Reflection of Me


This generation that you live in is the most boldly wicked of all the generations that have been upon the earth. Their feet run to do evil and think it strange and even persecute those who do not join them. They love the chaos that they dwell in and they cannot stand a moment with no noise or commotion going on around them. They never slow down; faster, faster FASTER! More, More, MORE! There is never enough to satisfy them. When they obtain the thing that they had sought after, they go on to the next and the next and the next, ever striving, never resting. They are proud lovers of themselves and not lovers of their God.They say, “Me First!”,”Gotta look out for number one”,”I gotta make sure I get mine!”, “God helps those who help themselves”,”To get to the top you may have to climb over a few friends” and the list goes on…

They do not care that they are throwing away their eternity for what they can have today that lasts only but a moment. Unless My Spirit is dealing with their heart you might as well be speaking to a tornado. The words will just fall to the ground. But when My Spirit pierces someone’s heart even the meekest whisper has the effect of a sledge hammer. I am meek and lowly yet My word divides between the flesh and the Spirit. My word is like a mirror, by it I show you who you are and how lost you are without Me. Most see themselves in it and then forget, on purpose, how truly wretched that they are without Me or the enemy lies to them that they are too far gone for Me to forgive. The enemy also shows them many different mirrors but they are all distorted like those at an amusement park. Some make them look skinnier, some fatter, some taller, some shorter, some angier, some nicer, etc… None of them are a true reflection. There is only one!

My beloved, what I want for you is to be a reflection of Me! This is the highest  possible spiritual level that you can attain, to become a child of the Most High God! I made the way My brothers and sisters, walk in it! I gave you My Spirit as a deposit and if you do not faint from weariness, you will see the fulness of this promise in your generation. You will be like Me when you see Me as I AM!

Do Not think that this is afar off or you will not have enough oil to keep your flame burning until the end. Arise now and buy the pure oil from Me! I do not take your money for this oil, I only ask for time alone with you. Then I will give you more oil than you can even contain and will baptize you in it. The small flame that was in your heart will grow into a blow torch. Then at the darkest time the earth has ever seen My fire shall fall and engulf your entire being until you are a raging inferno for all to see!

By the fire of trials and afflictions that you are experiencing right now you are being purified to be able to receive My all-consuming fire. The fire that destroys all that is not of Me. Continue in daily repentance, seeking Me in meekness and humbleness. I will spread out My garments over you and under the shadow of My wings you shall dwell. My perfect peace shall overtake you and you shall feel the warmth of My love and My presence.

I am knocking, won’t you let Me in? I want to dine with you and talk and laugh in great joy. I want to fulfill your deepest desires, for only I can. I want to lead you in peace and restore everything that the enemy has destroyed in your life. I want you to follow Me down My narrow path, where only the blameless can walk. Not by what you have done but because of what I have done and for My own name’s sake. Even when you are in a  darker and lower place than you have ever been, you need not fear. Though terror is all around you and bullets are flying by you, dark diseases are in the air and thousands upon thousands perish all around you by explosions and calamities; I will keep you from harm until you reach the end of the path that I have laid out for your life. You will be satisfied even though your enemies scream accusations, hurl insults and threaten to harm you, you will still be in perfect communion and fellowship with Me. My oil shall be poured over your head, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, which is more than enough for anyone and never is used up. The plans that I have for you are good and My love for you never fails. Then you shall live with Me in My kingdom that has no end in perfect peace and harmony. No more hurt or pain and no more tears EVER!

And we shall say to each other, I AM My Beloved’s and My Beloved is Mine!







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  1. Thank you Jeff for this words coming from our Lord and you share with us, they touched my heart so deeply, I knew about this blog since a few time ago, and it is so so blessing to me, THANKS !!! This words makes me remember a song that says : « I only know that I am His son,
    that He is my Father
    and my Father loves me »
    Blessings, from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  2. POWERFUL WORD of the LORD; SHATTERING in its content! Dear Father God, please help us to become that FULL REFLECTION of You, to shine forth Your Light, in this adulterous and sinful generation! In Jesus name, amen. Thank you, Bro. Jeff!

  3. Awesome message Jeff. Thank you for sharing and to remind us to check our mirror and status of spiritual reflections. PTL.

  4. It is so good to hear a testimony like this sister! I certainly do not hear nearly enough of these…LORD DO A WORK IN OUR YOUNG PEOPLE!

  5. Thank you Jeff! I testify it is happening to youth of this generation. My daughter is experiencing the changes the Lord is making in her to prepare her to be part of the Remnant Bride. He is bringing her out of Babylon. She is 14, and has had a tumultuous childhood, and the Lord told her it was so she would understand the difficulties others have had. She went from trying to commit suicide in 2018 to understanding how she can rely on Him. I praise the Lord for the work he is doing in all of us to prepare us to be sanctified for His return.

  6. “Arise now and buy the pure oil from Me! I do not take your money for this oil, I only ask for time alone with you.”
    “I want you to follow Me down My narrow path, where only the blameless can walk. Not by what you have done but because of what I have done and for My own name’s sake.”
    “I will keep you from harm until you reach the end of the path that I have laid out for your life.”

    This is just about the most beautiful and hopeful message I have ever read. How lucky are we? We are indeed the luckiest people on earth. The highest authority in the universe, the king, wants to be our friend and give us so much and asks for so little in return.

  7. Jeff would please send this to me? I am having difficulties in trying to print it out.

  8. Thanks Jeff for this! What a blessing from this! It is interesting how the end of the message is from the Song of Solomon 6:3 which says “I am my beloved ‘s and my beloved is mine” . John from Tribulation Now radio mentions this verse in his 3/13/19 broadcast with Benjamin Baruch! The Spirit is moving! Take it in and breAthe out so others will feel it too through Yahushua’s power!

  9. Thanks Jeff for bringing us this word, it is very true that this generation loves noise and chaos it is even worse in Nigeria where I live, and I hate it all. Yahweh bless and keep you, and may He come soon to deliver us from this chaotic world. Shalom bro.

  10. You are my parent’s age and that was truly a blessed time to grow up and even when I grew up we never feared playing miles away from home…we came back right before dark always.It is so much different today, mostly for the bad but the remnant-bride will experience His glory in THIS GENERATION and be transformed into His likeness so I am glad to be a part of it!

  11. Hi Jeff, What a great message from our Lord Jesus. I was born in 1948 and as a child growing up we could ride our bikes and even play in the woods and not be afraid of being kidnapped. If only this generation could see what an awesome, powerful, loving Father and Savior He is, they would all run to Him and not away. How sad they run to their own destruction because they love self, sin and the world rather then their Creator who loves them with an everlasting love. I will continue to pray for all the lost to come to the foot of the cross and to look up and see the greatest gift of love ever given. Love, Joyce

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