Take Aim and Set Your Focus on Me Now Like a Laser!

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The Lord spoke this to me the Thursday morning 12-13-18 in worship…

“Simplicity, you have been shooting with birdshot trying to hit a little bit of everything but now I want you to be laser-focused and take aim on what I am saying.”

Here is the song I was listening to when He spoke: Simplicity – Rend Collective

I asked Him what He meant and He said He was talking to Me about the ministry of the WhistleblowerJeff website. He said that I need to post less articles, especially news and keep keenly focused on Him and what He has been telling all of us is most important. He also said that the time for that website is short because the warnings are going to stop as America enters a time of deeper judgment. As someone said to me in the last few days “There is no need to ride around like Paul Revere yelling ‘The British are Coming!’ when you can look out your front door and see that the British are HERE.”

I asked the Lord  Saturday morning 12-15-18 if He wanted to speak to His children concerning this and He said “Yes”and He also added more on 12-16-18. This is what He would like to say to you:

“My children, stop looking at everything around you and focus on Me! In the time that you have been placed on the Earth men have lost their focus and their thoughts are scattered. This is due to the technology of this day and the busyness of lives. Very few sit down and contemplate the meaning of their lives and why I put them here. If they do, they look up the answer on Google and take the answer they give for almost everything. This is very dangerously deceiving! Google answers immediately but their answers are not My answers. Fewer still are those who believe that I AM the only way to the Father. To hear My  answers you must quiet yourself before Me, wait upon Me and seek Me with your whole heart. I alone give the answers that satisfy a man’s longing in his heart. I AM the answer!

My children, I give you an example from your world so you may understand. When birdshot is fired from a gun and it spreads and sprays out in a general area. You will hit the target but with very little power. This is how most of even My people have their relationship with Me. Many of you pray in this way, here a little and there a little,  guessing and hoping, sometimes hitting the target but most of the time you are not. I want you to hit the target with power all of the time, knowing and praying My will! Laser sites are used on more powerful weapons to hit the target with extreme accuracy and power. If you are not taking aim and concentrating on Me as a laser site on the target, you will miss most of what I am saying and doing right now. You need to focus on Me and hear what I am saying for yourself, with your own spiritual ears. A time is coming soon when all of the watchmen and prophets on the internet, TV and radio will be silenced. My true word will be scarcer than gold! You need to know My voice yourself! You need to spend quality alone time with Me, this is your target practice! When you have practiced being in My presence, you will pray My will and your prayers will be answered the way you pray them.

You will also need to aim your spiritual laser sight at your enemy and fire upon him where a when I tell you to. Do you think you will slay a dragon with birdshot? I will make you like David and you can take out Goliath with one shot if you do as I say. My words spoken in power and authority are like a laser guided missile system against the enemy who will have no defense against them. In the coming days this will be so very important. You need to begin this NOW!

Lastly My children, you are not to be aiming or using your spiritual weapons against your brothers and sisters, they are not your enemies. If you do this, you are doing the enemy’s work. Let not gossip proceed out of your mouth. When you believe that your brothers and sisters are wrong pray to Me and I will show you what to do. Do not assume that you know the perfect answer in every situation, you are not God! I AM the judge of the heart and I long to show mercy and grace and restore into right relationship, those who have gotten off of the narrow path. Speak My truth in love and correct only after you have sought My will in laser focused prayer.”

After this I asked the Lord what are the things that His people should be looking for in the near future. This was His answer:

“Large Earthquakes and other Earth Changes, The Fiery Kick Off Event, Absolute Financial Collapse, Civil War in many places and Nation Waring against Nation, Persecution, Sickness and Disease, Famine, Death Surrounding on Every Side, Darkness and Evil Overtaking Almost Everything but the then Transformation of the Remnant/Bride and the Great Harvest. All of these things and more will happen BEFORE  My people are evacuated off of the Earth.

My children, simply humble yourselves before Me, take aim and set your focus on Me now like a laser!

Jesus Christ

Yahshua ha Mashiach”






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  1. Mary please pray to the Lord to see what the Holy Spirit would tell you to say to him. Sometimes nothing we say has any effect but the holy Spirit is still working. Pray that the Lord would cause things to happen in his life to cause Him to cry out to Jesus. You must allow the Lord to do whatever it takes and it may be severe, thats what it takes for many people to cry out to Jesus including Me.
    God bless You!

  2. It’s amazing how the Holy Spirit speaks to so many about the same things. Last week, my blog was about getting rid of distractions (https://nolongerlukewarm.com/2019/12/15/4-distractions-for-christians-we-must-beware/). This week, it’s about focus (https://nolongerlukewarm.com/2019/12/22/the-desires-of-the-heart-whats-your-one-thing/). My pastor’s message today was “Take Heed” that we don’t take lightly the things of God. It’s time to get serious. Thank you for your obedience to the Lord.

  3. Hi Jeff. Would you clarify what the Fiery Kickoff Event is the kickoff to? In football, kickoffs happen at the beginning of each half, and after a team scores. The kickoff is how the teams get engaged in the game of football. What is the FKE getting us engaged in? Will the FKE you mention mark the US entrance into WW3 like the murder of Archduke Ferdinand marks the beginning of WW1 and Pearl Harbor catalyzed the entrance of US military into WW3? Interesting that the Lord preceeded the FKE with major earthquakes and Earth changes. So what does the FKE signify? Will history credit it as the start of the economic collapse of the US dollar? We all know erosion of the dollar began long ago – like WW2 actually began long before Pearl Harbor. . . Or does the FKE mark the beginning of a biblical epoch, such as The Great Tribulation. Hey! Does the FKE herald the beginning of the Fall of Babylon (the USA). I’ve seen the Fall of Babylon placed just before the midpoint of the 70th Week of Daniel, and just this morning read about it occurring at the 6th Seal (don’t think so), and I’ve wondered if it could happen prior to the beginning of the 70th Week – in other words, maybe the demise of the USA is one reason why Israel signs the “Covenant of Death” (Dan 9:27) which initiates the 70th Week.

  4. John Ashcraft,

    My husband is an Aspie. He is not a Christian, though I thought he was one when we married. He has gone so far away from Christ in the last 25 years. How can I reach him? He says he doubts what he reads, but he knows that Christ is real. He is full of contradictions like that, and, as a “normal” person, I have spent a lot of time and tears and even railing at him to try to get him to understand. He reads the Bible, but seems to get nothing out of it. He is a narcissist, as I understand most on the spectrum are. He is also a compulsive liar, which I know that most on the spectrum aren’t. He just seems to have a very hard time understanding things…I’m not sure why…he just seems blind and deaf to His Word.

    Do you have any idea what I could say or do to help him find the Lord before it’s too late?


  5. Hello, dear Jeff. Im from Lithuania. I just want to say thank you for sharing God words. You and God make me stronger every day, because I feel like I want to cry every day about these peoples who is going to be in another side.. Pray for me and I pray for you. Good luck!!!

  6. Michael, You have touched my heart brother! Be strong in the Lord and seek Him only! What you are experiencing in Zimbabwe is what will be happening in America very soon.We all need to be prepared spiritually most importantly and then physically if we can. By Trusting in the Lord is how we must live! I pray for your safety and peace that passes all understanding from the Holy Spirit.

  7. Brother Jeff,

    I just don’t have enough words to express my deepest gratitude for what you are doing through this site. I first read about your dreams and visions on z3news.com and have been following your blog since last year, 2018. This particular message has really encouraged me to seek the Lord diligently, and to focus on HIM only. Lately I had been distracted by the things of this world and my surroundings. I live in Zimbabwe and lately there have been some demonstrations against the raising of fuel prices at the pump stations. The gov responded by cutting the internet and all forms of social media including whatsapp, and marshall law was implemented from Jan 14 and is still in effect. Internet was restored yesterday but YT and other social media channels are still blocked. Shops were closed for three days since Jan 14, 2019. That’s when the Lord spoke to me and warned me to stop procrastinating in prepping up. I’ve known about the need to prep up spiritually, and physically since 2012 while I was living in Houston Texas, before i came back to Africa, but had done very little physically. I got a very little taste of what it’s going to be like when suddenly our rights, and food outlets are taken away from us. The Lord told me that which we have just gone through is NOTHING compared to what is coming and that I must prepare and i must obey His command to shout to anyone with ears to hear in this part of the world about the impending calamities that will soon be upon us. Thank you Jeff for your obedience to sound the alarm to some of us who may have slept on the watchman walls. May the Lord bless you and the ministry He has entrusted you abundantly.

    Michael Molife,
    Harare, Zimbabwe

    P.S. I have started copying your written dreams and visions from the Lord onto my note books, and printing them, so that I may still have some physical copies to both remind me of my goal to always stay focused on CHRIST JESUS, as well as to share with others latter when the Internet is cut off in the future.

  8. Susan, teddy and I both give you bear hugs. My caregiver says that mentally I am 10. When I hug young softie next to me, I bear hug you, my wife (no autism) and two daughters (both with autism). Susie Simmons from Albuquerque was an acquaintance and when I see your name, I am reminded of that blond girl who now has lots of gray. She is 59 this year. Susie was always a tomboy when growing up.
    You can hug me in Heaven if you can catch me. I plan to visit every square inch of the Messinic Kingdom when I get there. I plan to visit every inch of the cosmos. I have had way too many dreams on the Messianic KIngdom to not miss out on it.

  9. Dear John,

    I think more that Jesus meant that when this time here on this earth and all the things we have overcome in Jesus name is all said and done that we will come home to absolute rest and peace and love in Him and there will be no more tears or pain or warfare. And for me, out of any reward that one could possibly imagine to receive from Jesus, what I would want is to run into His arms and be held and hear, “well done my good and faithful servant.”

    And Hallelujah no you won’t have autism!! And then I can hug you too! 🙂

  10. Susan,
    I loved your descriptive in the last paragraph about how Jesus spoke to you… that it bubbled up from your belly and out your mouth. This is much like how the Gift of Tongues (can) operate. Moments like that with The Lord… are just indescribable! Hallelujah!

    Receiving that shofar is such an amazing gift. If you haven’t, pray over it and ask The Holy Spirit to Bless it. I adore the sound a shofar makes. I especially love listening to shofar trumpets that I have found on YT. I pray it won’t be long before I hear another.

    God Bless and hold you close, Dearest Sister…<>

  11. Susan, I am autistic and I do not know when it is appropriate to hug or not to hug but what you said when Yeshua said:, I am just going to hold you well for me that is a bear hug. For me a bear hug is a hug that says, I am always with you. I will never leave you and I will hold tightly onto you and never let go.
    Autistic people cannot handle hugs or touch for a very longtime and the most I can handle is 5 minutes. A wedding kiss is 3 seconds

  12. Dear John,
    Yes, thank you for explaining! That makes more sense. I had no idea there were 3 Yom Kippers! I have so much to learn…
    A friend recently gave me a shofar, I’ll start watching for that moon to blow it with my son! That will be fun for him.

    Dear Jeff,
    Thank you for the encouragement, hearing God’s voice clearly 100% of the time is my sole focus in life right now. He told me in September, “consecration.” And that has been my heart’s desire and pursuit since I heard that. Being in fellowship and listening to posts from all of you who are so close with Him has helped me greatly in that I don’t feel alone in my pursuit even though I’m in my own lane I know there are runners next to me. So thank you.

    Last night I was lying in bed thinking about coming home to Jesus and all I want to do for Him in His Kingdom with worship and painting for Him and then He spoke to me so powerfully and strong that it actually bubbled up from my belly and out of my mouth. He said, “when you finally come home I am going to just hold you.” I cried.

  13. Yes good reminder to us all. Focus on Him. He is our only hope, the Rock, the sure foundation. I love the word simplicity. But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtlety, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. 2Cor.11:3 Thank you for your faithfulness to continue to reach out to those who have ears to hear. Blessings being sent your way today.

  14. “My sheep hear my voice” – John 10:27. I always hear the Good Shepherd’s voice so clearly through Holy Spirit Wind! Yesterday the Lord told me to make Him my hiding place, today through Holy Spirit Wind the Lord is telling me to focus directly on Him. When we are most focused on Him, we will be most effective among the people around us. I look forward to meeting you soon Jeff!

  15. Sorry about the mistakes. Typo’s. It is fun tying in the dark. I wish there was a way to correct it on word blogs like there is on facebook. Sept 30, 2017 to April 8th, 2019 is our watch time frame.

  16. Thank you for your confirmation sister! It means more to me than you know. Everyone needs to be hearing the Lord for themselves that is for sure. No one knows what will take place or when it will take place but we know it is close.

  17. Jeff,
    This was a fascinating message. Not only that but it proved how He really was reading my thoughts!

    I had felt an odd pull (lately) to maybe begin minimize my visits to WBJ because I have felt a type of warfare going on. I didn’t understand it at first but now it makes sense. To be honest I have been concerned about WBJ… I’m glad you received this message and I completely agree with what you heard.

    No no one except Abba Father knows the hour that will initiate when everything changes – I plead with everyone not to cling too tightly to any specific doctrine but just to SEEK The Lord and fall ever more in love with Yeshua – The Logos – and ask The Ruach to fill every nook and cranny of your thoughts, and emotions with The Lord’s Peace, Wisdom and Understanding.
    Now is the time to begin to ask the Holy Spirit to guide each footstep and spoken Word.


  18. Susan, There are 3 Yom Kippurs. There is the Rabbinic Yom Kippur, the Biblical Yom Kippur, and Yom Kippur near Chanukkah. As a Jew, we watch for the return of the Messiah on the Day of Trumpet New Moon. New Moon is the Key. So we watch for the return around Feast of Tabernacles, Chanukkah, Passover month, Feast of Tabernacles, Chanukkah. I watch on every New Moon for the Trumpet is blasted on the New Moon (first sliver of the New Moon). Christians watch on whatever date they set. So in the year of Jubilee and the year after is when I watch. I do not watch any other time.
    The Jewish Civil year began in 5778 on September 30th, 2017. God’s Biblical year began April 16, 2018 and ends April 8th, 2019. So any New Moon (first sliver of the New Moon) can be a rapture date between Sept 30, 2017 to April 8th, 2019. Next window watch is January 8th.

  19. Susan it COULD be as soon as January but I am not putting any timeframe this because I was not given one.
    You can probably still email people for a little while after the websites go down but for how long we dont know.
    This is why hearing the Lord for yourself is CRITICAL!
    My email address is on the right hand column of both of my blogs and it is Jeff@holyspiritwind.net

  20. John, while Jan 8th 2019 is certainly possible I have to be honest that I really dont believe that it will all take place that soon. On the other hand I really do hope that it does! Soon to the Lord really can mean almost any almost of time but I know in my spirit that we are getting very close now.

  21. Amen. Yes, thank you.

    How do we all stay in contact when all the sites go down?

    I didn’t realize it was going to be as soon as January.

  22. The best way to prepare for what is coming, is to develop a good relationship with God, now. God is trying to put His children through difficult, faith building, experiences, now, so that they can have a strong faith in Him later, when the tribulations, increase, for His children, later. It is sort of like God has to put His children through, Job, type, developing a greater faith in Him, suffering, trials, now, so that He can start to raise them up, to become like, exalted Joseph’s, during the hard times to come for them, later, in their future. It is like we have to go through the tribulations, with God’s help too, now, in order to be able to handle, the tribulations, coming in our future, later.

    I made a picture video, of a prophecy, that Elizabeth Marie of the YouTube channel, LatterRain333, received on December 14, 2018. It is about how God wants us to prepare for the coming tribulation. Here is the link to the video, if anyone wants to check it out,

    An Economic Collapse Prophecy

  23. Jeff’s site and Jardalkalatgmail.blogspot.com are short lived sites and will be going down around the 8th of January possibly. Jeff’ site fills in my timeline. Jeff, Ming, and John are just watchmen on the wall. So at blogspot, I post Jeff’s articles that tie into Leviticus 23, Feast Dates and Second Coming. The increase of Earthquakes will give me the timing that the blog writing will stop at and it will be happening between the first an the 8th day of any given month.
    “Large Earthquakes and other Earth Changes, The Fiery Kick Off Event, Absolute Financial Collapse, Civil War in many places and Nation Waring against Nation, Persecution, Sickness and Disease, Famine, Death Surrounding on Every Side, Darkness and Evil Overtaking Almost Everything but the then Transformation of the Remnant/Bride and the Great Harvest. All of these things and more will happen BEFORE My people are evacuated off of the Earth.
    This is a lot of events that will happen between now and January 8th (first sliver of the New Moon). Earthquakes of 6.0 now will go to 7.0, then 8.0, and then the birth of 9.0 centimeters on the first sliver of the New Moon.

  24. Just to clarify there still will be news but just less of it and more focused. You must not be scared of what you read you must seek shelter under the shadow of his wings and trust him for protection. There must not be any fear because fear is not of God it is of the enemy Satan. Perfect love casts out fear and God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power end of love and of a sound mind. Blessings love and peace tell my sister!

  25. I come to your sites for confirmation as I am learning to remove deception, listen to and clearly hear Jesus, and abide in Him all the time. I am so happy there will be less news now because all those posts distract me and bring fear and stress.

    Thank you for all that you do for all of us!

    These sites are a well and a clear conduit for our King Jesus to speak to us in these final hours of being prepared and trained to be on our own with Him.

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