The Only Thing that will be Great Again About America will be Her Fall because She has Forsaken Me!


My son, I want you to write to My people once again because there are so few who know My voice when I speak and even fewer who understand what I am saying. My judgments are in the Earth even now but most would dismiss them as naturally occurring events, or climate change due to man or even man that is controlling the changes you are experiencing. This is untrue I AM in control, I AM using My destroyer of nations just as I have intended and this will intensify until the of the age. Even now you are experiencing more floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes than you have experienced in your “modern history” but there are far more to come. I have been merciful and even in My judgement I am merciful but as sin becomes greater so do My judgments. I send these things upon the Earth so that man humbles themselves, repents and cries out to Me but most only further harden their heart, stiffen their neck and even shake their fists towards Me in rebellious rage. This vicious cycle that could be stopped if repentance was truly found in the hearts of men but it is in very few hearts and he number is getting fewer as time goes on. As My judgments grow greater in order to shake fallen man out of his complacency. I will allow everything to be touched by the enemy, even those who are Mine that have not fully surrendered every aspect of their lives to Me.

Yes, this will even touch you America! You are not above reproach! You will be the hardest hit! You have fallen into the greatest sin of all and you love it. You once knew Me but you have fallen away that which is holy and good and you despise My correction. I have warned you over and over by My prophets and watchmen especially over the last 10 years but you are not listening to Me. You have been deafened by the chaotic noise from the god of this world, who most love even if they don’t know it. I have tried to warn you with My still small voice but that time is ending. My merciful judgments will shake America and the world to the very core in My last pleas for repentance from wickedness and sin.

I warn you again America, disaster and calamity comes quickly for you. After the Abraham Lincoln goes down in flames and you are embroiled in conflict, so will the tower that bears the name of Donald Trump and thus he will meet his demise during the fiery kickoff event. As I have told you before Donald Trump is as Belshazzar, he shall be slain and America will be given to the Medes and the Persians. (This is modern day Iran and parts of the surrounding countries.) After this fiery kick off event the most severe judgment on America begins. Most will not understand that this has all been planned for years and now the stage has been set and all the players are in place. War on America will come on every front and internally. Muslim Jihad and civil war will come simultaneously along with financial ruin, martial law, famine, disease as well as earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes and then nuclear and even destruction from “aliens”,which are the fallen ones, and their weapons that most do not even take into account. Then My wrath shall be poured out upon you, oh Babylon the great! A great fireball that you don’t see coming because it is from Me. This will end the seal judgments and My sealed servants will be transformed and be sent out to harvest all those who would receive Me as Savior.

During all of this Obama will be welcomed back to lead America and most will put their trust in him and he will promise peace and protection but bring chaos and destruction. How foolish they will be found to be! How utterly foolish it is to trust in man instead of Me! He will absolutely do what his father Satan does best, steal, kill and destroy: all the time smiling and lying. He will finally be allowed to accomplish his objective. As he departs America will be attacked from the north, while she is in total disarray and unable to defend herself. This is the final destruction in one hour by fire of Babylon the great. The only thing that will be great again about America will be her fall because she has forsaken Me! Even in this I seek the repentance of each individual soul. National repentance will not take place, judgment has been set. You know not the abundance of tears I have shed for you but you have refused Me. ( I felt his pain a deep sorrow)

Children, there is still a very small amount of time left to surrender all to Me before this comes to pass. “Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.” (Luke 21:36) My chosen remnant- bride will escape the destruction to be used by Me in the last harvest but even these have and will go through tribulation and testing to make them perfect, even as I the captain of their salvation was perfected through sufferings. (Heb 2:10) My unselfish love in their hearts will be used to save many from the flames of the lake of fire.

Come to Me in intimacy today and ask Me to use you in this soon coming hour of trial for the whole earth.(Rev3:10) I will answer your prayers if they are truly from your heart with no selfish motive. I AM the one who judges every motive, thought and intent of the heart.(Heb 4:12) Be cleansed by My blood and be transformed by renewing your mind by My Spirit. This is your spiritual act of worship! This is My good acceptable and perfect will for you! (Rom 12:1-2) For I am a Spirit, and those who worship Me must worship in spirit and truth. (John 4:23)

The time comes quickly and no man can stop the judgment for it is My will. Draw close to Me and Give All to Me Now!

I Want You All to Suffer as Little as Possible. Listen to and be Doer of My Words!

I Love You All without measure!

Yashua HaMashiach

Jesus Christ



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  1. On the morning of Tuesday June 11, 2019 I had a dream that was so real I awoke sobbing loudly. I was in a house, a big house, brick. I was with MANY people and it seems to me they were distant relatives. I don’t know anyone in my dream. We had a beautiful day together and since we had nighttime activities and we were all tired, we were in the house to all rest. I was the only adult not resting as I went to check on the children and I heard the teenagers laughing outside as they played yard games. I thought oh no problem, they have lots of energy and won’t tire tonight. I check on the 5-10 year olds and were quietly playing but as I walked into the room they quietly went to a place in the room to sleep. I went to close the blinds and had difficulty but as I succeeded I felt the room change. It was as if a tornado was approaching and the air was thick and still. I said to myself, “ something is wrong. Wrong. WRONG!!!!!!! I went to another side of the house, to a room there to open a window to see the other side I saw in the corner window down on the first floor of this tower-type building happy hour and office people partaking. I looked up to the second floor corner window to see three ceiling light fixtures swaying. Shocked that we or they (i didn’t feel anything) we’re experiencing an earthquake, I turned to look at more of that building only to be more shocked. It was swaying. It didn’t lose its shape but it turned into wet cement as it swayed. As I was then heading to a third room, a sweet little toddler came to my feet and pleadingly looked up at me. I took him in my arms and went into the room. It had a bed. I laid down with the little guy who presently sucked his thumb as he drew the blanket into his mouth also. As soon as he fell asleep I slithered out of bed so as not to awaken him. I wanted to see outside but when I looked at the window in this room he sheer curtains were tightly smashed against the window by the headboard. The sheets were dark red and gold. Having black swatches of color through, I couldn’t see out. So carefully I pulled on the curtains and as they parted I could see: I thought “what is THAT?” Rightly seeing then that it was a collapsed water tower, I It weird that it was next to our house and the tower. Also, a heavy thick layer of sand had somehow come up from the lower part of the street. And two very large dump trucks had been flipped over and coal was laying nearby hem as was a cement truck flipped and also laying on its side. The dump trucks were gold and black and VERY dirty. He cement truck was red and white striped like a barber 💈 pole. Then I brought eyes upward beyond the building across the street to see a tsunami coming. It looked to be a block away. I saw bodies, heads, patio umbrellas and tables. It was HUGE and headed from the south right toward me. I gasped and turned away honking, “ I’m going to die today. “
    Three rooms
    Three light fixtures
    Three people at happy hour
    Three trucks
    I was so terrified!!!!! I was sobbing and my husband reached to comfort me. My heart hurt. My body was tense and hurt. I was shaking beyond control. After I shared my dream, my husband for mercy for us and our nation. I shared the dream with my 3 prayer partners and one asked about colors. The dump trucks’ black is the dirt of sin and the red and white is “even though your sin be as scarlet, they will be white as snow.


  2. Yes Exactly Savage, see this is what i’m talking about, thinking out of the box, or really just thinking with discernment/common sense is what I call it. (It just makes sense that God will have something else planned to complete The Day of Pentecost for us True Christians filled with His Holy Spirit one day, if not this year, then maybe next year, if not next year them maybe the next and so forth.)

    Thanks Jeff I was thinking that God must have spoken something about this day to you. maybe one day He will allow you to share it with us. Until then I keep Believing, Tarrying, Praying, Sharing and repenting so that I may be found worthy for whatever God has planned for me. 🙂

  3. Interesting thought TR – that the Holy Spirit would be removed from ‘the world’, but certainly not from His Saints. Don’t you know then we’d glow like candles in the darkness! Hope you want to stand out!

  4. Actually the Lord has spoken to me about Pentecost/Shavuot… will the second out boring be today or tomorrow? I guess we shall see very quickly… My guess is that we are not there yet but the best way to live your life in Christ is ready all of the time!

  5. Jeff I have been studying The Day of Pentecost (Shavout) and have found some interesting tidbits about it that just seem to coincidental to not be something more relevant than just another Jewish or Christian Celebration Festival etc;…I was wondering if you have ever written anything on this subject or if you have ever received any messages from the Lord regarding this day especially in regards to a future Feast of Pentecost day???

    Like I’m sure you know that the Prophet Enoch and King David were both born and then died on their birthdays which was on the 6th of Sivan, also known as the Day of Pentecost. Also Moses was given the 10 Commandments (the Torah on the 6th of Sivan which was also on the Day of Pentecost. Then we got the birthday of the True Holy Spirit Filled Christian Church written about in the New Testament that was also born on the 6th of Sivan, called the Day of Pentecost. On this day in the upper room the Holy Spirit descended upon the people who were gathered together on the 6th of Sivan during the day celebration of the Feast of Pentecost.

    What’s interesting to me is the fact that if the indwelling of the Holy Spirit was born and delivered on the 6th of Sivan (the Day of Pentecost) and in keeping with the tradition of the Prophet Enoch and then King David both being taken into Heaven on this same day, this day just seems like it would be the perfect choice for the taking away of the Holy Spirit which is also known as the Restrainer of evil, on this same day.

    Anyway’s, The 6th of Sivan is a couple of days away and many people all around the world, both Christians and Jews will be celebrating this day of Revelation as this is how this day has come to be known in biblical history, but nevertheless I think many people are failing to see or understand this day’s True Significance and I believe that God might just have some thing else Holy and Sacred in store for us to most likely occur on this very same day in the not to distant future, because something about this day just doesn’t seem complete.

    Email me brother if you have any private thoughts about this concept or if you find yourself asking God about this day, now that Iv’e implanted these thoughts into your noggin’, I’d really like to hear the Lords Words or possibly even a message from the Lord in regards to this Day.

    Thank you sir,


  6. hello did you watch the video by watchman yahu he makes it very clear what the real names are

  7. 1 Corinthians 13 v 8-9
    8 Charity never faileth: but whether there be prophecies, they shall fail; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away.
    9 For we know in part, and we prophesy in part.

  8. Wait- WHAT!? Why would you post a video on June 3rd, 2019 that starts out with your “prophesying” in 2011 that Jesus would return “at Armageddon in the Fall of 2017”??

    According to the Word of God, how many prophecies must a prophet make that do not come to pass in order for that “prophet” to be declared a false prophet?

  9. Thanks Jeff, very interesting about the numbers. I guess it makes sense they would be somewhat unique to each person. Since I’ve been seeing 27 so much lately I looked up Psalm 27 and Job 27 and they were perfect messages for me so it’s cool how He does that 🙂

  10. Jeff, several months ago the Holy Spirit was blowing his breath upon my face and as he was blowing his breath upon my face he said unto me, I’m preparing you for the days ahead then he just said the word Charlottesville. This occurrence left me with a strong impression that there will be fighting and rioting in
    our streets. Lets us all stay before our Lord Jesus so that he will continue to prepare all his children.
    it’s close brothers and sister.
    Minister William Byrd..

  11. Jeff, many thanks for giving me the Jeremiah. 4:7 reference.for the destroyer of nations star. Having read this, it caused me to do a wormwood scripture search too.. What is coming are fiery judgments., bitter and deadly waters and massive deaths etc. Wormwood refs are: Jer 9:15, Amos 5:7, Prov. 5:4 and Rev. 8:10-11..

  12. Amen brother, it is so simple yet most will not listen…it is very sad, it never had to be this way but now it cannot be turned back.
    God Bless brother!

  13. “Yes, this will even touch you America! For you are not above reproach! You will be the hardest hit! You have fallen into the greatest sin of all and you love it. You once knew Me but you have fallen away from that which is Holy and Good and you despise My Correction. I have warned you over and over again by My Prophets and by My Watchmen especially over the last 10 years but you are still not listening to Me.”

    “So I warn you again America, disaster and calamity comes quickly for you. After the Abraham Lincoln goes down in flames and you are embroiled in conflict, so will the tower that bears the name of Donald Trump (Trump Tower) and thus he will meet his demise during the fiery kickoff event.”

    “After this fiery kick off event the most severe judgment upon America begins. War in America will come on every front and internally Muslim Jihad and Civil War will both come simultaneously along with financial ruin, martial law, famine, disease as well as earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes and nuclear destruction.”

    “Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.” (Luke 21:36)

    It cannot get any clearer or simpler than this. The Words spoken here surmise everything one needs to know about our immediate future. The timeline is even laid out for us clear as day, starting with the destruction and sinking of the USS Abraham Lincoln. Therefore all we have to do is Believe, Pray, Repent, Be Filled With Gods Holy Spirit of Truth, Pray for the Lost and Share The Love of This Truth With Everyone and Watch as Gods Word and Judgments unfold right before our eyes.

    Thanks Jeff, May God continue to Guide you, and Bless and Protect you, Amen, Even so come quickly Lord Jesus.

  14. from a different country but its like a challenge for me when i read this and know what you guys were talking about because i can tell it is a same thing happening in my country..and for me there are times i do wrong but still believe that God is thank you all for encourage me to keep staying in the Presence of God.

  15. Sing – Regarding Loosing Your Home Again – MAYBE NOT!

    I am a Former Real Estate Broker and have worked the Foreclosure Market For Almost 30 Years.

    Most people don’t have a CLUE that the Foreclosure Can Probably Be Stopped And In Many Cases We Have Helped The Homeowner Get Back On Their Feet With Their Lender.

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    Paul Morgan

  16. Amen and Daniel that’s what it’s all about, saving people from permanent eternity in hell and helping them gain an eternity of Tranquility peace and love and so much more that words cannot even describe because of Jesus.

  17. Brother Jeff thank you again for bringing the word of the Lord. Ironically, right after I read the message I turned on the TV, which was on FOX News, only to literally hear the first words from the host say “kick off”. Hmm. And of course she is in New York. I have a number of family and friends who are either atheists or slumbering Christians or Jews. I have been telling them on Facebook posts of the coming Kickoff event as well as the soon destruction of the USS Abraham Lincoln. As tragic as these events will be hopefully some of the blind will have their eyes opened by these events and ask “how did you know”? I will show them the words you were given and hopefully some will believe and get saved. It’s all about winning souls now even before harvest time.

  18. I see the numbers 111,1111,1144,555 the most. I believe the first two numbers are about alignment with the Lord and open doors. The Lord has revealed me that 11:44 represents judgement Obama. And 555 represents Amazing Grace. That’s what he has revealed to me but it may mean different things to different people. God bless you Sister!

  19. It’s so hard to estimate when Nibiru Planet X the Destroyer will make the close pass because of the variance and speed. There have been many predictions that have failed but I have no doubt that it will come exactly when the Lord wants it to we just don’t know when that is. God bless you!

  20. Back in the 2000’s I used to play backgammon with some1 from the SPT (South Pole Telescope) he told me they were watching the Destroyer saying it speeds up and slows down as it keeps whatever it has with it
    John Key our ex prime minister, the most popular in 70+ years was right into the job would have rompt home in the election we’ve had recently, goes to visit the Queen, she tells him of the Destroyer and within 2 months of his return quits the job
    Now Jupiter takes 12/13 years to go round the Sun traveling at 30,000 mph
    in 3 hours moving its own diameter, in 12/13 years it travels about 30 AU or 3 billion miles , lets say the Destroyer is moving at a similar speed,Neptune is 30 AU from the Sun that puts the Destroyer about 20 AU out , Saturn is 9.5 AU from the Sun and Uranus is 20 AU from the Sun. If moving faster it will be here sooner
    I reckon right now it is between Saturn’s and Uranus’s orbit
    In the early 80’s the Destroyer was effecting Neptune’s and Uranus’s orbits
    which is the general direction of where Jupiter is right now which is in the constelation Ophiuchus
    The SPT built solely to watch the Destroyer
    The Vatican scope in the Arizona highlands solely to watch the Destroyer
    Hubble built solely to watch the Destroyer and not the other bs
    John Kerry and others have made the journey to Antarctica
    As it nears the Sun it will speed up to get the kick back out to deep space
    here are some ancient manuscripts written by an Egyptian who survived the last pass
    depending on its speed I reckon it will be up close and nasty in 3-5 years
    In this crop circle Dec 2012 shows where it was then

  21. Howdy, Jeff.
    Here’s my latest post that I view as the other part of what you have received and posted. Yours shows the redemptive judgements that are coming. Mine focuses on the transformed chosen vessels within “the remnant” .. . Transformation occurs when the comet hits the planet.
    These have dreams that are from the 1990s that are ONLY being released today for the first time (6-3-19). Here’s the link:

    6-3-19 ~ “The Transformation Will Come Suddenly.” – BelieveActs2HARVEST


  22. Hi, glad to see a new post from you Jeff. Thank you, to Yeshua and you for the message. As I write this, Queen Elizabeth is speaking to President Trump at a banquet.

    “I will allow everything to be touched by the enemy, even those who are Mine that have not fully surrendered every aspect of their lives to Me.” … confirmation:
    I am going to lose my home (again) in the next few weeks due to unexpected layoff from a brand new job. The Lord has yet again allowed the devil to literally raze everything out of my life (just as I thought I was ‘finally getting it together’). I am trying to see the bigger picture and realize it could be for my own protection in the future. I heard the Lord say to me yesterday “See what I will do” as if to say that I really have very little control over my own life and must trust Him completely now.

    I keep seeing the same number combinations in past few days .. I don’t know what to make of it that I woke up at 4:44 am today, and I keep seeing the numbers 227 or 727 and 555. I used to get these a lot when I was in the new age movement and later assumed it was all from the devil, but now that I’m a Christian I don’t know what to make of these numbers (I don’t want to go back to those new age interpretations). I guess it’s just a sign of more upheaval and that I have to trust God? … I think one of the prophetic posts here mentioned the number 72 so I need to revisit that.

    In the past few weeks alone, I have also had 2 experiences of “sleep paralysis” (that feeling of being physically held down in your sleep, and you can’t move and have to rebuke the attack in the name of Jesus to wake yourself out of it). I have been under attack on many fronts for the past 6 months straight, but sleep paralysis is very rare for me to have.

    Thank you for this site which has been a good Christian anchor. God bless you & your mission, brother!

  23. What a powerful message this is. I stand in full agreement and am sharing this on my blog. There are many – many people unaware who need to hear this and understand that their “landlord” (Creator) is not happy with us and turning their hearts to the Lord God is the only option.

  24. Yes oh, it is the destroyer of Nations mentioned in Jeremiah chapter 4 I would encourage you to read it. This is affecting our weather even now and it’s going to get much worse!

  25. I had a few dreams about the kick-off-event. The only infomation in them that would be of interest to other people than myself is the fact that it will be a nuclear explosion in New York. I don’t have the calling of a prophet. My calling is strictly the final harvest. I get information about myself and my behaviour, so the Lord can refine me. I also get information about people I pray for, so that I can adjust my prayers. Some of this information is right out of the courtrooms of God.

  26. Brother Jeff, thank you for posting the above message with its urgency to repent and come back to our first love. We must wake up as we have fallen too far away from God . Our hope and prayers that many will read and heed this message. Thank you again for doing this difficult task for us -you are incredibly gifted by the Lord.

    Wanted to share an observation seen during a Friday evenings sunset here in my hometown in Va about 2 weeks ago. After visiting the local ice cream store, we went to refuel our car at a local Kroger’s gas station and parked facing the western sunset. It was a clear late afternoon and the view of the setting sun above the mountain tops was beautiful. There were a few clouds around this area but to the right side of the sun. Other people in the car were just looking around but I was directed by that still small voice, to keep looking next to the setting sun . Very soon it appeared there were 2 suns -visible to the naked eye. There was a second sun alongside the normal sun It first appeared to be on top of a small patch of clouds to the right . It was smaller but as bright as our normal sun. Questioning this i wondered is this second sun the destroyer weapon, is it a sundog or perhaps planet X?.

    Word seemed to come to my mind that this second star is called “Wormwood”..

  27. Sobering words. People did not pay attention to The Word of God. He has given us fair warning upon warning. In the midst of it we bring in the harvest. You are a blessing to the body of Christ

  28. You are right brother, there are no warnings that will awaken people that are totally oblivious to what goes on around them and don’t even think about the spiritual side of things at all. For us it is so obvious but to them they cannot see it at all they are spiritually blind and deaf to the things of the Lord. Think of it this way… When I was in the world I never thought about God at all unless I was in some kind of trouble…

  29. I wish you were wrong Jeff. But I had too many testimonies from the spirit and I know it will soon come to pass. It s gonna disrupt the reality of most people on this planet but I believe no amount of warnings will awake them but total devastation. Sad times and marvelous times.
    Take care

  30. Thank you, Jeff. This is a truly sobering message. The kick-off-event is just around the corner. I’m getting dreams from the Lord daily now. He’s refining and preparing me for what’s to come. May the Lord help us all.

  31. Amen sister! Some of it is here but most of it is coming… I pray that those that don’t know the Lord would read this message as well and that people would share it with those that they no that are not saved. God bless you!

  32. Thank you for your messages, Brother Jeff. Every one brings tears to my eyes as all I can think about are the masses of unsaved people who will surely despair. I have cried out so many times to Father to save these people, but I know that many will perish in the coming days. The Father took a year and a half ,about three years ago, to tell me “IT IS COMING!” almost on a daily or weekly basis…sometimes many times a day. I asked Him what “it” was and He told me to prepare my heart and those of my family and to pray for more faith, because we will need it. More recently, I have felt that this coming event(s) are the “it” he was warning me of. I feel the time is ever shorter; almost imminent.

    Again, I thank you for your messages and I sincerely hope some lost people will read them, repent and make their lives right with their Creator. God has blessed you with a platform, Brother, and thank you for using it for His will.

  33. Thank you brother! This is not an easy or pleasant job that I’ve been called to but I must be faithful to complete the task that He has given me and He will complete the work that He has begun in me. Blessings love and peace my brother!

  34. I stand with you brother. Many details and timing we may not have clear, but America’s destiny is sealed in Scripture (Rev. 17&18). Our God’s Words will be fulfilled. Thank you for your fearless courage.

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