My Children, Time of Shaking has Begun and it Won’t Stop Until I Return.

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(This message was given to me the day after the 7.0 earthquake in Anchorage, Alaska)


My children, time of shaking has begun and it won’t stop until I return. Just because it doesn’t all happen all in one day, there will be mockers and scoffers but I tell you that the intensity will increase. Mark My words! The number 7 is My number and you have seen it in this last shaking. This is just the beginning! This was just a warning compared to what’s coming upon your land America.

Who has repented because of this warning? You share the destruction on your social media and all of your devices but have you taken heed? Have you considered that I the Lord God, Yahweh, the Almighty God of gods is trying to get your attention? Will you awaken from your slumber and run into My waiting arms or will you fall into the pit as the Earth opens up and swallows you? It is your choice! I love you and I want you to choose Me but I will not force you. Though, I will do everything in My power to convince you to cry out to Me.

I have given My holy sons and daughters many dreams and visions of the horrific earthquakes that are going to take place very soon. I tell you that these are more horrific then you can even imagine. The earthquakes that you have had up until now are only a small taste of what is to come. The “Big One” is coming! Many of you say, “We have heard this for decades” but I say it comes now! Though it has tarried because of My great mercy, that you have taken advantage of, it shall tarry no more. Do you think it is a coincidence that most of the evil cities in this world lie on tectonic plate boundaries? It is not! Neither is it a coincidence that the most evil of cities also are near large bodies of water so that I may use My waters to rise up in judgement upon them.

Anchorage only felt a comparatively small shaking and yet you marvel at what destruction was wrought.

Seattle, you have poked me in the eye with your Space Needle! You have exalted yourself above measure and I will bring you down as I shake you and bring both fire and water.

Vancouver, humble yourself before me! Make yourself low or I will make you low, raze to the ground.

Portland, you have rejected Me and MY love and love violence, thus a violent end you will have.

San Francisco and Oakland, you have felt My shaking before but it is nothing compared to what you shall see in the future for you have given up your natural affections for perversion and debauchery. You say that you are proud to be “gay” but your pride is leading to a fall and your “gayness” shall turn into unending sorrow.

Los Angeles, you are city of the fallen angels, not of My holy angels, you will be cast into the sea and shall be no more!

Hollywood, you have spewed your vile filth and perversion across the entire planet but I shall cleanse you in the bottom of the sea.

California, you have burned with fire yet you do not repent, you give Me no choice but to judge you.

Las Vegas, you love to call yourself “Sin City”, you have pronounced judgment upon yourself.

Phoenix, you shall burn but you will not rise from the ashes.

Not only in the west shall you burn, oh Babylon, but all of your great cities shall burn. All of your cities are an abomination to Me! They are centers for evil and sin and I shall shake and flood and burn them and thus they shall be cleansed. After the shaking intensifies in the west, fire shall fall in the east. New York, Chicago, Boston,  Philadelphia,  Washington DC and many more. America, after you help in the dividing of My land, then your land shall be divided in the middle and the whole nation shall feel the violent shaking! America, you shall feel my hand against you and My wrath will be poured out upon you and you shall be utterly humbled before Me and be made desolate and it shall happen to you before it happens to any other nation.

I cry out to you now! For I know the horrors that you will see, My disobedient children. Your worst nightmares will become reality and then your worst nightmares will become the best of your days, as events that you have never even dreamed of will come upon you. Yet even the most terrible things that can happen to you upon the Earth does not compare to even one second in hell and the Lake of Fire. This is your destination if you do not repent and choose Me. I did not make that place for you but for the deceiver of all mankind. But those who have allowed themselves to be deceived by him will join him in his final destination. I have warned time and time again not to be deceived but you have not heeded my instructions. Yea, you don’t even listen to Me at all! Your minds are too busy being filled with the cares of this world and all the trappings therein. I can pull a camel through an eye of a needle much easier than I can rid a rich man from his possessions and cares in this world, but all things are possible with Me. My children do not be jealous of rich men, for their destruction is near and their end will be complete and utter destruction in fire forever.

I plead with you to repent and repent now while there is still time!

I came as a lamb and I return as a lion!

Jesus Christ

Yahshua ha Mashiach


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  1. Reading these comments are so very encouraging. Armando, i too suffer from a husband that is an unbeliever, who tells me that if he knew i waS going to become like my mother (more on fire for the Lord), he would have never married me. 25 yrs we have been married, and the hurt is beyond words.
    The responses to your post are very uplifting and so true. I take one day at a time, pray the Lord opens his eyes and accepts salvation before he leaves this earth.
    I will keep you in my prayers for strength and perseverance brother.

  2. I have sometimes thought that hell must be pretty bad to be worse than some of what happens on Earth. But this word is so true. The future shakings will be people’s worst nightmares, then the 5 months of torture by locusts will make those nightmares pale into insignificance. Then an eternity in hell, where one second is worse than all of it put together… But how good must heaven be? Let’s pray for all people, that they will believe in Jesus, be saved, repent, love God, love their neighbour, be filled with the Spirit and have eternal life with the Lord. If this message doesn’t motivate us to pray without ceasing, what will?

  3. Even a very small Earthquake, can cause serious destruction to a country, if it hits near a nuclear plant, and releases it’s radiation, and shuts down power grids. But like Jesus said, the wicked need to punished on Earth, and, that, entering into Hell, to have to live there forever, will be so many times worse, experiences for people, to have to experience. If people do not choose to repent, after experiencing His merciful Earthquakes, which He tries to use, to try to wake people up to their need of His salvation from Hell, then they will have to experience, His, Eternal, Hell, after they die.

  4. The message/warning is still the same and has not changed!

    Believe In Jesus! Worship Jesus In Thankfulness and Humility! Repent unto the Lord Jesus Christ and have no fear whether you live or die because your eternal salvation for your immortal eternal spiritual soul is secure in Jesus, as long as you hold on to the Faith of these 3 things mentioned above! Remember these are only the beginning of the Birth pangs of Sorrow, there will be many brave, as well as many wise men who will turn into utter cowards when they see God Judgments begin to unfold upon them and their families with their very own eyes. (Hopefully these men (or people), already Believe In Jesus and Know The Truth of Jesus at this time when these events occur because if they don’t their Spiritual Soul will be Lost for all eternity if they do not cry out to Jesus for forgiveness and repent before they physically die!) (However some people do make it by the skin of their teeth so we cant judge, as we are only here to pray for them and to share the Truth with them.

    Like Jeff said above;…”God might decide to take some of us, who are His, home into Heaven to be with Him either before, during or after these times of coming Judgment”, as only those who Worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth and those who are filled with Gods Holy Spirit and who are humbly and sincerely interceding and praying on others behalves, and who are repenting daily and nightly of their own daily and nightly sins, only they shall be able to have No Fear and Walk through their Faith in Jesus, as they are then used by God to withstand all that is coming, while at the same time sharing Gods Good News Gospel Of Truth with all of those who lack Faith and Truth, so either way God will either take some of us home into Heaven at this time, or we will be used by God to help Him bring in a new Harvest of Souls during this coming time, nevertheless it will always be a win, win for all True Believers in Jesus especially when the larger series of 7.5 earthquakes begin to shake up America. and when the volcanoes start popping off and when the tidal waves begin to strike our coastlines, because our God Jesus is in total control and He has our back so we never have anything to fear.

    (See Dutchsinse on YouTube for latest development of seismic activity, especially when it comes to keeping us updated on when swarms of earthquakes strike and then how the direction of earthquake pressure is then transferred afterwards and how to watch out for build up of a series of 6.5, 7.5 and/or 8.5 coming earthquake patterns, he’s quite informative and really onto something when guiding us on to look for patterns in earthquake activity and on where the direction of earthquake pressure is then transferred too.)

  5. Brother Jeff, tgee, Joshua 1:9, h2on2wine and to all thank you So kindly for your prayers h2on2wine your message and all brought me to tears and weeping with thanksgiving to our Blessed King Jesus Christ. This means so much to me because I pursue fervently not t yell at my wife or because the kids seem away from our Lord and the one thing I pray fervently is to not embarrass or hurt the name Jesus Christ. I always thank him for granting an opportunity to be his servant✝️. I love you all my brothers and sisters’ in Christ. Peace of Christ with thanksgiving to our almighty Christ our beloved King and Savior forever be praised.!!

  6. Armando,
    I am to leave this response to you from Our Messiah and The Comforter:

    “My Son, Armando…it is amongst the war zone that I stand side by side with you. It is now that you are not alone. Though you feel powerless, it is now that my greatest power will show through your Spirit. Recall that at My trial before Pilate – my answers were few. It is in the silences that The Truth of My Ruach HaKodesh speaks the loudest to the Lukewarm and unbelieving by convicting via SUPERNATURAL means (dividing the soul and the Spirit) of those who see through a glass darkly or have not been awakened.

    You, my child, identify the war zone, recognize it for what it is – the opportunity to watch MY Hand of Grace upon the lost sleep. You and your children shall be strengthened by this… because they will bare testimony to the true meaning of AGAPE LOVE. Do you know the significance of your name Armando?

    You are a sanctified -MAN- of God
    Whose Arm- I am leading to -do- mighty exploits for the coming Kingdom.”

    Be Blessed Brother…pray over this message for confirmation and May God’s loving arms bring your wife into His Will.


  7. Brother Armando, my heart breaks for you and tears welled up in my eyes as I read your request. I will be praying for you and your family and that Maribel will receive a revelation of who Jesus really is weather by a dream or vision or by the Lord using a person to talk to her or even a situation happening in her life where she needs to cry out to Him. I pray that the Holy Spirit would not leve her alone until she bows her knee and repent before the Lord Jesus and is reborn in the Spirit and becomes a brand new person that loves the Lord and has His Spirit dwelling within her.

  8. Armando, I rarely reply to individual posts but your petition just grabbed my heart and I started praying for you immediately. I strongly sense the Lord wanted you to know He sees the cry of your heart. I pray over you for 2 things… As the spiritual head of household over your family , your under attack from a spouse that may not be walking with the Lord as of yet. The kids see this but they also see you trying to honor and love Jesus even amidst an unbeliever who happens to also be their mother. That is a huge double challenge to walk in peace being right in the middle of this war. But know that as you keep honoring the Lord in this storm, He will make all things new. I’m praying for you brother, know the Lord is in this and it will be all for His glory , but He will reward you immensely in the end. Blessings of peace and His unfailing love over all of you.

  9. Armando, prayers for your family, God’s gift of peace be over your home. Sometimes it takes a difficult situation to bring someone to their knees and to cry out to God, may He draw her unto Himself as our prayers go up.

  10. Oh I see. That’s not good, I live in the Vancouver Canada area. I am not scared of it, but i just don’t like destruction. I hope Vancouver will repent!

  11. I have lived here in Long beach,CA most of my life. I have been through all the earthquakes up to 7 [Praise King Jesus for his mercy.] and let me tell you it is terror beyond the imagination even though it last a few seconds it’s enough to leave a scar of terror. i have seen California go into the sea and the church if in slumber will perish and those awake will survive. I have kept to myself and tell people as the Lord leads me most dont believe and it breaks my heart even my own wife Maribel. please keep us in your prayers
    I need help through prayer as my house has been sometimes a warzone and it breaks my heart with my children through the unbelief of my wife. Peace of Christ with thanksgiving to all in Love of the Father.

  12. Another strong wake up call. And that was a good word you gave to Daniel. I think many need to hear that as people are beginning to make plans out of fear rather than by the leading of The Holy Spirit. And also what you said to Dana hopefully will cause a lot of people who are hesitating not answering the call of God on their life because He is asking them to do something they have never done before, but just as you said He is God and it is important to take that step of faith and just do it. Thanks for all that you do.

  13. This was confirmed in my spirit as well after my son and I experienced the earthquake here yesterday.

    The Lord is trying to shake and wake the worldly, sleeping and lukewarm church up here.

    This is why there were no fatalities or major injuries. Only a violent, fearful shaking.

    There are many believers here in AK, and many used to to be on fire for The Lord and walked in pure holiness and righteousness before Him.

    Years ago many even sought to live up here for that very reason so they could be free from persecution from the lukewarm movement of churches in the lower 48 to truly live freely for God.

    Well, that wave of lukewarmness eventually made it up here too and now The Lord is calling Alaskan believers to wake up and toss away the worldliness and want for wealth and things and come back to their knees in repentance and to sit at His feet in full surrender and submission.

    As this word states:

    The mercy that was shown up here will not be shown to other cities who have already outright rejected Him.

    And, if Alaska’s body of believers does not fully consecrate themselves and begin to walk in humility, righteousness, and uncompromising holiness…

    God will no longer protect the unrepentant people here either.

    Please pray for the believers up here in AK that from this earthquake God would kill the lukewarm slumber and birth and SUSTAIN a move of TRUE REPENTANCE and consecration that leads to Holy Spirit and Fire baptisms up here for all the rest of the nation to follow!

    Thank you for listening


  14. I agree Jeff. I wouldn’t move short of hearing from the Lord to do so. The Lord has said not to fear but trust him which I will do. God Bless.

  15. David, For what it’s worth…my two cents.

    The archaic meaning of raze is to “erase’ but more modern definitions are to scrape, cut, shave off or to “demolish” as in destroy the ground.

    Make yourself “low”, by The Spirit and when measured against scripture (to me) indicates the people’s that live there need to humble themselves and approach Yeshua with contrite hearts and seek forgiveness… there are many whose hearts the Lord sees that are weighed down by demons/spirits of haughtiness and pride (Isaiah 3:16).

    If the people don’t start self examination of Psalm 139:23-24 they won’t know what hit them.

  16. Hey Jeff!
    Thank you for sharing this with us. I am just wondering what the Lord meant when He said “Make yourself low or I will make you low, raze to the ground.” What does He mean by Raze to the ground? Thank you!

  17. Its not easy and believe me I am not a writer, I never wrote ANYTHING like this before 2015!
    The Lord sometimes chooses people to do things that I would never choose but he is God…

  18. It takes me forever to type because of mistakes and spellchecker makes it worse! I don’t understand how there isn’t More mistakes in all of you messengers’ posts!

  19. Dana, thanks for pointing that out it should read “rejected Me and MY love, and love violence”
    I will correct it now
    I am not perfect but He is
    God Bless you!

  20. Jeff, in the word the Lord gave you for Portland, it says, “Portland you have rejected Me and MY love violence thus a violent end you will have. ” Is there a typo in there? Should it be “…rejected Me and MY love, and love violence, …” or “rejected Me and love violence..” ? I am from Portland and now live across the Columbia river in Vancouver Washington and so I want to understand the wording on this. If you could please clarify if is supposed to be as written, which doesn’t make sense to me. Thank you for all your messages and hard work you do for us .

  21. Daniel, I know this sounds contrary to what most people would believe butyou should NEVER move out of fear of what is to come. You should only move because God tells you to. If you are not in the center of HIS will you will be at the mercy of the evil one…in other words there will be no mercy. The Lord may choose to protect you right where you are at or take you home to be with Him…as long as you know Him and are listening to his voice you will be where you need to be.

  22. Jeff, when I heard about the earthquake in Anchorage I had a bad feeling that this was the start of a lot more earthquakes to come, especially to the west coast. After reading this message it almost sounds like they will proceed down the west coast one after another. God has warned American many times to repent and as a country it has not which will lead to these terrible judgments.

    Living in Thousand Oaks, California, we have just had our share of tragedies with the shooting at the Borderline country bar and the fires in the general area after that. These would be a drop in the proverbial ocean if the Lord sends an earthquake so powerful as to sink Los Angeles, Hollywood and adjoining areas into the sea. I happen to be about 35 miles NW of Los Angeles but to the west of the San Andreas fault. I have read other prophecies of an earthquake coming that is so devastating it will break off California along that fault and everything west of it will go into the sea. You may be familiar with the prophecies of William Branham and Joe Brandt who had similar words and visions given to them. Many other more recent prophecies have been similar to what they said. I recall one individual stating a 9.1 would hit the Pacific NW (no doubt on the Cascadia fault) followed by an unimaginable 12.2 to hit California. Scientists would tell you that the maximum quake on the San Andreas is about 8.3 but with God involved anything is possible.

    I think of those who are in this area who fear the Lord and believe. Hopefully before these earthquakes come he will give us a word whether to leave or not. It is up to everyone of us to get our house (heart) in order and hope God has mercy on us here who trust in him.

  23. This was sent in from Rick:
    I’m in awe of this Word because I experienced this terrible ‘live’ Richter 7 shaking here near to Anchorage, yesterday. The aftershocks continued so much that I began to feel like I was on a deep sea fishing boat! As I shared the news out with others, I felt led & inspired to write the following explanation to one of my unconverted loved ones. I was very blessed to see how this fresh Word confirms exactly what I wrote him yesterday!… “Even as I write this email, my RV is continuing to shake from the after-shocks of the major quake event we just had. This was merely the beginning of ‘big shakings’ coming to our nation, about to get so bad that people will turn to panic. Not a very popular or readily accepted picture of the future, but it is truthfully what the Lord is saying is coming next, as He says He is trying to wake up the spiritually dead nation to repent of their unbelief in Him. He says He will allow the nation to be destroyed completely by flood & fire from east to west coast over the next few years, if the nation doesn’t fall to their knees & come back to Him in serious & fervent prayer. The main message He posts to all is that this nation once belonged to God, & that is why it was so blessed at one time, due to the faith of our forefathers who built it. But He says that somewhere along the line our people & leaders have turned evil, & that we as a nation now are a shameful disgrace to all the world, & are not blessed or protected by him any longer, as of now, this year, this month…” Feel free to use, repeat, or quote any of this as you witness to others in your own life, for this brief explanation of current affairs is now a confirmed condensed version of a much bigger & longer story! Thanks Jeff! rick

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