Judgment will Come to the Area in Which You Live No Matter Where It Is

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When those things that you thought you saw coming are torn away from you, you will see more clearly the things that I have truly spoken. All of you see through the glass dimly and all of you see in part. The veil is getting thinner and will be completly torn away. Not one of you see the whole picture of what is to come, you cannot, you would die from shock! This is why I said men’s hearts will  fail them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth.(Luke 21:26) I give each one of My remnant/bride a differing measure of revelation for this end time. Some can handle more than others but all need to know the time they are in and you need to continue to tell others and warn tell of the calamity and destruction and  that is still to come.
I want to tell you once again My children that judgment is set and there is NO AVOIDING IT! My judgment is already in motion and if you cannot see it you are spiritually blind. Judgment will come to the area in which you live no matter where it is. My remnant/bride are not under My judgment and you will be called upon to help the lost; physically, emotionally and spiritually. The only way you will be able to do this is if you are full to overflowing with My Holy Spirit.
Jesus Christ
Yahshua ha Mashiach


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  1. Wow! Thank you so much for writing all that for me! So so so helpful! Praise the Lord! God bless you! 😀😀😀😀😇✝️✝️😇

  2. Thank you very much for clarifying it for me! Also thank you so much for obeying our God and letting Him speak through you! God bless! 😇😀✝️😄

  3. Thank you for your excellent explanation! I pray that we would all stay innocent as possible but also wise as serpents and harmless as doves

  4. Yes Sir that’s right the metaphor/quote is from the book by S.E. Hinton and from the movie of the same name, “The Outsider’s” by Francis Ford Coppola taken from the poem, by Robert Frost, called “Nothing Gold Can Stay”.
    That scene in the movie reminded me of how God, in the very beginning, created all of our Invisible Spiritual Golden Souls out of His Innocent Pure Love for us, as well as it reminded me of the scriptures in the Holy Bible that specifically state that “the Lord Thy God is an Invisible Spirit” and that “God created all of humanity in His (same Invisible Spiritual) image”, This got me thinking about how our Innocent Invisible Golden Spiritual Souls, which live inside and alongside each and everyone of us, in correlation with our physical flesh and blood bodies, have through the sinful nature of just being born into this world, as well as from the sin bestowed upon us from the fall of Adam and Eve, and in addition to the sin that we all accumulate on a daily basis, has been tainted and corrupted with sin and it will need to be removed or refined as in the way Gold and Silver are refined.
    Daniel 12:10
    “Many will be purged, purified and refined, but the wicked will act wickedly; and none of the wicked will understand, but those who have insight will understand.”
    1 Peter 1:7
    “So that the proof of your faith, being more precious than gold which is perishable, even though tested by fire, may be found to result in praise and glory and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ.”
    Zechariah 13:9
    “And I will bring the third part through the fire, Refine them as silver is refined, And test them as gold is tested They will call on My name, And I will answer them; I will say, ‘They are My people,’ And they will say, The LORD is my God.”
    Malachi 3:2-3
    “But who can endure the day of His coming? And who can stand when He appears? For He is like a refiner’s fire and like fullers’ soap. “He will sit as a smelter and purifier of silver, and He will purify the sons of Levi and refine them like gold and silver, so that they may present to the LORD offerings in righteousness.”
    Revelation 3:18
    I advise you to buy from Me gold refined by fire so that you may become rich, and white garments so that you may clothe yourself, and that the shame of your nakedness will not be revealed; and eye salve to anoint your eyes so that you may see.
    It was scriptures like these that made me realize that if our Soul is ever going to make it back home into Heaven from whence we came, that we would have to try to get back to that Time of Golden Innocence that we once had way back in the beginning after God created us in His image of Eternal Light, and before our Invisible Spiritual Innocent Golden Souls ever became attached to our physical flesh and blood bodies, but I also knew and understood that because of all of the dark, evil, wicked, ugly, sin, and sinful nature that we were not only born with, but also of the sin that we have accumulated on a daily basis ever since being put on this earth, that there is no other way that our tainted souls could ever be allowed back into Heaven, without some kind of refining or purification, or redemption process, similar to how Gold is refined.
    Same as Pony Boy and Johnny after losing their innocence of youth, through many dark, ugly evil trials and tribulations, and hardships that they had not only seen while growing up in that tough neighborhood, but also of what they had just endured upon themselves for killing that boy in a gang fight, they have now realized that they have in their lives reached a milestone not only of innocence lost, but also not being able to get that innocence back .
    In this movie there’s another scene, and it’s also in that same old abandoned Church in Windrixville, the one that they ended up hiding out from the Law in, where as this story goes, this church building just so happens to catch on fire, from cigarettes that they were both smoking the night before, that were never properly extinguished, this occurred right at the same time that a school bus full of innocent children happened to pull up to the property, in this scene a small group of children, those who had ventured away from the main group of children, they went inside the old abandoned church to play, and were now trapped inside the burning building which had caught on fire because of the cigarettes that Johnny and Pony Boy had not properly extinguished. These innocent children were now trapped in the fire and couldn’t get out.
    Pony Boy and Johnny who had just returned back from a visit into town, pulled up in their car only to find that their hideout is on now fire and that there are children trapped inside and they see teachers and a bus driver panicking because children are still missing and unaccounted for and they are not sure exactly how many are trapped inside the burning building, and they themselves are too scared to go into the burning building to find out and to help the children who are trapped inside.
    Well Pony Boy and Johnny without really giving it much thought at first, they run into the burning building to try to save the children, why? Because they believe this is the right thing to do, why? because they don’t believe that these innocent children deserve to burn and die, and they also believe that if anyone does deserves to burn and die, that it would most likely be them for doing all of the bad things that they had done in their lives, and they also thought that maybe this good deed might possibly be able to redeem them of the murder they had just committed a few days prior, and even though they do rescue all of the children, the burning building collapses on top of Johnny before he is able to make it out of there, and he suffers severe burns and broken bones and a possibly even a broken back that he never recovers from, but in the hospital before he dies (Spoiler Alert!), he tells Pony Boy to “Stay Gold”, meaning don’t be so quick to buy into all of the hate, lies and evil, wicked, ugly things of the world and don’t try to grow up so fast and end up being just like everyone else, especially the people in their neighborhood who they grew up with, and who eventually they ended up trying to run away from, and Johnny was trying to tell Pony Boy to try to maintain some innocence, and/or to try to get back some of this innocence somehow, someway, if he could, by doing whatever it takes, even if it means cutting his greasy hair off, quitting smoking, and quitting the gang lifestyle and in going back to school or moving away out of the neighborhood and away from his broken family, but basically doing whatever he could to get back to a state of innocence that they had when they were children.
    Johnny was basically telling Pony Boy to slow down, and do not to try to grow up so fast, and for him to try not to be like all of the bad people who had a damaging effect upon their lives, but to try to be a good person for as long as he could, and to try to hold on to the innocence that they once had, or to try to get back the innocence that they were born with as children, and to hold onto it for as long as he could, before the weight of their sins, and the sins of their neighborhood upbringing, and the weight of the world comes crashing down upon them and corrupts them same as everyone else. All of this was done using the Poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Robert Frost as a metaphor for trying to regain a sense of lost innocence, same as what we have to do with trying to regain our Invisible Golden Spiritual Souls Lost State of Innocence before we physically die.
    Which can only be done by accepting the Truth, Believing in the Truth, Praying unto the Truth, Worshiping in Thankfulness unto the Truth, and by Repenting unto the Truth. The Truth who is none other than the Lord Thy God Jesus Christ the Messiah Himself, as only He can Redeem our Invisible Golden Spiritual Soul and bring it back to it’s original Invisible state, as all else is futile and a waste of time and energy and a waste of an Eternal Invisible Spiritual Life.
    So “Be All That You Can Be”, through Jesus and “Stay Gold Pony Boy”. 🙂

  5. Jeff, this is a very timely and important word for the body of Christ to heed.
    A common temptation is to attempt to flee to a place of ‘safety’ using human reasoning or human coaxing rather than the peaceful, alert, abiding in Jesus and following what the Holy Spirit says each moment. The Holy Spirit is and will be moving in powerful ways guiding our steps for His purpose. We must walk by faith, not fear. In Revelation we read that the wicked hide in caves to attempt an escape from what is happening. We must not act like the wicked.
    Even now, we are seeing great spiritual moves in the physical realm, but most are not recognizing it as such. Unprecedented things are happening and even the headlines use that word frequently.
    For the Lord to use us in the harvest, He must position us in the field ripe for harvest. Only the Lord knows what and where that is. The blood of Jesus is our covering.
    May the Lord dig out our ears to hear what the Spirit is saying.
    May the Lord continue to bless you with wisdom and discernment and feed you with His good food for the work He has given you.

  6. Ella, we are all one big family here on this blog! You have more family here than you do in the physical. Blessings love and peace sister

  7. Thank you for adding this very anointed comment sister! David I hope you I reading this. What is in this comment is the truth from the Holy Spirit!
    God bless you both

  8. Warrior 4 Jesus, I want to tell you that your comment brought the Holy Spirit tingles up on me! It is very anointed! Thank you for writing what the Holy Spirit has told you. It is truth!
    I was unfamiliar with the metaphor at the end so I looked it up and I’m going to post it for everyone else as well. God bless you!
    What does Johnny mean when he tells Pony to stay gold?
    The poem is basically a metaphor for youth. Johnny is reminding Pony to stay young and innocent. … When Johnny tells Ponyboy to “stay gold” he is referring back to the poem that Ponyboy recited while they were in the old church in Windrixville. The poem, by Robert Frost, is called “Nothing Gold Can Stay”.

  9. Oh thanks, I guess I was just wishing you were family because it would be nice to have more family members to talk to about the Lord.

  10. Thank you Jeff for your words and confirmation! We lift each other up and all our brothers and sisters in prayer! — Your brother Miguel Angel

  11. Ella, my middle name is Angel… my last name start with M, my Dad’s name start with G and my mom’s name start with M.

  12. Jeff,
    If you don’t mind I’m going to piggyback on your response because I also received some incredible revelation last night regarding sin, and Spirits in the invisible realm – I just have to figure out how to deliver the message, what He wants me to say and wait upon the Lord to give me the full wording.
    As a whole, the message Jeff shared about Judgements is fairly straight forward but I’ll add a Biblical example and scriptural reference to back it up and maybe/hopefully that will help.
    The Old Testament examples that Yah has provided are our best gauge for understanding. Remember when Moses and Aaron warned Pharoah about the coming plagues? Then God told Moses to instruct The Israelite’s to apply the Blood of The Lamb over the lintel and doorposts and to remain inside their protected dwellings? It is the same now as the upcoming Judgements approach that we are being warned to cover ourselves – both verbally by The Spirit and by Faith, to place it over our dwelling. This too is where we lean into our Elohim/Messiah based on the comfort of Psalm 91 to seek the Shelter of His Wings – His Blood Covering (by Faith and by the spoken Word) will do just that for His Flock.
    I know that many are worried about whether or not they should move/flee. God is Trustworthy…if you have Faith in Him, He will tell you whether you are to stay put or He is going to move you. He will tell you as long as you are focused on His Will. He will prompt you at the right time, at the time of His Choosing. He may call some home as the Judgements open to serve in other capacities in The Spiritual Realm, depending on His needs. As far as I can tell, as the Judgements open the Spiritual and Physical/Natural Realms are going to collide. We are going to be seeing some pretty incredible things (just think about everything mentioned in Revelations.)
    Years ago, after I had both read and watched the Left Behind Series – I had originally/initially bought into the idea of Pre-Trib. It is easy for that to happen for those who chose not to read His Word. The Old Testament is pretty clear about God’s Character, His Laws and the patterns of how He works (because He is a God of Order).
    With the arrival of the soon coming Judgements, I can’t imagine how they wouldn’t scare the h_ll out of the masses (think “mass hysteria”). It is my inclination that this is why the “Son’s of Man” will experience the Transformation/Transfiguration from The Holy Spirit Outpouring. God’s appointed Army (The Rev 7 Bride, Rev 14 Bride, 144k) will have a role to assist with The Final Harvest.
    So, the coming Judgements will be happening all around us and (sadly) affect those whose hearts have waxed cold, turned a blind eye to try and live holy, have not bothered or cared to establish a relationship with God, or outright rejected Savior and/or Holy Spirit and thus do not maintain their Spiritual armor.
    Please seek the Holy Spirit for confirmation of this….

  13. All of you (can only) see, through the glass dimly, and all of you (can only) see in part. (Although) the (Spiritual) veil is getting thinner and (soon eventually it) will be completely torn away. Not one of you (yet can) see the whole picture of what is to come! – Yes, this say’s it all right now about why we have so many misinterpretation’s of dreams/vision’s/prophecies currently being given today. (Mostly because people are interpreting them with their own human way of reasoning, and by trying to use divination, numerology, astrology, gematria, ancient jewish kabbalah, the bible code, even their own horoscopes and I keep reading in the comments where people say things like;…”I heard a loud rumbling noise in the sky over there that sounded like a trumpet and then I saw something in the sky over there that looked like the face of Jesus in the clouds so I think God is showing me to get ready because the rapture is going to happen on this day real soon maybe, and then I heard a song on the radio today and it mentioned a date, a number, the word heaven, angels, leaving” (on a jet plane), and so forth and so on, so I think that God is giving us a sign that the rapture could be this weekend;”…well quite frankly it is quite pathetic to have to read or hear this kind of nonsense, but more so because it is very disappointing, not just to me, but to God, who keeps telling us over and over, not to put your hope, faith or trust in signs and wonders, and especially not in the fallacies or inventions of the human mind, but To Trust in the Lord Thy God with All of Your Heart, Mind and Intentions, and to study and read His Word, the Holy Bible (KJV), diligently, and ask to filled completely with His Holy Spirit so you will not be misled by weak minded people who look to man, and for signs and wonders to get their information and understanding.
    Think about it, if a person is filled with Gods Holy Spirit and if they are Truly seeking Gods knowledge and reading from Gods True Word everyday and every night, do you think that the Holy Spirit inside of them is going to allow them to be deceived by these false divinators and their misinformation? NO! NEVER!
    So if this is you, who are of the confused misinformed mind set, or if you are one of the ones who are spreading this kind of misinformation, then it is quite obvious and quite clear that YOU NEED TO STOP! IMMEDIATELY AND CHECK YOURSELF! AND START READING THE TRUTH OF GODS HOLY BIBLE, WHILE PRAYING FOR GOD TO COMPLETELY FILL YOU WITH HIS HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH, SO THAT YOU CAN THEN DISCERN FOR YOURSELF, FROM GODS PERSPECTIVE, AND NOT FROM ANY OTHER, OR FROM YOUR OWN AND KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE SEARCHING FOR, AND FOR WHAT GODS PLAN FOR YOU TRULY IS IN THE SCHEME OF ALL OF HIS PLANS FOR THE IMMEDIATE FUTURE. Let me tell you one thing, I can assure you that it will be exactly like WatchPersons/Prophets like Jeff Byerly has been telling you all along, but because you are not filled with Gods Holy Spirit of Truth, you are blinded to the Truth and you cannot understand what God is saying to you, and what God is saying to you and what God has been saying to you along is too:
    “Trust and Obey”, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved”, “The Lord Thy God is an Invisible Spiritual God”, “Heaven and the Angels are Invisible Spiritual beings”, “Faith comes by seeking, finding, knowing, understanding, applying, experiencing and obeying the Truth of the Word of God”, “One must be filled completely with Gods Holy Spirit to understand how they shall ever enter into the invisible Spiritual Kingdom of Heaven”, “Belief, Grace, Faith, Mercy, Sin, Salvation, Resurrection, Thoughts and Intentions, these are all of the Spiritual Realm that operate only in the physical realm through our mind, thoughts and intentions”, “Flesh and Blood shall Never inherit the Kingdom of Heaven”.
    But most of all;….”Believe, Pray, Worship and Repent Unto The Lord Jesus Christ, Who Is God and we must do this daily and nightly, not only to repent of the sins that we were born with, but to repent of the many sins that we accumulate on a daily/nightly basis, even while we are sleeping, because no sin shall ever be allowed to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, and remember that God sees His True Holy Spirit Filled True Believers as filthy rags and as a chunk of ugly sinful dirt, that first must be made Holy by being burned, purged and purified through the fiery trials of Belief, Faith and Grace before we could ever become PURE SPIRITUAL GOLD and ENTER into the SPIRITUAL KINGDOM of HEAVEN, So with all that you now know, Read Gods Word for Yourself and Be Filled With His Holy Spirit of Truth and stay Gold Pony Boy.

  14. David , I think it’s pretty self-explanatory. The Remnant / bride is still here and the judgments are beginning but we will not be under those judgments if we stay holy and repentant before the Lord. We will not see the wrath of God at all and the wrath of God has not begun to pour out yet. The things that we are seeing happen right now are things that the Lord is allowing Satan to do upon the Earth… And that is part of the judgment.
    I hope you understand if not please write me again and I will try to explain it a different way. God bless you!

  15. Judgment will come to the area in which you live no matter where it is. My remnant/bride are not under My judgment and you will be called upon to help the lost;
    Hello Jeff!
    I am just wonder what The Lord meant by Him first saying “Judgment will come to the area in which you live no matter where it is.” Then saying “My remnant/bride are not under My judgment…”
    Thank you!

  16. Yes, thank you for asking. All of the electricity has been restored in my area. My mom lost power for four days but she had a generator and could cook keep her food preserved . But in the southern part of my county, more damage. But many people who lost power, some did did have a generator or left to stay in a hotel in another part of the state or with love ones.
    I saw Samaritan’s Purse, convoy came through here on the way to New Bern the day after Florence made land fall.
    Our problem has been flooding which is receding some major highways are still somewhat flooded but are receding and should be open later this weekend, we think and life is slowly returning to normal although we still evacuees from other counties and from our county staying in some of our shelters and community colleges.

  17. Amen, Miguel is my nephews name and you do not hear that name a lot. My nephew is a preacher so can I ask does your last name start with E and your Dad’s name start with T and Mother’s name start with J?

  18. Amen Miguel! I can feel the annointing on you as I read your comment! Thank you Lord! Halleluyah!

  19. Amen! Amen! Amen! I feel an anointing being poured upon me more continuous since last week. Thank you Lord Jesus for your mercy and graces that you bestowed upon your faithful sons and daughters. You have been preparing your people/bride/remnant for time such as this. Give us more of the Spirit of God and let us be on Fire as we bring in the lost. Give us words of wisdom and knowledge so we can speak your Words with boldness. May the enemy flee as we call upon your name JESUS! YESHUA HAMASHIACH!

  20. Well, we have had a time here in N.C.
    Different this this time was the southern eastern counties suffered worst than the northern eastern counties. In the past it has been the opposite.
    Also western counties were also effected and usually as the storms move, not so much but the entire state suffered. Flooding in the normal areas in my county but not as extreme and destructive as with Matthew and previous floods from storms.
    Everyone needs to evaluate how they would live without the power grid.
    Most thankful to The Lord for his protection.

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