Get Your Affairs in Order!

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Get your affairs in order My people! You need to be ready for things that are coming upon this Earth. Some things have already begun. You need to be ready, most importantly with Me spiritually. Many of you may ask, how do we do this? I say to you, come before Me and ask Me yourself! The answer is different for each of you. Once again let us look to the parable of the wise and foolish virgins. All of them had fallen asleep but the wise virgins had prepared themselves by spending time alone with Me. They asked and I filled them and gave them extra Holy Spirit oil. The foolish virgins are the ones who were always preoccupied with all off the things of the physical world. They ask others to pray for them all the time instead of spending quality time with Me personally and asking Me themselves. They are always ignoring My word and trying to get others to hear My voice for them, when I have said that My sheep hear My voice. This is the truth for every one of My sheep! If you cannot hear My voice that is your own fault, not Mine. You need to do something about this because I am speaking to you! You need to overcome the things of this world. I have given you the power by My Spirit! What is causing you not to hear me? The Holy Spirit that is within you is more powerful than all of the power of the enemy! Are you spending time alone with Me? Are you quieting yourself before Me? I have given you those who can help you but you have to be able hear Me yourself. There is no other way!

I AM the only one that can give you true peace in the midst of chaos. I do not make order out of chaos. My peace is with you despite the chaos around you. You need to be in the spirit to realize this peace because you cannot perceive it with your physical senses. Yes, chaos is coming in the physical realm, more and more everyday, but those who walk in the spirit shall overcome it in the spirit, not in the flesh. Your flesh shall fail you but I never will! I have made you weak on purpose so that I may be strong in you! The strongest man will not survive what is coming. All that is of the enemy, will not survive. Soon, I will destroy all of the evil, chaos, sin and darkness. Satan and everyone that has allowed themselves to be deceived by him will be cast into the lake of fire and will be tormented day and night forever. Soon I will destroy all of the chaos and darkness.

My fire purifies all that it touches. Sin is like wood, hay and stubble before My holy fire. It will all burn and be consumed! Those who are mine will glow when My fire is fully poured upon them. The oil that is within them and upon them shall be set ablaze. This is why I have said to be full to overflowing with my Holy Spirit oil. When you are baptized in the Holy Spirit it can be seen on the outside of you. This is not what saves you but this is the harvest light. For the harvest shall be reaped in the night because the day is far spent and the work has not been completed. It shall be completed before the dawn!

After you have gotten close to Me in the spirit and by the Spirit, then you can ask Me what physical preparations that you need to make. A time of scarcity is already beginning and it will be worse than you have ever seen before, especially in the countries that have had plenty for long periods of time. Some have been called to make many physical preparations and some absolutely none. If you already have much prepared, do not get rid of them but you may not be able to use any of it. I may call you to move on a moment’s notice or I may even transport you to a safe location by My angels or in the spirit. Yes, these days a coming rapidly. I will show you what you need to get or I will even have others give it to you. I take care of My own! Have faith in Me and do not worry about what you will eat or where you will sleep or even what you will wear. I took care of My people for 40 years in the desert before even though they were disobedient. You will not have to walk though anything even close to that amount of time, trust Me! My Spirit is the cloud who guides you by day and the fire that guides you by night. Get your your affairs in order because I may call you on a moment’s notice.

Keep watching!

Be ready!

Stay ready!

Jesus Christ

Yahshua ha Mashiach

John 10:27 My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.



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  1. Oh, I forgot to include Rev 19:7:
    “Let us rejoice and be glad and give the glory to Him, for the marriage of the Lamb has come and His bride has made herself ready.”. Who made the bride ready? THE BRIDE HAS MADE HERSELF READY!

  2. Matthew doesn’t say five virgins were wise because they had spent time with the groom and he gave them extra ‘Holy Spirit oil’. They physically prepared for the possibility of delay and took extra oil for their lamps. Here’s what’s coming to me about this parable: a groom is a landowner. This guy was single and word was out that when he returned from his trip he would select a wife from among the available virgins, getting to meet them during the wedding feast. If a young girl wanted to wed this eligible land bachelor landowner, she had to make it to the feast. That meant remaining pure, watching eagerly for his return, bring physically prepared for the event. Yep, this groom didn’t previously know any of the virgins, but he could easily weed out the foolish ones.
    Thinking about the Prov 31 wife, she cooks, sews . . . trades – all kinds of endeavors that she learned, not by spending time with her husband, but by educating herself and doing it! (My wife sure didn’t learn to cook by spending time with me!). While the groom is mingling among the five wise virgins at the feast, he’s gonna find out what do they like to cook, did they sew their own dress, do they want boys or girls, etc.
    Look, most of those reading this know what’s coming to the USA: economic ruin, starvation, nuclear attack, persecution of Christians ….
    If you want to make it to the wedding feast, learn to grow food, prepare to survive nuclear war (it is survivable – read Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson Kearney), get a few silver coins, learn a useful skill (be prepared to patch jeans), learn to purify water (and have a thousand empty bottles ready to fill). Just do something. And then be flexible. Don’t assume that 1 out of 5000 will have prepared, and that God will multiply that one prepper’s offering to feed your lazy carcass. You be the one to offer your lunch and watch Him feed five thousand with it! Maybe you can patch 5000 jeans with your stash of five patches and two needles!

  3. Hmmm! Who else is full of pride and not 100% human and has the capacity to influence the psyche? The Adversary has full control over the president, you can see it in his demeanor and in his ignorance of the plights of the people, golf is an excuse.

    You are correct Jeff, BHO has not left the building, his return to ultimate power will not come from the deposition of DJT, but because of a fake (staged/ deceitful) action that alters the course of history and appears to be miraculous in execution/ resolution… and even the elect will be deceived.

    Without question, the only way to stay on track is through the discernment of the Holy Spirit, who will always impart the truth. Even then, we may be required to attest to our faith in the ultimate by not taking the mark. I feel that for us to get our affairs in order means to draw nearer to Jesus by trusting in and calling upon His Holy Spirit who He left here for this very purpose.

  4. Get your house in order is confirmation to what the Lord have told me about two months ago. Love hearing this confirmation coming from you my brother. I guess that this advise is for all of us.

  5. Yes but he is not the Antichrist, Barack Hussein Obama is. Donald Trump takes orders from him and he is no longer 100% human and he has a very big mouth and a lot of pride and he will fall and then Barack Obama will return.

  6. Sujit, that is excellent! Yes, you describe time with Him exactly the way it should be. Our time with him should be precious an intimate not like a screaming little bratty child wanting attention. Actually he never rejects us when we come before him humbly. I have never been rejected yet unless I come before Him with pride.

  7. Cool picture. I have already made strides in the last few days walking with Jesus. Thanks everyone. I love you all!

  8. Hi, Chuck.

    Many siblings-in-Christ have already shared their inputs to your question. And Jeff apparently has already advised you in this matter.

    So I will not burden you with more suggestions. What I will give you though is a picture.

    Ever watched a child sleeping in his father’s arms or sitting quietly nestled in his father’s bosom, sometimes even when the father is working?

    Be that child, dear Chuck. Don’t aim to hear a voice. Rather, aim to spend time with your Father in heaven, who is unseen. If you are in the bosom of your Father, he will feed you, bathe you, clothe you, and take you where you need to go, and He is capable of doing all this for you, in absolute silence. All you need to do is abide, just like the child in the picture.

  9. Karl, I too feel the sense of urgency and am eagerly waiting for answers to prayer. I am now focused on hearing God in other ways than hearing his voice directly in my head.

  10. Chuck,

    I am in the same boat you are in, but I also feel overwhelmed at times due to the sense of urgency feeling in each message. There have been times when I felt a conviction due to a word or sermon in church, but I sit in silence after praying each morning and have not received an answer to questions I have asked. I have fasted a couple times, but I will continue that and I also also viewed the video that Jason S posted below. Praying for a breakthrough soon.

    Jeff, thanks so much for what you do. I look forward to the next word given. Take care.

  11. A deaf and blind person does not know a language yet still has full thought processes.

    The Holy Spirit can communicate directly to the brain in such a way, akin to strict binary code in a computer! That’s how I receive most of my instructions–directly in the middle of my brain. These communications occur like a packet (burst) radio signal, for those of you that understand ham radio communications. Rarely do I get verbal institutions.

    The brain cells need to be clean. Fasting by plain food deprivation might not work, in which case cleansing fasts are the way to go.

    As a watchman living outdoors in a tent, exposed 24/7 to intense chemtrails and with sub par food this is a big challenge, yet I do my part. Sometimes I have to ask for confirmation (and re-confirmation) and Yah does indeed use others to grant my request. As an example, I am to purchase Evinrude outboard motor (s) for going artisanal commercial fishing in times of famine and financial chaos! I asked for confirmation and had it, then I asked for re-confirmation and in less than 12 hours I got it! Yah sees my efforts to comply to His will. Make sure He sees yours.


  12. When the I hear the Lord being repetitive..I listen up. I have been hearing Ephesians 6:10-19 for the last month regarding putting on the full armor of God. I think he is trying to tell us something.

  13. It might take some practice but I agree with the “gut feeling” and that gut feeling is usually a thought that says “Pray for this person” or “I should read my bible today” or “I should share the gospel with x, person”. I can also tell you this, when you do share the gospel with someone you can feel this pressure on your chest also speaking as you speak the words of the Gospel to someone. There are also times if you are in a dream God can speak with your spirit more clearly since you don’t have the physical world distracting you. I’ve had that experience once where the Holy Spirit corrected me on a matter.

  14. Amanda you bring up a very good point! The Lord does not always answer us in our time but he is never late. But then again he is very rarely early unless we are in a dire emergency and he chooses to answer us instantaneously which he always can. I just want to let everyone know right now that I do not always know 100% of the time when I am hearing the Lord either. I need confirmations, there are very few times that I ever post a prophecy message right after receiving it usually I wait a few days until the Lord confirms it. He confirms it through repeating phrases in my mind over and over and over again he confirms it by scripture he confirms it by other people saying almost the same thing to me and he confirms it by things that seem to be a coincidence and other things that I probably can’t think of right off hand.

  15. Amen sister! I agree with what you have told Chuck 100%. It is VERY important to write what the Lord says and to stay away from the influences of the world as much as we possibly can.♥️??

  16. Hi, I agree with the other posts here & would like to mention what helps me. I am usually more able to hear the Holy Spirit speak to me when I am in bed half asleep, like awake in the middle of the night with the TV off so no noise of the world gets in. I ask Him questions. I seek Him by asking, seeking, knocking – and I pray a ton. I type out what he says.

    The more far away I feel from Him, the harder I ask, seek and knock asking Him to come to me and help me. I present all my concerns to him, I ask Him sometimes what I should read in his Word.

    I have been feeling further away from Him lately so I get where you’re coming from. When I am in the flesh/world I feel blocked from reading scripture which is my biggest problem, but what I mentioned here does help me hear from Him 🙂 God bless.

  17. Thank you for your obedience to the Lord Jeff! There are times I know I hear the Lords voice, then there is other times that I struggle hearing him, like if I am praying for direction or need an answer. I am a bit of an anxious person and I know that makes it harder to hear the Lord. I tend to want the answer immediately and I know The Lord doesn’t work this way. Please pray for me that I am ready. God Bless you and your loved ones. Again, thanks for all you do for our Lord.

  18. This comment was sent to me by Brother Jason S…

    Hi, brother Jeff. Blessings to you and your faithfulness and obedience to hearing from the Holy Spirit. One thing from your message that jumped out at me was “For the harvest shall be reaped in the night.” I thought right away of the Thief in the Night and that’s exactly what God’s Healer 7 posted tonight.

    I’m not sure if you have the email for the people who comment or if you can send a private message to them. When I read his comments, it made me think of one of the weekly messages I sent to my church. I’ll put it below plus the Youtube video that I linked for them to listen to. But maybe this message might help Chuck Corley. I’m going to spend some silent time with God right now because I felt a sense of urgency all day. I’m still training to have laser-like focus on the Holy Spirit. God bless.

    This week’s message aims to provide 3 things:

    1. Proof that the Holy Spirit speaks to you

    2. Proof we’re in a spiritual war

    3. Focusing again on how to hear the still small voice of God

    Have you ever had that gut instinct/feeling and then had a thought that countered it? How many times have you said, “I should have gone with my gut?” I would challenge to you that what the world calls our “gut instinct” is actually the still small voice of the Holy Spirit talking to you. The world is telling you that listening to your gut is listening to yourself. But how many times have we fallen for the other voice in our head and then regretted it? That’s what the world has coined the devil’s advocate. It’s counter to what is truth and what we’re to seek spiritually as a connection to the Holy Spirit.

    Our gut instinct and the devil’s advocate are the good spirit/bad spirit that is in all of us proving the spiritual war that we’re in. It’s confirmed in what we’ve talked about before in reference to Ephesians 6 and putting on the full armor of God. Lots of shows give the image of a good angel on the right shoulder and a bad angel on the left shoulder fighting for winning over your mind. My challenge to you is that in anything we do, take a second and seek the Holy Spirit first. Wait to have that peace that passes all understanding to make sure that you aren’t listening to your own thoughts. As Jeremiah 33:3 states, “ Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.” We’re to die to the flesh and be born again of the Holy Spirit because flesh and blood do not inherit the kingdom of God (John 3:3).

    I’m going to re-post the link below of the video called How to Hear the Still Small Voice of God in case you want to review that again. But to summarize my thoughts, find a quiet place, be in the Word, pray regularly (out loud or at least a whisper to stay focused), and listen to inspirational music. Most important of all, put in the time. Another important part of worship that I haven’t talked about is fasting and prayer. This goes back to a sermon that Pastor Randy gave a few weeks ago. Pastor Randy referred to Matthew 6 where it says when you fast. Notice how it doesn’t say if you fast. To my count, the Bible has 57 verses in the Bible specifically related to fasting. So I’m pretty sure God is saying that fasting is something we should do.

    In my personal testimony I presented to you, I didn’t really mention a lot about fasting. But I’ve done fasting a number of times now. I can say with certainty that these times of fasting and prayer have been some of the most important parts of my journey for hearing the still small voice of God. To me, fasting is a form of obedience and discipline for seeking God. Now I’m not saying that you need to fast 40 days and 40 nights like Jesus did when he was tempted by satan. It might be just giving up a meal and spending time in the Word in prayer until the next meal. I’ve tried fasting a few different ways before I found what works best for me. So if you’re interested in knowing more about what I’ve done, you can ask me and I’d be happy to tell you what I’ve learned. But it’s important to find what works for you individually and being obedient to it. Feeding us spiritually is more important than feeding physically because God will provide for everything we need when we fully submit to Him. Try fasting and see how much more He rewards you with.

    The Holy Spirit speaks to us all the time. We just have to learn to recognize His voice and listen to it instead of the spiritual voice of the enemy. I felt it was really important to talk about this subject again and to push you to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit so He can lead you in all you do. Blessings for your week.

    Video- How to Hear the Still Small Voice

  19. Here am I, send me Master. Jeff, you taught of calling on HIM as Daddy, so personal, He hears and answers. Praise to YAH and thank you Jeff!! v

  20. Chuck, this is what the Holy Spirit is saying to me about what you wrote in your comment.
    “Just because you don’t believe or perceive with your physical senses that I am speaking to you doesn’t mean that I am not.The scripture is true,My sheep hear My voice, I know them and they follow Me.YOU HEAR ME in your spirit but not with your physical ears.I rarely speak that way. Pray to Me to reveal the times that I am speaking to you and you will know that it is true. I love you more than you know my son!”

  21. Thank you for this word. May God continue to bless you. We all need Jesus daily! I’m listening and am praying for the lost family! Time is short and so much evil is out there daily! God I am Pleading The Blood Of Jesus over everyone here and their families!

  22. Ready and willing – continue to pray for peace in a time of chaos. That’s how they will know we are working for the LORD.

  23. Hey Jeff. I guess the “Get Your Affairs in Order” word from Jesus was talking about me! I love Jesus with all my heart! I pray and worship Him every single day. You gave me some suggestions to try and they have not worked. I never received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. I am not hearing Him. I am listening by sitting still after prayer time. I am looking for answers in the Word. I am asking the Holy Spirit to show me answers. I am completely confused. I confess my sins daily and ask the Spirit to reveal what my sins are so I do not miss any. Any last thoughts?

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