Rest in Me, Walk in the Spirit, Hidden Treasures in My Word are Being Revealed


My children, I want you to stop striving in your flesh, because your fleshly  efforts amount to nothing without My Spirit. Begin to enter into My rest at all times now, even in the midst of chaos and death that you will see. My peace and life overcomes anything the enemy can throw at you! I know this goes against everything that your human mind tells you but you must listen to what the Holy Spirit whispers to you. My perfect peace passes all understanding for those that keep their hearts and minds fixed on Me always!

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NOW CONTINUOUSLY UPDATED! : PDF of All Holy Spirit Wind Prophetic Words given to Jeff Byerly (Word Doc Only Through 10-20-18)

This contains all Holy Spirit Wind messages!
We all know that someday the internet will be shut down or we will lose access to it. This file is available offline.
Holy Spirit Wind – Jeff Byerly – PDF
Holy Spirit Wind – Jeff Byerly – Word .doc(THIS GOES ONLY THROUGH OCT 20, 2018)


Do You Know Me in Your Head or in Your Heart?

Received 10-19 and 10-20-18

My son, I want to give you and my people a deeper understanding of the differences between knowing in the mind, soul or brain verses knowing  in your heart, spirit or belly which is where My Spirit dwells if I am allowed inside of a man.

The picture below represents human effort to break out of the darkness and see the light.

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I Will Burn All that is Not of Me


The Lord awakened me at 4 AM and had me go into an hour of worship before Him. Then He spoke this message to my spirit.

“My son, write what I give you by My Spirit that is within you.

The transition from one age to the next age is here and the change is already here yet the biggest changes are yet to come. This physical realm will cease to exist, I will make a new heaven and a new earth. Don’t try to hold on to that which will be destroyed. Instead lay hold of that which is eternal, which is all that I give to you by the Spirit. Those with My Spirit have My love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such there is no law for they are the fulfillment of the law because living by the Spirit is My will and fulfills all my commands. Human effort never fulfilled any of my commands! Do not burden yourselves or others by trying to fulfill My commandments in the flesh it cannot be done! Instead use My commandments as a measure of whether you are living by the Spirit and not the flesh. If you live by My Spirit you will be obedient to My laws and Commandments and by the flesh you will obey NONE of them. Think not that you are any better than anyone else for if it was not for My blood sacrifice you would be lost! No man on Earth, except for Me, ever fulfilled the law but what is impossible for man is possible for God by the Holy Spirit. Continue reading “I Will Burn All that is Not of Me”


“This Fall will be a Giant Step Toward the Complete Fall of America but the End is Not Yet”

My son, over 2 years ago I told you “The Fall will be the beginning of the fall of this world into utter darkness and chaos.” most did not see it at the time but it did begin. Many in America thought that I had sent them a reprieve from judgment and that a man that would restore the nation to its former glory. They have believed a lie. It didn’t happen and IT WON’T HAPPEN! It will not happen because I was the glory of America. America has continued to reject Me and My ways. There has been repentance only from a remnant and to those I will show mercy but even they shall go through many trials and tribulations. Continue reading ““This Fall will be a Giant Step Toward the Complete Fall of America but the End is Not Yet””