“The Calamities and the Fiery, False Flag Events Shall Kick Off Soon.”

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Received 11-4-18

The time of Satan’s wrath is upon you and he goes about ever more frantically because he knows his time is short. Nothing shall be turned back now but shall speed up and become more intense and this shall be the way it shall go until the end of the age. The calamities and the fiery, false flag events shall kick off soon.

Many events shall take place, getting successively more destructive. Rejoice that the time has been cut short for the sake of My children! This time of relative peace, shall end suddenly and in a moment, the world as you know it, will cease to exist. Once this happens the seals will open like a string of lit firecrackers and the scroll shall be fully unrolled.

America, the immigrants are being sent to you as a test and as a distraction. How will you treat the innocent ones? Will you show them mercy, grace and love as I have shown you? Will you give food to the hungry and shelter to protect them from the elements? Yes, there are those mixed in that would cause harm and destruction but that will be lessened if you do as I would to the least of these. As you do unto them you do unto Me. As you are distracted by the immigrants, secret plans are being finalized that will ensure the destruction of Babylon the great, America.

America, your political solutions to your spiritual problems will not delay your judgment. In truth, either way that you vote you will be punished. One way will be quicker and one way will be more severe. Your current king was brought into office to begin your judgment but your former king shall return as the events proceed and finish it. He will oversee your destruction and then move on to his role as the leader of the ten kings. Barack Hussein Obama will be the flesh and blood manifestation of Satan on the Earth, just as I was the flesh and blood manifestation of My Father, the Most High God, El Elyon,YHVH. Obama shall be fully possessed by Satan after the kick-off. My children in America, you shall suffer persecution by his hand. Those who are not close to Me but call themselves “Christians” shall be persecuted the worst. Those who have kept themselves in intimate relationship and stayed holy before Me shall suffer the least. All will suffer some and some will be taken out of the midst of the evil into My presence and their suffering will be over. My remnant/bride will be given an extra anointing during this time even before the transformation.

The conspiracy to divide My land and My holy city, Jerusalem is also a concern for you America. I will judge those who divide My land! Your king will not suceed, he will be rejected but the beast that comes after shall confirm the covenant called the Oslo accords and it will be enforced. This I will not tolerate! My wrath will be poured out! America shall be divided!

I shall rule from My throne in Jerusalem this is why Satan wants My city so badly. I will never sit in a temple made by human hands but the beast will. Once again, watch the actions of Obama and the Pope for they are the first and second beasts and they do the will of their Father who is Satan.

These things are not far off!


Pray that you may be among the remnant that I will use you in the great harvest!

Your reward will be more than you can even dream!

Jesus Christ

Yahshua ha Mashiach








55 thoughts on ““The Calamities and the Fiery, False Flag Events Shall Kick Off Soon.””

  1. This reply that was left by Jeff has really opened my eyes to the immigration issue. I have always been a strong believer that the immigrants coming in illegal have no right to when so many others have to do it the RIGHT way. After seeing the verses that you have listed, I have a new view on immigration. Thank you!

  2. Here are some verses for you.
    Heb 13:2 Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels.
    Deut 15:7 “If there is among you a poor man of your brethren, within any of the gates in your land which the Lord your God is giving you, you shall not harden your heart nor shut your hand from your poor brother, 8 but you shall open your hand wide to him and willingly lend him sufficient for his need, whatever he needs.
    Psalm 10:1-3 Why do You stand afar off, O Lord?
    Why do You hide in times of trouble?
    2 The wicked in his pride persecutes the poor;
    Let them be caught in the plots which they have devised.
    3 For the wicked boasts of his heart’s desire;
    He blesses the greedy and renounces the Lord.
    Psalm 41:1-2 Blessed is he who considers the poor;
    The Lord will deliver him in time of trouble.
    2 The Lord will preserve him and keep him alive,
    And he will be blessed on the earth;
    You will not deliver him to the will of his enemies.
    Zechariah 7:10 Do not oppress the widow or the fatherless, The alien or the poor. Let none of you plan evil in his heart Against his brother.’
    Malachi 3:5 And I will come near you for judgment; I will be a swift witness Against sorcerers, Against adulterers, Against perjurers, Against those who exploit wage earners and widows and orphans, And against those who turn away an alien— Because they do not fear Me,” Says the Lord of hosts.

  3. “America, the immigrants are being sent to you as a test and as a distraction. How will you treat the innocent ones? Will you show them mercy, grace and love as I have shown you? Will you give food to the hungry and shelter to protect them from the elements?”
    Absolutely, when we give to the least of them, we are giving to God, and as His children we are always to be charitable as it is in us to give.
    However, it is also true that Soros and his ilk are sponsoring the caravans (one containing 10,000 people is on its way now), the pope (false prophet) demands all countries take them in, Obama (the “antichrist”) allowed unlimited access to illegal “immigrants”, Sweden, Germany and other European countries are turning into hell-holes of rape and violence, certain Christian denominations in this country are profiting by taking in these people and giving them assistance that is no longer available to our own people. Although we have legal avenues for asylum seekers, we should reward people that break the laws?
    What, as a nation, should we be doing?

  4. Yes, I truly believe the fires in California are the beginning coupled with the latest mass shooting. Dutchsinse has been warning like crazy about a possible big earthquake in the western US…I believe it has begun but when the kick off hits we will KNOW

  5. More Fires in California, Hmmm;…I remember a Prophecy awhile back where one of the Watchperson’s were told;…”that after the fires it shall begin.” Hmmmm;…(I wonder what shall begin? Earthquakes, War, Volcanoes, Tidal Waves, or the Economic Collapse of the American Dollar?

    (Hey Jeff, I’ve also been following the Words of Pastor Benjamin Faircloth, Julie Whedbee and Byron Searle as well as yourself, who all seem to speak in part, but when I put all of yours and their words together along with my Holy Bible (KJV), it really helps for me to get a fuller perspective of where we are at in Gods Prophetic Timeline. I know of many more people out their claiming to also be Watchperson’s and Prophets of God, so no need to start listing them here in this thread, but these main Four are usually right in step with each other and really help me get a clearer prophetic picture of what we as True Holy Spirit filled Christians (True Believers who worship Jesus in Spirit and in Truth), should be doing. ie;…Undoubting Faith and Belief, Prayer and Fasting, Thankfulness and Worship, Repentance along with Intercession on behalf of apostate believers and unbelievers and last but not least;…sharing the Truth of the Love of the Gospel Good News of Jesus Christ and His Salvation unto as many people as we can, everyday, anyway’s I just want to say Thank You for heeding the call of The Holy Spirit and sharing your part with us.) 🙂

  6. Yes Matt, that is the first time that the Lord has spoken to me about kick off events… I would expect directed energy weapons, nuclear bombs as well as natural cataclysmic events such as volcanoes and earthquakes and solar activity as well… I think it will all combine and that if we have been paying attention to what the Lord has been saying that we will know when it starts. I believe that will be an event that is at least 10 times bigger than 911. Thank you Matt for being the only one who commented about the events being plural! I was wondering if anybody had noticed…

  7. Dinna, I was not even thinking that but it’s a very good point! There is definitely fire and judgment in California right now. Thank you for all your great comments Dinna!

  8. I think it’s interesting that Jesus told you … “fiery, false flag events (PLURAL!) shall kick off soon.” Might this be a hint that the kick-off event will involve not only a nuclear blast but also directed energy weapons (as mentioned in other posts)?

  9. I’m just going to say that I disagree with him on that.
    The Lord revealed to me that Obama will be the final AntiChrist on March 10th 2017 and I will never forget that day.

  10. You’re welcome, and Thank you Jeff!

    Here’s the entire streamcast from Pastor Paul Begley. I don’t know if the entire streamcast is devoted to that though.

    Prophetic Outlook: “Snake Crawls Out Of The Western Wall”
    (Friday, November 02, 2018)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SauN_vqg4VE&t=445s (1:39:26)

    Another thing that I’ve been thinking about, is a vision I had last April.

    2 Flash Visions: Ball of Fire & Trump Falling (Rover Radar)

    28 April 2018

    As I shifted to my right side early yesterday morning (before getting out of bed), I (thought I) briefly saw:

    1. A ball of fire – coming towards something or somewhere I don’t know.
    2. Trump falling – like being pushed out of a plane without a parachute (free falling?), only that it was in slow motion of some sort. Both were in a background of darkness.

    God always, and richly bless you, and everyone who comes here! – Dinna –

  11. Have you seen this?

    Jewish End Time Prophecy Fulfilled – Serpent Appear from Western Wall During Prayer Anti-Christ (Tuesday, November 06, 2018)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cr2pQcbz02Y (12:10)

    What I strongly sensed as I was watching was, this being related to the Peace Plan. The dove symbolizing that, and the snake would be Satan’s deceptions regarding the Peace Plan (and everything else in between [sudden changes {darkness} coming], in these chaotic End Times we are [and have been] living in).

  12. Jeff, about two weeks ago, I had a dream which gave me a hint how close the kick-off event may be. I was thinking of renting a large and very modern apartment in the countryside (I currently live in a small apartment in the city of Zurich, Switzerland). Jesus immediately showed me with this dream that the apartment I was interested in would be a luxury and that I could only enjoy it during the month of December. (He literally showed me the dates 12/01/2018 – 12/31/2018). If my interpretation is correct, this means that the kick-off-event is probably imminent and that Jesus already has plans for me to move to some other place He has prepared for me.

  13. Thank you. It appears the dems are poised to take the house, while the republicans are to retain control of the senate (as I somewhat was expecting). I wonder what this will mean in the long run… Hope to hear your thoughts on this. God bless, brother.

  14. My OPINION is if there is a sweep by the Republicans it will be faster because the Dems will go to plan B which is the False Flag Event. More severe would be if the Dems sweep like I said OPINION ONLY

  15. Hi, Jeff. Just off of your opinion (or from what the Lord has revealed to you), which ways do you think the people would have to vote to incur either the faster or the more severe form of judgement? Watching these events very closely… Blessings

    Dinna thank you for doing all this digging!
    I will be looking at all you have put here today
    So much deeper than I knew…
    Blessing to you sister!

  17. God, please help the US to distinguish the innocent from the evil ones!

    Please remember the people who lives in the bordering states! You love and died for them too!

    IF You, The Lord God Almighty, do not uphold Your Laws & Righteousness in this critical moment of this Land, NO one will/can. Please Remember Your Mercy & Love – send another Great Awakening to US Now!

    Arise Oh God, and let your enemies be scattered! Pinpoint ALL those evil doers/criminals/gangster among the Caravans for our troops & border security guards, so that men will fear YOU and proclaim, “Surely there is a God who knows the hearts of men, and HE does Intervene in the Affair of Men for HE cares for the Innocent and bring Judgment against the evil schemers!”

    You are our only Hope in these days of calamities – please fight for us, lead USA back to You, and into her Destiny!

    In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

  18. THIS, is what the Oslo Accords is all about (the BOTTOM LINE):

    Written Proof Vatican To Build Israel’s Third Temple – Israeli News Live (May 06, 2015)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuQtRo1vdcI (17:45)

    In a secret document we discovered written proof that the Vatican will build Israel’s Third Holy Temple. This shocking discovery goes on to reveal what we have reported before that Jerusalem will be an international city, with The Pope of Rome its head.

    Proof Vatican To Build Israel’s Third Temple!
    May 11, 2015 by Steven DeNoon

    December 30, 1993

  19. Shimon Peres gave 60 % of Jerusalem to the Vatican at the 1993 Oslo Accords (November 04, 2013)

    An interview by Barry Chamish with his guest on the Barry Chamish Radio Show
    November 10th 2010. His guest confronted Jesuit trained Shimon Peres on his
    connection to the OSLO ACCORDS and the VATICAN whilst in the Hebrew University

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G24qOFUYllE (11:35)

  20. The Honduras Caravan is heading north approaching towards southern US. I live in South Texas in a city bordering Mexico. Oct 31, 2018 around 2 pm , more than 5 big cargo military type planes flew into our airport. Trump has activated military troops to protect the border due Honduras caravan seeking asylum. May God be with us all . We know that he’s in control. Pray for our community so that local, state, and national governments do God’s will when it comes in helping out the poor.and may no terrorist/drug cartels infiltrate with the innocent people. In Jesus name I pray. Amen!

  21. Wow, what a powerful message from God. When he was speaking of time being cut short I immediately thought of what John Shorey had been stating recently in his newsletters about a shortening of time. This message also confirms what many of us have thought that this pope is indeed the False Prophet. I just sense these events, particularly the kick off event, is very close to happening. I have noted several other prophets stating a great shaking is about to hit this nation and I almost expect any day a huge earthquake could strike as the judgments really start in earnest. These are incredible times we are living in to say the least. As the Lord has said we need to trust him and not fear as these things happen. God bless you brother.

  22. Glory be to God,this is another confirmation for me brother Jeff.

    I wrote a comment two days ago on ““THE DESTRUCTION OF NEW YORK IS IMMINENT. . . “ – Linda Hasche” and this was my answer to the user “while on his journey”.

    From what I know, Islam was created by the Vatican to face both Christians and Jews, the Vatican desires Jerusalem, when the AC will restore the temple to Jerusalem, maybe the Vatican will be able to move.

    Don’t trust the Pope/Vatican/Jesuits.

  23. To Dinna and everyone else, I just found this article written by Steven BenNun it is very interesting and now I know what the Lord was trying to tell us. I will put an excerpt here but it is worth reading the whole article!

    “Israel fought for her independence after the Arabs rejected resolution 181, thus dividing the land by war. Israel has been attacked by her neighbors on countless occasions and in 1967 when all her neighbors were bent on driving Israel out she won the war recaptured Jerusalem for the first time in 2000 years. It is important to mention Resolution 181 also gave Jerusalem to neither Jews nor Arabs but Rome was to get and control Jerusalem with a UN force. We can see this was the promise by the Oslo Accords and the leaked Information that then Prime Minister Shimon Peres had promised Jerusalem to the Vatican with a UN military presence in Jerusalem.”


    So basically what I think the Lord is telling us is that the Vatican is going to take control of Jerusalem eventually. The Lord is not happy about this!

  24. Heather, I wouldn’t doubt that you could be right but I also wouldn’t doubt that it might not happen but we will all be on high alert from now on! Being ready at all times is the only way to live anymore especially spiritually!

    Love and peace sister

  25. ” . . . but your former king shall return as the events proceed and finish it. He will oversee your destruction and then move on to his role as the leader of the ten kings. Barack Hussein Obama will be the flesh and blood manifestation of Satan on the Earth, just as I was the flesh and blood manifestation of My Father, the Most High God, El Elyon,YHVH. Obama shall be fully possessed by Satan after the kick-off. My children in America, you shall suffer persecution by his hand.”

    Glynda Lomax – 1st Vision of the Filthy Kings (Tuesday, May 08, 2018)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_04SQNgY6I0 (11:44)

    Glynda Lomax – 2nd Vision of the Filthy Kings (Tuesday, May 08, 2018)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXyx9lZB2U0 (14:20)

  26. High watch dates November 9th – November 11th. In many parts of the world, November 9 would be written 9/11/11 (2+0+1+8).

    I fully expect the fake flag/terrorist event to occur November 9th & by november 11th, a bank holiday declared & the stock market in Asia to plummet when it opens….

    Very surreal time!

  27. I’ve had a dream confirmation already, earlier this summer, which commicated that the times were shortened for the sake of the elect.

    Persevere in the Lord!

  28. Isaiah 6:8
    Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me.

    Thank you Lord for the confirmations about Obama and the Pope. God bless you all.

  29. Oslo Accords

    The Oslo Accords are a set of agreements between the Government of Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO): the Oslo I Accord, signed in Washington, D.C., in 1993; [1] and the Oslo II Accord, signed in Taba, Egypt, in 1995. [2] The Oslo Accords marked the start of the Oslo process, a peace process aimed at achieving a peace treaty based on United Nations Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338, and at fulfilling the “right of the Palestinian people to self-determination.” The Oslo process started after secret negotiations in Oslo, resulting in the recognition by the PLO of the State of Israel and the recognition by Israel of the PLO as the representative of the Palestinian people and as a partner in negotiations.

    The Oslo Accords created a Palestinian Authority tasked with limited self-governance of parts of the West Bank and Gaza Strip; and acknowledged the PLO as Israel’s partner in permanent-status negotiations about remaining questions. The most important questions relate to the borders of Israel and Palestine, Israeli settlements, the status of Jerusalem, Israel’s military presence in and control over remaining territories after Israel’s recognition of Palestinian autonomy, and the Palestinian right of return. The Oslo Accords, however, did not create a Palestinian state. [3]

    1. ^ Jump up to: a b Declaration of Principles on Interim Self-Government Arrangements (DOP), 13 September 1993. From the Knesset website


    2. Jump up ^ Israeli-Palestinian Interim Agreement on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, 28 September 1995. From the Knesset website


    3. ^ Jump up to: a b Mideast accord: the overview; Rabin and Arafat sign accord ending Israel’s 27-year hold on Jericho and the Gaza Strip. Chris Hedges, New York Times, 5 May 1994.


    Quote of Yitzhak Rabin: “We do not accept the Palestinian goal of an independent Palestinian state between Israel and Jordan. We believe there is a separate Palestinian entity short of a state.”

    Read more at (Source):

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