9 thoughts on “Summary of the Fiery Kickoff Event”

  1. Many people are seeing visions of New York and other cities destroyed by what they think are Nuclear Weapons. Yet, the destruction shown them does not resemble Nuclear Weapons. At this time in history there is a weapon much more dangerous that a Nuke. It’s a Kinetic Energy Weapon delivered from orbit. Yes, they exist today. They are called the “Rods From God”. The weapon is a tungsten pole about the size of a street light pole. Coming from high space orbit a single Rod could destroy much of a large city using kinetic energy only. Unlike a Nuke, which is a air burst, the Rods burrow deep into the earth before exploding. Creating a explosion similar to a volcano going off. Unlike Nukes, there is no radiation!. There would be much destruction with a large crater. For security reasons It is very difficult to find and research Kinetic Weapons. But, if you look hard enough and follow the leads you can learn more these weapons. In the future the Kinetic Weapons will be the weapon of choice. Being delivered from orbit, there is no defense, and no one would be able to trace where the weapon actually came from. The weapon can be adjusted to size to destroy specific areas, and best of all, unlike Nukes there is no radiation!

  2. Thank you Diana for you kind response. Just like Paul said “Set your affections on things above” Our real home
    John Brooks

  3. Thank you brother Jeff for your kind response to my previous comment. It is appreciated.I pray that God’s grace, mercy,blessings and revelation continually be your portion.
    God Bless You
    John Brooks

  4. Brother John, I can imagine how homesick you are with all of your family gone on before you. The Lord must have work for you here yet dear brother. I pray now for strength and comfort as you press in to our King until he cracks the skies and takes us home. My heart goes out to you. What comfort knowing that they are with our King. It is my one desire to see my family in heaven…all of them and as yet it is not looking too good but…the Story if not over yet and God is faithful to aanswer prayers. All Glory to His great Name!

  5. Thank You Jeff; Your faithfulness to deliver what The LORD has revealed and instructed is appreciated.No fear here just a longing to go home. My wife, daughter and all my family are already in heaven with Jesus forever.I miss them and I’m homesick. So for sure I will meet you in our eternal home.God Bless You

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