7 thoughts on “NOW CONTINUOUSLY UPDATED! : PDF of All Holy Spirit Wind Prophetic Words given to Jeff Byerly (Word Doc Only Through 10-20-18)”

  1. Just wanted to let y’all know that the PDF link above is no longer working for some reason. This is the error message received; “Oops! That page can’t be found.
    It looks like nothing was found at this location. Maybe try a search?”
    Appreciate all your hard work!

      1. Brother Jeff, I am new to your site and am so blessed. I have started at the beginning…Praise God for the PDF files!!! I have a question on the word from 3/12/16: What are the vessels we are to get and how do we pour out the oil? Are vessels people and oil ministering in the spirit? Thank you!

        1. I haven’t read that in a long time, so I asked the Lord about it and he says that the vessels that we are to pour into are other people. In the case of the wise and foolish virgins there is not time, when Jesus comes, to be pouring into them. Notice he comes when it is dark . We will need all of our Holy Spirit oil we have gathered in our alone time with him, so our lights will be shining bright when he comes!… I hope this helps God bless you!

  2. Brother Jeff!
    thank you for PDF. Have secured and downloaded to my PC.
    I live in Germany. The Father is with you and always keep you in his arms.
    Anna Maria

  3. Hi Jeff. I feel that I have to thank you for allowing yourself to be a vessel of the Lord. Reading the first revelations on this pdf document casts my mind back to when the Father was calling me to come to Him and forsake my sins. Jeff, at that time your blog was one of the first ministries i stumbled upon, and i thank my God for it. The Lord lead me to your blog and it ignited such an insatiable fire inside me to seek the Lord with all my heart. My whole life i have been captive in the chains of lustful addictions and I had enough of being in those sins. When I stumbled upon these revelations on your blog, i just fell so much in love with how the Lord yearns for closeness with me, and how His messages through you communicates that, as well as His undying and passionate love for us. So many christians do not understand this, that Jesus yearns for intimate closeness with each of us, and that is how we overcome the flesh, through that intimate fellowship we establish with the Lord by spending one on one time with Him, then all the other things will flow from there. I have had amazing experiences with the Lord and I am an overcomer through Him. God bless the true prophets. God bless you Jeff!

    1. Thank you so much! You dont know how much it blesses me to know that the words that the Lord gives me to write touch even one…I know its more but I tell you it amazes me every time!
      With the exception of the message “Trump or Jesus” they are all from Him, that one was my own opion and BOY WAS I WRONG LOL!
      Blessings Love and Peace!