Worship and Prayer are More Powerful than We Know!

Received 5-26-17 through 6-3-17

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The Lord spoke these words to my spirit to share with His children:

“My children, during the time you are now in, the light within you must be allowed to overcome the darkness that surrounds you. You must speak forth the words that I have given you in both the written word and personal revelation from My Holy Spirit who dwells inside of you.

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Spiritual Warfare Basics


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I know that some of your eyes gloss over when you read anything about spiritual warfare.
There have been a lot people say and write a lot of crazy things concerning spiritual warfare. I know this because I have heard them and read them myself. The enemy loves to confuse the followers of Jesus concerning spiritual warfare because when done right it is very powerful against Satan’s kingdom.
But the fact remains whether you know it or not or acknowledge it at all you are in a spiritual war. Continue reading “Spiritual Warfare Basics”


You Need to Learn to hear God’s Voice for Yourself

1-19-16 Revised 9-24-19

This message was given to me through the instruction of the Holy Spirit who lives inside every person that trusts in, clings to and relies on Jesus Christ, Yahshua ha Mashiach to be their Savior and Lord.

Do you realize that half of the reason that Jesus died was so that we could have the Holy Spirit living inside of us? He went away so that The Comforter could come and now we are the temples of the Living God, not built by human hands. Continue reading “You Need to Learn to hear God’s Voice for Yourself”


The Fiery Kickoff Event Review Part 5

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The Lord’s Perfect Sign Ends January 21, 2019 1-10-19

The sign that I have given started on Dec. 21st 2010, on your calendar and it will be completed Jan. 21st 2019 on your calendar, at 12:12 am EST. The time of its ending significant, this number means total completeness of the warning time that I have given before the greater judgments begin: earthquakes, the fiery kick off event, economic collapse, famine, disease, and then the great war begins. This warning alone has lasted 8 years and one month; some would like more time but what would be done with more time if I gave it? I have been warning the world through My servants the prophets for over 100 years that you are in the last days. There are very few hearing My warnings right now. My chosen few have heard plenty of My warnings and they grow weary of them. Let it not be said that I am not merciful and longsuffering. The time of the end of the age has truly come! Continue reading “The Fiery Kickoff Event Review Part 5”


The Fiery Kickoff Event Review Part 4

Watch YouTube Video HereYes, My Glory Comes with the Destruction, BE READY!

My people, don’t get comfortable! Everything in this world is not as it seems! Stay Alert! Be Sober minded and vigilant! Live your life after the Spirit and not after the flesh. Things are changing quickly and will continue ever more quickly until the end. Get closer to me than you have ever been before! This is the only way that you will be able to endure till the end and be saved. The kick-off comes quickly! Continue reading “The Fiery Kickoff Event Review Part 4”


The Fiery Kickoff Event Review Part 3

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A Sad Picture of a Typical “American Christian”

“My call goes out to to everyone who reads this message. Do not be deceived; time is shorter than most men think. Humble yourselves in surrender before Me and repent of your sin and I will forgive you and give you new life that will never end. This must be done with your whole heart, I know when a man means what he says. I urge you to ready yourselves now! No man knows when the kick-off event shall take place and no man knows the day or the hour of My return.
Put the things of this world behind you and receive My Spirit!
I Love You!” Continue reading “The Fiery Kickoff Event Review Part 3”


Synagogue of Satan and the 144000


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Rev 2:9 I know your works, tribulation, and poverty (but you are rich); and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but aresynagogue of Satan. 


Woe to the kings and religious rulers of this world, none of you know Me! You are like your fathers before you, stiff-necked and proud, you think you do no wrong. But I say your work is of the evil one! You serpents, you brood of vipers! You are those that I warned about, those who call yourselves Jews but are not but of the synagogue of Satan. Yes, you are all of the spirit of antichrist. You hate Me and you hate those who truly follow Me by the Spirit and not just by outward appearances. You long to unite the whole world against Me, you think you worship the Father but you do not. You have been deceived by the imposter, the one who comes as an angel of light but is the prince of darkness, the enemy of your souls. You will be cast into the lake of fire with him! Continue reading “Synagogue of Satan and the 144000”


The Fiery Kickoff Event Review Part 2

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This a review of what the Holy Spirit has told me in the past about “The Fiery Kickoff Event”. The purpose of this is to warn both sinners and the body of Jesus Christ of things to come so that you can ready yourselves both in the spirit and with the physical preparations the the Lord leads you. I do not know when this will take place, I only know that the time grows nearer every day and that when it comes the world as you know it will never be the same. America will not repent before this happens, so it cannot be avoided. Though this has not happened yet, IT WILL TAKE PLACE WHEN THE FATHER ALLOWS IT. The Holy Spirit said to me “Tell them I want them to say that they are sorry, turn from their sins and turn back to Me. I am waiting here for you with open arms.”

He loves each one of you so much!

Take this before the Lord in prayer yourself and see what He would have you do about it.

Blessings, love, peace and protection to you all in the name that is above every name, Yahshua ha Mashiach, Jesus Christ!

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