Reflection of Me


This generation that you live in is the most boldly wicked of all the generations that have been upon the earth. Their feet run to do evil and think it strange and even persecute those who do not join them. They love the chaos that they dwell in and they cannot stand a moment with no noise or commotion going on around them. They never slow down; faster, faster FASTER! More, More, MORE! Continue reading “Reflection of Me”


The Day of the Lord is Coming! Who of you is Ready?


My holy remnant-bride, I speak to you again now because you are the ones who are listening. I long to warn the world of judgement but they do not listen. It is here now but very few are doing anything of eternal significance about it. Continue reading “The Day of the Lord is Coming! Who of you is Ready?”


Mary and Martha


My remnant, My bride, I speak to you now.

You are the ones who listen and read My words and do not take them lightly. Now I ask you to heed My words ever more closely than ever. Your world is about to change in an instant! I am giving you individual instructions that you must follow, in the coming days. Each one of you NEED to sit with Me each day and listen to what I say to you personally. Continue reading “Mary and Martha”