The Fiery Kickoff Event Review Part 2

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This a review of what the Holy Spirit has told me in the past about “The Fiery Kickoff Event”. The purpose of this is to warn both sinners and the body of Jesus Christ of things to come so that you can ready yourselves both in the spirit and with the physical preparations the the Lord leads you. I do not know when this will take place, I only know that the time grows nearer every day and that when it comes the world as you know it will never be the same. America will not repent before this happens, so it cannot be avoided. Though this has not happened yet, IT WILL TAKE PLACE WHEN THE FATHER ALLOWS IT. The Holy Spirit said to me “Tell them I want them to say that they are sorry, turn from their sins and turn back to Me. I am waiting here for you with open arms.”

He loves each one of you so much!

Take this before the Lord in prayer yourself and see what He would have you do about it.

Blessings, love, peace and protection to you all in the name that is above every name, Yahshua ha Mashiach, Jesus Christ!

Jeff Byerly

Key End Time Puzzle Piece to be Released Soon

Children, I have told you before that no man knows the day or the hour of My return because there are still pieces to the end time puzzle that no man has. Most of the puzzle pieces are in place, but a key one will be released soon.

There are a lot of men who are taking puzzle pieces and forcing them in places they do not go and it is making the picture unclear. The end of this season will bring clarity and you will understand exactly where you are when the fiery “kickoff” event happens. The financial collapse will soon follow. Then food will be hard to come by and many will starve but my remnant will feed even greater multitudes than I did, for I have gone to the Father. The whole world shall once again go to war and over one fourth of the inhabitants of the earth shall be killed by guns and bombs, by famine, disease and the beasts of the land. There will be many martyred during this time and I will avenge their deaths when the number of them has been fulfilled.

All this will happen before the day of the LORD. The great day Our indignation, vengeance, retribution and wrath shall be poured out upon the children of disobedience.

I am Going to Rid My People of all Their Worldly Distractions, so that They will Seek Me Alone.

I am going to rid My people of all their worldly distractions, so that they will seek Me alone. This world shall go through drastic and rapid changes and your electronic devices will be rendered useless.

This, My children, is all part of My plan!

Before this happens though you will see “the kickoff event”, economic collapse, civil war, martial law, food will be scarce, loss of freedom to travel where you desire, the internet, radio and television broadcasts will censor anything having to do with Me (Jesus), massive destruction and loss of human life like never before and so on. After this calamitous time is when man’s machines will be silenced and stilled and My remnant bride shall be transformed while hiding in their chambers, while under My shadow, in an instant.

You Will see Them Fill your Skies and the Sun and the Moon will be Blocked by their Ships.

The only way to survive what is coming upon this earth is by My name.
Some of these wicked monsters are already on the earth and many more are on their way.
You will see them fill your skies and the sun and the moon will be blocked by their ships.
Men’s hearts will fail them for fear but those who know Me will not be afraid.
Those who know Me will chase these fallen ones away for My power is greater than theirs. I AM their creator but I did not create them the way they now are.
They became hideous brute beasts the day they turned away from Me and My Father.
But they still do My bidding by bringing judgment down on the unrepentant sinners, who still can cry out to me even until after the final vial is emptied. They chose to rebel against Me and the Father but they have boundaries that they are not allowed to cross. Even these will be made to bend their knee before Me and say “JESUS IS LORD!”
There are evil men of this world that give these fallen ones authority over the earth but they shall turn on them for they have no loyalty or love because they are not of Me. These wicked beasts shall rule the world with their system for a short time and even convince most men on the earth that they are their creators with their lying signs and wonders. The elect, My Bride, will know who they are and have power and authority over them while the last great harvest of the guests of the wedding supper are brought in.
When the kickoff event takes place you will know these times have begun.
The time you have now is time to prepare your garments.
Wash them in My blood and get to know Me intimately.
Your Creator, Savior and Coming King,
Jesus, Yahushua

The Event will Indeed be So Sudden in that Day that there will be No Time to Prepare!

The Father’s perfect timing of events has been told to NO MAN! Your warning to prepare is NOW!
You will NOT know when the Kickoff event will be, it could be today, tomorrow, next week, next month or next year. BE READY ALWAYS!
The event will indeed be so sudden in that day that there will be no time to prepare!
Most will be shocked at the events that soon come and wish that they had heeded My warnings, that have been going out constantly for many years. In recent days the warnings have even increased more in number and intensity yet fewer and fewer listen because they love the darkness more than the light because their deeds are evil. You know not when the last warning will be, it could very well be today!

Tune Your “Radio” to Hear the Lord’s Signal

very soon we are going to receive and “upgrade” to our “radios” or “receivers” as soon as the “kickoff event” happens. We will be able to hear the Lord more clearly and with greater volume. The Lord is going boost the output signal of our “radio” to our minds and spirits, though He will remain unchanged as always. Our “receiver” will be able to handle more of His “signal” and thus we will be able to hear and understand better what He is saying to us.
This is not to be confused with our complete transformation, that will happen during the Sixth seal of Revelation chapter 6 around the time of the 3 days of darkness.
This is an awesome revelation!

I have Divine Appointments Waiting for you!

When the “kickoff event” takes place the people around you will be in need of answers and
desperate for hope and love.  You will be the ones to give them what they need. It is at this time you will begin to hear My voice more clearly than ever before, if you have been seeking Me with all of your heart and have your sins covered by My shed blood. If they are in need of healing you will heal them. If they are in need of food you will feed them. If they are in need of miracles you will perform them. If they are need of a savior you will lead them to Me. You are My remnant, My disciples, My friends, My children, My
overcomers, My brothers and sisters, MY BRIDE!

I will warn you though, after the event the oppression and persecution will increase greatly and many who did not know Me intimately enough will turn their backs on you and Me. This falling away shall occur to make room for all of those you will bring into the kingdom and they will be our guests at the marriage and supper of the Lamb. There shall be many that thought they knew Me and it will be revealed when they follow the one who says he is the messiah, the savior of the world, the one who will unite the whole world against Me. I will destroy him by the breath of My mouth and by the brightness of My glory. For sin cannot stand in the fullness of My presence.


The Convergence is Happening Now!

All of things are for My purpose and they will all take place in a very short and concise order after the “kickoff event” takes place. This will be a “false flag attack” orchestrated by the followers of the evil one, Satan. They shall once again try to fool the world into believing that someone besides them, so called “terrorists” are the ones that cause this destruction but you will know the truth because I have told you beforehand. The way evil ones have done things in the past is the way they will do them again. This is why you see so much talk of war between the political leaders of your world. They all know that it is coming and this shall be the catalyst. This is the plan of the evil ones. At this time I shall allow a door to be opened that shall not be shut until after My return. I have spoken much of this in the past and you will know when it happens, it is not something hidden in the Spirit but shall be plainly seen in your physical world. The destruction shall be 10 times worse than anything you have ever seen but it is only the beginning, much more will follow.  I will allow it but it is not from Me, My wrath shall come later and the followers of the evil one shall hide themselves from Me and they will not escape NO MATTER WHERE THEY HIDE! The destruction that shall be wrought by My hand in judgment shall dwarf anything that the enemy is capable of!
It is at My perfect time that is known only by My Father and I that this shall occur. Remember My time is not linear as yours, but by events. After this the events will come one right after another. You must pay attention to the order of the events and disregard dates on your calendars. After they take place you will be able to understand how My plan has been worked out but not before.

Barack Obama will be Worshipped as God, for the God of this World Shall Possess Him

Many will fall away because they believe the doctrines of demons and men that said that they would not have to suffer through this time.
The time that I speak of is the time after the “kick off event” but before the transformation of My remnant bride. As I have said to you before during this time you will begin to hear My voice more clearly and many miracles with take place but you will not be fully transformed into an immortal body just yet, but the measure of My Spirit will be increased if you are dwelling in the secret place in holiness and humbleness.
It is during this time that Barack Hussein Obama will rise back to power and as I have told you before he will become the final anti-Christ. If you look closely at some of your media sources who report  at least some truth you can see that he has never really gone away and that he is planning his
return. He is working his evil plan behind the scenes to remove Donald Trump as the president of America and he will succeed after the false flag event that they have planned.
After this takes place life as you know it will not exist and events will happen so fast that you will not be able to believe it, but I am telling you now that it is so. The economy will be the first thing to fall after this “false flag kickoff event” and then war will hit all of the world. Civil war will ensue in America as well as natural disasters and invasions from all sides.
America will be destroyed for she is Babylon the great.

Is There Still any Question that My Hand of Protection is Lifting Off of Your Land because of the Great Sin of this Once Great Nation?

My people, have I not made myself clear?
This storm (Hurricane Harvey) is not the “kick-off event,” for have I not told you it would involve fire? Have I not told you that it will be 10 times more destructive than what you have ever seen, America? Has martial law been declared across America? Could this in any way be considered a “terror attack” or “false flag”?
My warnings are to be taken seriously, but how easily you seem to forget. My warnings are to bring repentance from the sins of this country, yet it only comes from a few.

Are You Still in Unbelief Concerning the Judgment that has Befallen America?

The day still comes when it all will suddenly change!

This will be the day of fire that I have told you of many times.

After this, you will need to live by faith in Me because the dollar shall become worth next to nothing in a short time. After wave after wave of “natural disasters,” the “false flag, kick off event” shall come. I will allow them to begin, but I will end it Myself when My wrath is poured out without mixture or dilution. My people are not appointed to that, but they shall be tried and tested by these events that are coming even now.

I Wish to Speak to You Very Clearly so that My People are Not in Confusion When the Things That I Am About to Speak of Begin to Happen.

I have told you many times that there will be an event that begins the sequence of end time destruction and cataclysm, that is soon followed by My wrath. I have told you many things about this event: it will be the “kick off” of many other events that will be many times worse. This event will occur in America and will be 10 times more destructive than anything she has ever seen. After this event, the financial system of America and then the world will begin to completely collapse. It will not be overnight, but it will happen quickly. This event will be a “False Flag” attack orchestrated by the dark leaders that are now known as the “Deep State.” They hide in the shadows, but I see them and I will expose them after I am done letting them do their destructive deeds as a part of the judgment on an unrepentant people, to drive them into My open, waiting arms. Understand that all of these judgments are to cause repentance and redemption of a wicked generation who have not followed My ways. The judgments will become worse and worse as the world does not repent.
The “False Flag” event will also involve fire, but not the kind that you expect. Once again (as on 9-11) this will come from advanced weapons of “alien technology” that most of you do not even know exists. It will be made to look like one of the “Fall Guys” has caused the destruction, but it will actually come from the enemy within. The other “Fall Guy” will in turn retaliate and thus it shall begin. America entered the Second World War on a “False Flag” attack (Pearl Harbor) and she will enter into the Third World War in much the same fashion.  She will now find though that I AM no longer fights for her. America shall suffer humiliating and devastating defeat because she no longer follows Me.
After the financial crash, civil war in America will begin because all of the benefits and entitlements that people have come to love and expect will be gone, and only those following Me closely with be provided for.


30 thoughts on “The Fiery Kickoff Event Review Part 2”

  1. I know many are so eager to go home but I have a child and her family living in NYC and Seattle not to mention I live near DC. I am not se eager as my children are not walking with the Lord and they are not open to hearing from me regarding this.
    One option is that if Gabrielle does not arrive on the states it could be another 4-5 years or whatever the rotation time frame is for naming hurricanes. It is my understanding Gabriel will do more desctruction to the US coasts then many large hurricanes put together. I continue to pray for my children, the people and our soldiers on these carriers. It is a sad day coming If Trump announces the peace plan which will not produce peace but will produce war…we know it is over sooner then later.

  2. Thank you David I appreciate your prayers and yes we are definitely nearing the finish line and we should not that anything make us stumble in the home stretch.

  3. Praying for you my friend 🙂 i believe the thread was deleted. Regardless it was probably better not to continue. We wouldn’t want to sow discord by accident. We are at the finish line !

  4. David, thank you so much for pointing this out!
    The Lord never told me where the Abraham Lincoln would be struck. I just assumed that it would be over in the Middle East and I still think that is the most probable but like you say it could be struck on the way home Or in Port in San Diego… thank you for so much for your comment! Blessing love and peace brother

  5. IMPORTANT ….USS Abraham Lincoln Update!!!!!!

    In 2019 The Abraham Lincoln set sail on April 1st . it has a “home port” date of Oct 31 2019 in San Diego… This means the ship must be home by this date. In my research i have found that it takes U.S Warships approximately 33 days (pending stops) to come back to the united states from the Strait of Hormuz…. This means that the Abraham Lincoln will be leaving the middle east at the end of September in order to arrive by Oct 31st 2019!!!

    Now … Here is the interesting part.. USS Air Craft Carrier strike groups deploy (ONCE) every 36 months… Once deployed they leave for 7-8 Months duration… This means that as of October 31st this ship is docked on U.S Waters….

    Jeff…. If this ship is not attacked in the next 3 weeks…. it would be attacked on the way home or even in U.S Waters…

    Wow September just got even more crazy!

    One more small note.. A few Nights ago I was waken up at 3:33… I was a wide awake and i felt prompted to look at the Strongs for 333… Greek – Definition ….To Observe Carefully
    333… Hebrew – Definition… A Leader in Israel.

    Blessings My friend … Regards …


  6. Thank you buddy. :). You were obviously working very hard yesterday. We are all very appreciative and excited to review your words from the father.

    Yes Gabrielle looks like it will disappear to the North. I’ll Continue I use to keep an eye.

    Have a blessed day with Abba Father.

  7. The fiery kick off event will be at least 10 times worse than 9/11.
    As far as the seals go, seal 1 is the Antichrist riding a white horse and conquering this is Barack Obama. Note how many countries have changed leadership and have had civil wars since he was president and he will be back. The second seal has been cracked but the scroll has not fully rolled out.We can see that war is on the brink of happening in multiple places around the globe most notably between Iran and America. Once the Abe Lincoln goes down war will be full blown.After this the fiery kick off event will take place in NYC and Obama will return to power as the economy crashes and he will look like a hero and he will go on to be the ruler of the world.

  8. If I understand you (Jeff) correctly than the upcoming “kick off event” or false flag event like 9/11 (important unveiling documentary => is supposed to trigger the 3rd seal (recession) and not the 2nd seal (which I’m inclined to think, since I have a (fleshly?) chronological understanding of the Book of Revelation, which may be wrong. Thus, I would except the opening of the 1st seal progressed by the 2nd seal etc. (but probably I am wrong and it’s exactly as it has been revealed to you Jeff, meaning that the “kick off event” will cause recession (3rd seal) that preludes civil/ global war (2nd seal).

    Finally, I’m tempted to ask:
    Is a chronological understanding of the book of revelation wrong? I certainly assume that it takes personal relevatory insight.

    Thanks for sharing your opinion and knowledge here
    May God bless ya all

  9. Jeff, thank you for collecting all these words into one place. The Fall of the Daughter of Babylon (the USA) is not Good God’s Wrath upon the Earth. While The Fall of Babylon will seem cruel to those living in the USA, it’s not even the same thing as The Great Tribulation. Timewise, I’ve seen the Fall of Babylon placed shortly before the midpoint of the seventieth week of Daniel when Antichrist seats himself in the temple proclaiming himself to be God. It could happen at the time, but I have not seen scriptural justification for placing it there. Neither have I seen Dan 9:27 happen yet, so the 70th week has not started. I doubt the FKE (fiery kickoff event) will happen anytime soon. Plus, even your word of 9/10/17 says wave after wave of natural disaster will precede the FKE. Haven’t seen that yet.
    Now, if Trump’s Deal of the Century can be identified as the fulfillment of Dan 9:27, then we can start to pin coming events onto a timeline.

  10. It gets better ….

    Study “The Water Libation Ceremony” The priest would use Blood ( sacrifice) and Water to cleanse the Fire!!!

    Jeff … some have said they see Tusnami in NYC in Visions (Destruction by water). You have been told that Destruction comes by fire…

    The custom was to use both water and blood at the same time over the fire… All of this would happen… to my understanding on the 8th day of Booths/ feats of Sukkot. I am still studying this matter. But I feel the spirit all over it. Im trying to put the puzzle pieces together. But i could not wait to tell you.

    Also Note: Brother Baron Searle spoke of Fall…. On what day is the fall equinox… Also Note: He spoke of Hurricane Gabreille … which as of today us now LIVE in the Atlantic as per Hurricane watch center. I believe this hurricane will serve as a sign post to a specific window of time that we need to look at.

    Consider watching the teaching from Jim Stanley called “Depth of the Tabernacles Sukkot ” I was blown away. This water Ceremony was developed by the pharasees … Its almost like as if the Firey kick off event is a Giant Satanic ritual to usher in a NEW AGE on the 8th DAY … (again using the Torah Calender)

    Yah Bless my friend…

    Keep our head up

  11. Food for thought… (not fact.. Just came to me in my studies this morning)

    If Trump is removed during the Fiery kick off event… He would need to be in NYC …. TRUMP will be gathered at United nations in September (17-30 ) during the feast of Sukkot (Torah Calendar)

    Now …. I could be very wrong. But i was listening to a teaching from Jim Stanley for the feast of Tabernacles. He says that the custom at that time was to sacrifice 70 Bulls to commemorate 70 Nations during this feast….

    We know that the Satan wishes to imitate God in every way… a sacrifice in NYC during this time frame would do exactly that. – Remove Trump from Office and provide a sacrifice from the nations. (Sounds sick to even think about this) but i dont put anything past Satan and his abilities. Just like the 70 Bulls represented the Nations… So does the “BULL” = NYC Financial system and the UN assembly.

    This might be a bit of a stretch .. But things sure seem to be lining up… Also we would not know the day or hour.

    Yah have mercy on all those lives in NYC : ( during this time.

    Keep up your work Jeff … Much appreciated

  12. I’m no one of any importance, especially on this matter. But when I read the comment, I had to write this!!
    Years ago, I fasted three days and had a series of dreams. In one dream, it was fall and I was in a city near me. There were aliens attacking in this dream. I’ve never dreamt of aliens before.

  13. I’m not really sure if it will happen during the fall but it is the most likely time for it to occur. Yes we must remain watchful and diligent and we should keep on seeking the Lord Jesus and remain in the spirit and repenting of our sins All of the time.
    Blessings love and peace my brother!♥️

  14. Thank you for your comment! No I don’t mind anyone using any of the material on my website. We are all in this thing together and we are all working on building the kingdom of our God and Savior♥️

  15. Glory be to God! Thanks servant of Christ Jesus, Jeff, for this package. It would be suddenly, the kick off event. From analytical spiritual unveiling, the sudden may likely be around fall season? The Fall comes during the fall season. It’s here already!!!
    From Sylvester

  16. My 2 cents :

    I think the False Flag Kickoff Event will be SubNukes (blamed on NK) on Hawaii’s Kilauea and Hillina Slump falling into the sea, causing a HUUGE Tsunami on the West Coast AND other subnukes on NY (from the Babylon Canyon opposit of NY) (+ a few others along the coast ?) to cause another HUUGE Tsunami to destroy Manhattan and the East Coast (see The Exalted Lamb 1 – I Pet Goat SOLVED videoS) which acc to him will most likely be on… 9/11 !!!

    I also think that the “Aliens” coming in their UFOs are the 1/3 of stars falling down at the 6th seal and 3 DOD !

    But I also strongly believe there will be at least 2 Raptures : The BRIDE / PHILADELPHIA Church / 5 WISE Virgins FIRST (small number) that will ESCAPE ALL these things (Luke 21,36 + Rev 3,10) and then the GREAT Wheat Harvest : The GUESTS which the BRIDE (or part of) will help bring in.

    Voilà !

    And btw, I commented on your 1st Part video, informing you that I had made your EXCELLENT Salvation Prayer (in your description box) into a PDF I shared in my warning mails and in Mark Ekawamai (FINAL HOUR videos) description boxes and gave you the link but you obviously didn’t see it. Hope you don’t “mind” ! So here it is again :

    God Bless You !

  17. Thank you for your obedience to god and sharing. I always look forward to your writings. Bless you brother jeff.

  18. Judgement is redemptive. Wrath is terminal. Ignoring God leads to a downward spiral. They knew God full well yet spit in His face. They worshipped the creature instead of their Creator. Godless and loveless wretches. I take great comfort in I AM the Architect of the Last Days. Satan does nothing that God does not allow for His plans and purposes.

  19. Thanks Jeff for all of your hard work summarizing and highlighting the Lords previous messages through you. I appreciate it and I am sure all of us will. God bless you sir!

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