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Yesterday afternoon 6-21-19 I received an email by a brother named David Jones Sr.. To the best of my knowledge I have never talked with or chatted with him online before. I receive quite a few emails because of my online ministry but this one was different from any other that I have ever received, as you will see when you read it. I took this email before the Lord and asked Him about it and He confirmed it was from Him. I also sent it to a few trusted friends, who I know hear the Lord, and they confirmed it as well. I urge YOU to take this before the Lord Jesus, Yahshua ha Mashiach, for YOURSELF and see what He would have you do about it.

This is the exact email that I received on the afternoon of June 21, 2019:

“Jeff this is URGENT! my name is David Jones Sr. I’m a child of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. I am of the first fruits remnant. On Aug. 8, 2018 I was taken into all night dreams & visions. I was shown of the remnant & the lost & lukewarm. That a dividing was coming. Those still on the fence would be swept away into the evil of this world. Then I was shown a black box, then within this black box red letters began to appear. It said “FALSE FLAG ALERT”. I then came back & opened my eyes. I grabbed my phone thinking a false flag event had happened & all that was on my phone was a notification from YouTube for a video from Mike 444 titled false flag event!! The picture for this video was a black background with black letters saying “false flag alert”! I watched the video & it was a word from our Lord given to YOU about the kick-off event. Fast forward to Nov. 18, 2018. While I was in prayer in the spirit I asked the Lord when would this false flag event occur & I was immediately taken into a vision. I was up in the sky looking down upon a large city at night & I heard the WORD Philadelphia & the words Philadelphia appeared over this city, then i was right back in my prayer. I write ALL my dreams, visions, scriptures & audibles given to me down in my notebooks. Ok, last night around 9pm I came outta prayer & I was TOLD to read through these notebooks! I opened & the page I opened to was the vision of Philadelphia & the kick-off event.  A sister in Christ THEN sent me a msg asking what i was doing, & i told her that the Lord led me to my notebooks & right to the vision of Philadelphia & I told her that this is what i was given as to what to look for BEFORE the kick-off event would occur. This morning I wake up to ANOTHER msg from this sister & she’s saying that she’s losing it because of what I told her last night. She said she turned on her tv this morning & all she’s seeing is explosions in Philadelphia!! The largest gas refinery in the USA exploded at 4am eastern time. The kick off event that you were told about is about to occur Jeff!! I have no platform but Facebook to share this with. I’ve been crying ALL morning because the Lord is telling me that the lost & lukewarm will be lost. PLEASE take ALL this to the Lord & share if he confirms this to you!! I will post on Facebook & reach out to others to share as well. God bless you and yours.This is a picture from the explosions in Philadelphia this morning”


Holy Spirit is having me add this…
Another marker in time has been passed before the fiery kick off event, will you not come to Me with your whole heart now?
That is what I require, EVERYTHING!
You have nothing that you I have not given you. I gave My ALL for you on the cross and suffered and died for YOUR sin, both physically and spiritually, so that you would never have to experience spiritual death. I tell you the truth some but not all of you reading this, will not taste of even physical death but most will and some will experience spiritual death because they did not heed My warning. There is no more delay all things will happen according to My order given in the scripture and to My true modern day prophets. Once again I tell you watch for the Abraham Lincoln to be struck with fire and end as its namesake. ( You can find out more about this HERE and HERE) Then you will know for certain that the fiery kick off event will occur. Use the little time that is left to seek Me while I may be found. I don’t want you to be lost, I made you and I love you more than you will ever know! (He is is in tears) The end of the age is here and soon there will be NO MORE CHANCES!
Your Creator, Your Savior, Your First Love and Your Judge,
Yahushua ha Mashiach
Jesus Christ

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  1. I know you’re not questioning the times we are in. That lengthy reply was meant for all who don’t as yet understand that we are in the last days. The time is getting short. I don’t mean to scare you. I just know that it’s short. Also, once things start really getting bad, you won’t be able to buy food supplies. The government has already told the long term food storage suppliers that their inventory will be confiscated.

  2. Kathleen, I am not questioning the time we are in. I am struggling hearing from the Lord personally. I live in Eastern Iowa and have not started storing food and water yet. My wife is still asleep and does not want to spend any money preparing. We have the finance to stock up. No one else around me is awake yet. I have not heard from the Lord myself that I can share with my wife It is all through prophets on YouTube.

  3. Thanks Jeff for your help, but I may have heard only one word from the Lord so far, “hustler”. That did not sound too good. My wife said that was the last word she would use to describe me. I have been singing praises with music before I pray and ask Him to speak to me. I do get goosebumps and tears while praising Him. Could the “goosebumps” be The “Holy Spirit”. I feel close to Jesus most of the time. When I was lukewarm, I was afraid to listen to Him, worried about what He may ask me to do or move to. Now, I can’t hear Him. I will not give up. I don’t want to prep for the tribulation until I hear from Him. My wife and two sons refuse to believe we are in the last days and will not discuss it with me any longer. My wife has the gift of tongues since age 14. I cannot believe God is not talking to her about the time we are in. No one has responded to me positively as I have talked to many trying to get them to wake-up. Everybody, says they do not believe it. God would warn more people and use more than You-Tube to wake people up. My pastor will not discuss it with me anymore and still preaches tickling messages. I am mostly alone, except for Jesus. I am studying and praying daily. Shalom.

    1. Hi Chuck, we most certainly are in the last days. The primary marker is Israel. She is the ‘fig tree nation.’ Jesus told his disciples that everything he was describing to them as end time events would take place in the generation which lived at the same time as Israel. Israel was gone as a nation until 1948. In a day, she came to be, fulfilling prophecy. The end times “clock” began to count down then. She turned 70, a biblical generation in 2018. It will only be by “reason of strength” that she’ll reach 80. The birth pangs are increasing in frequency and intensity all throughout the earth. Sadly, we don’t hear reports of the earthquakes, famines, and plagues, because the governments of the world do not want to tip off people to what’s actually happening. This isn’t conspiracy theory. It is fact. Governments don’t want pandemonium to strike their citizenry. Already, however, God has begun to target the deep underground bunkers the elite were planning to hide in while the rest of us faced the end times trouble on earth’s surface. Already now, the tunnels to these are collapsing. [God in heaven laughs at the plans of the wicked.]

      Food shortages are coming THIS YEAR! The widespread flooding in the bread belt of America prevented many farmers from planting their crops. Already there is less food on grocery store shelves.

      Already people are being conditioned to accept the idea of being micro chipped. This device IS the means through which the mark of the beast will be given to people. The mark of the beast will genetically “enhance,” that is alter, the DNA of those who’ll take it by infecting these people with fallen angel DNA. This is why everyone who takes the mark can’t be saved.

      A really good source for information is Steve Quayle. He is one of God’s watchmen. God sends people to him who know what’s really going on in the world. Chech him out.

  4. Hi Jeff. I am sorry to trouble you again as I know you have a job to do for Yeshua. I have still not heard from the Lord. Could you try asking Him once again why I am not hearing from Him? Is He hearing my prayers?

    1. Chuck , He is hearing your prayers and He is answering you!
      Brother you need to concentrate and meditate on Him so that you can distinguish what the Holy Spirit is saying to you. He is ALWAYS speaking to you!
      The best way I can tell you to hear Him is to play some worship music that really moves your spirit, for me it brings tears to my eyes …then sit silent before Him and ask Him to speak to you and He WILL.
      Please do this and then write me back. God Bless and be at Peace!

  5. Thank you so much. I don’t feel you are butting in at all. I think the Lord is involved with your thoughts! God bless you sister!

  6. Hi Chuck, God’s voice is more often than not a still small voice. You may be trying too hard. Relax with this. Give yourself some grace. Sometimes God speaks in very quick suggestions and ideas which can easily be missed. God knows your heart. He knows your desire to hear from Him. He’s cheering for you.

    I know you’ve asked Jeff about prepping and I don’t mean to butt into your conversation, but here’s what I’ve done and learned. I’ve done a great deal of prepping. Food, medications, first aid supplies. I’ve got water unless something happens to my backup supply. I have ways to heat water and reconstitute dehydrated foods. However, I also have come to realize that my preps probably aren’t going to be enough for what’s going to come. I’m not trusting in my preps. I’m glad I’ve done them, but my trust is ultimately in the Lord.

    Another thought, it is true that the Lord miraculously supplied food and water for the Israelites and He can do it again. But to give you something to consider, in the vast majority of the multiplication miracle examples there are in the Bible (feeding Israel in the wilderness wasn’t actually a multiplication miracle), whoever was instrumental in the miracle (like Jesus or Elisha) began with something rather than nothing. The feeding of the 5000 began with 5 loaves and 2 fishes. The prophet’s widow had a little oil which miraculously flowed until she had no more jugs to fill. This being said, I hope to always have something (may not be much but something) on hand for God to multiply. He may not use what I have but I hope to have something available.

  7. Jeff, it is Chuck Corley from Iowa again. I really enjoy the song and lyrics from Tremble that you sent. No breakthrough yet on hearing God or speaking in tongues yet. I have another question. Since I have not heard from God on how or what to prepare for, I was planning on receiving food and water from the Lord daily, like the Israelites did in the desert after escaping Egypt. What are your thoughts? Are you storing large amounts of food and water? Backup generator? Thanks for some practical advice for what God has you doing.

    1. Chuck I have been prepared with food and water and other Essentials since 2013 and I do believe it is important but we cannot rely on it completely. I do think it is wise to put some things ahead unless you are unable to, the Lord knows. Kathleen makes a very good point about the Loaves and Fishes. Would that Miracle have taken place if there was nothing to begin with?
      We can speculate but I would rather have something that God can multiply no matter how small of an amount it is. We see this with Elijah and the oil as well

      God bless!

  8. Jeff, thanks so much for your prayers and Word from God. I really appreciate you brother. I eagerly started on the things you sent me this morning. Love the song! No progress on tongues yet.

    1. Hi Chuck, the challenge to speaking in a prayer language is that it bypasses the mind. This is totally foreign to us. The way I began to pray in tongues, is this: I sought out a friend whom I knew did pray in tongues. Together, with her promptings, I followed what she said until my own prayer language bubbled up to the surface. She “primed the pump” so to speak. I’ve led others into their prayer language by doing this. It works rather well. You may want to do this if you aren’t able to accomplish this with the instructions you have.

  9. David, thank you brother. I have been studying and praying multiple times a day since I am retired. Not sure if God is testing me or if it is something else. Jeff sent me some things to work on and I eagerly started this morning. Thanks brother.

  10. oh my chicken nuggets i had a dream about Philadelphia too and i’ve never been there before in my life! I’m British haha
    it was months ago, actually
    i thought i was going crazy so i ignored the dream but this confirmed that i wasn’t
    in my dream, i was in philadepliha talking to someone on my phone; i was running around in the streets, looking for some sort of shelter because it looked as if a war had taken place. I can’t even explain in words. the streets of Philadelphia were filled with crashed cars, empty streets, fires…it was an absolute mess! i can’t remember clearly, but the news reporter said Philadelphia had a riot of some sort? idk, i can’t remember 100%
    the streets looked like those apocalyptic films, however it looked even worse because there was a heavy darkness in the air.
    but the dream was definetly something i could not forget. it felt so real

      1. Hey Jeff, I was not sure how to contact you and saw this reply. I have been a Christian most of my life (age 62 male). We have a very close family and my very close daughter in-law just asked my son for a divorce. This shook me hard and I realized that we all have been living a lukewarm Christian life. This occurred last August. I have come a long way since then repenting, studying the Word and praying. I have read almost all of your posts and greatly appreciate you!! I love the Lord with all my heart and have turned all of my life over to Him. I still do not pray or speak in tongues. I am having a terrible time hearing God’s small quiet voice on any thing I ask. It is real difficult not knowing why. I am not living in sin, repent daily, and worship Him daily. A do have ADD since I was a child. I have a hard time concentrating on anything over 20 minutes. Any ideas for me? I had planned to not stock up on food and water and planned to depend on Him daily for that as Moses did in the wilderness. We live in central Iowa. Thoughts?

        1. Chuck I prayed to see what the Lord say to you during my morning prayer and worship time and he had two things for me to give you. He wants you to listen to this song and really concentrate on the lyrics and expressing yourself to the Lord and mean it from the bottom of your heart https://youtu.be/nkUoZ4NJb-w. I believe the problem that you are having with ADD is from the enemy and the Lord wants to set you free from that.
          Also he wants you to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and speak with tongues. That is when you really start hearing the voice of the Lord and you know it. So please watch this video as well https://youtu.be/kmfOJWsM4HU

          Please let me know how both of these affect you and your spiritual walk with the Lord.

          Blessings love and peace to you in the name of Yahshua!

        2. Chuck, You need to prepare in prayer and study as much as possible. My experience has been that God doesn’t interfere with people’s free will. That is, he allows a certain amount for us to decide for ourselves while making intimations and creating circumstances where we may meet the right people for a little clarity on certain things. I’ve noticed with most christians that they seem to focus on the negative, the horrible things coming in the future, instead of the strength given by the Spirit of Christ. There is so much I’d need to write to you to explain, there simply isn’t enough space here to go into detail. I’d say whatever we face without God will be too much for anyone to bear. I try to pray daily, or at least have moments throughout the day when I stop and think about things. This at least keeps my connection a little stronger. It will however, take a good deal of fasting and prayer to break through things in the Spirit. I believe God’s angels are at work now as never before, to help us and guide us to knowledge and spiritual understanding at the right time. It does take a lot of work, be sure of that. I recommend getting around other believers who are strong in the Spirit, these people are the ones who will hear from God on your behalf, it will ring true because it will make you feel very uncomfortable in the flesh, but more steadfast in the Spirit. We have a wonderful Creator who wants the best for us – more than we know. We just have to learn to follow his lead. I don’t hear from the Lord as some do, he seems to grant me information other ways. It works differently for me. I find things and experience coincidences far beyond chance. Every person is different.

      2. I’ve heard from many conspiracy and research sites that the Jihadists & Satanists (Illuminati are using them) have a thing called the “dark awakening”. Agents have been planted throughout the major cities in US for when a trigger signal is given. This will be a bloodbath of epic proportions; at least as they have planned. It would take more than this comment column to explain in proper detail, there are sites you can go to for more information. I’m sure it’s far past time to be praying and alert for what is surely to be very trying times. Russ Dizdar is the name of the researcher/evangelist who has books out describing what he’s learned from various ex-government and military people. He has a few videos on YouTube as well.
        God Bless you.

        1. Yes I have listened to Russ dizdar in the past and he is right on. The darkness that is coming cannot be stopped because it is written but the light will overcome the darkness! Blessings love and peace David!

  11. About the USS Abraham Lincoln being #72 and the 27 connections.
    Remember the Blood Moon of July 27 last year was Dead Center on the Strait of Hormuz. It was the only Middle East Blood Moon visible in Israel. It was the longest of all the Blood Moons.
    72 is very important to the Occult. Solomon is said to have invoked 72 Goetic Demons. There are 72 constellations. The Kabbalah says the ineffable name of God has 72 letters.
    The illuminati showed us an aircraft carrier being sunk in the Transformers movie series. Also in the movie Battleship.
    Also in the Transformers movies, Trump Tower Chicago was ground zero for the Decepticon invasion.

  12. “Attack on Philadelphia”

    Several years ago, I was given a dream vision of a surprise bombing of the city of Philadelphia.

    The attack occurred shortly after nightfall on a weekend evening, a Friday or Saturday, when people were heading home or already at home. The feeling in the air was relaxed and even festive, and couples were dressed up, preparing for a night on the town at the theater or symphony. In the vision I stood across a river that borders Philadelphia, and I watched suburbanites step out of their homes, anticipating a delightful night out.

    Then I saw a swarm of helicopters or small, low-flying planes approach the city. They came from the ocean/delta area and flew very low and close to the rooftops of key buildings and installations along the river’s waterfront. Looking from left to right, I saw buildings, one by one, light up in explosions, like a timed synchronization of fireworks. Then the columns of smoke began to form and rise. When it was over, there were at least ten columns of smoke visible.

    I stood there aghast, watching the destruction of such a vital, beautiful city, wondering who was responsible and why they would do such a thing. Like many Americans, I was accustomed to thinking of New York or Washington as the East Coast cities most likely to be attacked by America’s enemies. As in the case of 9/11, this time a city and its government guardians, appeared to be taken completely by surprise. No U.S. military planes appeared in time to shoot down the helicopters. No anti-aircraft fire engaged the attackers.

    Suddenly I saw one of the helicopters head across the river towards me. I wondered if it would bomb the other side of the river too. I didn’t know where I could shelter myself. The helicopter crossed the river and landed on the other side, very close to me. I looked at the helicopter, trying to see any insignia to identify it. Strangely, there were no markings on the helicopter; in fact, it had no color at all, but was entirely black, or a dark brown. Its dark paint had no gloss, but seemed to absorb light. Then the helicopter rose and flew away.

    In the time since I had the vision, I have sought to understand its meaning. I have been rethinking the standard understandings of war.

    War is a relative term, complex and hard to define. War usually involves a nation’s conflict with another nation, or in the case of civil war, a conflict of factions within a single nation. Sometimes war becomes a conflict between followers of different religions, as in the Crusades or the Protestant Reformation. War can be a conflict between races, such as in the Holocaust or in Darfur.

    Yet war can become abstract, with a less visible enemy, such as the War on Drugs, and the War on Terror. Objectives become sketchy. The enemy can be continually redefined, or never completely defined, and victory cannot be easily measured with observable results. Here lies the danger of perpetual war.

    It is important to step back and take a larger view when trying to understand a war. Imagine a nation’s leaders as only generals, who take their orders from someone higher. True worldly power resides not in a nation; true worldly power has no boundaries, but will take temporary form in the structure of a nation, to serve its own purposes, not necessarily those of the nation it possesses. The nation can be likened to the shell of a living cell taken over by a virus, a host cell allowed to survive as long as it can assist the virus to replicate. The worldly power that has chosen to reside and use our nation, is the very same power that can choose to destroy it, for its own purposes. This worldly power seeks only its own gain, and as any defense contractor will attest to, great gain can be made from destruction.


      1. My hand will be against the prophets who see false visions and who give lying divinations. They shall not be in the council of my people, nor be enrolled in the register of the house of Israel, nor shall they enter the land of Israel. And you shall know that I am the Lord God. http://messiahjesusbible.com I will say ” I never knew you. Depart from me, liar, into the eternal fire my Father has prepared for Satan and his angels” to punish you forever and ever for your insolence. You will be sorry you ever got born. You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and has nothing to do with the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

    1. There are factions in our government that are termed the “deep state”, compartments that others know nothing of. I believe also that there is a heavy control factor through a negative ET group that appear human. When I was little, I remember my dad telling me that his pastor had told him there were “men from hell” in our government. People who appeared as human, but were something else. Having been in the military, I’m slightly more aware of how the government operates very much apart from the people’s wishes. Most of the school shootings, bombings, gangstalking that occur are created by these groups that know America must be brought down to third world status in order to have their “global government”. I’m not sure why God is going to allow as much as he is, but I do believe if we have a strong relationship with him, we won’t be as affected as others by what is coming.

  13. Several years ago I received a dream vision about the coming war in America. I posted it on the now defunct European Christian prophecy website, courlisius.org.

    “Back to School and War”

    In a dream vision I saw teachers and children going back to school after a vacation. During the vacation period the world had changed and gone to war. America was being attacked on its own soil. People nervously went to work and school not knowing if they would come home. They wanted to get out of the cities, or at least get their children away to the countryside. People went through the motions of normal life, knowing little was normal anymore.

    War is a tool the Evil One uses to quickly impoverish people and paralyze them with fear. War sharply twists a nation’s laws, a society’s standards, a man’s righteousness.

    Repent and pray that our nation’s suffering in the coming war is lessened by God’s mercy.

  14. Watching the news of the Philadelphia refinery fire reminded me of a dream vision I received over eight years ago. Holy Spirit gave me the following dream vision and I posted it on a European Christian prophecy website, courlisius.org, that is now defunct:

    “Gasoline Targeted for Shortages and Higher Prices”

    In a dream vision I saw several planes of all types and sizes trying to crash into a gas station. This was similar to 9/11 because some planes had been commandeered, and these crashes came in a sequence, one after the other. The target was the gas industry, particularly its distribution.
    In another dream vision I saw gasoline selling for $8 PER GALLON.

    Prepare for future shortages, and the resulting higher prices, of gasoline. Reduce your consumption of gasoline, and of unnecessary items. Think about WHAT FUELS YOUR LIFESTYLE. IS IT THE SPIRIT OF GOD?

    1. The Lord has shown me that gas prices will be in the double digits which means $10 per gallon or more. Since I am in the petroleum delivery business this will affect my job but my God is my provider!

  15. Brother Jeff. The Lord told me in May 2017, there would be a bomb in the city where the liberty bell resides in less than 3 years from that date. I just put that Philly explosion together with that word. Was it a bomb that did it? Was that the one he told me about? Hmmmm

    It is a newer gifting for me as well. Also, had to sit on these, test them etc. Now, he has taught me and used ppl like you, Johnny and his guests to help me understand this gifting and about confirmation.

    It has been such an incredible journey.

    Thank you and God bless you brother.

    1. Roxanne to tell you the truth I don’t know if there was a bomb involved with the Philadelphia Refinery fire or not… But it would not surprise me if it was a bomb. My boss told me today that they are going to shut down that refinery completely now and it is the biggest East Coast refinery in America so this is pretty important I think! If you hear about it being a bomb please let me know❤

      1. Scott Johnson from contending for truth just confirmed it was bombed on his June 26th recording. Then, I thought, oh wow!!!! The reason I did not post this, my gift was new and it gave a time frame which no one does……” within 3 years” I sat on a lot of these, waiting for confirmation and to test the word. Now, I just know it is the holy spirit. Hard to explain, but, I know you get this as well….

          1. It may have been the 24th…..I streamed them all back to back…. The bombing was on 6/21. Sorry for all the digging.☺…, but, his teachings are worth the time….

            Thank you Jeff for being gracious enough 4 us to share these things. 😁

  16. Another confirmation of the Rapture being near, is to google a natural disaster graph for the last 100 years. It seems to start going up from the bottom of the chart around 1948 when Israel became a nation & now it is at the top of the chart! Let’s keep praying for the unsaved! God bless everybody!

  17. I don’t think this refinery fire has anything to do with anything, No one was even killed. this is not even considered a false flag event of any kind either. It’s just an explosion at a gas refinery that has had several issues throughout it’s history since it opened over 100 years ago. Nothing to get worried about at all and nothing that gives us any reason to start claiming that the fiery kick off event is now coming any sooner than it should just because of this fire/explosion.

    Now with all this being said, if we were all of a sudden start to see our government and the mainstream media which is owned by our government, start trying to spin this event to look like Iran or North Korea or Syria was behind this explosion/fire, and if we start seeing lots of rhetoric trying to put the blame on them then we know that this is just a lie/possible false flag event just to justify America bombing these countries to smithereens just so the powers that be can set up the Global World Banking system in these countries and control them as part of their New one World Global Government.

    (I’m basically now just watching for the USS Abraham Lincoln to get destroyed so we can watch how our government and our mainstream media will spin that false flag/event and what country they will put the blame on for that event.

    1. That is exactly what I am looking for brother. When it happens I pray people are ready because I don’t believe they will be very much time in between the two events…

  18. Several years ago I heard Heidi Baker, the well known missionary from Africa tell of a dream or vision she had. She said it was in the states and it was a normal day. She said she was at a church and all of a sudden people from everywhere started driving into the parking lot of the church building. She said everyone was dressed well & all the cars were high end cars, so it appeared these people had money and no lack. She said as they all started to come into the building, they were all looking for something to eat. She said the people kept saying, ‘it happened so fast and we lost everything and there’s nothing to eat.” She said they kept saying it over & over. I’ve thought of this situation several times over the years since I heard her tell the of the dream/vision but I’d not thought of it in a long time, until today. I was at dinner tonight w my teenage son. As we were eating, this dream/vision came to my mind. I haven’t thought of it in months. I thought about it for a few minutes and then my 17 yo son says, “what do you think about Trump pulling back from bombing Iran at the last minute”? To say I was stunned would be an understatement. I said, ” if he had gone through with it, we would probably be in WW3 right now and we most likely wouldn’t be sitting in this restaurant eating dinner”. We switched topics and finished dinner. I’m home now and open up Holyspiritwind.net and this thread is on the top of the page.

    I used to be into Z3 and some other such websites. I quit visiting most due to credibility issues and just down right being wrong but never admitting the wrong, only making an excuse or explaining them away.

    I think its not coincidence that I thought of Heidi Baker’s dream/vision tonight and my son asked me about Trump bombing Iran and then I get online after all that to see this story.

    I think time is short and if your heart isn’t right, you need to get it right.

    1. There are no such thing as coincidences! You are right time is short and we just truly don’t know how merciful and gracious that our God is because you are right we could be in World War 3 right now but I do believe that that will not happen until the Abraham Lincoln goes down. Everyone needs to repent and get all the sin out of their heart’s right now and be instantly close with Jesus.

    2. Hi DL, just wanted to comment on what you said about Trump pulling back from a strike on Iran .. well it’s a few days later and now more sanctions have been put on Iran, and Iran is saying there is no chance for diplomacy, which to me means that one country or another is going to strike. I think Trump only held back before so he could say “see, I have restraint” but now all he has done is provoke Iran. I don’t see how any good can come of this and I think we are going to be in the WW3 kick-off event within weeks if not days. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong, I’m not a prophet but all the powers that be are very obviously itching for a war.

      By the way, congrats Jeff on your promotion to YT 🙂 It’s good to see you branch out into the videos. God bless you, brother.

  19. Thanks for sharing this message, Jeff. After I read it, I asked God if it was true and He gave me a sense of peace about it.

    A couple years ago the Lord showed me He is following a pattern in the book of Amos for the judgment of America. Have a look at these verses:

    “Here is what Adonai ELOHIM showed me: there in front of me was a basket of summer fruit. He asked, ‘Amos, what do you see?’ I answered, ‘A basket of summer [Hebrew: kayitz] fruit.’ Then ADONAI said to me, ‘The end [Hebrew: ketz] has come for my people, I will never again overlook their offenses. When that time comes, the songs in the temple will be wailings,” says Adonai ELOHIM. “There will be many dead bodies; everywhere silence will reign.”” – Amos 8:1-3, Complete Jewish Bible

    A basket of summer fruit seems like an odd metaphor for judgment. But the Jewish Bible notes that the Hebrew word for summer (kayitz) rhymes with the Hebrew word for end (ketz), so the phrase “a basket of summer fruit” is linked poetically with “the end has come for my people.” The SUMMER-END. As fruit is ripe and ready to be picked in the summer, so a nation ripe with rebellion is ready for judgment.

    What will that judgment be? Well, the verse only gives the results: many dead bodies, stunned silence in the land and wailing and mourning. It seems that summer season is here.

    Yet it gives me hope that God in his mercy will use the pressure of these events to bring people to repentance and faith. I look forward to being a part of that harvest!

  20. A long time back I heard that the Vatican had divided the world into ten. So if a ‘king’ is assigned for each area it would explain Revelation 17 v 12 where the ten kings have no kingdom as yet. but will for one hour with the beast.

  21. Jeff and David Jones, it would seem way too many “coincidences” with what David was shown. It reminded me of a parent or teacher deliberately stomping their foot to get us to see. Also like how a horse can stomp it’s hoof on the ground.

    We know the Deep Staters really want us to go to war with Iran. So far they have been pushing Trump but he doesn’t want to play along. They need something so big that it will force him to give in. Sadly this may be with an attack on the Lincoln.

    That would start the confusion and take all eyes off the crimes of the deep state actors. The border will probably go crazy and there might even be some natural disaster (many Earthquake zones seem to be very active).

    So even from a regular believer point of view, these events are more and more likely.

    Obviously the Lord knew ahead of time and warned us, and current events are proceeding that way.

    Thanks for sharing this message and all that you do.

    Yehovah bless.

  22. I had a dream last night that my husband and I were in our bedroom talking about the rotisserie with a chicken in it on the night stand. (No, we don’t have a rotisserie in our bedroom. I think it was representative of a “regular” day.) All of a sudden, I heard the sound of an old dial radio go down the dial (the garbled sounds of different stations passing by). Then the lights went out and I “knew” this was the event we had been prepping for. Things got SUPER heavy spiritually, and I said “It’s time to pray.” I had to crawl through the heavy air, and my husband reached over, and we clasped hands. End of dream. I have had a few dreams from God. I take this as a confirmation that things are getting close for sure.

  23. On April 13, 2019 early in the morning before arising, I saw in the Spirit desolation–no human or animal life, burned vehicles with windows blown out, landscape blackened and charred. Then I heard the names of two states, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

    1. There is no doubt that at some point every major metropolitan area in America will experience that fate…some sooner than others
      Thank you for sharing JoAnn
      God Bless you!

  24. Hello Jeff and everyone I believe everything Jeff has been saying is from Holy Spirit I was given confirmation last nite after watching this on You tube last nite the Lord gave me words as well the big event coming when no One will expect it. Jesus has made it clear to all who listen once the fiery kickoff happens it won’t stop till he returns. I saw a table with dominos all standing upward then one leaned and they all went simultaneously that is exactly what will happen I hineshon believe , Must be alert and of sober mind at all times …I pray for all the lost souls in this world and everyone on here ,I pray Jesus hedge of protection around all my brother and sisters in Christ and for discernment for each of u including myself to always hear his voice clearly …God bless each of you …

  25. Thanks for the message of the Lord Jesus Christ….Jeff.
    I know most won’t be able to buy and sell, or have money to survive.
    Praying for God’s leading to just prepare for the coming collapse,
    Thru out the church before its to late…..Amen Lord Jesus Christ.
    P.S. Trump tower is the only real target in New York City worthy of the fiery event mentioned.
    Symbolism is everything, it’s a symbol of richness, prosperity, make America great again!!!
    Becoming a towering inferno, like the old 1980’s movie hit….Amen Lord Jesus Christ.

      1. Hi again, I was just reading through here & saw you mention the USS Abraham Lincoln so I did a search on it and found this: https://www.public.navy.mil/airfor/cvn72/Pages/CVN72History.aspx
        It is also called CVN 72, which I didn’t know until seeing this, and in the past hour or so before I had been searching for a prophecy article I once saw (here & another site) that mentioned the number 72. My reason for searching that is because for weeks I keep seeing number combos of 27. I wanted to see what it meant, just assuming it’s for me personally. But now seeing this Lincoln carrier ship is named CVN 72 really freaks me out!
        If you can give me a link to the article with meaning of number 72 that would be great 🙂 I am pretty sure I saw it here in the past 3-6 months. Thanks!

          1. Sing, I read the above message. I thought how interesting that 72 is half of 144. Just an observation.

  26. On the Hebrew calendar, Tammuz 15, the day that Nebuchadnezzar breached the “gate” to Jerusalem, is July 21 this year. Is not NYC the major gate to the US? By the 9th of Av, which is this year August 10-11 on the Hebrew calendar, Jerusalem was destroyed.

    Yah gives me no dreams or visions. He speaks to me thru His Word and in my prayer closet and sends me knowledge.

    Famous deceased Jewish rabbi prophecied that Messiah would come when Israel was in elections but have no government. That’s now. The last I heard, their election is reset to occur in September.

    Blessings and many thanks,
    Shalom, Carolyn

      1. I have some dreams, visions….not often. When I do they have usually manifested in 3 to 5 years. 3 years ago, I heard the Lord say”Pray for the Strait of Hormuz”. I didn’t even know what that was. I had to Google it. I did pray & when I was praying, I heard the word “Tamuz”. I thought I was thinking about the word Hormuz & getting jumbled in my brain. I dismissed it until recently, when this all came up in the news. I looked up Tamuz & found out that it is the fourth month in the Hebrew calendar. This year, Tamuz 1 falls on our July 4th.

  27. My heart is for the lost. Time is short and so many are fooled and not listening. The sin is running rampage and the church is not standing against it. It seems like a new law is passed daily to explain away sin. None of us our promised tomorrow and we need to live everyday remembering that. In The Name Of Jesus The Name Above All Names I Plead The Blood Of Jesus over everyone on this site and our families. May they All accept Jesus as their Savior Amen

  28. I agree that there is so much happening in our world today and many prophets saying many things. I don’t necessarily take everything that is said as written in stone. I always pray for discernment in what I see and hear. The truth is we should all be ready every moment of our life to meet the Lord because we all don’t know how long we will be on this earth. Are you ready to meet Him today? I just find it interesting to watch scripture come alive right before our eyes..there shouldn’t be so much division in the church about when and how it is going to happen..we should just be ready. God Bless.

  29. Jeff please check out my channel Caroline diadem, video called trouble on the Straits of Hummoz. I got that word recently, strong confirmation between two of us! I didn’t even know what an aircraft carrier was..

    1. Yes Caroline I have already watched your video. I think I tried to make a comment on your video as well. But I can’t really remember but I know that the Holy Spirit is speaking very similar things to both of us and some others as well. Blessings love and peace my sister!

  30. Jeff,

    I’ve been following you for about a year now. It seems that your messages are constantly changing. The last false flag stated that New York city would be nuked and it would be the false flag. I got saved at a prayer meeting in 1971.
    The people there were praying for me because they knew that I was a Viet Nam Era Veteran and I was a wild man, according to my mother, and needed some spiritual help. I got the help and became a Jesus Freak. Every since that time the Lord has always kept me plugged in to his teachings, even though I have strayed. My point is that I keep remembering what Jesus said in Matthew 24 about you and other watchmen for the endtime. Jesus said that many would come in his name claiming they are Christ. Jesus was talking about watchmen. I’ve been praying about this because I thing I’m being deceived by the watchmen of today. The only one I listen to and truly believe is Pastor Benjamin Faircloth. His ministry is http://www.ignitedchurchlife.com.

    This is not a personal attack on you. Please forgive me if you take it the wrong
    way. Also, please pray for me. I need everyone who can pray help me get this straightened out.

    Conrad B.

    1. Conrad you misunderstand, NYC will be the kick off event, it has not happened yet but we are getting closer.The Lord has shown us a few things that preceed the kick off event so we know where we are on His time line…watch for the Abraham Lincoln going down now
      God Bless you!

    2. Conrad, there are certainly plenty of words being released and it can get confusing. What all of us need to remember is that no one prophetic person has the entire picture. However, when we bring what everyone is getting together, the picture gets clearer. We likely will not know exactly when the ‘kick off’ event will take place until it happens. What we can know, is that since there appears to be signs in the natural and in the spiritual that point to how near we are to the return of the Lord we can be sure that we are living in an increasingly tumultuous time when everything God has said in His Word will come to pass. So we wait, watch, pray, and worship!

    3. Conrad, I think the point of Jeff relaying David’s message was that this Philadelphia fiery explosion was a warning that the kickoff event is near which will take place in New York. Jeff’s messages about this have been very consistent. God Bless. Thank you Jeff for passing this along from David. With what is now happening with Iran it could be any day the USS Abraham Lincoln will be sunk.

  31. Yes, a convergence of events is coming together. Planet 7X is closing in on the earth. It is already in our solar system. There hasn’t been a visual sighting of it to date, but NASA could be hiding it with their technology. Best estimate is for earth to go through its debris trail during Passover 2021 and again during the Feast of Tabernacles 150 days later. The affects of this planet are being felt already now. Gill Broussard’s has posted a recent interview on his YouTube channel. It is quite good. Another brother with a YouTube channel (God’s Roadmap to the End) posted a very interesting video this week showing what the enemy’s plans may be for a 9/11 type event – a false flag event – possibly later this year. He too points to a convergence of events. It is an understatement to say that a LOT is going on. We’ve got to get closer to God and most definitely we need to keep praying for the lost to be found in Christ Jesus.

  32. I can confirm that David Jones Sr. is the real deal…David is “beloved” of the our LORD Jesus…and hears from Him.