Dream, Interpretation and Word: Bank on Fire


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Three weeks ago(6-8-19 I think) I had a dream that I didn’t really understand at first, so I prayed about it. I usually do not get dreams that I remember so when I do, that in itself is significant. Holy Spirit confirmed to me that it was a warning dream that was given to me to share with those in the the body of Jesus Christ.

In the original dream I saw a bank, not a skyscraper but a large building with quite a few offices. (similar to the picture above) Then I saw a semi tractor-trailer tanker truck, exactly like the ones that fill up gas stations, pull up next to the bank which I thought was very odd. Next I saw quite a few people, who I had just a “knowing” about them being banking executives in expensive suits, sneaking out of the building. Just as the last one of these bankers got to a safe distance there was a huge explosion and the dream was over.

So you can see that the original dream was not a very easy one to interpret really but I knew that the Lord was going to give more about it and He did. But I did not get the interpretation of this dream until 6-28 through 6-30-19 along with some added flash visions during my morning time of prayer and worship. He does things in His own time and we must not try to rush Him or run ahead of Him. That is when we try to do things in our own strength and/or knowledge. That is called “walking in the flesh” but to hear and/or see what the Holy Spirit is doing, we must be walking in the Spirit or yielding control of our body, soul and spirit to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by dying to the flesh daily. (If you would like to read more on this, here are some great scriptures Romans 8, Galatians 5). So when I totally surrendered this dream and laid it at the feet of Jesus, then He gave me the added visions that I needed, along with interpretation and a message that He wants to speak to all of us.

The first flash vision I had was about the semi tractor-trailer tanker truck. The driver of the truck hooked the delivery hose to the underground storage tank and then walked away. While the driver’s back is turned a masked man  disconnected the hose from the tank and it started dumping thousands of gallons of gasoline all around the outside of the bank. Then I saw second flash vision of another masked man holding a lit match and he threw it on the gasoline all over the ground and all at once the entire building was on fire. These masked men may be members of ISIS or some other terrorist organization or someone who looks like one of them, like Russian spetsnaz or even some other group that I am not aware of. The building was not totally destroyed but it was very badly damaged.

This is what the Lord has given me for the interpretation of all of this put together. The bank represents current financial system, with the American dollar as the world reserve currency, that has been in place since the inception of the Petrodollar in 1974 by President Richard Nixon and secretary of state Henry Kissinger with the Saudi royal family who were the most powerful member of OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries). This took America off of the gold standard (also called the Bretton Woods agreement) and forced every oil importing nation in the world to buy American dollars to buy oil. The semi tractor-trailer fuel tanker truck represents the SWIFT system that delivers currency to the current banking system. The gasoline itself is representative of the petrodollar that fuels the current banking system. When the delivery hose is disconnected and spills all over the ground, it represents countries that are bypassing the petrodollar and using their own systems for transactions. The masked man who throws the lit match represents the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln getting struck by fire and sinking. The bankers and wealthy know that this is coming because this is part of the New World Order plan to bring in the new financial system, which will be the beast system. The fire and explosion on the bank building represents a huge downturn in the economy of America and War with Iran. The current banking system involving  the petrodollar, will not come down all the way at this point but it will be severely weakened. The fiery kickoff event will damage it even more. There will be many natural cataclysms that will bring the American economy down as well. It will not come down all the way until after 6th seal great earthquake caused by an asteroid strike in the Caribbean (as seen by Efrain Rodriguez) and then Russia and China attack and invade America and all her major cities will be burned to the ground.

This is a word that the Lord gave me in the morning of June 30th 2019 that goes with everything given above.

“My children, you are the only ones listening to Me right now, please take this message very seriously. The world is preoccupied with their own microcosm of life. I will allow the things I have told you about now to get their attention so that they would look to Me and cry out to Me. Some will turn to Me but most will not and they will harden their hearts and stiffen their necks even more toward Me.

There have been been many deceiving spirits and false prophets sent out amongst My people to tell you that everything is going to be fine for now and that you have years to prepare but this is UTTERLY UNTRUE! Some of the judgment has already come upon you America but there is much more coming because there is no repentance in the land. Look to the middle of your country America, your crops have failed to be planted, food shortages and famine are coming to the land of plenty. The explosion at the refinery in Philadelphia was the beginning of what is to come as well. More and even larger refineries will be taken out and your transportation system will come to a screeching halt as the price of fuel, food and everything else skyrockets. This will be multiplied even more because of the fall of the petrodollar. It’s all converging upon you now America. You are going to crash and burn in one hour! I have spoken this many times to many of My messengers and it will come to pass for you are Babylon the great!

To all who would listen and see, you must seek Me now with all of your heart so that I strengthen your body, soul and most importantly spirit, for what is about to happen. Everything that I have told My prophets is about to come to pass both good and bad not only in America but the whole world. There is no place that will escape judgment except where My holy children are located, My blessings are upon them. The darkness is rising but the light is rising as well and will overcome the darkness but there can be no darkness found in you, My remnant-bride. Your garments must be without spot or wrinkle or any such thing, washed to sparkling white in my blood that was shed. You will shine for Me and will show My mercy in the judgment as I empower you to do mighty miracles never before seen upon the earth before I bring you home to be with Me forever.

The first part of the judgment on America is through the door and the rest comes quickly. You will see it happen with your own eyes and know that you have been warned. Be filled with My oil that I give freely and My supply never runs dry! Ask of Me and I give to all those who desire Me more than anything or anyone else and you will overflow and touch others with My love.








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  1. If Benjamin was a true prophet or pastor, his heart would be much different than it is now. He should be praying continuously and weeping for this nation, that God would have mercy on us. Does he not know that any judgement will affect him and his family – as well as the ones that he wants to see judgement on? Instead he wants judgement and destruction, and gloats about it. In his mind, he can say and do no wrong. (The true children of God know what I am talking about.) He will find out someday that he has a lot to learn. And a lot to learn about God the Father and Jesus his son.

  2. Thanks, Jeff, to confirm because Youtube dos not translate but Google Chrome does it in French.

  3. Yes Gregg anything new that Holy Spirit gives me new to give to His people will be posted here. YouTube is just a new venue for me to use to spread His word and warnings. He is mostly having me concentrate on older messages on YouTube but I will be reading the new ones as well.
    Blessings love and peace

  4. (Jeff I post these posts of other prophets of God under your messages from the Lord God, so your commentors can compare the similarities between these messages and your messages. So they can use their Holy Spirit discernment to see and hear with their own spiritual eyes and spiritual ears, the hidden truths hidden within these messages, Truth that is sometimes meant only for those who are filled with Gods Holy Spirit of Truth to understand. Why? Because quite frankly God sometimes blinds and blocks those who are not filled with His Holy Spirit of truth from understanding what these messages truly mean, because He wants us to be filled with His Holy Spirit of Truth first and stop trying to use our own carnal physical minds and human ways of thinking to decipher His Words and allow His Holy Spirit of truth to Discern and decipher these messages for us. Because if one is truly filled with Gods Holy Spirit of Truth then they will discern Gods Words Of Truth In These Messages and they will know who is of God and who is not of God. It’s that simple. 🙂

    Ali Winters
    Watchmen On The Wall
    TUESDAY, JULY 9, 2019
    Righteousness…what is right according to God’ standard of right and wrong. Sin…a failure to do what God’ Word teaches us to do. Reproach…disgrace, shame. ‘Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people, Proverbs 14:34′

    America in her fallen state continues to ignore the righteousness of God, lives in sin and feels no disgrace no reproach for her actions. Oblivious to her distance from God, feeling no guilt, no shame American’ unabashedly plan gay pride parades, welcome LGBTQ into their community, church, school, library. Teaching children to question their sexual identity, pushing their agendas, becoming more and more accepting of sin, they see themselves as progressive, worldly-wise, enlightened… David R. Barnhart writes: “Not until there is revival in our churches will we dare hope for revival in the American home. Not until the Word of God is boldly preached by pastors who are unashamed to lift up the biblical standard of sanctified living will we see any hope for our nation.” Until then, without reproach, without shame, without regret millions will move forward in their self-gratifying, self-seeking, self-absorbed egocentric ideology of entitlement, materialism and self-admiration.

    Where is the church? Where are the Christians? Where are the voices that will stand for right and against wrong? Michael Boldea has written: “If you are unwilling to stand, you have no right to criticize those who do. If you are unwilling to speak up, you have no right to armchair quarterback those who have. If you are unwilling to fight, you have no right to complain about the outcome of the battle.”

    ‘What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, yet lose or forfeit his own soul? If anyone is ashamed of Me or My words, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when He comes in His glory and in the glory of the Father and the holy angles. Luke 9:25-26’ yet millions continue to ignore the grace and mercy of God. ‘But disaster will come upon you; you will not know how to charm it away. A calamity will befall you that you will be unable to ward off. Devastation will happen to you suddenly and unexpectedly. Isaiah 47:11.’

    Moving ahead, the wind at his back, the future looking bright; man presses on toward….. American’ have gone unchallenged, unrestrained and unchurched for too long. The church has failed in its mission. Instead of making disciples, glorifying God and building up the saints the church has ignored the lost, glorified self and fleeced the sheep. ‘For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned. Matthew 12:37

  5. The Curse of Jotham!
    Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

    “America you are curse with a curse! This whole nation lies under the power of the evil one. Vexed and confused, you strive to fill bags with holes within them! Vanity and foolishness is on parade, as you march to the cadence of a pied piper, fooled into thinking your headed to streets of gold and a life of luxury! Wake up and look around you, your house of cards is on fire, your fields are failing and blood is crying out from your streets! Revenge is the sound that is heard in secret chambers of kings that ready their swords! You think I AM like you America. That I chose sides because of birthrights and positions. But I tell you this day, I AM a God of justice and truth, and I will perform My Word over yours. For I AM the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last, and My Word will not and cannot fail; for it has been written that vengeance belongeth unto Me and I will repay says your God! Do you think I have forgotten the blood you have shed of the innocent ones who call Me Father? Your cup is full, the time has come that the shakings of your nation will increase without reprieve!”

    Scripture reference for this message is (Judges 9)

  6. Jeff, I had a question and this seemed like the best way to ask. Are you still going to be posting here on this site? Youtube is fine and all but I like being able to read what you write instead of a video. That way I can go back and re-read things. Just wondering.

    Thank you.

  7. The Lord is going to take care of these people that are moving to Puerto Rico with the asteroid that is going to hit in the Caribbean and destroy everything… You cannot Escape God’s judgement!

  8. Jeff:

    This is the very first time I know of a prophecy regarding «chip gold». It is troubling indeed, however it is not yet the mark of the beast: it is a transitional means of electronic transactions control and also a mechanism for *indirect* gold confiscation! People who have gold would have to exchange their gold coins and bullion for a fractional amount of the ‘special’ gold contained in the flash cards. The exchanged gold would then be melted and miraculously turned into ‘special’ gold! I have known this for years. Before proceeding any further, let me ask you: Do you know where those bankers exiting the building in your dream are going to? I do. They are relocating to Puerto Rico.

    Multimillionaire Peter Schiff has been the spokesman for a movement to relocate multimillionaires and billionaires from USA to Puerto Rico. He purchased a mansion in Dorado, P.R. and moved the corporate offices of his paper gold business from California to P.R. This was even on Alex Jones Infowars. Schiff was selling a 4-DVD set for $695.00 on how to move to Puerto Rico to avoid the mayhem of the Dollar collapse. The main financial incentive is a 96% Federal tax break via PR laws 20 & 22. This elite blatantly call themselves the “Acts 20/22 society”. While researching I found this writing:


    The banking elite is exiting to PR while USA goes down in flames, having free protection courtesy of the PR National Guard! So far more than 300 multimillionaires and billionaires have relocated to PR. On paper, that is. Our island is under intense depopulation agenda and already more than 2/3 of the population has cancer. The elite has their escape plan and so does the Lord of Hosts. As the only watchman on this island, I have been preparing what is commonly known as safe havens, for a remnant of His pople from USA. Tomorrow it will be seven years I started on this journey, living in shack, tents and a minivan…preparing places for sick and weakened brethren. I am homeless, live in extreme poverty and constant spiritual warfare.

  9. Thank you for sharing brother…the Lord has warned us long ago…Rev13:16 AMPC Also he compels all [alike], both small and great, both the rich and the poor, both free and slave, to be marked with an inscription [[c]stamped] on their right hands or on their foreheads,

    17 So that no one will have power to buy or sell unless he bears the stamp (mark, inscription), [that is] the name of the beast or the number of his name.

    18 Here is [room for] discernment [a call for the wisdom [d]of interpretation]. Let anyone who has intelligence (penetration and insight enough) calculate the number of the beast, for it is a human number [the number of a certain man]; his number is 666.

  10. “…the customers handed over what appeared to be small FINANCIAL FLASH DRIVES to the clerks.” Sounds like «chip gold», an electronic mini card with special gold provided by the beast system. Regular gold wouldn’t be accepted as payment. Adrian Salbuchi of Argentina spoke about it more than 10 years ago.

  11. “The Bank and the Code Scanner”

    In a dream vision I saw a woman walk into a bank branch which appeared to be installing new equipment. In the area just inside the lobby was a machine that clients would have to go past before they could reach a teller. The machine was similar to the bar code scanner one sees in stores, but a few feet higher, around the head level of a short adult. The glass plate surface of its code reader did not face upward, but sideways instead, toward the client who passed by. The machine, though not yet in use for clients, was turned on, and its laser beams shone an orange or amber color. The woman realized that very soon, if clients could not produce a code for the machine to scan, they would not be allowed to progress further into the bank and conduct transactions with the tellers.
    Terribly upset, the woman went to the bank employees and told them she would withdraw her funds and do no more business with their bank. In front of all employees and customers she stated loudly and firmly, “TO BE SILENT IN THE FACE OF EVIL IS SIN.”


  12. “The Dollar that Stretched Too Thin Replaced”

    In a dream vision I saw a single dollar pulled and stretched thinner as one can extend a rubber band. Soon I saw holes appear in the dollar and I could see through the holes. Then suddenly, I watched the dollar disappear altogether.

    In another dream vision I saw a new world currency, which resembled a gold coin. On it was stamped the name of a cult of the Dark Forces.

    Because of the expansion of the money supply and other factors, the dollar will go through a period of HYPERINFLATION and then DISAPPEAR TO BE REPLACED by another world currency coined by the Dark Forces.

  13. “The New Prices, the New Means of Payment”

    In a dream vision I saw women standing in line to purchase their items at a department store. The numbers on the price tags shocked and confused everyone. It was as if every item’s price had TWO ZEROS ADDED at the end. With hyperinflation and then the new currency, customers had less of a sense of the real value and cost of an item. When the women approached the cash registers, the term “cash register” was a misnomer because the MACHINES WOULD NO LONGER TAKE OR DISPENSE CASH. Instead of using cash, or the rectangular debt and credit cards to pay for merchandise, the customers handed over what appeared to be small FINANCIAL FLASH DRIVES to the clerks.

    MONEY IS A MANIPULATED ARTIFICIAL CONSTRUCT, created by central banks for their own benefit, and used to empower and disempower other banks, nations, and populations. The more digital the money transactions are, the better for the banks. This exponentially increases the power of the central banks and their cooperating banks.


  14. “The Shrinking Dollars”

    In a dream vision I saw an American woman who frequently patronized a take-out Chinese restaurant. She came by the restaurant to pick up her Chinese food. She reached into her wallet for dollars to pay for the food, but something was strange and amiss. Her wallet NO LONGER CONTAINED DOLLARS IN THE REGULAR SIZE. She pulled out her dollars to discover they were ONE QUARTER THEIR ORIGINAL SIZE! In fact, they looked a little too much like play toy money for children with little hands. When the woman tried to pay for her take-out Chinese food with the shrunken dollars, the Chinese restaurant manager shook his head and REFUSED TO ACCEPT THEM AS PAYMENT. The woman could not take the food she could not pay for. She walked away, HUNGRY.

    Because of a vastly increased money supply and other factors, the U.S. DOLLAR WILL SHRINK significantly in value compared to other strengthening currencies. This will IMPAIR AMERICA’S ABILITY TO PURCHASE IMPORTED GOODS, INCLUDING FOOD.

  15. “The Powers of Cash”

    In a waking vision, eyes closed, I saw a spinning globe and recognized the United States; written on this nation were the words, “CASH POWERS,” and an arrow pointed to these words.
    n another waking vision, eyes closed, I saw stacks of dollars arranged in a PYRAMID pile, and a single hand pointed to this pile.

    Americans are advised to have much more CASH ON HAND than usual. Natural and man-made crises will make it difficult for citizens to access their bank accounts and redeem shares of stock. Look at the FINANCIALLY RESTRICTING EFFECT OF POWER OUTAGES after tornadoes and hurricanes to have an indication of what will come on a larger scale.

    Though it is currently wise to keep stacks of physical dollars for emergency use, in the second vision the stacks of dollars arranged in a pyramid indicate how the DOLLAR IS ULTIMATELY A PYRAMID SCHEME. Those who invested in the dollar earlier were able to redeem their investment at will with profit. Those who came later to the dollar will have difficulty redeeming their shares and earning a profit. Today those who come very late to the dollar may lose their entire investment. For as in a pyramid scheme, the dollar was never truly “invested” but moved from one fool investor to another, much disappearing into the Deceiver’s pocket.

    Cash dollars, helpful in emergencies, will only take you so far in this world. BUILD YOUR TREASURE IN HEAVEN.

  16. “Debt Delinquency”

    In a dream, just as I was awakening from sleep, I heard a succession of words in pairs. The first pair was “DEBT DELINQUENCY”. The second was “LOWERING SEASON”. The third was “HIGH TREASON”. The fourth and final word pair was “DEBT RELIEF”.

    For those of you familiar with the debt clock of the United States, it is clear that our nation faces impeding debt delinquency to creditor nations. The world is awakening to the fact that the United States cannot even pay the interest on its debt. As a consequence, our nation will experience a season in which its status, credit rating, and quality of life will be lowered, along with its inflated stock market and dollar value.

    Accompanying the economic hard times ahead, the righteous and legitimate parts of our nation and its leadership will experience a hitherto unseen level of betrayal. The words of its Pledge of Allegiance—“one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”—will fall on deaf ears and ring hollow.

    In order to gain debt relief, our nation will take steps to devalue its currency and create hyperinflation. In essence, our nation will steal from its creditors and its own people and their future generations. The American middle class will find itself in poverty. And as world history has demonstrated, a nation with a disappearing middle class grows ever closer to civil unrest and revolution.



  17. Yes my email is jeff@holyspiritwind.net
    By the way he did already send me an email about the 3 days of darkness. I tried to reply to you 444 prophecy news but I couldn’t I don’t know what’s going on there… Jonathan told me that he was having problems with his comments I guess.. Anyways I think that there are multiple things that happened during the three days of darkness and Planet X is definitely part of that so I would not doubt at all that it blocks the Sun but there will also be spiritual Darkness and fallen angels coming down from the heavens and the asteroid that hits in the Caribbean. And there maybe even be more than that! Actually there might be more then period Darkness I would not doubt that at all. By the way I agree with everything that David Jones said in his email. It’s not a matter of somebody being right or wrong but I think it is realizing that more is going to happen during the three days of darkness then any of us really realize.

    God bless you Sister!

  18. Thank you for all you do Jeff, it is inspiring to hear how deeply the Lord loves us all and wants us to press into our faith and hope in Him and His ultimate plan.

    I like to keep pace with the various comments and was particularly gobsmacked with a recent posting by Warrior4Jesus from Julie Whedbee here https://holyspiritwind.net/2019/06/tribulation-now-radio-show-tonight-8pm-et-live-false-flags-fallen-angels-and-the-abraham-lincoln-w-jeff-byerly-linda-hasche/#comments. Then I read above in your text from the message you received from Jesus and I quote.. “To all who would listen and see, you must seek Me now with all of your heart so that I strengthen your body, soul and most importantly spirit, for what is about to happen.”

    Julie Whedbees’ message aligns with this … “TO HIM WHO HAS EARS TO HEAR, HEAR WHAT MY SPIRIT IS SAYING TO YOU. These mysteries revealed are crucial to your understanding and positioning as these things happen. I AM is here to counsel you in each step you take. ASK-SEEK-KNOCK and I will come in, I will INVADE every fiber of your being! There is nothing more important that this right now…NOTHING. IF YOU ONLY KNEW HOW MUCH I LOVE EACH OF YOU..YAHUSHUA” This was also relayed in the same message..”The quest here for you is awakening to who you are in Me, and who I AM is in you. For you see, the very essence of I AM has been encoded in your DNA.” …and this “Those who do not come to this awareness of what I am speaking here will know a different reality after I bring My first-fruits into complete transcendence and harmony with Me, ahead of those who did not come to this knowing. You are spirit beings in a time/space dimension at a specific and finite point; here to awaken to this fact and act upon it, therefore altering the paradigm collectively. It is by choice that you accept your positions here or choose to be swept away by the illusion and the deception it brings.”

    In short, the above messages speak of a deliberate, concerted and determined effort on our part to seek the Lord with our whole heart, mind and spirit. To stand ready to enter the new paradigm along side Jesus, such that our intent is aligned with His. That at that point in time and space, those who stand ready (lamps full, wick trimmed) will experience clarity and not be swept away in deception. This is the receiving of His Holy Spirit, the ultimate gift. Everything we think, say and do should be wholly centered on our INTENT to come into His Grace and not be swayed by the affairs of this dark and deceptive world.

    Pray, pray, pray folks, ask for His light and guidance and you WILL (not maybe) receive. Seek out His word and you will find peace. Knock and the gates of Paradise are opened. How wonderful is His Majesty? Beyond words!

    Peace, love and blessings to all.

  19. Hi Jeff, David Jones sent me a series of three visions regrading the Three days and Nights of darkness that lines up perfectly with the Prophecy the Holy Spirit gave to me last day of March. Am I allowed to contact you? Please let me know?
    The Lord Bless You, Linda

  20. Check this out—https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en/news-page/world/report-american-submarine-torpedoed-and-sunk-off-alaska-coast

  21. Hi Jeff, I want to thank both you & Linda for the recent show, I listened to the podcast last night. It helped me to seek Jesus more. Today I had an MRI (due to an auto accident months ago) and it was very uncomfortable, but because I spent so much time last night listening to your show and seeking the Lord, I actually heard Him talk to me in the middle of my MRI! He said “This is Yeshua” and was comforting me. It made me feel SO relieved because I haven’t heard from him in a long time, and it is reassuring to know what it feels/sounds like to hear from Him. This is an experience that most people will not know or have once the Tribulation comes if they do not learn to get close to the Lord NOW. I am trying harder with all my might to ASK, SEEK & KNOCK! Then we can hear His calm, still voice through the most scary moments (and I have to tell you, that MRI really rattled me, it was SO LOUD, I imagined it was like being attacked by an alien/demon spaceship, LOL!) Anyway, Thank you again for helping us to get closer to Yeshua. God bless!

  22. Hi, I just read this on Twitter too: “12 F-22 Raptor fighter jets are reportedly now in position in the Persian Gulf.” and reports of quakes/shockwaves in Iran over past few weeks: “the shock wave occurred underground in Iran at 9:50 AM EST. VP Pence’s “callback” was reported in the NY Post 2 hours later by 11:51am.” …

  23. Yes I just saw both of those and I have heard a report of a Russian submarine going down with 14 people on it and for now that’s all I know… Stay close to Jesus!

  24. Hi Jeff, I hope this proves to be nothing, but VP Pence was scheduled to speak in N.H. today. He cancelled because of an “emergency” where he was needed at the White House. (Supposedly not due to health or national security reasons.)
    Jerusalem Post notes that Vladimir Putin also cancelled an engagement today to meet with his defense minister.
    This may be coincidence, or may be about Iran.

  25. Much judgment is already here but very few seem to heed the warnings or repent it is sad if this wicked generation that is all around would they can be saved ,I pray for the Lost souls of this world we are so close war is at the door judgement is here repent America of ur sin , thank you brother Jeff for once again listening to the Holy Spirit and bringing fourth the words from our Lord ,God bless each and everyone of you guys

  26. Benjamin Faircloth is at it again. An element of truth, with a lot of sensationalizing. He has had so many incorrect prophecies, even the world itself could not contain the books of them that could be written therin. He starts every prophecy with “America …”. Like the US is the only country in the world. If he would truly seek the Lord Jesus, he would publicly ask forgiveness, as he has publicly false prophesied so many, many, many times.

  27. Thank you so much loved one!
    If the Lord want to give me more dreams and visions I will receive them!
    Blessings Love and Peace in the name of Jesus Christ

  28. Dancing with the Devil!
    JUNE 30, 2019

    “America your time has come to face your Judge! You are guilty of treason against My Word! I gave you the Kingdom and the authority to execute My Will but you turned this permission into oppression! You’ve sacrificed your rights for a bowl of porridge, another night with the plagues of Egypt, rather than confessing your sins and to come out of Babylon! I have told you through My Warnings and Pleas that judgement and pressure would increase, yet few have surrendered all! You really don’t believe My Word, do you? Not me, not here, not now, this isn’t so-are the words of those who live in deception and lie in the evil one! The time has come to reap what is Mine and for you to reap what you’ve sown! But woe to those whose seed is unrighteous and woe to those who serve mammon (money) and Baal!”

    Scripture reference for this message is (Isaiah 34)

  29. Hi Jeff,

    The sufficient grace of God through Christ Jesus shall keep engracing your heart to know and see more of Jesus’ visions. I am blessed to read your submission on the dream and the words of Jesus Christ to you.



  30. Thank you Jeff for your encouragement in Spirit guidance.
    We can only pray that more and more take notice and take to heart what is shared.

  31. I feel this is all right at the door too. Right before I woke up on the morning of June 29th, I had a dream. I was on a beach and someone yelled ” look at the horse”. I looked up in the sky and I saw a huge bright white horse with a rider darting very quickly. It kind of darted forward and then back and was quickly gone. I was led to go to Revelation and the white horse was the first seal. I really feel that we are soon to see the beginning of war and the red horse.

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