A Dream from Brother Ken F.: Confirmation of the Fiery Kick-off Event

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Holy Spirit has impressed upon me to share this dream by brother Ken F. to once again confirm what I received from Him in October of 2017. That whole message can be found here.

This is an exact email that I received on July 26th 2019

Hi Jeff,

I have never heard the term Fiery Kick-Off Event until about maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago.

So I want to tell you that around June 14 2019 I had a Dream:

I was looking towards what appeared to be the downtown of a city at night, as there were clearly high-rise buildings and all the lights that go along with them.  I perceived that there was definitely water between me and the downtown.  The body of water seemed to go right up close to the edge of the high-rise buildings.  It seemed that the downtown could have perhaps been 2 – 10 miles away from me, but that is very hard to guess!  I could see some things extending into the water from the left and the right, which looked like some kind of land or something.  Perhaps it was just the shore lines of whatever was on the left and right, but I don’t personally think that is what mattered so much….but I will continue…

As I looked towards the downtown, I saw that between the high-rise buildings & the edge of the water, something amazing happened that I have never seen anything like before in videos or anywhere.  The Earth Heaved Upwards!…. almost like a small mountain was forming instantaneously.  The earth heaved up to a small peak.  It went up high, but didn’t get any higher than the buildings!  As this earth rose upwards, it glowed yellow & red Hot!  Then the whole thing fell back down or collapsed upon itself.  It wasn’t super bright, but a distinct and clear vivid glowing of yellow and red, almost like a kind of magma or lava-like surface texture/appearance.  It almost looked like some kind of explosive or volcanic-like event exploded under the ground, but what kind of bomb or volcano would make the earth surface glow red and yellow so instantly?  Also, it wasn’t completely explosive, because the occurrence also imploded, or fell back upon itself!  I could Not see that any of the tall buildings were affected by this occurrence.  Also I did Not see any flash or glow or impact from perhaps a missile that would indicate that something was dropped in or flew in.  I am not sure what someone would see at night even if this was the case of something flying in.  My thought was that whatever was going on, originated from below the ground!….but I don’t know!

I don’t know the significance of some details, but I will try and relay the dream as I saw it.  Immediately after I saw this explosive event collapse back upon itself, to my left I looked and I saw my mom for some reason.  It seemed at this point like I was looking through a house window towards her, I called out to her as she was walking up a sidewalk towards me in what appeared to be a residential house setting.  I think I might have even yelled at her and pointed towards the downtown.  I don’t know if she could hear me, or if the window was open, but anyhow, immediately after the explosive-like event Collapsed upon itself, she turned and looked in that direction.  So she wouldn’t have seen it directly.  I am unsure if she heard something, or saw a light or something, because I didn’t hear anything in the dream from my viewpoint, which at that moment seemed to be inside of a house looking out the window……  but then again, it takes time for sound to arrive at you, so if you see something take place very far away, it can take some time before you hear the sound, kind of like lightening or other distant visual events that might have loud sounds associated.  So my guess is that she just saw some kind of light that made her turn and look, but I have no idea!

Anyways, as soon as mom turned and looked towards the direction of the downtown, I also looked back there & there was an astoundingly bright flash!  It seemed many times brighter than the sun!  No Comparison!  So bright in fact that I could see nothing at all anywhere except glowing white light!  I could Not see anything around me, I could Not see the downtown, all I saw was complete White!

I saw nothing else after the flash.  The dream ended in pure white bright light!  I remember thinking that I wanted to get a hold of my brother, but I thought it was now going to be impossible because of whatever just happened, I feared that communications might be down or something!

Ok so that’s it…..

I don’t live in New York, and I have never been there.  I live up in Canada.

I wrote the dream down within a few days after having the dream.  But I didn’t have any idea what to make of it!

A few weeks later (Earlier July 2019), I thought I would go and check out Linda Courtney’s Youtube channel to see what she had posted lately.  I felt God had confirmed Linda Courtney to me as one who is receiving legitimate words from God the night after I watched her video about the 3 days of darkness.  She made mention of a “Cosmic Display” in that video, and I believe God Showed me the Cosmic Display in a dream that very night!  Also Many years ago I had a dream about Darkness & Other things, but I will leave that for now.  God gives me very visual Dreams/Visions, but I rarely get words like Yourself & Linda!  I have since done my best to draw a picture of this Cosmic Display Event!  But that is a whole other subject…. Anyhow, the video I clicked on of Linda’s in Earlier July was Titled:

“God Has Just Revealed MORE VITAL information”


Within the first 1 or 2 Minutes of watching this video of Linda’s, she was recommending the following Youtube Video:



I don’t recall or realize if the Spirit had pricked me that day to go and check out Linda’s Channel for new posts, but anyhow, I was taken back by the title of the Youtube video he recommended, as I had a hunch it may have something to do with the dream I had that I just described to you above!…But anyhow The Date in the video also took me by surprise, June 16, 2019, as I estimated that my dream occurred perhaps very close to June 14, 2019.

I got chills when I listened to that Word Reading by Lisa from Sister Kim, because here were some of the Key Phrases that were mentioned:

  • Overwhelmingly unforeseen catastrophe
  • A Fiery Event
  • A Form of Nuclear Weapon from Advanced Technology
  • As 911 was a staged False-Flag of Mass destruction, so shall this staged fiery false flag be the same, and again blamed on another, the target is New York City to take down her operations.
  • It will be power-off, and lights out

At some point after this I began to look up night-time photos of New York City Downtown.  I realized that Manhattan Island as it is called, is the popular downtown of New York, and that is where the World Trade Center Towers were.  Manhattan Island also has High-Rises on the edge of the Body of Water as I remember in my dream!….Though I could Not accurately describe the buildings in my dream, or precisely recognize them.  I found a few photos online that seemed very similar to the Downtown Scene I saw in my dream, but I was given no clear indication in my dream of what city I just saw this explosive event in.  I can tell you, what I saw could certainly be described as a “Fiery” Event, because few other words would be adequate to describe the uniqueness of what actually happened there in my dream!

Attached Photos:

New York 1 seems to most accurately depict the vantage point I was looking from at the downtown of a city when I saw this event take place in the dream.

Manhattan skyline seen from Brooklyn at night, color toned picture, New York City, USA.

New York 2 and New York 3 most accurately depict the Night-Time lighting level and Ambiance of the city I saw in my dream.

New York 4 most closely depicts the distance I feel I was away from the downtown when I saw this event take place…..However, my vantage point I would say was higher up in the air, perhaps level with the tops of the high-rise buildings.

Anyhow Jeff, the phrase “Fiery Kick-Off Event” is how I came across your ministry that God has given you on the HolySpiritWind – Jeff Byerly Channel.

Thanks for your Words!

Your Bro,


Here is the particular part of the past message given to me in October of 2017 that Ken F.’s dream pertains to. Please take it before the Lord for more understanding and confirmation.

“The “False Flag” event will also involve fire, but not the kind that you expect. Once again (as on 9-11) this will come from advanced weapons of “alien technology” that most of you do not even know exists. It will be made to look like one of the “Fall Guys” has caused the destruction, but it will actually come from the enemy within. The other “Fall Guy” will in turn retaliate and thus it shall begin. America entered the Second World War on a “False Flag” attack (Pearl Harbor) and she will enter into the Third World War in much the same fashion.  She will now find though that I AM no longer fights for her. America shall suffer humiliating and devastating defeat because she no longer follows Me.”

I believe that what Holy Spirit has revealed through Ken F.’s dream is that the Kick-off event will look like a nuclear bomb hit Manhattan but it won’t be…just yet anyways. Eventually all of New York City will be completely leveled to the ground…BUT NOT AT FIRST. Judgment upon NYC and America will get progressively worse to allow for repentance of a nation that has turned completely against her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Yahshua ha Mashiach.

Pray for mercy during the judgment and pray for souls to cry out to Yahshua even in the last seconds of of their earthly lives.

Blessings. Love and Peace to you all!

Jeff Byerly

UPDATE 8-11-19

Brother Ken sent me these pictures to depict what he saw in his dream.


27 thoughts on “A Dream from Brother Ken F.: Confirmation of the Fiery Kick-off Event”

  1. AMEN Brother Jeff. Well said!! Thank you, and God Bless you for your continued hard work for the Lord Jesus Christ.
    Blessings Always, Linda Courtney

  2. I feel compelled to reply.
    Firstly to you Gregg in regards to the Hal Turner article that you posted. I know that you are posting ‘information’ and all information should be taken into prayer for any sort of confirmation as to its veracity. This type of false flag may well incite a war but on the grounds of deception which is of the adversary. It reminds me of the incident involving the IAF attack on the USS Liberty during the six day war. Many were skeptical as to the motives and excuses. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Liberty_incident My concerns is for the five thousand ships complement of the USS Abraham Lincoln if such a demonic plan is forthcoming. Please pray for these men and women and pray that such an evil plan does not come to fruition.

    To Warrior4Jesus, you have shown your heart and fears for the future. KNOW that our glorious God has each of us close to His heart. By knowing, all fears are allayed and hope and joy in His Master Plan consul us in every moment. He is coming soon be assured of that and He will appear in the blink of an eye when most of the world is consumed in mans flaccid decline. He will come with a mighty army such that those who are bent on destroying the Earth will be removed. Be on alert now in every sense and pray, pray, pray for those who are struggling to come to the realization that this is the most auspicious, most talked about, most feared time in all of history. 2019 in the year of Our Lord…no other deity, we count time relative ONLY to Him.

    To Jeff, you intentions are clear. You live daily for the Lord, you are a watchman and are blessed in your role. As mentioned, all information be that dreams, rumours, news or prophetic inspired messages should be put up in prayer with deep conviction. There will be a fiery kick off event and I too believe it will be initiated in your country by the same evil cohorts that designed the JFK assassination and the Sept 2001 murders. The question remains, why would the Lord allow such a thing? Of course, He is a God of compassion and love and over the history of the USA He has been humbly revered by the people and the administrations. Like any Father, He wants to shower those who respect Him with gifts of happiness and providence, however once rejected and forgotten, He steps back and removes His blessings. This makes way for fear and with it the ingression of demonic influence, such that even the elect are duped. We are seeing this play out in every sphere of society and will culminate in a most horrendous staged event. However, from my own studies I do not see that NY or SF are targeted, I see the area where the seven year eclipse separation happens to intersect. Don’t ask me why, just remember that the Sun, Moon and Stars are our guides.

    Blessing to all and pray for His will to be done, just as our saviour Jesus prayed at the cusp of His incarnation.

  3. Linda Courtney and Warrior for Jesus – (I hope I spelled those correctly since I can’t see them now that I’m typing).

    One thing dawned on me after reading Linda’s response. Maybe if Warrior is under 49 or 50 years old, his perspective is different than someone older. I’m 57. What I mean is younger people grew up in the world that was already greatly corrupted. The Church has been weakened by the enemy and the world for decades. They don’t know how things were back in the early 1900’s or even 1950’s.

    This country has changed since I was a kid in the 60’s and 70’s. Our generation made the one before blush with embarrassment or shake their heads in disgust. Now I see sick perverted things on tv and movies that we never dreamed of.

    Warrior – I love your zeal and understand your frustration that things haven’t happened yet. I know a lot of people feel that way. I remind myself that all the extra time we have gives us a chance to better prepare our hearts for what’s coming. Yes, we need to live each day trying to be pleasing to the Lord. That is our desire.

    It’s interesting that Linda got saved through a warning book. It was different for me and probably for you. That’s The wisdom of God. He knows what will catch each one of us.

    Some days that it seems like things will continue for years. Then something happens and we inch closer to war in many different parts of the world. Look at all the anger and hatred in America along political lines. I’ve never seen it this crazy and divided. The Elites have been wanting to provoke civil war here for a long time.
    Believe me, the world is like a tinder box waiting for one spark to set it off.

    I’m saying that as a regular believer, not one who has a lot of dreams or visions.

    Stay strong. Keep close to Yeshua (Jesus) and one piece of advice: study the first five Books of Moses. God declared the End from the Beginning. Many answers there for all of us but the Church largely ignores it.

    Yehovah bless you brother.


  4. Jeff your messages are not redundant to me. If they were I would have stopped visiting your blog years ago. Like I vented in my extra long comment above I said this mesage was not meant for you so I am truly sorry if i am hurting anyone’s feelings here. I also understand your obligation is to the Lord and to no one else! I also understand that you have to answer to God and have no need to answer to anyone else for any of your postings. I also am beginning to understand that maybe your messages and some of the other messages from other Watchpersons who post these same kind of messages are not meant for new babes in Christ but they are meant for so-called apostate christians. So-called apostate christian who refuse to come out of these apostate churches for whatever reasons they believe in. (You and many other Watchpersons have stated many times in your own messages that God has been calling these so-called apostate christians to come out of these apostate churches for quite some time, same as he has been saying that He will begin His Judgments starting with these apostate churches and these so-called apostate christians because God will always clean His Own House/Church/Body first, which by the way has still not quite begun yet either, as anyone can simply see just by visiting anyone of the numerous mega-apostate churches still active and thriving all around America.)

    Your’e definitely right though about me needing to read my Bible and Pray in the Spirit and Seek out the Word of the Lord for myself more, that’s for sure, for one can never get enough of seeking out the Truth of Jesus in this life.

    What I have found out though by reading my Holy Bible (KJV), and it is remarkable to me how generations of so-called christians have failed to even follow these basic guidelines that Jesus gave us in regards to how we are supposed to worship and serve Him.

    1) Jesus told the lady at the well that people no longer needed to go to man-made Churches, or Temples, or Holy Wells, or Sacred Mountains or so-called Holy Places anymore. That True believers in the Truth of God needed to be filled with Gods Holy Spirit of Truth and could now Worship God in Spirit and in Truth from anywhere and everywhere at anytime whenever they wanted. (Jesus spoke this truth over 2,000 years ago but the people of the world choose not to listen, and apparently do not believe in His Words, and instead have been building and worshiping in man-made structures and churches for over 2000 years.)

    2) Both John the Baptist and Jesus showed and told the Disciples and the people that baptizing with water was now going to be a thing of the past and that from now on True Believer’s would now need to be baptized with the Holy Spirit and that the old traditions and customs of baptizing with water were no longer needed and that being baptized with water would not have the same affect as being baptized with the Holy Spirit. Being baptized with the Holy Spirit instead of water was also a way to let other people know that you were a True Believer in Christ and that you no longer followed the old traditions, ways and customs. (The Church today still Baptizes with water and some even try to please two masters by claiming they believe in both ways.)

    3) Jesus told the Disciples to go out into the world and preach the Truth of the Good News Gospel of Jesus Christ to anyone and everyone who would listen. He told them not water it it down or change it by softening it or by mixing it with any other religions or with any other spiritualism’s or mysticism’s, especially Judaism, which was their own native religion. The Disciples did not obey Jesus. The Apostle Paul even had to discipline them over this disobedient behavior. Jesus then told the Disciples to go from town to town and from house to house and to teach the Truth to anyone and everyone who would listen, but to not take any money or charge the people anything for the sharing of the Truth of Jesus Christ with them. (Churches today, which shouldn’t even exist according to Jesus, still ask the members of their churches to tithe 10% of their monthly income. They want you to tithe 10% to a church that according to Jesus own word’s shouldn’t have even been built in the first place. They then quote an old testament scripture regarding 10% tithing that was required by the Jews at the time to build their Temple as their reason and justification for charging people to hear a watered down apostate version of the Truth of Jesus Christ.)

    4) Jesus told the Disciples to only stay in a town until all who would listen to The Message of the Truth, had heard the message and then the Disciples were told to move on to the next town. Jesus told the Disciples that they were not supposed to build any churches or structures or temples or Holy sanctuaries etc;…etc;…in any of these towns. Jesus also told the Disciples that if they ever got to a town or to a household who did not want to hear their Message of the Truth, that the Disciples were not to stay in that town any longer but were instead to stop trying to share the Message of the Truth with these people and move on to the next town., the Disciples were also told to wipe the dust of that town off of their hands and off of their feet and to move on down the road and to leave that town. (Anyone who has eyes to see and ears to hear can just take a quick look around the world today and see how our world has failed miserably at keeping the commandments of Jesus, especially in regards to the seeking of The Truth and in being filled with Gods Holy Spirit of Truth and in the Worshiping of The Father in Spirit and in Truth and with the building of churches everywhere all around the world .)

    5) When Jesus was asked not only by His Followers but also by the mob who wanted to kill him regarding their old ways, traditions and customs, and how they were then supposed to raise their children according to This New Testament Covenant of Truth that Jesus had been telling them about;…”Then were there brought unto him little children, that he should put his hands on them, and pray: and the disciples rebuked them. But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven. And he laid his hands on them, and departed thence. (Jesus made it pretty clear to the people here over 2,000 years ago that if we Love our Children, and if we care for their physical future as well as the Eternal Future of their Eternal Spiritual Soul then we will teach our children The Truth of The Lord Jesus Christ and abide by His Commandments, then such would be Heaven on earth same as it is in Heaven. However these same people decided that they not only did not want to believe in The Truth of Jesus Christ nor abide by His Commandments, but they chose to crucify Him and murder Him upon the Cross, and instead have taught generations of children nothing but lies from that time forward, which is why we currently have so many so-called apostate christians who because of traditions and customs still deem it necessary to attend these man-made apostate churches of today, even though according to Jesus they should never even exist in the first place.)

    6) Yes, there was apostasy in Jesus time, The Apostle Paul tells us this as a fact, but is it the same apostasy that we currently have today? No it is not! It is much worse today! Was the First Seal of The Book of revelation opened back in Jesus day over 2,000 years ago then? No! It was not! The Apostle Paul told us, the Spirit of anti-christ was already alive and well back then, and we have seen throughout history that there have been many different spirit of the anti-christ figures who may have tried to fulfill this prophecy, but they all failed to be THE CONQUEROR WHO CONQUERS IN THE NAME OF PEACE, THE ANTI-CHRIST, THE RIDER OF THE WHITE HORSE, THE SON OF PERDITION! Why? Because the First Seal of The Book Of Revelation has not been opened yet and THE LAST FINAL ANTI-CHRIST, THE DEVIL INCARNATE has not been revealed as of yet. Are we close? It seems that way. And like I said above when The First Seal Of The Book Of Revelation is finally opened, the anti-christ will then be revealed and we who are still alive will know who he is, and everything else will fall exactly into place as God has planned from the beginning, and Gods Judgments will begin to fall like dominoes upon the world one on top of the other, up until it is finished. Those of us who are still alive at this time, we will either help to warn people or we will be deceived and join up and take the Mark of The Beast and help with his cause so as to save our own physical self and the physical selves of our loved ones only to lose our Immortal Spiritual Soul Forever and Ever. (Don’t be that guy!)

    I do not question God or Jeff or anyone being told by God to post what they post! So no one should be taking any offense to what I am posting here. I like to read all of y’all’s post and comments or I wouldn’t be here, and as anyone can read from my last few paragraphs above, I can also preach and post the Truth of doom and gloom. 🙂 However I prefer to preach it to so-called apostate christians where it belongs. I have come to the conclusion that I prefer sharing The Good News Gospel of the Truth of Jesus Christ (The Milk of Salvation) with those who are new to Jesus. With those who are not trapped in the lies and the deception of the apostate church, I believe that sharing the Message of Love and Truth, instead of the Truth of doom and gloom might actually help lead these new babes in Christ into a better understanding of the Message of Love that Jesus was conveying unto the world, instead of trying to scare them into submission out of fear like so many other’s are doing around the world. (Isn’t it True that we can catch more Bee’s with Honey than with Vinegar?) Why don’t we all pray about this fact and ask God about it and see if He doesn’t agree with every word I just wrote here.

    Some things we should either all agree on though (or at least agree to disagree), is that time is short, and that Jesus preached a message of Love by sharing the Truth of the Salvation of our Eternal Spiritual Soul through our Faith in what Jesus did on the cross for us, and not by any of our own good deeds or works, and that Jesus told us to Tarry until He Returns and until then we are to help spread the Love of The Truth of The Good News Gospel of Jesus Christ with anyone and everyone we come in contact with, and I guess in this case some of us are called to preach the Truth of the message of doom and gloom (hopefully to apostate christians so we don’t scare new babes in christ away), and some of us are called to teach the Truth of the message of the Love of The Truth of The Good News Gospel of Jesus Christ with these new babes in Christ who are not caught up in these apostate churches. I think this was the point of me even commenting on this posting in the first place. LOL Funny how it took all of these words just to say that little bit. I think I’ll take Jeff’s advice and take a break from the internet for awhile and Pray and Read My Holy Bible more, it’s always better to drink straight from the Spring when thirsting for Living Water. I still love you guy’s. 🙂

  5. Brother, I will tell you this I am sick of These Warnings have death and War and destruction etc etc etc but I must warn because of my call as a Watchman for the Lord and I do not want the people’s blood on my hands. I’m sorry if these warnings are redundant to you oh, maybe you should not read these Warnings and just go and read the Bible and pray in the spirit and seek the Lord. You have to remember that there are always new people that are Awakening to the things that are going to happen. When they are going to happen? I will say what the Lord says a lot and that is soon… Even though we do not know when soon is. God bless you brother!♥️

  6. Thank you for your replies sister Linda! I don’t know why my blog puts everything into holds when people try to comment but it does and I have to approve them and I have tried to change this but it has not worked so we just need to be patient and I get to it as soon as I can. God bless you!♥️

  7. I will pray and I want you to be open to receive the Holy Spirit. Just open up to the Lord Jesus Christ and all that he wants to give you! Remember the parable if you ask for bread he will not give you a stone and if you ask for an egg he will not give you a serpent and how much more will the Lord give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him?

  8. Oh yes brother Gregg, Seattle is on the false flag list as well. I would not doubt that they will do the same thing to Seattle as they do to New York City I saw that you posted the link above and I will go and read that. Thank you my brother oh, God bless you!♥️

  9. I had a dream about 4 yrs ago that i knew was from the Lord. I was down in Oregon (I live in Alaska) as I had to get my brother and his family up to Alaska as my folks, mt\y husbands mom and our 3 children were already up here w/my husband. My bro, his family and i were in the car driving in the middle of nowhere on a long stretch of nothingness but land of dried yellow grass all around us. I see up ahead on the side of this road dark shapes and as we come up to them i see they are dead cows and horses. we eventually make a left turn on this road (nowhere else t go but to turn left) and we are coming to a 2 story dark (brick?) school building w/cyclone fencing all around it. inside the grounds i see people getting lined up in lines by ‘soldiers? police? all in black w/black helmets on. i knew we couldn’t let them see us (in my mind i kept hearing ‘quarantine’) On the other side across from the school in the field of dried yellow grass more dead cows and horses. I told my brother that we had to get out of there w/o them seeing us. Just as i said this I heard an alarm go off and yellowing over the amplifier and I knew we had been seen….I woke up at that point. I knew even the that the Lord was telling us we needed to stay up in Alaska. though our family was in Oregon (though in the dream they were already safe up here in Alaska

    then about 2 weeks ago our best friend had a dream w/me in it. she also lives in AK but has been in NY for family and personal reasons. In the dream she saw me at the open backdoor of our townhome sitting in my wheelchair w/a table in front of me and I was giving bowls of food to all our tenants and people we knew. she was just so ‘surprised’ about this dream and she was shook.

    then about a week ago my hubby had a dream where we are out in this field area, we weren’t at our complex and possibly not in our town but obviously still on the peninsula (here in Alaska). we were serving/giving food the ‘refugees from the lower 48′ he and others would go hunting and periodically be able to bring meat back. the cities were locked down, nobody could get close to the city w/o being arrested’, troops were not American and wearing black gear. He was also having a conversation w/the Lord and telling HIM “you have to take this, I can’t do this on my own, You have to take over.”

  10. Hello, Warrior4Jesus,

    You made me smile with “Most people will never even read through my entire comment posted here. Which now even I have forgot the point of why I am even posting it.”

    Perhaps you’ll be glad to know that I did read through the entire comment. I appreciate your thoughts and do believe that wisdom and discretion with regard to a message from God have their place in the body of Christ.

    But, if you permit me, I’d like to bring in another angle to the text of your comment.

    For most messengers who speak up concerning a message they believe they have from God and that they believe must be proclaimed, it is, I believe, also a question of obedience.

    I once heard a man of God share with his audience about the Lord telling him to preach the messages given him to children. The man of God decided to cite what he felt was a very valid objection to this. He expressed to the Lord that he felt that the things he was commanded to preach were too deep for such younglings and that if they couldn’t understand the message what was the point of all his preaching? He shared then that the Lord told him that helping the children understand the message was the Lord’s business and that he should only worry about preaching the message. That answer from the Lord settled it for him.

    Many times, all the Lord desires for us and all that we ought to be concerned about is pure, simple obedience. The hows, whats, whens, wheres, whys, and other related technicalities of our obedience are almost always secondary. It is not robotic obedience that the Lord desires, rather it is obedience that flows from knowing that He is, that He is good, and that His thoughts and ways are higher than ours.

    God bless.

  11. Jeff, As I was reading this,I immediately thought of a set of dreams I read in a Facebook post within a month or so. I don’t know how easy it will be for me to find and link here – I can’t as of this writing.

    Anyway. A lady described a city by water which she thought was Seattle. She then described as if a volcano just grew up from under the water. I don’t recall what damage was done but she described a really bright light and then she was going up staircase to heaven (my recollection).

    There are a couple similarities but I don’t mean to take away from the idea that this brother’s dream is a confirmation of the kickoff.

    Perhaps the Seattle event is another city targeted for a false flag?? Or this could’ve some sort of eruption connected with the Cascadia Subduction zone quake that so many have talked about.

    I’ll try to find and link this Seattle dream soon.

    Thanks for posting the confirmation. Many of us appreciate hearing. Yehovah bless you and all who tune in here.

    Your brother in Messiah,


  12. Thanking God for the true watchmen/women of this last generation.Indeed though the vision tarries it will come to pass.
    Kindly pray for me to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost fire with the evidence as truely I desire to be more effective for the Lord.
    Blessings brother Jeff!

  13. Hi Jeff,
    I know you’re overwhelmed, but I just posted a long reply to Warrior4Jesus. I do hope you’ll approve, as I am always very careful to write the facts, or what is Biblically based. Do let me know please. Thank you and The LORD bless you,
    Linda Courtney

  14. Greetings Warrior for Jesus,
    God Bless you. I don’t have time for a long reply to match your in depth take on todays world. However, on March 31 the Holy Spirit of God gave me a prophecy concerning the coming Days of Darkness. I am only one messenger who has received basically the same message. In my humble option, allow me to say, I find your long message divided into reality and a lack of Biblical understanding of the events that happen shortly before Christ returns. How long is that? I don’t know. However, you cited the WHITE horse has not yet ridden, I disagree. The while horse is not THE FINAL anti Christ . . . rather the White Horse is the anti Christ religious intuition that took her seat hundreds of years ago, and now rules much of the earth under the authority of the one who sits on HIS THRONE in Rome. You may disagree, but who was it that tortured and murdered nearly SEVEN MILLON Protestants during the DARK AGES, between 1210 AD beginning with Pope Leo, until the rampage wound down in 1834 AD. If you know Church history, you clearly know what intuition that was. IMHO, the opening of the second to the sixth seals will take place in rapid succession. The next actual WAR, will be when the RED HORSE travels with its rider, bringing WAR that will engulf the world. That war will not just be a “simple” regional war. THAT WAR will lead to famine, which will lead to pestilence, and which will INCLUDE another round of MURDER OF THE SAINTS OF GOD. The sixth seal is when Jesus Christ intervenes. Amid the opening of these SEALS, the nation of America will be destroyed. The superpower that has committed crimes against Almighty God, and against her fellow man, will be taken down. When she is reduced to nothing, Israel will no longer have the USA to fight for her. It’s then even more of GODS PROPHETIC WORD will come to life. I don’t know how old you are Sir, but if you’re under sixty, I’m quite certain you’ll still be around when all of the above happens. Some of this may an “opinion, but it IS based on the WORD OF GOD. Oh, and by the way sir, I was Born Again after reading the “scary” book, entitled America and the Future Atomic War, ” at age 26. I am now nearly 78. I have seen MANY prophecies unfold in our nation since my twenties. Mostly terrible sick sinful practices that were still under the rug back then. In conclusion maybe THE END is how we view it UNTIL all hell breaks loose, and then we will know for certain the END IS UPON US.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Linda Courtney

  15. My brother (Jeff Byerly), I am not speaking of you personally, I am speaking of many other modern day prophets/watchperson’s who are currently out there doing their best to get Gods Warning’s out to the masses in the best way they know how, with the best discernment they have and with the best of intentions, but they are lumping everyone into one category when there are two distinct groups of people that these messages are intended for. I guess the hard part of discerning these prophecies/warnings from God, spoken through His Holy Spirit to our modern day prophets is that most, (not all of them, but most of them), do not know even know exactly what these messages mean. Some of them do not even understand what they are being shown and they do not know if they are seeing one of a million probabilities and likely outcomes, or a sure thing! Some of them do not even know just how far into the future they are actually being shown that these events will take place, or if what they are even being shown is only occurring in the spiritual realm and not even in the physical realm or if it has even manifested over into our physical realm as of yet or if it ever will. Nevertheless some of these prophets insist on putting these messages out there with the intent of saying’ these messages are “Happening Now”, or “Coming Soon”, or that they these things shall “Soon be upon us”. What occurs are people either being scared into doing something they regret, especially when nothing happens or people being turned off to God because nothing happened.

    Of course True Prophets of God are only shown in part and they should realize that the Power of Belief, Prayer and Worship alter and take precedence over any foretold warning or prophecy, as in the case of the city of Nineveh as well as when Abraham prayed unto God to spare Lot and his family from Sodom and Gomorrah’s divine punishment;…etc;…etc;…otherwise why would God warn us if it wasn’t for us to use the LoveGift of FreeWill that He gave us to choose to Believe, Pray and Repent so as to alter both our physical and spiritual outcomes?

    This being said, I personally do not see the world, or America running back to God anytime soon, or falling upon their knees in belief and prayer or in sincere humble repentance unto the Lord God Jesus Christ anytime soon. But on the other hand, even though I can use God given Holy Spirit Discernment to see that Gods Judgments, when they do begin in earnest, that they will most certainly be Justified (for the world refusing to Believe and Repent), however currently, seeing with my own eyes and with my own understanding i do not believe that even not one of The Seals from The Book of Revelation have been opened as of yet! As a matter of fact I do not see anything out of the normal progression of what God has been allowing mother nature to do since the beginning of time, except that we are now seeing more frequent and more powerful natural disasters mixed in along with more frequent and more powerful man made disasters, along with more immoral depravity and evil wicked behavior, but other than these normal evil wicked things that some would argue have been going on within humans for millennia, I can only see that God is allowing both mother nature and humans to perform a natural continuation of what they have always been doing, rejecting God and getting away with it. I do not see any of Gods Judgments occurring in the manner of which these modern day prophets have been warning the world that they will occur. That being said I do however believe that God may have removed His Hand of Protection over America for her turning of her back unto Him.

    One thing I never understood was why the guy on the corner with the sign that said “The end of the world is here!”, “We are all doomed!”, “Gods Judgment is upon Us!” etc;…etc;…could actually believe that his signs would lead people unto belief and repentance, when in fact, they turned millions of people away from God and away from Gods Truth. Why? Because people associated these signs with craziness and misinformation. Why? Because to this day none of these signs and warnings have been correct. Whether by Gods Will or by the Belief, Prayers and Repentance of others that may have in fact, others might argue, could have changed the outcome. of that scenario.

    However the true fact is, even to this day, we are currently not seeing any secret alien weapon technology, or any nuclear weapons blowing up New York City, or San Francisco, or Hollywood and we are not seeing any massive tidal waves taking out either the East Coast or the West Coast, and we are not seeing any Mega-Earthquakes that split America in half, and we are not seeing any Super Volcanoes blowing up and out and blocking out our sun, and we are not seeing any massive planet x blocking out our sun and causing 3 days or 3 years of darkness, and we certainly are not seeing a Great Revival of The Good News Gospel of the Lord God Jesus Christ being spread all over the world with millions of people being saved because of it either.

    The True Facts are in and here they are;… what we are really seeing instead are billions of people all across the world denying the Truth of God and choosing to believe in lies instead! We are seeing the rich get richer and the poor get poorer! We are seeing politicians whose names shouldn’t even be considered as a name that should even be on the ballot box getting elected to our highest offices of government and leading our countries away from God all in the name of Wealth, Selfishness, Pride, Homosexuality, Pedophilia, Immorality, and Depravity. Yes, what we are truly seeing worldwide is Rampant Apostasy throughout all forms of teaching, especially throughout all religion and all spirituality, where black is white and wrong is right and the world wallows in it, yet the end of the world has still not come.

    Today generations of people have no attention span whatsoever (And it is not just the young people, for I know 40, 50 and 60 year old people who can’t turn of the TV or Computer or put down their Smart Phones, Tablets, or Video Games long enough to read or learn anything about The Simple Truth of Jesus Christ! Today everything has to be whittled down into a Short Quote or a Meme if people are going to even notice it. (I like these ones: Get Jesus! Jesus Is The Simple Truth! Jesus Loves You! Repent Unto The Lord God Jesus Christ! Jesus Saves! Jesus Died, So You Can Live! Believe In Jesus! etc;…etc;…)

    Today’s generations will not read or listen to any long dissertations about the Truth of The Lord Jesus Christ or about Gods Plan of Spiritual Salvation for their Spiritual Soul. Which is why most of today’s churches are all about performing music, or musical stage productions, or short sermons based on feel good messages of prosperity, or social gatherings and pot luck dinners and holiday celebrations, instead of preaching the Truth of Belief, Prayer without Ceasing and the importance of Daily Repentance. Most people will never even read through my entire comment posted here. Which now even I have forgot the point of why I am even posting it.

    I guess I, like most True Believer’s filled with Gods Holy Spirit of Truth are just getting weary and tired of hearing and hearing and hearing about doom and gloom while we are trying to share the Love of the Truth of Jesus Christ and His Plan of Spiritual Salvation for our Spiritual Souls with anyone and everyone we come in contact with, but when they say things like;..”Yeah I’ve been hearing this message and this kind of talk all my life and still;…not one of these things or warnings have ever come true;…and if they are ever going to come true; well I’ll probably be long dead and gone by then;…so I probably wont even be around long enough to see any of those things come to pass;…so why should I even care? I believe in God, I go to Church, I tithe 10%, I believe in and try to abide by the 10 Commandments;..I’m basically a good person and I have never murdered anyone;…and I have even been Baptized with water;…and I pray to God for help all the time and I have already repented and so I am saved;…for my pastor preaches Once Saved Always Saved Right?;…so if their is a God then I’m basically a good person ,and I don’t think a loving God like the God that I believe in is ever going to not allow me into Heaven just because I didn’t believe in all of this doom and gloom stuff that all of these so called modern day prophets have been going on and on about for years;…don’t they even realize that there are no more Prophets of God and that all of the True Prophets of God were in the Bible and so they are no longer needed today?.”;… etc;….etc;…..

    I guess my point of all of this is;…Jesus said there will be Apostasy and Tribulation and there will be many signs before the Great Tribulation and that there will be many more signs before The Great Day of The Lord and His Second Coming. Jesus also said that Israel will always be the key that unlocks these signs. So what signs do we see occurring in Israel today? “Apostasy!” Yes we see great Apostasy surrounding the entire country of Israel as well as in the United States of America and the entire world. Do we see the anti-christ? No! We do not! Not Yet! Do we see the Abomination of Desolation having taken place? No we do not! Why? Because the Third Jewish Temple has not even been built upon the correct site yet? So there is no Holy of Holies to even commit an Abomination of Desolation in right now is there?

    So No! The First Seal of The Book of Revelation has not been opened yet and The Rider “The Conqueror/the anti-christ” has not ridden forth yet”! No! Not yet! Is World War upon the entire world right now? No! It is not! Not Yet! Therefore The Second Seal of The Book of Revelation has not been opened yet, therefore The Rider “War and Destruction” has not ridden forth yet! No! Not yet! Do you see food shortages and starvation across the nation of Israel, or America or the world right now? No! You do not! Therefore the Third Seal of The Book of Revelation has not been opened yet, therefore The Rider “Famine and Death has not ridden forth yet”! No! Not Yet! Do you see rampant disease of epidemic proportions ravaging the nation of Israel, or America or the world right now? No! You do not! Not yet! Therefore The Fourth Seal of The Book of Revelation has not been opened yet and therefore The Rider “Pestilence and Death by Disease” has not ridden forth! No! Not Yet!

    When Jesus was asked by His followers of what we are to do until His Return? Jesus replied;..” Tarry until I return and be sure to tell your loved ones, you spouse, your family and your children and your grandchildren and your great grandchildren for generations to come and even your neighbors;…Tell them the Truth of The Lord Jesus Christ and His Plan of Spiritual Salvation for our Spiritual Soul and such will be the Kingdom of Heaven, upon earth same as it is in Heaven. Tarry means to live out our lives by applying the Truth of Jesus Christ and the Truth of His Commandments to our lives and then teaching these truths not only to our children and to our loved ones but with anyone and everyone we come in contact with and if we do these things then we will be found worthy. The basic requirements of Tarrying until Jesus Returns is to: Believe In Gods Truth, Love One Another by Sharing Gods Truth, Pray Without Ceasing, Be Baptized in His Holy Spirit, Worship Only Jesus in Spirit and In Truth and Have No Other Gods Before Him, Repent Daily Unto The Lord God Jesus Christ, and to Share Gods Love with anyone and everyone we come in contact with. This is tarrying and this is how we are to live daily until we die or until Jesus returns, whichever comes first, therefore we have no reason to be full of doom and gloom but to rejoice for Eternal Victory is already ours through what Jesus did for us on the cross and not by anything that we did on our own.

    I truly believe that when God gets around to opening His Seals and performing His Judgment upon a much deserving world, both the good and the bad, both Believers and unbelievers will both die at the same time, for Rain it falls on both the Just and the unjust and the only difference between the two will be that True Believers will get go to be with Jesus in Heaven and will be allowed to serve Him, but unbelievers will not get to go to Heaven and they will not get to be with Jesus for it will have been too late by this time for them to Believe and Repent unto The Lord God Jesus Christ. So doom and gloom is not working, and it never has worked to spread the message of The Good News Gospel of The Love Of Jesus Christ (Known also as the Milk of Salvation) to people who have never heard this message before, and this message will always work to lead a new Spiritual Soul unto the Truth of Jesus.

    However, what many people and many so-called christians are failing to understand is that the message of doom and gloom, the message of Gods Judgment and The Seals of The Book of Revelation are meant for the Apostate Church. The Apostate Church is filled with many so-called christians, so-called christians who have forgotten their first love, who have become lazy and stubborn, and who have watered down the Truth of The Message of The Lord God Jesus Christ, these so-called christians have fallen asleep to the truth but instead have sweetened it and molded it unto their own liking so as it is pleasing unto their own ears while they continue to live in sin. The things that most of the prophets are seeing in their dreams and visions and are told by the Holy Spirit to write down in their messages are Gods Judgments for these Apostate Churches and these Apostate People. All of this doom and gloom has to happen to wake these people up so as to help lead them back to the Truth. Gods Judgments will force these so-called christians onto their knees in belief and daily repentance. When God opens The Seals of The Book of Revelation there shall be no turning back, hundreds of millions will be given one last chance to Believe and Repent before they physically die. These messages of doom and gloom are not gonna save anyone who has never heard of the Good News Gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ before, for they are not meant for that, they are meant for waking up the Apostate People Living in these Apostate Churches. They are meant for giving the fallen so-called Apostate christians one last chance to Repent before they too die.

    So we should discern these messages as such and separate our messages of Love to the correct recipients and separate the messages of doom and gloom to the other correct recipients, because lumping all of these people into the same category is not only not working, as I have found out recently by not realizing that their are two groups of people who need saving, and not just one group and they are of to different entities altogether, that i cannot teach messages of doom and gloom to a first time hearer of the Good News Gospel of The Love and The Truth of Jesus Christ, but I can preach these messages of doom and gloom to the so-called Christians who refuse to come out of these so-called christian Apostate Churches, because that’s who these messages of doom and gloom are for.

  16. Wow! Absolutely overwhelmingly confirmation. Sixth month in the year 2019, came the dream: man will be judged in America(Babylon). The Fiery Event is close!
    From Sylvester Nmanwoke

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