all of a sudden
it you know just collapsed it doesn’t
happen that way when people when men oh
you know whether they do demolition with
it the big ball on you know a crane or
whatever it has a lot of rubble and you
have to get it hauled away in dump
trucks and there was very little debris
because you know why it all turned into
dust why is that why did that happen
super nano thermite and micro nukes
that’s what happened the only way you
can get a hold of these things are
through the United States government so
who’s responsible and I just would like
to add that the Israeli Mossad had their
hand in it as well so why did they do
that because like we read in Albert
Pike’s letter to Jews up in Mazzini they
have to film an award between the
Muslims and the rest of the earth now I
would like to turn your attention to
Jeremiah chapter 50 meaning for New King
James again because it’s a lot easier to
read than my normal amplified bible
still getting the point across a sound
of battle is heard in the land and of
great destruction how the hammer of the
whole earth has been cut apart and
broken how Babylon has become a
desolation among the nation’s I have
laid a snare for you you have indeed
been trapped o Babylon and you were not
aware you have been found and also
caught because you have contended
against the Lord the Lord has opened his
armory and has brought out the weapons
of his indignation for this is the work
of the Lord of Hosts in the land of the
Chaldeans which is basically the deep
come against her from the farthest
border opened her storehouses cast her
up as a heap of ruins and utterly just
destroy her utterly left nothing being
of her be left slay all her Bulls let
them go to the slaughter woe to them
where their day has come the time of
their punishment the voice of those who
flee and escape from the land of Babylon
declares in Zion the Vengeance of the
Lord our God the Vengeance of his temple
now I want to go back up to verse 23 how
the hammer of the whole earth has been
cut apart and broken now there are
people that would argue that America is
not babylon babylon is in the Middle
East how would you ever describe Iran or
Iraq or any of the other countries is
the hammer of the whole earth who has
been and probably isn’t anymore but who
has been the most powerful nation on the
face of the earth since World War two on
arguably it has been America and she is
the hammer of the whole earth I also
want to bring to your attention that
Dimitri dude even when he was visited by
the angel he said to read Jeremiah 50
and 51 among the others but that that
refers to America
she is Babylon the Great unnecessary
Babylon and I should say hand cuz
they’re both both so I want to keep I
want you to keep that hammer of the
earth in mind and I want you to listen
to this video by General Wesley Clark
I’m sure you guys some of you at least
have heard of this already about ten
days after 9/11 I went through the
Pentagon and I saw secretary Rumsfeld
and and deputy secretary Wolfowitz I
went downstairs just sail over some of
the people on the joint staffs who would
you used to work for me and one of the
generals called me and he said sir you
gotta come in you got to come in and
talk to me a second I said well you’re
too busy he said no no he says we’ve
made the decision we’re going to war
with Iraq this was on or about the 20th
of September I said we’re going to war
with Iraq why he said I don’t know he
said I guess they don’t know what else
to do so I said well did they find some
information collect connecting Saddam to
al-qaeda he says no no he says there’s
nothing new that way they just made the
decision to go to war with Iraq
he said I guess it’s like we don’t know
what to do about terrorists but we’ve
got a good military and we can take down
governments and he said I guess if the
only tool you have is a Hammer Every
Problem has to look like a nail so I
can’t hear that the hammer of the whole
earth Jeremiah 50 came back to see him a
few weeks later and by that time we were
bombing in Afghanistan I said are we
still going to war with Iraq and he said
oh it’s worse than that
he said he reached over on his desk he
picked up a piece of paper he said I
just he said I just got this down from
upstairs meeting the secretary defense
office today and he said this is a memo
that describes how we’re going to take
out seven countries in five years
starting with Iraq and then Syria
Lebanon Libya Somalia Sudan
finishing off iran yep
that is the truth about the Middle East
and guess what it goes back to our
Pike’s three World War letter from 1871
it’s not a coincidence not at all
they’re following their plan no matter
how long it takes but you know what
so is the Lord our God the Almighty the
maker of heaven and earth and his will
will ultimately be done okay now I want
to jump you up to you right after the
election of Donald Trump and this is a
word that I received November 13th
in 14th of 2016 and I read to you part
of it the Church of America and even
money around the world have cried out to
me and I have given them the man they
have requested of me I have done this
before for the nation of Israel – I was
to be their only leader and I spoke to
my people through my prophets for at the
time my spirit did not reside in all of
my people the people kept crying out so
I gave them a king named Saul I gave
them what they wanted but it was not my
perfect will for them my perfect will is
that they would reign that I would reign
as king over my people my church and
that they would look to me for what they
need and not a man not long from now I
will reign over all the earth on my
throne from Jerusalem I am coming again
this man who claims that he will make
America great again speaks many words
that your ears want to hear and much of
it is truth he speaks much more truth in
new lying Jezebel and her partner the
king of Babylon the Great and that is
referring to Hillary and Obama if he
can’t figure that out I will tell you my
people they are all of the beasts system
of this world the ones that you can see
are the prophets but the forces driving
them is much more evil than even them
they are the unseen hands of Satan
himself and there are very few that know
who they are but I know all and see all
they will not hide from me on the great
and terrible day of the Lord none of the
things that I’ve told you before have
been delayed or canceled all is going as
I plan it just because it is different
from how you thought these things will
transpire do not for a moment think that
this generation is not under my hand of
judgment the great shaking will commence
when the man who I have given is taken
away he’s referring to Trump as it has
been written my church will be shaken
first and then the world I am the Lord
that gives and then takes away and my
thoughts and ways are higher than yours
yes they are past you’re finding out in
this realm that you are in but when you
see me as I am
all that you now long to know will be
revealed and then I would like to jump
to this is another word that was given
to me on January 6th and 7th of 2017
Donald Trump is not who most think he is
and I read part of that as well beloved
I warn you now that everything is not as
it seems in your world since the
presidential election that took place in
America the deception has multiplied
exponentially so that was in January of
if the deception multiplied
exponentially in those couple of months
just think how much it is multiplied
since then I continue
most of those who were on their knees
crying out to me for Donald Trump to be
elected have turned back to their old
sinful ways you know what I’m talking
yep I’m sure you do because he then why
we got rid of that rotten nasty Obama
now everything’s great mm-hmm how great
is it are you living for Jesus do you
take your comfort knowing that Trump is
at the helm let me tell you something
that Idol is gonna be taken down I know
that there are people right now
listening this it probably hate me for
what I’m saying I don’t care it’s the
truth God is gonna take him away okay I
continue they have gotten what they
wanted and now they don’t have time for
me they break my heart even though I
knew that they would turn back to their
sin I gave them another chance let no
man say that I am not merciful and
gracious I gave them their soul I always
give men what they think they want even
though I warned against it
I give man over to their sin if they
constantly just reject my spirit yes a
hand man over to Satan for the
destruction of their flesh so that the
soul can be saved Donald Trump is not
whom always think he is he does not know
me intimately he is not born again of my
spirit he has come he has confessed for
all to see that he thinks that he has no
need to repent of his sins yet the
religious leaders of America hold him up
as their hope I am the one their hopes
should be in America will not be great
again for I am the one who made her
great and I will take her down and she
will be humbled and the Lord has told me
since then then America will be humbled
more than any country has ever been
humbled ever because she has been the
highest all right
even a million Trump’s tell us one of
them has looks like a spirited cognos
the beginning and the end of something
and he uses people for his world
for example I’ve done with Donald Trump
the tip of the spear which he uses for
his Mane’s this is a graduation picture
showing Donald Trump I guess where he is
situated there is the rate ich by that’s
where Donald Trump is that type of a
spread that will cause judgments to come
so there is the connexxus that in his
graduation picture telling from here
it’s the tip of that spear even the
enemy knew that Donald Trump with the
important part of future Street an
episode of The Simpsons ed in 2000 was
exactly as it was shown a man that
didn’t even go on to the part that I was
wanting but that’s interesting
here’s Donald Trump’s coat of arms it
has a hand with a spirit it need i say
i’ll leave the link for this video if
you want to watch the entire thing
donald trump was chosen to begin i
believe the third world war and I
believe the economic collapse of America
and probably the world most likely he’s
the one
when chosen to do it whether he knows it
or not it doesn’t matter to them okay
I’m gonna jump you up to the recent
happening of soleimani there’s so
money’s hand that’s you know they’ve
supposedly found you know blown up but
look at this does that ring look the
same as this one hmm
I’ll leave you guys to decide that one
and I’m gonna say that is unanswered at
this time and I don’t even know the
ramifications of what that actually
means but he could be partying with
Osama bin Laden and Jeffrey Epstein at
this very moment I don’t know anyways
let’s go and listen to what Steven Ben
noone has to say about cell money just
to give you an idea the Iraqi army that
America had rebuilt would empty their
positions and run away as soon as the
appearance of Isis could be seen in the
horizon and we saw that time and time
and time again on the news if you guys
remember that mainstream media reported
it as well
America trained the Iraqi soldiers but
when Isis was seen coming they all fled
the generals would you know their
leaders would they would get out first
in one case he said they assassinated
1060 soldiers in one base that
surrendered to them that was enough for
the Iraqi commander to escape ahead of
their soldiers it would take the elite
Cootes force in Iraqi popular movement
forces that he
organized to match Isis on the ground
and nobody else could and this is one of
the things he said that the West could
not forgive him for was stopping Isis in
its tracks I do agree and I realize when
President Trump says he has American
soldiers blood on his hands for wear the
way he worked with the resistance when
America invaded Iraq I understand that
but I think the part that we were not
being told that the American public has
not been told is what I have shared with
you here on the screen so you can see
for yourself that indeed this commander
was going there to make peace with the
Saudi government it was an official
state visit the Iraqis were working to
coordinate that state visit this is the
reason why he was assassinated at the
International Airport in Iran I thought
it was strange that he was actually
targeted at the International Airport
you know I could maybe more believe it
was an act of war that was on some
little backstreet somewhere but it
seemed a bit strange to me as well that
he was assassinated at the International
Airport well now we know why according
to the iraqi prime minister he was
assassinated while they had already
pre-planned a peace agreement with the
saudi government the people in the
Middle East are trying to make peace
with one another but for some reason the
United States and Israel will not accept
peace in this region just makes you
wonder why I’m Stephen Bannu with
Israeli News live
it does make you wonder why could it be
because they are following once again
Albert fried pikes letter to giuseppe
they don’t want people to be making
peace hmm that’s something else Edna
it’s the truth I will look at a couple
more things here oops
all right we’re on Facebook somebody
just sent me this while I was looking up
some stuff ah I thought it’s pretty
interesting cuz it’s truth
Israel’s ex IDF cheap says we have
supplied Isis al Qaeda FSA with weapons
and funding for years now does that
sound like somebody that’s trying to
foment a war I kind of think that let’s
see here’s another one and then we
clicked on this one America created
al-qaeda and the ISIS terror group and
that’s from 2014 hmm that would be when
Obama was in office yeah that kind of
fits together
good not I think so
yeah definitely alright alright let’s
jump over to listen to what Donald Trump
has to say about the bombing of the US
military base in Iraq as long as I’m
oops tent of the United States Iran will
never be allowed to have a nuclear
weapon I’m gonna stop it right there
Iran most likely already has nuclear
Davee that were developed them by
themselves which I wouldn’t put it past
them but they could have been given to
them by North Korea say our allies with
or China which has given them technology
or Russia which the area allied with or
all three so I’m sorry just saying
chunkier wrong now good morning I’m
pleased to inform you the American
people do you see how out of breath that
Trump is when he’s saying this just
notice that should be extremely grateful
and happy no Americans were harmed in
last night’s attack by the Iranian
regime we suffered no casualties all of
our soldiers are safe and only minimal
damage was sustained at our military
bases look at a guy that stands that’s
standing behind Trump on the on my are
now right it’ll be on the Trump’s left
his looks just say it all it’s like this
is a big lie how do I know that again
let’s find out oh boy did I lose that
one I might have well let’s go back to
Facebook I know I have it on that oh
yeah and I do you still use Facebook
people even though even though I know
alive you don’t like Facebook okay there
it is Iran claims 80 American troops
killed in the missile barrage u.s. says
no casualties that is from The Times of
Israel which is a fairly respectable
publication I believe so basically it’s
the word of Iran against the word of the
United States government
who’s lying I must say that I really
don’t know because I certainly know that
the United States government doesn’t
tell the truth all the time I’m not
saying that Iran does but I almost might
bet that they might be telling the truth
on this case 200 wounded as well 280 80
deaths now why Trump said he’s he’s
going not to go into attack anymore
which i think is a lie as well and that
the situation is you know all simmer and
down that’s another lie let’s look to
see what Stephen when noon has to say
about it but if you recall I had shared
with you guys months ago about the
situation and I’ll show you the video
this is one of the videos here this is
back from September 19th of 2019 and
this video right here I talked about the
very fact that the United States could
not stop with the Patriot battle could
not stop those missiles from hitting the
saudi of refineries all right
this article right here that came out on
NBC News why US Patriot missile failed
to stop drones and cruise missiles
attacking Saudi oil sites the US is
having trouble defending against
low-flying drones and cruise missiles
after years of Pentagon focusing on
longer range threats all kind of excuses
were there I had done a video also from
my own source that requested it to go
public from the Pentagon that the
Chinese have been working with the
they gave them a technology that the
United States could not mitigate I
believe that that technology had
everything to do with this Patriot the
Patriot battery and the technology that
had been used to overcome the Patriot
batteries that we use now to defend our
soldiers in uniform in the Middle East
there since last night’s attack that has
once again come up as a main question
they sidetracked it because they said
the drones were flying low when he came
to this time here this diagram depending
on how well you guys can see this I’m
not sure on our live broadcast but I’m
sure over on fact in his network you’ll
be able to see this is the actual
defense zone that the Saudis had to be
able to stop eating incoming drones
missiles or anything else there’s one
two three four five six seven eight nine
you know New York in ten different
systems and those drones are able to fly
right into Saudi airspace and attack
those refineries back in September
undetected all right I think you guys
get the idea what are you saying they’re
basically China has given Iran missiles
that the United States cannot defend
against the Patriot missiles are from
the 90s they were good for back then I
guess even though some people even raise
a question if they’re that good back
then but we’re in the year 2020 that was
that’s like 30 25 30 year old technology
let that
in America’s on your judgment we’ve been
under judgment it’s been slow but it’s
gonna get faster I’m gonna tell you that
right now
let’s go over to see what Russia’s got
as you know they got they’ve been doing
drills with their new hypersonic
missiles amid the threat of war in
Middle East they’re showing off watch
it’ll go again look how fast this thing
goes amazing how do you know how fast it
goes 20 something thousand miles an hour
I think we can watch this little short
video – or that is it again
they break into a whole bunch of pieces
and either there’s no way to defend
against them
somebody’s okay well uh get out for that
we’ll go over to this one video Russian
worship aggressive approach actually
shows in the US Navy
violating us violating maritime law and
I don’t know if you watch this
no that’s Australia yeah yeah look at
the sky there anyways I wasn’t sure that
none of the countries in in the world
respect America anymore because they
know that we’re bluffing we don’t have
the weapons that China and Russia has
I’m gonna share with you parts of words
that the Lord has given it had given me
in May May 11 through 17th this one was
given to me that’s Iran’s fake worship
that they pretend to blow up and they’re
doing that again that’s been in Moo’s
this week so let’s look let’s start here
America I no longer fight for you or
protect your military endeavours in
conquests that’s the biggest reason
we’re going down because God is not with
us anymore you have had your way with
the weaker nations of the world but that
is ending the nations you seek to
control now are backed by the ones who
will unseat you from your throne o Queen
of Nations your deceitful ways have been
uncovered and you will be stripped naked
for all to see your false Flags only
fool the blind and deaf in here of your
own nation but the enemies see the truth
and they will have their way with you
that’s what’s beginning to happen
America there’s no coincidence
concerning the names of the ships
Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan they
will suffer the same fate as their
namesakes when you see this you will
know that ah that all I have spoken is
true and that this complete destruction
is coming to the once greatest nation of
all you’ll become lowest of all because
you have turned your back on me your
first love
and then the Lord urges us to repent in
the in the words after this I’m gonna
skip to the next where does he wanted me
to read in the coming days the fiery
kickoff event will indeed take place
prophecy will become tomorrow’s
headlines even before the transformation
of my remnant bride which like it said
in earlier was take place in the 6th
seal my words shall come to pass
every last one I am not mocked can those
who have sown death reap life can those
who have sown war repeats can those who
have sown sinful wicked perversion reap
glorious holy righteousness do not be
deceived into thinking that you will not
see destruction because you will unless
you are taken to be with me early in
death that great city Babylon will
utterly burn and be overtaken by wave
after wave of the sea to cleanse her the
world will be in shock and weep for her
the great city that is named for the
fruit of her sins shall reaped the
harvest of the seeds that she has sown
the city that never sleeps
shall be put to rest she will fall and
rise no more
and if you haven’t figured it out the
Lord is speaking of New York City
this shall fully opened the third seal
and the scroll shall roll out and the
black horse will ride across America and
the rich nations of the world those
filled with oil and wine of my spirit
will be provided for as they help others
bringing them into repentance before me
trusting in faith in what I have said
having peace in the midst of calamity
and destruction this will happen shortly
before the complete transformation of my
remnant bride holodeck and also I’m
gonna read this given to me on June 3rd
of 2019 I warn you again America
disaster and calamity comes quickly for
you after the Abraham Lincoln goes down
in flames and you aren’t broiled in
conflict so will the tower that bears
the name of Donald Trump and thus he
will meet his demise F during the fiery
kickoff event as I have told you before
Donald Trump is as Belshazzar he shall
be slain and America will be given to
the Medes and the Persians this is
modern-day Iran in parts of the
surrounding countries after this fiery
kickoff event the most severe judgment
of America begins
so the kickoff event is just the
beginning it’s the kickoff most will not
understand that this has been planned
for years and now the stage has been set
and all the players are in place war on
America will come on every side No on
every front and internally Muslim jihad
Civil War will come a sign
Dainius Lee with financial ruin Marshall
ah famine disease as well as earthquakes
floods tsunamis fires tornadoes
hurricanes volcanoes and then nuclear in
the even destruction from aliens which
are the fallen ones and their weapons
that most of you don’t even take into
account then my wrath shall be poured
out upon you all Babylon the Great the a
great fireball that you don’t see coming
because it is from me this will end the
seal judgments mice in my sealed
servants will be transformed and be sent
out to harvest all those who would
receive me as their savior during all of
this Obama will be welcomed back to lead
America and most will put their trust in
him and he will promise peace and
protection but bring chaos and
destruction how foolish they will be
found to be how utterly foolish is it to
trust in man instead of me he would
absolutely do what his father Satan does
best steal kill and destroy all the time
smiling in line he will finally be
allowed to accomplish his objective as
he did departs America will be attacked
from the north while she is in total
disarray and unable to defend herself
this is the final destruction in one
hour by fire of Babylon the Great the
only thing there will be great again
about America will be here fall because
she has forsaken me even in this I seek
repentance in each individual soul
national repentance will not take place
judgment has been set
you know not the abundance of tears that
I have shed for you but you have refused
me and when he said that I felt his deep
pain and sorrow Jesus does not want to
see the destruction of the wicked but it
will happen
as it has to it is written all right I
want to show you guys a couple more
things you mentioned the Abraham Lincoln
and we can see right now that it is in
the Ronald Reagan is over by Japan right
now the Truman is over near the Middle
East it looks like the the USS Bataan is
going to be joining the Truman I’m
guessing I don’t know that for sure I
have not heard about any other ships
besides the Abraham Lincoln or is the
Ronald Reagan so there may be things
happening with these other ones but I
don’t know so the USS Abraham Lincoln
arrives in Pearl Harbor on January 8 in
today’s the 11th so it’s been there
three days I don’t know if it’s still
there I’m assuming it is yeah this
statement by captain Walter max
slaughter and that’s a name that you
just can’t get out of your head Kenya I
can’t I don’t think it’s coincidence
he says Hawaii is a strategic historic
location that presents a well deserved
opportunity for resting and relaxation
and for the crew to honor the sacrifices
of those who have gone before us during
the attack on Pearl Harbor could there
be an attack and Pearl Harbor again for
Harbor 2.0 I don’t know and I don’t know
of anyone that has been told about that
all I know is I find it strange that
their home port is supposed to be San
Diego and they are so close but yet so
far away yet why did they not just go
back there I am I say I don’t know if
somebody does know send me an email Jeff
at Holy Spirit wind dotnet thank you
alright let’s proceed I know this is
getting a little long but well it is
what it is I’m going to read part of
another word that the Lord gave me on
October 18th of 2017 this will be the
last word that I read that he’s given me
and then I’ll read some things that are
happening currently what you see right
now on the world stage is a grand
illusion that was in 2017 since again
weren’t sunson they are making men
believe that in the false paradigm of
good guys versus bad guys in this world
but I tell you they all are front on the
side of the enemy
I have set up two to be their fall guys
and they hide the evil they have planned
behind them they are the puppet masters
who pull the strings and create the
back-and-forth verbal battles violence
murder chaos and confusion they are also
the ones who control Donald from Latin
American sizing Bing and kim jung-han as
well as every other leader of every
other nation in this world these leaders
do not realize that the darkness is so
deep in the though they think they do
good they are in deep in the deep
darkness yet the darkness of those
behind the scenes is so much darker
deeper and darker their leader who is
Satan will unite people of every tribe
tongue and nation against me to try to
overthrow me but he will not succeed
where I have won the victory and I’ve
told you many times there will be an
event that begins the sequence of the
endtime destruction and Cataclysm that
soon followed by my wrath I have told
you many things about this event it will
be the kickoff of many other events and
it will be many times worse this event
will occur in America and there will be
10 times more destructive than anything
she has ever seen after this event the
financial system of America and then the
world will begin to completely collapse
but it will not be overnight it will
happen quickly this event will be a
false flag attack orchestrated by the
dark leaders that are known as the deep
state they hide in the shadows but I see
them and I will
close them after I am done letting them
do their destructive deeds as part of
the judgment on an unrepentant people to
drive them into my open waiting arms
understand that all the judgments are to
cause repentance and redemption of the
wicked generation that have not followed
my ways the judgments will become worse
and worse as the world does not repent
the false flag event will also involve
fire but not the kind that you expect
once again is on 9/11 and I showed you
that earlier in this video this will
come from advanced weapons of the alien
technology that most of you do not even
know exists I will it will may be made
to look like one of the fall guys has
caused the destruction but it will
actually come from the enemy within the
other fall guy will in turn retaliate
and thus it shall begin America entered
the Second World War on a false flag
attack Pearl Harbor that’s where they
were in Lincoln is right now but I’m not
prophesying that and she will enter into
the third world war in much the same
fashion she will now find that I am no
longer fights for her America shall
suffer humiliating and devastating
defeat because she no longer follows me
and I’m gonna stop right there because
after that it repeated a lot of the
things that I’ve already stated in this
okay so who are we talking about here
let’s see if I can get a picture for you
those guys Donald Trump is one of the
fall guys and I believe that either
Khomeini or Kim jong-un would be the
other one but I could be wrong but those
guys see zing Zayed using Bing and Putin
you know they’re the powerful ones and
Khomeini and Kim Jong are their puppets
and they like to use their puppets
United States like to use puppets to
believe me they’ve done that many times
let’s look at one last thing that my
buddy Ken Robert sent me just before I
started thinking about making this video
and he has a channel if you look up Ken
Roberts channel he is some interesting
stuff on there as well update on
targeted infrastructure attacks underway
against the u.s. from North Korea Iran
and China and Russia oh not just pitches
that I just showed you
yep and that’s no coincidence that I was
looking up that picture when Ken Ken
sent me that this article so let’s read
it and then we’ll be done north Korea
has begun
serious cyber warfare attacks on the USA
at this point they’re probing they’re
using Russian mainland China and
mainland China in Hong Kong IP addresses
with some blips of USA based IP
addresses North Korea as both tactical
as well as strategic nuclear type weapon
weapons the only part of the long-range
ICBM which is has not been actually
verified in flight test is the re-entry
shield that protects the weapon but I do
not see that they would fail because
they are multiple sets of planes Indra
and plans and drawings that they have
access to which allows them to do a live
launch test against a real target and
have better than 85% chance of getting
it right the first time North Korea has
shared both tactical and strategic
weapons data with Iran this is now a
deepening cooperation on multiple levels
and topics of interest like oil and food
as well
Iran has also begun very serious
cyberattacks from IP addresses in
multiple continents primary target is
USA power grid generating stations and
systems secondary target is the
distribution system for the grid third
target is communication network fourth
target is banks they already have tried
to attack the money transit system many
times in the past few days without
success so they are now trying to
attack individual banks so there you go
like I said Steve quale common with if
you want to read that people we are here
I don’t know how many more warnings
we’re gonna get before this stuff
actually begins to happen but I don’t
believe it’ll be very long although I’ve
said that before I start it would have
happened by now but the Lord is merciful
things are not delayed as some would
tell you they are in his time and his
time only I’m not giving you any
timeframe although the Lord has told me
things you’re gonna see some things
happen in 2020 you’re gonna see the
seeds that were planted in 2019 and
before reaped in 2020 this these things
did not happen overnight
the Lord is long-suffering and merciful
and he is willing that none should
perish but that all should call out to
his son Jesus Christ Yeshua HaMashiach
for salvation the verse that says all of
it call upon the name of the Lord shall
be saved in those days and we are in
those days and we’re going to be in
those days until the end so early you
have been waiting and you weren’t sure I
tell you today is the day of salvation
don’t wait any longer you need
give yourself 100% to the Lord Jesus
Christ everything every sin everything
that you are come-as-you-are don’t worry
about how you look or what you’re doing
right now he will clean you up don’t
worry about that he just wants your
heart he wants you to cry out to him
with all your heart I will tell you this
when I was back slidden in 2004 I came
back to the Lord and I said God if
you’re there I need you and guess what
he answered that prayer and he will
answer yours too
I know what he will because I know him
I hear him he loves you he just want you
to be with him forever but you have to
give him all because he has given you
his all it’s not about praying the
sinner’s prayer or any lip service that
you could give him it’s not about any
kind of you know pomp or circumstance or
looking good on the outside it’s about
the heart he loves you he died for you
He shed his blood to cleanse your sin
give him all I love you guys and I will
just let you go on that note god bless
you all



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