While I was in my time with the Lord, on the morning of 9-22-18 I kept hearing the chorus to the song “Urgent” by Foreigner, over and over in my head. I thought this strange because I had not heard that song in a long time. I asked the Lord if it was from Him and He said Yes it was. He told me to look up the lyrics of the choruses of that song but to disregard the lyrics of the verses and that I was not to play the song.
Here are the lyrics of the choruses:
You say it’s urgent
So urgent, so oh oh urgent
Just wait and see
How urgent my love can be
It’s urgent
It gets so urgent
So urgent
You know it’s urgent
I wanna tell you it’s the same for me
So oh oh urgent
Just you wait and see
How urgent our love can be
It’s urgent
You say it’s urgent
Make it fast, make it urgent
Do it quick, do it urgent
Gotta rush, make it urgent
Want it quick
Urgent, urgent, emergency
Urgent, urgent, emergency
Urgent, urgent, emergency
Urgent, urgent, emergency
So urgent, emergency
Emer emer emer
It’s urgent
So I thought about what the Holy Spirit could mean by having me look up these lyrics and I began to think about the Kick-off event and the destruction and calamity that I know is soon to come. I asked the Lord if this is what He meant by giving me this song and this and the following is His reply.
“My son, you are looking at the song lyrics that I had you look up at only one level but I want to show you another level as well. I want you to tell My people that things are Urgent in both the spiritual and physical worlds right now. All you of need to desire to be with Me now more than ever now. The tired old ways that you are comfortable with and  “used to” are not going to be enough, our relationship needs to be URGENT! I need to be the first thought that enters your mind in the morning and the last thought as you drift off to sleep at night. I need to be the center of everything you do, day and night and you need to be seeking Me and My kingdom in everything that you do. You need to be watching for My coming always and praying without ceasing.
I know there are some of you who are aking “How can we possibly do this Lord?” and I tell you that it is I who will give you the strength and power to do these things. I am not a cruel taskmaster, My yoke is easy and My burden is light! How could I tell you to do something if it were not possible? If I did such a thing I would be a liar and I cannot lie. Truly, truly I say to you the more urgently you seek Me and desire My presence, the more of Myself I will reveal to you. The question I have for each of you is, how bad do you want Me and how urgent is it for you to know Me more intimately? Those who seek Me with everything that is within them will go though much less testings, trials and tribulations in the coming days.
Yes, My son you are also correct about the urgent time that you are in the physical realm as well. I will shake your country (America) awake before it is completely destroyed. The fiery, false-flag, kick off event closer than ever now but most think that it could never happen but it will, for there has been no lasting repentance.
I tell you this will be as the song says,
Urgent, urgent, emergency
Urgent, urgent, emergency
Urgent, urgent, emergency
Urgent, urgent, emergency
So urgent, emergency”.
I have seen a few cry out to Me for a short time, only the remnant/bride seeks repents and seeks Me with urgency. I see your tears as you cry out to Me and I feel your sincere love for Me and you will be rewarded for your faithfulness and diligence. These will be the ones who are counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before Me because they pray always. The urgent prayers of My remnant/bride are powered by My Spirit and they accomplish great things for My kingdom. The miraculous will become commonplace when My people pray with faith and urgency. When the normalcy that you live in is taken away My people will cry out to Me with much more urgency. This is coming quickly, expect it and do not be caught off guard as those who have fallen back asleep.
Beloved, I love you always and I want you to realize that once you get through these final tests, trials and tribulations you will never have to go through them again. This is the perspective that you must have! You will be with me for eternity if you seek Me now with urgency.
Jesus Christ
Yahushua ha Mashiach”
As an added confirmation to this message, I took some pictures of the unusual sky while out to dinner with my wife tonight and as you can see “Urgent” was in the pictures.


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  1. Only 5 Days left in September 2018! so I wouldn’t be surprised if nothing else happens during the rest of this month. Why do I say this? Because sometimes God shows people things for a future September in a different future year, and these dreams/visions are being misinterpreted, and what they are seeing in these dreams and vision could very well not even be related to this particular year at all.
    However, if we only just count Hurricane Florence and some of the Tornadoes and some of the Floods that have already occurred this September in 2018, then technically I guess we could claim that the “A September To Remember” prophecies have been fulfilled.
    That being said, I’m thinking that possibly due to Prayer, that some of these dreams and visions could very well be pushed back to October or even further on down the road into another year, like 2019 etc;…etc;…Either way we shouldn’t be so focused on prophecies of doom and gloom, but instead we should continue in Belief, Faith, Prayer, Worship, and Daily/Nightly Repentance, and of course the sharing of the Love of Gods Truth (The Gospel of the Good News of Jesus Christ), with anyone who will listen, and with everyone we can share it with, as in the end all else is futile, especially astrology and numerology etc;..etc;.. which is simply just a waste of time and has never once, out of all of these so called prophecies given, using astrology or numerology etc;…etc;.. thy have never come to fruition, and frankly are just a waste of time for any christian to bother with, especially when it doesn’t correlate with the Holy Bible (KJV).
    Focus on Reading your Holy Bible, Praying and Repenting Daily and Nightly and God’s Holy Spirit will do the rest.

  2. Maybe it got pushed back to October 3rd, a Wednesday in the 10th month. There was supposed to have been some kind of Presidential tweet to all telephones in the US, testing an emergency system, on September 22, 2018, at 2:18pm. Those are all gematria trigger numbers, btw. The Luciferians have a thing for 9 and 11. But the event, the test, was pushed back to October 3rd.
    I’ve been seeing a nuke on Chicago, but it could just be one potential outcome. We shall see what actually happens. They have a mossad mayor, Larry Silverstein who leased the WTC six weeks before 9 11 and made billions on the insurance deal later bought the Sears Tower. The Federal Reserve Bank (Rothschild’s young he goat from the west) has moved operations to Chicago. Might be good to destroy evidence.
    As for astrology, Daniel studied it. What do you think the Chaldeans taught him? There is astrological references all over the Bible, and the mystical practice of Kabalah is a distortion of what Daniel learned in Babylon. It’s just a system. He did not worship it. You can study the system and know what is next without worshiping the Saturnalian god they like to put behind it. Using that system to manipulate the physical world for your own pleasure is the sin. Using it to keep an eye on the masons who never make a move without it is just plain wise.
    Wars start on new moons. October 11 is the next one.

  3. How strange to be taken back to music for a message, but I have had the same thing. An 80s band out of Philly, The Hooters (due to the sound/instruments they play)…I haven’t listened to them in decades, but was just brought back to them with no forethought on my part (as always). Look up these songs ” All You Zombies”, “Where Do The Children Go”, and “Satellite”. All have what appear to be timely Christian messages. Thank you Jesus!

  4. I just speak to Him like he is right beside me. If I am alone I talk to him out loud. If I am in public I talk to him silently. I thank him for what he is doing in my life. If I hear an ambulance I pray for that person. Just talk to him like you would a friend. When you do this you are always keeping your eyes on him. God bless you in your desire to want to.

  5. Some dictionary meanings for the word, urgent.
    adjective: urgent (of a state or situation) requiring immediate action or attention. The situation is far more urgent than politicians are admitting.
    synonyms: acute, pressing, dire, desperate, critical, serious, grave, intense, crying, burning, compelling, extreme, exigent, high-priority, top-priority; life-and-death, the urgent need for more funding. (of action or an event) done or arranged in response to a pressing or critical situation, she needs urgent medical treatment, earnest and persistent in response to a pressing situation.
    synonyms: insistent, persistent, importunate, earnest, pleading, begging.
    One of the interpretations, for God, using the word urgent, is, that He is trying to call His people to a greater, urgency, in their intercessory prayer, to try to avert, or lessen, the greater move of the enemy, in the World, at this time. God can see what Satan is planning for the future, and He wants His people to pray more urgently, now, so that He might be able to lessen the damage, which Satan is planning, for the future.
    If God’s people don’t choose to pray urgently now, the damage that Satan can inflict in the future, will be greater than it would have been, if God’s people, chose to pray, in a more urgent way, against, it now.
    We need to listen to God tell us, what He wants us to urgently pray for, and then seek to urgently pray for those things, that He urgently, burdens, our hearts to pray for.
    People’s salvation, or their lives, may be affected, by whether, we choose to obey God, to pray for them, or not, when He asks us too.
    God would like us to, urgently, ask Him, to help us to teach us how to love Him with all of our hearts, for it is in learning how to do this, which can help us to successfully, overcome, the tribulations, coming upon this World, for the wicked, now.
    God wants us to urgently, repent of our sins, and encourage other’s, too, also, for without repentance of the sin, which separates us from God, nobody will be able to overcome the increasing, tribulations, coming upon this World, for the wicked, now.
    May God help us to better understand our need for, urgent, repentance of sin, and for, urgent, prayer, now. Both, for our benefit, and for the benefit of others.
    If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven, and I will forgive their sin, and I will heal them, and their land, says the Lord.
    2 Chronicles 7:14

  6. Just thought interesting just as I was reading about the cats paw nebula.
    A cat fight was happening out side my window

  7. I was thinking of the Lord last night before bed and how I should worship Him but I didn’t. I then awoke in the middle of the night and thought to myself that this was the Lord waking me up to worship but I didn’t. I am ashamed. I am sorry Lord for my laziness! Who wants to worship the Lord with me tonight?

  8. Expat Gal,
    Sounds like the Spirit is rousing those back to the fight. Just last week I downloaded Win Wirley’s deliverence prayers (only because page size.) on Jeff’s linked site 444prophesynews under links. Also looked at Gene Moody’s manuals that are free to download. I went to deliverance conferences years back with a big gap up till now.

  9. Expat Gal,
    Sounds like the Spirit is rousing those back to the fight. Just last week I downloaded Win Wirley’s deliverence prayers (only because page size.) on Jeff’s linked site 444prophesynews under links. Also looked at Gene Moody’s manuals that are free to download. I went to deliverance conferences years back with a big gap up till now.

  10. Jeff wants me to leave my thoughts here so everyone can kind of follow the trail. Please bear with me, I hope this isn’t too lengthy.
    Before Jeff posted the link to the 47th parallel, I had already looked that up online. Initially, I gave it no thought. I came back here a few minutes ago and again…what The Spirit wants The Spirit gets – I clicked on the above link and just scanned the page. Why on earth would Latitude 47 mean anything? Well, I keep having to be reminded by our Lord that He is in control and I am but a vessel…
    If you click on the link Jeff provided, within that page there is another link to click on. Look for the constellation “Scorpius” and then spend a little time reading “Notable features” and “Deep Sky Objects”
    There are many of you who may start to think this turning into something new age-y and astrology oriented. We have to remember that Our Elohim created YOU AND ME, the world we live in and the Universe (however vast it is.) Anything “astrology” related has been concocted by our enemy…who tries to take what God made perfect and twist it into lies and falsehoods. Just remember God is God who made The Earth/Heavens FOR OUR BENEFIT and to navigate the waters of life as described in Genesis to mark the days, seasons (Gen 1:14-18)
    Getting back on track:
    If you read about the notable features and Deep Sky objects the info there is fascinating. It’s like it talks about where we are in time, right now. But pay closer attention to the portion about Virgo, Libra and the Roman times. Virgo is the Virgin, but Libra is The Scales (I believe of Judgement). I don’t think it’s an accident that it is mentioned that the division of Libra occurred during Roman times. I think Virgo (The Woman-the virgin) “held” those scales in one of her hands and those scales were representative of the Judgements. Also Virgo is the Month we are in (September). Libra is October. God is a God of Order. It would make sense that when He created the Stars in Heaven and as the month were laid out by the stars in the firmament that He would place The Virgin holding the Scales (in one or both of her hands). I have more thoughts I could share on this, but this seems lengthy already.
    The Deep Star section also got my attention. It mentions the Cat’s Paw Nebula. There is a significance to it I can’t put my finger on. I have been hearing the song “Black Cat” by Janet Jackson frequently over the last several months. It’s a song I used to listen to before My Walk started. I wanted to add it to a YouTube play list but I can’t find a lyric version I find acceptable. The lyrics are worth reading though. I keep getting this image that Black Cat has an association with Revelation 13. Except Rev 13 mentions a Leopard (meaning that the first beast is part “Cat”).
    That being said, having read about the Cat’s Paw Nebula – well that’s nothing short of coincidental.

  11. Immediate response from Ruach after I read yours and the message continues to repeat:
    “Mason-Dixon Line” &
    “Ezekiel 47”

  12. Jeff,
    Now that you’ve said that, I remember a dream/vision I had sometime in the last year. I have a strong unction the following description is about The Kick-off Event but I think I’ve only received interpretation of a couple of portions of what I was shown. This is only a part of the dream that I had but seems is pertinent to what The Body of Christ is seeking knowledge and understanding about.
    Snippet: I was outside, in my backyard. Looking towards the North. Over the top of a gate in the fence, I saw The Elect/Saints in white walking just outside my house, on the street, where I live.
    Then Holy Spirit re-directed my gaze toward the Eastern Sky. In Spirit, I knew that something was happening but the wasn’t allowed to see (per Matthew 24:32-43 & Mt 24:17-18), in fact I was quickly guided back inside my house. End of Snippet (Scene)
    I have known since I had that dream that it was an indicator of the “Time of Jacob’s Trouble.”

  13. WOW! Every hair on my body is standing up!
    Thats got to be the kick off event!
    The 3rd watch is between 2am and sunrise if I understand right

  14. Written earlier this morning 9/23
    The Holy Spirit gave me a really hard nudge a few minutes ago.
    I just realized Anonymous (Earth Wind & Fire article) mentioned the first full line of the songs lyrics…”Do you remember the first day of September…” but nothing seemed unusual about it at first.
    Over the course of the past few weeks the Spirit has been whispering ever so quietly the Words: “Do you remember?” to me – not as a song, but more as a question.
    I didn’t even recognize at first I was being asked the question, but once Jeff posted the story I kept being drawn to it. And I started hearing a combination of song melodies and lyrics from both Urgent and September. It was really strange at first but it definitely got my attention.
    Today, as I finally took time to review the song lyrics, by the 3rd or 4th read finally saw in The Spirit that there is much more to the song that was veiled. The song correlates back to God’s word. Back to Song of Solomon (which contains really important End Times messages for Yeshua’s Flock.)
    Where reference is made in the first line to “21st of September” it’s meaning is “veiled” (as per Songs 1:5). 21st of September references September as the 9th month (in Strong’s G9: destruction Comp.10: same as 9, mis-written for 11: a perishing- destruction) and becomes 21-9 (219) or 2+1+9=12 = 3 (Songs 3).
    Thus 219: received this while reading its definition
    “something of luminous destruction will light up the sky before the cock-crows during the third night- watch.”

  15. Dear brother Marco,
    For our Lord says in Mark 12:30-31
    Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength . The second is this: Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.
    We talk to God with everything we think, say and do. Internally in our minds and how we interact with our fellow man. We praise, worship and commune with Him in all things all the time… God bless and keep you!

  16. Spend time reading the Bible, 1 psalm, 1 chapter from new and old testament, mix it up with prayer, write down your thoughts (any old exercise book will do). Put music on in the day, as Geoff suggests, keep turning every problem situation to him. Keep up a conversation with him, even if it’s about the weather or next doors’ cat etc. Pray for all your relatives, friends those you meet socially to come to know God. Look at creation and turn thoughts about the sky, trees, flowers, birds to God and be thankful.

  17. Thank You Father for all that You Are! Thank You for sending Your Word, and making it flesh, Your Only begotten Son, Y’shua ha Mashiach. What a perfect plan from the beginning as You Are. So much Love redeeming us. Thank You for this moment to Praise and honour You with all that we are. Thank You for Your family You have placed all over this earth. Thank You for guiding us and lighting the way of our path that You have set before each of us. I am in Awe of You, let my words be directed by You Most High, for Your Glory and Good pleasure as i share what You have shown me pertaining to this time. So much has and is happening as You have shown us Lord through the years…let me not add or take away what You would have me to share.
    July 22 2017
    Upon waking i hear “Father Is Angry”
    This made me sad for awhile….
    Aug 3, 2017
    While praying, i see an empty calendar with the number 10 placed in the middle of the week, like in the wednesday place. (no month or year, so as you have probably guessed, this is one of a watch day for me) (Oct. 10, 2018 is next)
    Aug. 18, 2017;
    A dream summarized….
    My husband had planted many surprise gardens. The gardens were bursting full of blooming flowers of every kind. Many tulips, and I noticed a large hibiscus flower.
    I wanted everyone to take pictures of it because it was so beautiful and outstanding. These gardens were not organized but mixed all flowers together, growing and healthy.
    i thought it was odd because i was seeing spring flowers in full bloom but it was fall time.
    tulip=Perfect love, hibiscus= perfect wife
    Looking back at this, and the sequence of these, I see His love for mankind and a calling to wake up.
    Thank You Lord for all these,Your willing vessels working for Your Kingdom and Glory. . Pour out upon them, full and overflowing, calling and leading many more to draw near to You Lord. Darkness is coming when no one can work. O Hallelujah! As we Praise You Lord, You go before us and are behind us, keeping us on Your path. Your Will Be Done <3 i am not my own.

  18. Hello brother Jeff. If it’s not a secret. Can you tell me which year were you born and which city do you live in?

  19. Lately my 3 yr. old granddaughter will, out of the blue, start singing “soon and very soon we are going to see the king” which she learned at VBS this summer. She isn’t being brought up in a Christian home so I thought it was sweet whenever she did that since she always hears me talk about Jesus. It didn’t hit me until she sang it again this morning that the Lord is letting us know that we are indeed soon and very soon going to see the king!

  20. Thank you Jeff for all the answers,one more question , how you talk to the Lord throughout the day? do you mean talking with your mouth or mentally? Thank you.

  21. Geert, what I do when I’m working is just talk to the Lord throughout the day and pray in tongues when I can. What works well for me is to get up one hour early every morning and spend that time totally focused on the Lord and then the rest of the day you are focused on Him and walk in the Spirit.
    Hope this helps you, let me know if you have other questions.

  22. Wow! That’s a powerful vision Sylvester! Yes we must be ready with URGENCY!
    Blessing Love and Peace brother!

  23. Glory hallelujah!! Powerful, prophet Jeff. In my little rest Saturday morning, about 6am, after about four hours of prayers, the vision of my head, I saw in the sky, balls of fire, racing so fast, and people were in fear, I was busy explaining to them what it’s about to come. Again, one of these fire, was friendly to me.
    So, as I came to the blog, this afternoon, and saw the Lord’s message, coupled with the photos, it confirms what the Holy Spirit, had shown me on 22nd September, yesterday. Wow! We are very, very close to the Kick Off Event! We must be ready!!!

  24. Hi Jeff the one thing I always had trouble with is pray day and night.I dont now how that is done, been battling with this a very long time. Some have the time they dont work.
    Or others have no time because there jobs takes almost most of the day.
    So me myself could not figure that one out how God judges that.
    Reply would be nice brother.
    You are a blessing to us all

  25. Wow, what a message! Yes, that is indeed from God & thank you Jeff for giving it to us. I have started turning off my TV lately just for a little while at a time. It’s off right now and was during the last Holy day this week so I can have the space to hear Him better. Praying a lot too as usual. Just need more Word though. Good Orderly Direction GOD we need now!

  26. Hey Marco,
    I had these same questions at one point. I’ve learned it doesn’t really matter too much HOW you spend time alone with Him, but that you do it!! I put on praise and worship music and sing my heart out to Him. I’ll leave the music on as I go into prayer. Sometimes I’ll just sit in silence and wait upon Him. Other times I will spend time in the Word. Sometimes I do all of the above!! Don’t focus so much on how to do it, just do it!! 😊

  27. Wow! As I read urgent urgent emergency, an ambulance drove past our house! Thank you for this message from our Lord!

  28. Thank you Expat! I think all of the remnant/ bride feel the urgency right now. The ones who fell asleep hopefully will be awakened after the kick off event. We need to pray for them that they will not be lost!

  29. “You will be with me for eternity if you seek Me now with urgency.”
    Seek me with urgency means praise,pray and worship? I’m still trying to figure out what is the best way to be alone with the Lord. Sorry to bother you Jeff,maybe it’s simpler than it seems. God bless y’all.

  30. Hello Brother Jeff! ☺️ Thank you for sharing this Word! It resonates with my Spirit. I am feeling an urgency to study spiritual warfare with Sister Elizabeth (latter rain 333) & Brother Derek Prince. I feel the urgency in both the physical & spiritual as well. We are in the precipice & need to don our Spiritual armor daily! The birth pains are happening quicker & quicker now, with less rest in between!

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