News Update: Financial Collapse, Google, Prophecy, 29 Palms and the USS Ronald Reagan and more


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  1. it was a very short moment on my mobile phone; you told us about your videos on the other website, if you could repeat it please how to find you there…sadly on the computer it did not appear and I could not save it. Thank you.

  2. I feel compelled to respond Ivan. Anyone who is mega rich would have lied to get there, in some form or fashion. Business acumen is far from being accurate with men, it is ruthless and pernicious, far from the tenets of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Does one carry these traits into office? Once I would have answered that question with “is the pope Catholic?” However, that precept no longer applies.

    Jeff, on topic, I feel that YT is a platform that you will not want to be associated in the immediate future, it has the smoke of satan infiltrating its admin. Indeed, the behemoth that is “G” thinks it is god of cyberspace and the tentacles are far reaching. I understand your reach via the medium is broadened exponentially, however I humbly advise you not to sleep with satan. My apologies for being verbose, but it is important to remember that even the elect, they too would be deceived if not the time cut short.

    Further to this, we know that the deception runs deep and there is much more to the intentions of BHO as he meddles in world affairs. Q-anon and DJT seem aligned.. No? You mentioned, as Susan has highlighted, that we only see part truths as the rabbit hole runs deep. I have it on good authority *there is only One* that there is an alliance here that underpins the man who would pose as king coming onto the world scene. Impeachment proceedings are a ploy to sway attention while the real agenda is enacted in darkness. Tell me truly, how many of these power brokers can you see through? How many are openly lying through their teeth? Ivan is right, they are all infused with the smoke.

  3. I’m glad that you enjoy my sense of humor not everyone does😁
    It is the truth though, thinking that you have everything figured out is a form of spiritual Pride and the Lord HATES IT!
    Blessings Beth!❤🙏

  4. Dear Jeff,

    I laughed out loud so hard when you said “and if you think you have the whole picture, you don’t” because that is so true the Lord right now is forcing us to lean upon one another so that we can find our true brothers and sisters in the Lord right now and learn to pray for and trust one another and also how to discern what is from Him. It’s so cool to see that all happening right now.

    But yeah, I was laughing so hard when you said that. All the others out there who are truly hearing from The Lord need to listen to that one line from you. So much childlike humility there. Love it.

    Be Blessed Brother


  5. Hi Jeff, thanks for the update. I too have wondered if the Psalm 83 war and Gog/Magog war in Ezekiel 38-39 are the same. I used to think they were, but Gog/Magog is very similar to Zechariah 12-14 and Armageddon. They may all be the same final battle of this age. In Psalm 83, the peoples coming against Israel are all Middle Easterners, whereas the peoples in Gog/Magog seem to come from other regions of the world as well as the Middle East.



  6. Hi Jeff
    Can you Post the link regarding the Chinese surrounding the USS Reagan. I can’t find it. Thank you

  7. You are a real prophet, my prophet and I so love your messages and I so love you.

    Eva from Finland 71 years old

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