My Testimony: Eternally Secure or Backslidden? Once Saved Always Saved or Fallen Away (Parts1 & 2)

Auto Generated Transcript:
hello my beloved brothers and sisters in
Christ and those who will soon become my
blood brothers and sisters in Christ
Jeff Byerly here and now you can’t see
me tonight because I got a lot of stuff
that I need to go over with you as far
as scriptures you have to are concerned
so but I’m gonna give my part of my
testimony tonight I got the other part
of my testimony did I will leave a link
to in the description box and you can
take a look at that I did that back in

2017 and I put it on my blog

but the

Lord wanted me to go into depth on a few
different things than what I had on that
so revelation 12:11 and they overcame
him by the blood of the Lamb and the
word of their testimony and they loved
not their lives unto death and that’s
really what it takes people you cannot
love this world you cannot love this
life you have to trust in the blood of
the Lamb for your salvation and you will
overcome and that’s what this is about
tonight I’m gonna start off with telling
you a little bit about my background I
grew up in western New York been born
race here on my life farthest the way
that I’ve ever lived is like two hours
from where I’m at right now
and I mean I’ve visited other parts of
the country but
you know this is where the Lord wants me
for now and there could be some changes
coming on in the future but I’m sure he
will certainly know about that I have no
problems with him moving me to wherever
he needs me but he will let me know and
he’ll let you guys know that too if you
listen to him and hear his voice and we
all need to be listening to him and hear
in his voice as we was soon seeing some
of the verses that we’re gonna go over
tonight um I was raised in a Lutheran
Church until about the age of 13 I
believe 13 14 years old that is when my
mother and father started going to book
one of the neighbors Bible studies and
they came to know the Lord and I believe
it was about 1982 and at first I thought
it was very strange because they were
different and I didn’t know what to
think of it until they explained it to
me and you know the Holy Spirit started
working on me and working on my heart
and I was starting to do some bad things
you know we are oh and you’re teenager I
was a you know I believe it’s 13 or 14 I
can’t exactly remember it’s been a long
time now because I’m 51 now yay but I
remember when I first asked the Lord and
in my heart and it was real it really
was I knew that I was different and I
I thought different um I know that the
Holy Spirit led me to throw out a bunch
of records and tapes that I had of
various heavy metal bands like Ozzy
Osbourne ac/dc
Black Sabbath and I started listening to
different Christian bands of the time
like Petra and Rasband white heart and
all all those type of bands and you know
things went very well I was I tried to
witness to my school schoolmates um you
know in high school they didn’t like
that very much
I was ridiculed and made fun of and but
for the last two years of my high school
I went to a Christian school and I was
kind of relieved it I wasn’t getting you
know picked on and stuff like it I had
been and then I felt the call of Lord on
my life so my parents enrolled me in
Bible School healing Bible Institute for
any of you that would want to know and
that’s up near Rochester in a town
called Lyman New York and when I first
got there it was awesome great I was
learning a lot about the Word of God and
I found a girl that I liked in my second
year there boom boom boom in there a
song called no women no cry something
like that anyways ah it’s not her fault
it was my fault I took my eyes off the
Lord and put him I put him on her so
yeah I met I met a girl and my love went
there as I said and then she stopped
going she only went for one year and I
was in there for I was gonna go for
three years so that was my second year
so I had a whole another year after that
after she broke up with me after I asked
her to marry me basically and she said
no I not happy not happy at all
I blame God and my last year there I was
totally I wasn’t into it at all nothing
that anyone said I didn’t want to hear
it but you know what I made it look good
I went through the motions played the
role of the hypocrite I guess
they had prophesies for all the seniors
there it’s only a three year school so
in your third year your senior so
everybody gets prophesied over I’m like
oh my gosh I don’t want to do this you
know I don’t even want to know what the
Lord that say say to me I’m sure they’re
gonna rip me up one side and down the
other so as it came to be my turn I’m
sitting there and okay here it comes
the guy said I don’t remember his name
I don’t remember he looks like but I
remember what he said he said you’re
gonna be responsible for a generation
that’s what Zack knew what he said a
generation of people that come to know
the Lord I’m like what in the world is
this guy talking about I can’t even
imagine but you know what it’s through
the internet that I can do this not
awesome back in nineteen I believe was
1989 we didn’t have anything like this
the here in 2020 we can sitting in their
homes and touch the world it’s awesome
and yes there’s a lot of things wrong
with the internet but there’s a lot of
things that God can do on it as well and
I know that time is gonna be eliminated
in the coming days so we’re trying to
get out what the Lord wants us to get
out right now
so after I was done with Elam in 1989 I
moved back home and I had been on the
praise and worship band in the Elam
playing the drums which I still do to
this day and when I moved back home I
joined a bar band yep
I totally turned away from God I know I
saw in my mind God if you can’t give me
the woman that I want I’m gonna go find
my own and that’s what I did and didn’t
take long either when a new
rock-and-roll band is pretty easy
actually so I got you know I got married
and had two children and everything went
fine for a while even though I was
totally miserable inside because I knew
that I was back slidden I knew it but
yet I didn’t want to do anything about
it I didn’t want to have anything to do
with God there was people that tried to
come up to me and I would just shut them
right down and say everybody’s a
hypocrite I don’t want to hear about it
I want to hear nothing about it I
already know what you’re gonna say and I
don’t care I know that
prayers of my mother during those 15
years did a lot more than I can even
imagine I’m sure so well fast forward to
2000 the fall of 2004 October 27th 2004
I was in the house that I lived in at
the time and I was sitting at the
computer desk and my wife at the time
came up to me and said I’m done with you
I want you to move out right out of the
blue well I shouldn’t say it was right
out of the blue I knew something was
going on but she had found another man
she was you know cheating on me
that’s what it took for me right there
that’s what broke me that night I went
out in my bed all by myself and these
are the exact words that I said I said
Lord no I didn’t say Lord I said God if
you are there I need you and I’m gonna
tell you right then and there he showed
me that he was real I didn’t really know
if I believed in him anymore but he
showed me that he was in
he was just waiting for me to turn back
around and you know now they look back
on things I could see that that year
there was many times that he was calling
me there’d be different times that I’d
switch on the radio and they’d be
talking about God on a secular radio
station and I’d be like ah and that was
the year that I can only imagine came
out and they were playing that on the
radio on all the secular radio stations
and I remember hating that song at first
but God used that song he’s still using
that today it’s an awesome song and I
remember the day after my experience was
the Lord in my bed that I downloaded
that song and I played it and my ex-wife
says you hate that song why are you
playing that I said I’m different now
and she didn’t understand she still
doesn’t understand now why did I tell
that whole story because there’s a lot
of people out there that would say Jeff
you were still saved you just lost your
way you just turned away from God but
God still had you in the sand and I’m
here to tell you that’s not true and the
way I’m gonna do it
as I’m going to show you in the Bible
that’s not true the other way that
people would explain this is that Jeff
you never were really saved in the first
and I know that isn’t true – you know
their church that I went to when I came
back to the Lord
almost had me convinced that I was not
saved when I was a teenager
but it’s not true the Holy Spirit has
told me since then that that is not the
truth I was and it wasn’t and I was and
it wasn’t and I am and I will now return
back again I will never ever turn back
ever again I know better than that now
and only yes after I came back to the
Lord and I you know I knew he his power
saved me I fell back into the world
while I was going to church and I was on
the board of the church and I played on
the worship team of the church and I
went to church on Wednesdays and
Thursdays and Sunday sometimes twice on
Sunday and I was totally backslidden it
and you know what if you would ask me
back then I wouldn’t never told you I
was back slidden cuz I didn’t think I
was until the Lord showed me I was in
2012 is when he showed me well I should
go back in 2011 that’s when I started
learning about that we are in the end
times back when the Arab Spring was
going on and all that and my fan
Tim Tim Jones he started like listening
to Steve quale I know a lot of you know
him and he was telling me about these
things and I was like at first I was
like this guy’s nuts
well after a while I stood the Holy
Spirit starts speaking to me that we are
had in the end times and then I was not
right with him it took a while I
remember in October of 2012 the Lord
spoke to me in the middle of the night
and he said the time of the Gentiles is
about over you need to get right with me
you need to turn your life around you
need to stop with the sin and I’m gonna
tell you right now the the big sins that
I had was in an a pornography and
smoking cigarettes
I couldn’t stop him I could not for the
life of me stop him not at all I hid it
from everyone
nobody knew my wife didn’t even know the
wife that I have now that the Lord gave
to me in 2005 she had no idea I know
there’s a lot of men out there they have
the same problem that I did you can’t do
it yourself you can’t stop but with the
aid of the Holy Spirit you can you might
need deliverance if you need that kind
of help I want you to either put in the
comment section Jeff I need help or send
me an email and the email address is
always at the bottom of the comment
section so eternal security is it
biblical well of course got questions
thanks to this and I’m uh I’m gonna read
what they got here and I’m gonna show
you that they are off all right let’s
read what they got answer our question
Internet security is a biblical when
people come to know Christ as their
Savior they are brought into a
relationship with God that guarantees
their eternal security
Jude verse 24 let’s go ahead and read
that now to him who is able to keep you
from stumbling and present you blameless
before the presence of his glory with
great joy the word we want to
concentrate on there’s keep you from
stumbling and other versions I believe
it is that’s a stumbling Oh let’s go up
and see what the inner linear of this in
the Greek says instead of stumbling it
says no did that I should have had to
set up oh well alright
interlinear 2:24 from stumbling is the
word of
past steals and what word in the English
does that sound like apostate of course
they say the Strong’s
says without stumbling the definition or
without something or falling sure-footed
see but
the King James says from falling that’s
what I was looking for falling or up
being apostate so there’s a couple other
versions say stumbling I want to look
yeah second Thessalonians chip chapter 2
verse three and this is a very popular
verse that most people know let no one
deceive you in any way for it will not
come until the rebellion and now the
rebellion in another version is the
falling away and we’ll go look at the
interlinear on that apostasy apostasy
Strong’s Greek 6:46 defection revolt
defection apostasy revolt first – first
in other places it’s to forsake apostasy
falling away in the King James in the
International is apostasy but we all can
see what’s going on here so let’s go
back to that verse no one you should
deceive in any not any way because they
did well let’s put it in a version that
we can actually read I’m gonna say let’s
go down to New King James that no one
deceive you by any means for that day
will not come one day they talk
I’m out the day of the Lord will not
come until the falling away comes first
in the man of sin is revealed the son of
perdition so if that word means
rebellion are falling away that means
there can be a falling away from the
Lord even though the Lord can keep you
from stumbling you can choose not to
heaven keep you alright let’s go back to
what these guys are saying over here
God’s power is able to keep a believer
from falling yes it is that is true it
is up to him not us to present us before
his glorious presence that is not true
we have to stay in him let’s look at
verse here are these four verses
therefore God has exalted him Jesus and
bestowed on him the name as above every
name so that at the name of Jesus every
knee should bow in heaven and on earth
and under the earth and every tongue
confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the
glory of God the Father therefore my
beloved as you have always obeyed so now
not only as in my presence but much more
as in my absence work out your own
salvation with fear and trembling for it
is God who works in you both to will and
to work for his good pleasure so whose
whose responsibility is it work out your
own salvation with fear and trembling
who you’re supposed to work it out with
God to the Holy Spirit to his power you
can’t do it alone that’s for sure okay
let’s go back to see what how some got
questions is saying here our eternal
security is a result of God keeping us
honest maintaining our own salvation
which we can see is wrong the Lord
proclaimed I give them eternal life and
they never they shall never perish no
one can snatch them out of my hand my
father who has given them to me is
greater than demo no one can snatch them
out of the Father’s hand now you know
what I agree with that 100% no one can
snatch you out of the father’s hand
Jesus and the father’s hand so guess
what does it look like this don’t is is
Jesus got one hand on you and the father
has the other hand and they’re just
squeezing the life on you so you don’t
escape from the hand no I don’t think so
I do not think so one day I think
someone like this definitely think it’s
like that because you know
I love free will when you become saved
it does not mean that you become a robot
and you can only do what the Lord wants
you to do you still have a choice to do
whatever you want to do do you want to
follow the Holy Spirit or do you want to
follow the worst of the Vice those are
your two choices now there’s a lot of
people that let’s say oh but Jeff no I
know that I was this guy right here that
was me right here I probably didn’t have
a suit on maybe I did I was getting out
of God’s hand and I didn’t want nothing
to do with him and you know after the
after you grieve the Holy Spirit enough
he’ll let you go but if you want to stay
in God’s hand you’ll be like this and
you’ll be free you could jump on that
hand anytime you want anytime you want
and you know what got questions even
says that we have free will to do
whatever we want because it’s the truth
questions do human beings have free will
answer if free will means that God gives
humans the opportunity to make choices
that genuinely affect their destiny then
yes human beings do have a free will the
world’s current sinful state is directly
linked to choices made by Adam and Eve
God created mankind in his own image and
that included the ability to choose and
guess what that ability to choose does
not go away when you receive the Lord
Jesus Christ into your heart you choose
everyday and I’ll leave a link if you
want to go into this even more it’s got
some good scriptures you know what
they’re exactly right on this exactly
right but when it goes back to over here
they’re not right
it says bow
father and Jesus and the father have us
firmly grasp in their hands like this
really I don’t believe so no no por que
separate us from the grip of both the
father and the son I already told you
our free will all right here’s the most
difficult one that they came up with
Ephesians 4:30 tells us that believers
are sealed for the day of redemption
if believers did not have eternal
security the sealing can not truly be
unto the day of redemption but only to
the day of sinning apostasy or disbelief
Wow once again I have to disagree with
got questions and now you and go further
and I’ll show you another verse where it
says it’s Ephesians 1 blessed be the God
and father of our Lord Jesus Christ who
has blessed us in Christ with every
spiritual blessing in heavenly places oh
I’m gonna skip down to save some time
here I know this is gonna be a long
video attention of Christ which he is
lavished upon us with all wisdom and
insight making known to us the mystery
of his will according to his purpose
which he set forth in Christ as plain
for the fullness of time to unite all
things in him things in heaven and
things on earth and then we have
obtained an inheritance having been
predestined according to the purpose of
him who works all things according to
the counsel of his will so that we who
were the first to hope in Christ might
be to praise the praise of his glory in
him you also when you heard the word of
truth the gospel of salvation
and believed in him were sealed with the
promise of the Holy Spirit who is the
guarantee of the inheritance until we
acquire possession of it to the praise
of his glory okay so there’s that word
sealed again but I would like to say
here before we meet something else that
the Holy Spirit that we have inside of
us is that like a deposit of the Holy
Spirit until we and we acquire the full
possession of him which is when we will
be transformed into our new glorified
bodies we have just a little bit right
now the the word says every man has a
measure of the spirit not as much as
we’re going to have so so there’s two
things that say and I know there’s
another verse – I think it’s in this
here and I’m gonna read I found this
it’s like a a blog where they you know
just kind of ask each other questions
and whatnot and kind of interesting I
think this guy right here that’s the
right answer
um he had something up here I encourage
you to do a study on the seal of the
Holy Spirit there are other times that
the seal the Holy Ghost has been broke
god bless and then he adds here it is a
little more on the subject of the seal
and what it means in second Corinthians
1:21 through 22 we read now he that has
established us with you in Christ and
anointed us is God who has also sealed
us and gave us the earnest which is a
deposit of the Holy Spirit in our hearts
in Ephesians 1:13 and 14 once I just
read it also says that holy spirit of
promise the earnest our inheritance
unders salvation redemption of God’s own
possession unto the praise of his glory
and Ephesians 4:30 says in grieve not
the Holy Spirit of God in him you were
sealed until the day of redemption
Calvinistic theologians take this these
passages to mean that one who has ever
believed in the Lord is at that moment
granted salvation from sin and his
punishment and that salvation is secured
so there is no possibility of a being
lost for he is sealed and secured by God
and given a pledge that he can never be
it is often styled eternal security of
the believer or impossibility of
apostasy there is little doubt that the
term earnest or like I said deposit from
the Greek
era bond originally referred to what we
call earnest money or
like I said deposit deposited by a
purchaser as a down payment so you get
your measure of the holy spirit as a
down payment and then to be fortified if
the purchase was not complete or the
agreement was broken in the New
Testament it is suggested that the Holy
Spirit is given to a Christian as a
divine pledge or down payment on future
blessings that God has in store for us
surely every Christian is at least dimly
aware that every spiritual blessing he
is not he now has is in Christ is but a
foretaste a sort of down payment of the
life and blessings God has reserved in
heaven for us who are kept by the power
of God through the faith into salvation
reserved in heaven for us ready to be
revealed in the last time
1st Peter 1:4 and 5 note that we know
that we are kept by the power of God but
it is through faith the basic question
with which we are dealing with is once
the earnest money is given did it
necessarily follow that the thing
purchased was can unconditionally
guaranteed the answers should be
apparent whether one looks at any
purchase today or how the term applied
in either the Old Testament or the new
there were all terms of any contract
will or a covenant I said
say there were and are terms of any
contract will or covenant if one party
does not abide by the terms the earnest
money that was put down is forfeited any
one who ever put up earnest money or
deposit to buy a house may have
discovered that first John 3:23 is among
the many passages that teach the abiding
in Christ is dependent on keeping his
Commandments if we grieve the Holy
Spirit evasions 430 quench the spirit
1st Thessalonians 5:19 do not despise
the spirit Hebrews 10:29 that then we
may break the contract or the
relationship that existed when the
earnest was given now let us examine
briefly what is meant by seal dena noun
so far go whenever and the verb survives
özil are used in various ways in in to
indicate ownership security
authentication etc in a way that is
similar to how we use the word of seal
in the English language we seal a letter
by moistening the glue a notary puts his
seal on a document to attest to the fact
that the party or parties involved
actually gave the testimony indicated or
that the signatures are valid when the
tomb of Jesus was sealed Matthew 27 66
it was for the purpose of fixing it so
the body could not easily be removed it
was not meant to be broken but no
carefully that although it was not meant
to be broken it was when we see him a
letter it was not meant to be open
before it gets to the destination but it
can be when a notary puts his seal on an
agreement the agreement is not supposed
to be broken but it can be remember it’s
not God that is the one breaking it it
is the person when God gives the Holy
Spirit to his children as a nun
sonication that he has bought us and we
belong to him that seals an agreement
that we have made with him that we
accept the authority of Jesus as Lord
and belong to him forever that in no way
implies that we cannot break that
agreement and be unfaithful when Abraham
received the sign of circumcision as a
seal of righteousness of faith which he
had from Romans 4:11 God was attesting
to the fact that Abraham and his
descendants who kept this the ritual
properly and obeyed the law would be his
special people it did not signify that
they could not break his covenant be
disobedient and be cut off from the
blessings promised surely no person who
reads the history of Israel could logic
we conclude otherwise otherwise why
would have God sent Jeremiah Isaiah
Daniel all the rest of the prophets to
plead in beg with Israel to repent Jonah
why now just not doing it for Israel I
can’t remember anymore I’ve taught my
hand I suggested you do a study on why
the seal can’t be broken if that same
see it was broken cuz cause of the
Israelites disobedience to summarize God
has put his stamp of approval seal on
his children by giving us his holy
spirit Romans 8:9 1st Corinthians 3:16
if we demonstrate that we are he is by
producing the fruit of a spirit then the
seal shows that we are owned my hammer
and are under his protection and
authority we may fail to do that break
the seal and be lost even in the context
of Ephesians 4 30 and 32 when Paul says
we are sealed unto the day of redemption
he warns us not to grieve the Holy
Spirit and be kind and forgiving jesus
said that God will not forgive us if we
do not forgive others Matthew 6:14 2:18
so we must conclude that though he has
sealed us with the spirit and the Lord
knows who are his second Timothy 2:19 if
we do not depart from unrighteousness we
will be lost or as we might put it the
seal will be broken
I prayed that you and others do not
we’ll do a complete study of the seal
why could the seal be broken over the
Israelites but not you brother and I’m
gonna leave that at that
so okay and so we can see that the seal
is put there by God to seal the Holy
Spirit but it can be broken by us now
let’s go back to see what else got
questions has to say John 3 verses 15
and 16 the most probably memorized verse
of the entire Bible that tells us
whoever believes in Christ Jesus will
have eternal life the person were to be
promised eternal life then avid taken
away was never eternal to begin with if
the eternal security is not true the
promises of eternal life in the Bible
would be an error and once again I sorry
to say that I believe that if this site
got questions as wrong
let’s look at James 2:19 you believe
that there is one God you do well even
the demons believe and tremble so what
is believing all about I’m gonna show
you what the real meaning of believing
is this is on the amplified classic
edition of John 3:16 Thor 21 for God so
greatly loved and dearly prized the
world that he even gave up his only
begotten Son unique also so that whoever
believes in which means to trust cling
to and rely on him shall not perish come
to destruction be lost but have eternal
everlasting life for God did not send
the Son into the world in order to judge
to reject to condemn to pass sentence on
the world but that the world might find
salvation and be made safe and sound
through him he who believes in Him who
clings to trusten relies on him Jesus he
is not judged he who trusts in him never
comes up for judgment for him there is
no rejection no condemnation encouraged
knowed damnation but he who does not
believe cling to rely on trust in is all
judged already he has already been
convicted and has already received a
because he has not believed in and
trusted in the name of the only begotten
Son of God he is condemned for refusing
to let to let his trust rest in Christ’s
name the basis of the judgment
indictment the test by which men are
judged the ground for the sentence lies
in this the light has come to the world
and the people who loved the darkness
rather than who loved the darkness
rather than and more than the light
where their works deeds were evil for
every wrongdoer hates loathes to test
the light and will not come out of light
but shrinks from it bless his works his
deeds his activities of conduct be
exposed and reproved by hew who
practices truth who does what is right
comes out into the light so that his
works may be plainly shown to be what
they are brought with God divinely
prompted done with God’s help in
dependence upon him so basically if you
are in Christ you love the light and
your deeds are good if you
say a prayer one time when you as a
little kid or whatever in Bible School
I’m just making an example and you say
that you trust in Christ but your deeds
do not say that you do you’re not saved
I’m gonna show you that and then a bunch
of other verses coming up too
it is not what these people are saying
I’m sorry they tried to get me to
believe this too and I I was deceived at
one point but the Holy Spirit showed me
that it is not the truth okay let’s go
to the most powerful argument for
eternal security is Romans 8:38 and 39
for I am convinced that neither death
nor life nor Angels nor demons near the
present or the future nor any powers
neither height or depth nor anything
else in all creation is able to separate
us from the love of God which is in
Christ Jesus our Lord amen hallelujah
that is the truth that is the Word of
notice that it says no one can separate
us from his love so what does that mean
Romans 5:8 but God shows and clearly
proves his own love for us by the fact
that while we were yet they’re still
sinners Christ the Messiah The Anointed
One died for us
that’s God’s love for the sinner
and that is what Romans 8:38 and
thirty-nine means he loves every sinner
does he love what they do
no does God love what I do when I sin no
he does not
and I do sin but you know what the
difference is I repent
when I sin I feel horrible when I said
so well let’s see their conclusion our
eternal security is based on God’s love
for those whom he has redeemed our
eternal security is purchased by Christ
promised by the father and sealed by the
Holy Spirit partial truths for got
questions website and you know what if
you type in to Google it turnes security
this is the first thing that pops up so
guess what it’s for it’s there for a
Google is of the world I know all of you
know that so if these people are first
watch out but this is what most people
get when they search for stuff got
questions pops up a lot when I’m
searching for different things and I’ve
read some things that I agree with in
other things like this that I do not
agree with it at all so let’s go
because this is gonna be very very long
I know it what did Jesus say about this
and that what we should be asking the
parable of the seed
I might just read small portion of this
look eight verses 9 through 15 the seed
is the word of God the one that takes
along the path are those who have heard
and the devil comes and takes away the
word I was their hearts so they will not
believe and be saved the one is on the
rock are those who when they hear the
word receive it with joy but these have
no root they believed for a while and in
a time of testing fall away is that word
fall away again
apostasy a pasta sighs so they received
it the seed went into the dirt of their
heart but they fell away another way you
can follow away is and for the the what
fell among the thorns there were those
who hear but as they go on their way
they were choked by the cares and riches
and pleasures of the life and their
fruit does not mature hmm so what would
their fruit be the first is spirit
what we’re gonna see in the minute again
no one who puts his hand to the plow and
looks back is fit for the kingdom of God
plain and simple right there John 10:27
330i sheep hear my voice and I know them
and they follow me
I give them eternal life and they will
never perish and no one will snatch them
out of my hand
which he already read that part but you
can jump out of his hand my father who
has given them to me is greater than all
and no one is able to snatch them out of
the Father’s hand I am the father are
one my sheep hear my voice and they
follow me
and they continue to follow him they
don’t give up they overcome in the book
of Revelation it says to overcome over
and over to every church peril all seven
of the churches Jesus speaks of
overcoming what are we overcoming the
world mark 1313 and you will be hated by
all for my name’s sake but the one who
endures to the end will be saved
endures to the end doesn’t say whoever
says the sinner’s prayer because he that
endures to the end John 15
sex if anyone does not abide in me he is
thrown away like a branch and withers in
the branches are gathered and thrown
into the fire and burned was abide mean
stay basically you have to stay with him
here’s one of those verses in Revelation
I was talking about he who overcomes
shall be clothed in white garments and I
will not blot his name from the book of
life but I will confess his name before
my father and before his angels
well if eternal security and once saved
always saved was true with this book
would this verse even be in the Bible no
if you could not be blotted out of the
book of life once your name was written
in it this this verse should not exist
but it does because it is the truth you
can have your name removed out of the
book of life it is the truth it’s in the
Word of God John 14 15 through 26 let’s
see if you love me keep my Commandments
and I will pray to the Father and He
will give you another helper that he may
abide with you forever the Spirit of
Truth whom the world cannot receive
because it neither sees him nor knows
him but you have him where he dwells
with you and will be in you I will not
leave you orphans I will come to you I’m
not gonna read the rest of that because
we’re getting along here but the only
way that you
we’ll keep the commandments that Jesus
are talking about me
I commandments it’s by the Holy Spirit
living inside of you there’s no way that
you will be doing in the flesh all right
here’s another thing that I found and I
thought was very good
it’s a verse from the Old Testament you
know the Old Testament had a lot to say
about backsliding and I’m gonna read
that but I picked mostly New Testament
verses because I know what people will
say oh that’s the Old Testament we’re in
the New Testament now well guess what
Old Testament is still good today the
words that the Lord gave to the prophets
and such are true like it says in in
Hebrews Jesus Christ is the same
yesterday today and forever his world
will always be true just because you
don’t understand it it doesn’t mean it
isn’t true so Ezekiel 18 24 says but
when the righteous man turns away from
his righteousness and commencing
iniquity and does according to all the
abominations that the wicked man does
shall he live all his righteousness that
he has done shall not be mentioned in
his trespass that he has trespassed and
in his sin that you’re sinned in them he
shall he die in other words a person who
is righteous can indeed turn away and be
lost and I hate to say this
but I believe that is what happened to
Solomon he was the wisest man in the
earth on the earth


Auto Generated Transcript:

okay welcome back for the second part of
this video if you have not listened to
the first part I highly suggest that you
would because you are gonna be missing a
lot of the background information that I
gave there I know it’s a long video but
it’s worth it
if you need to know why once saved always
saved yeah and or internal security is
not biblical so let’s continue Galatians
5:16 226 but I say walk in the spirit
and you will not gratify the desires of
the flesh for the desires of the flesh
are against the spirit and the desires
of the Spirit are against the flesh for
these are opposed to each other to keep
you from doing the things you want to do
but if you are led by the spirit you are
not under the law now the works of the
flesh are evident sexual immorality
impurity sensuality idolatry sorcery
enmity strife jealousy fits of anger
rivalries dissensions divisions Envy
drunkenness orgies and the things things
like these
I warn you as I warned you before that
those who do such things will not
inherit the kingdom of God
how can I get a minor but the fruit of
the Spirit is love joy peace patience
kindness goodness faithfulness
gentleness self-control against such
things there is no law and those who
belong to Christ Jesus have been
crucified the flesh with its passions
and desires if we live by the spirit
this also keep in step with the spirit
does not be come conceited provoking one
another envying one another all right so
that is how you’re supposed to conduct
yourself how are you to do it you have
to be led by the spirit now some of you
might become uncomfortable because Paul
said if you’re allowed by the Spirit
you’re not under the law all that means
is that you’re not judged by the law
because you are walking in the spirit if
you are walking in the spirit you are
fulfilling the law and if you don’t do
it perfectly you confess your sins and
repent before God and get right before
God and then you are being led by the
spirit again very simple James 2:14
through 26 very good passage right here
faith without works is dead what good is
it my brother if someone says he has
faith but does not have works can that
face save him
or he could have put it does he have
true faith if a brother or sister is
poorly clothed in lacking in daily food
and one of you says to them go in peace
be warmed and filled without giving them
the things needed for the body what good
is that so also faith by itself if it
does not have works is dead but someone
will say you have faith I have work show
me your faith apart from your works and
I will show you my faith by my works you
believe that God is one you do well even
the demons believe in shudder we seen
that one before
believing like that is head now it’s not
in your art do you want to be shown you
foolish person dead faith apart from
works is useless why because you’re
hypocrite was not Abraham our Father
justified by works when he offered up
his son Isaac on the altar you see that
faith was active along with his works
and faith was completed by his works and
the scripture was fulfilled that says
abraham believed god and it was counted
to him as righteousness and he was
called a friend of god you see that a
person is justified by works and not
faith alone and that is the same way was
not not also Rahab the prostitute
justified by works when she received the
messengers and sent them out by another
way for as the body apart from the
is dead so also faith apart from works
is dead and that is because it is not to
faith plain and simple you say I have
faith in Jesus but you don’t do what he
says to do what good is it
he said keep my Commandments if you love
me keep my Commandments if you have
truly received his spirit you will want
to keep his Commandments and you will
and you know what like I said before if
you mess up keep trying he will help you
ask him – he will all right let’s see
what Paul has to say andromus chapter 6
well actually it’s gonna go back to
Romans chapter 5 because I know some
people will bring this up maybe
therefore having been justified by faith
we have peace with God through our Lord
Jesus Christ through whom we have also
have access by faith into this grace in
which we stand and rejoice in the hope
of the glory of God and not only that
but we also glory in tribulations
knowing that tribulation produces
perseverance okay right here there’s
another one that they like that the
people that are once saved always saved
like to quote but if they kept on
reading until the next chapter and not
take the verses just as they stand but
have the whole testimony of all the
scriptures together we will see what it
ADEs here what shall we say then shall
we continue in sin that grace may abound
certainly not how shall we who died to
sin live any longer in it or do you not
know that as many of us were baptized
into Christ Jesus were baptized into his
therefore we were buried with him
through the baptism into death that just
as Christ has raised from the dead by
the glory of the Father even so we also
should walk in newness of life for if we
have been united together in his the
likeness of his death certainly we also
shall be in the likeness of his
resurrection Alleluia knowing this that
our old man was crucified with him that
the body of sin might be done away with
that we should no longer be slaves to
sin you see that you can’t go on living
your life the way you used to the oven
crumbs with it
need to deal with it you need
deliverance probably most likely there’s
something sin that you cannot get rid of
no matter how hard you try and you’ve
cried out to God over and over and over
again you need to be delivered from a
demon I know that for a fact because I
had to get delivered from myself and
that’s how I overcame it
all right let’s look at my favorite
chapter in the entire Bible I mean I
like a lot of them but Romans 8 is just
just so much in this chapter it has a
little bit of everything there is now
know therefore now no condemnation to
them which are in Christ Jesus who walk
after the flesh not after the flesh who
walk not after the flesh but after the
seeing there’s there’s a lot of people
that that cut it off right here
there’s nah there’s therefore now no
condemnation to them which are in Christ
Jesus and they stop right there that is
not right it’s right there walk after
not after the flesh but after the spirit
for the law of the spirit of life in
Christ Jesus hath made me free from the
law of sin and death hallelujah the law
of the spirit of life so you’re walking
by the spirit once again and we already
read in Galatians 5 what the fruit of
the Spirit are for the law I could not
do in that I was weak through the flesh
God sending his own son in the likeness
of sinful flesh for sin condemned in the
flesh that the righteousness of the law
might be fulfilled it in us who walk not
after the flesh but after the spirit
for they that are after the flesh do
mind the things of the flesh so that’s
how you know if you’re in the flesh if
you’re minding the things of the flesh
where the things of this world then you
are in the flesh
but if but they they’re after the spirit
the things of the Spirit so you’re
following the Holy Spirit you’re gonna
have no problem with the commandments
and you’re gonna have no problem with
the first of the Spirit you’re gonna
have no problem loving anyone I mean it
is a I should say that a little bit
differently it is easier it is
impossible if you’re in the flesh it you
have to work on it it’s called
sanctification that is what
sanctification is it’s being made holy
going from glory to glory now they go
back to first John chapter 3 I wanted to
bring this out anyways see what kind of
love the father has given to us that we
should be called the children of God and
so we are the reason why the world does
not know us is that it did not know him
beloved we are God’s children now and
what we will be has not yet appeared but
we know that when he appears we would
live we shall be like him because we was
shall see him as he is and everyone who
thus hopes in him purifies himself
as he is pure or makes himself holy as
he is holy so when we see Jesus we will
be like him that is when we will no
longer have to be sanctifying ourselves
because right then and there it will be
done but until that day we are to be
putting our flesh to death let’s go to
verse six for it to be carnally minded
is death bleeding to be spiritual minded
is life and peace because the carnal
mind is enmity against God for it is not
subject to the law of God neither indeed
can be so then they that are in the
flesh cannot please God but ye are not
in the flesh but in the spirit if so be
the Spirit of God dwell in you so if you
have the holy spirit dwelling in you
you’re at the temple of the Holy Spirit
you are in the spirit now if any man
have not the Spirit of Christ he is none
of his
so if you don’t have the Holy Spirit
you’re not saved you’re not God’s you’re
not you’re not going to happen
we’ll have a prayer at the end if that
applies to you and know what it probably
does to a few of you out there that’s
why I’m doing this video and if Christ
be in you the body is dead because of
sin but the Spirit he is life because of
righteousness but if the spirit of him
that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell
in you he that raised up Christ from the
dead shall also quicken or make alive
your mortal bodies by his Spirit that
dwelleth in you hallelujah therefore
brethren we are debtors not to the flesh
to live after the flesh for if you live
after the flesh ye shall die you see
that death but if you
live through the spirit do mortify which
means it’s kill put to death the deeds
of the body ye shall live for as many as
are led by the Spirit of God they are
the sons of God and I will tell you
right now that that word sons actually
means children and it is not does not
include the females so it should act it
could actually read they are the sons
and daughters of God don’t let any one
ever tell you that because you’re a
female that you cannot be a child of God
for ye have not received the spirit of
bondage again to fear but ye have
received the spirit of adoption whereby
we cry Abba Father the spirit itself
bears witness with our spirit that we
are the children of God and if children
then heirs heirs of God and joint-heirs
with Christ if so be that we suffer with
him that we may also be glorified
together for I reckon that the
sufferings of this present time are not
worthy to be compared with the glory
that shall be revealed in us for the
earnest expectation remember that word
earnest which means like a downpayment
expectation of the creature waiteth for
the manifestation of the sons of God and
I can’t wait for that day and if you are
in Christ and you have the Holy Spirit
in you you cannot wait for that day
the manifestation of the sons of God all
right this would be the last scripture
that I share with you tonight and now
this is a long but it needs to be said
that’s why the Lord wanted me to do this
therefore this is uh Hebrews chapter 12
therefore we also since we are
surrounded by so great a cloud of
witnesses let us lay aside every weight
and sin which so easily ensnares us and
let us run with endurance the race that
is set before us looking unto Jesus the
author and finisher of our faith who is
for the joy that was set before him he
endured the cross despising the shame
and has sat down at the right hand of
the throne of God for consider him who
endured such hostility from sinners
against himself as you become weary and
discouraged in your souls you have not
yet resisted to bloodshed striving
against sin you see that we need to
strive against sin and you have
forgotten the exhortation which speaks
to us sons like I just read in Romans 8
my son do not despise the chastening of
the Lord nor be discouraged when you are
rebuked by him for the Lord loves for
whom the Lord loves he chastens and
scourges every son whom he receives if
you endure chastening God deals with you
as with sons for what son
is there that who my father does not
chase him but if you are without
chastening of which all have become
partakers then you are illegitimate and
not sons furthermore we have had human
fathers who corrected us and we paid
them respect shall we not much more
readily be in subjection to the father
of spirits and live for they indeed for
a few days chasing us
as it seemed best to them but he for our
profit they we that we may be partakers
of his holiness now no chastening seems
to be joyful at the present but painful
nevertheless afterward it yields the
peaceful fruit of righteousness to those
who have been trained by it
therefore strengthen the hands which
hang down in the feeble knees and make
straight the paths for your feet so that
what is lame may not be dislocated but
rather be healed pursue peace with all
people and holiness with out which no
one will see the Lord that is a very
important verse right there you don’t
hear that much in today’s churches
where’s the truth what is holiness
holiness is being set apart being pure
it’s being without spot or blemish or
any such thing that’s in the fee since
five being a spotless bride without spot
or wrinkle or any such thing
seasons 527 looking carefully lest
anyone fall short of the grace of God
lest any root of bitterness springing up
causing trouble cause trouble and by
this many become defiled must there be
any fornicator or prevailing person like
Esau who for one morsel of food sold his
birthright for you know that afterward
when he wanted to inherit the blessing
he was rejected for he found no place
where repentance though he sought it
diligently with tears that is something
right there that a lot of people need to
hear when God says it’s time to repent
you need to repent and that time is now
I must stop right here as far as we in
the Bible but the time is coming in that
time is known only by the father that
the end of the age is going to come in
we are right now in the age of grace
well we can repent and I’m gonna tell
you another thing I know there are some
people out there who think they may have
committed the unpardonable sin and I’m
gonna say by the leading of the Holy
Spirit that if you are listening to this
video right now you have not committed
that sin because of you commanded the
blasphemy of the Holy Spirit or did
something that changed your DNA so you
were no longer a child of Adam made in
the image of God you would not ever want
to repent and you would not you would
not be listening in this video so what I
would like to do now for those of you
who are left is lead you in a prayer if
you have never received the Lord Jesus
Christ into your heart by the Holy
Spirit I want you to pray this prayer
and I want you to mean it
you have any doubts that you are not in
right-standing with Lord Jesus Christ
that you have been sinning and you’ve
been loving it I want you to pray this
prayer if there is any other reason that
you would just like to pray this prayer
I say just mean it with all of your
heart it’s not a magical prayer is like
presto change-o it’s not how it works
but if you do mean it with all of your
heart it will change you the Spirit of
God will enter into you and you’ll be
you’ll be brand new old things will pass
away and behold all things will become
you’ll be different alright I’m gonna
start reading right here here’s an
example of a prayer that you can pray to
Jesus with whatever is on your heart in
repentance to him tell him you need him
you are sorry for the sin that you have
committed whatever you pray to Jesus
make sure that you mean it with all of
your heart these are not magic words you
have to mean them and you have to
continue in repentance of sin and
relationship but just talking to Jesus
with your Lord and Savior every day not
just once okay here’s the beginning of
the prayer father I acknowledge that you
are worthy of all honor and glory and
praise and I
thankful for the victorious work of your
son Jesus at Calvary for me I am sorry
for my sin and I turn away from and now
by the power of the shed blood of your
son Jesus Yeshua I claim his victory
over death hell and sin for myself now
as I willingly surrender every area of
my life to your will thank you for your
forgiveness in righteousness that you
have been that has been given to me as
your adopted child I trust in your
protection and provision daily I know
that your love for me never ceases I
rejoice in the victory in your victory
Lord over all the principalities and
powers and in the heavenlies in faith I
stand in your victory and commit myself
to live obediently for you my king I
desire my fellowship with you becomes
greater reveal to me these things that
grieve you and enable the enemy to
secure an advantage in my life I need
the Holy Spirit’s powerful ministry in
my life bringing conviction of sin
repentance of heart strengthening my
faith and increasing perseverance in
resisting every kind of temptation help
me to die to self in to walk in victory
of the new creation you are provided for
me but the fruits of the spirit flow out
of my life so that you will be glorified
I know that it is your will
I should stand firm and resist all of
the enemies work against me how many
discern the attacks upon my thoughts and
emotions enable me to stand upon your
word and resist all the accusations
distortions or condemnation that may be
hurled against me it’s my desire to be
transformed through through the renewing
of my mind so that I will not compromise
with the ways of the world or yield to
the enemy’s attack but be obedient to
your will I draw upon those spiritual
resources that you have provided me I
come against the strongholds in the
plans of the enemy that have put in been
put in place against me
I command in the name of Jesus Christ
just you are Messiah that the enemy must
release my mind will emotions and body
they have been yielded to the Lord and I
belong to him Lord enabled me to become
the person you created me to be help me
as I prayed to be strong in faith show
me how to apply your word in my life
each day I know that I wear the full
armor of God and I am committed to and
stand firmly upon your word I want to
have supreme place in my life I
surrender myself completely to you Lord
you are always faithful and you extend
your grace to me constantly
even when I do not realize it I claim
your promise of forgiveness and
cleansing in its fullness in faith I
received the victory today that your
have already put in place for me I do
this in the name of Jesus Christ my
Savior with a grateful heart
thank you Jesus I love you Jesus now if
you have prayed that prayer to receive
Jesus into your heart and to be
transformed by the Holy Spirit into a
new creation please let me know about it
my email is Jeff at Holy Spirit winnette
if you would like to read this prayer
again it is in the description box at
the bottom I have had it in there for a
long time and a few people have prayed
it this is the first time they ever ever
read it out loud on the end of my video
this is the time this is the day of
I want to say something for those who
are still left I know this is a long
video but what is going on with the
coronavirus it’s just a beginning I
heard and I had today as I was praying
about stuff it’s only just begun
that’s an old song by the carpenters if
you’re old like me you remember it if
you’re young you won’t remember it
probably but its truth this coronavirus
is just the beginning of what the
satanic elite of the world are gonna try
to do to us
you know what Psalm 91 he’s it dwells in
the secret place of the Most High is
protected from this shadowed by God
Almighty I encourage you to read Psalm
91 and I encourage you to be dwelling in
the secret place of the Most High there
it is he’s a dwells in the secret place
of the Most High so abide under the
shadow of the oh my and I will say of
the Lord he is my refuge my fortress my
god in whom I will trust surely he will
deliver you from the snare of the Fowler
and from the noisome pestilence which is
a disease like Cologne a virus I want to
tell you that the fourth seal will be
much worse than the coronavirus much
much worse and it wasn’t all World War 3
as well there’s gonna be so many things
going on when that happens so what’s
that I am going to leave you my brothers
and sisters like I said in the first
video if you have a question please
highlight it with question or if you
send me an email I just want to say that
I love you all and I want to see all of
you when we are up in glory and I want
to meet all of you and I want to give
you all a real big hug that is after I
hug Jesus for a thousand years
god bless y’all good night


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