If given 10 more years Satanically controlled AI robots would control the entire Earth.

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There is still time but how much time? Many say there is plenty of time! “The doom and gloomers” got it wrong again I hear many say. They mock, they scoff and laugh but they know not the time of My visitation to them. But the events are still coming, nothing has changed. They will be utterly shocked at My coming and they will not be ready. Though I would give sinful man another thousand more years they would still not repent. I tell you, this Earth does not have that long.
I ask you, what do you suppose the state of things on your Earth would be in just another 10 years? Fallen angel technology is developing at an exponentially faster rate than you know. The technology that you see in your everyday world is developing rapidly but they don’t show you everything. In the coming days this too will be used in a greater ubiquitously controlling way against the sons of Adam. If given 10 more years Satanically controlled AI robots would control the entire Earth. Your world would eventually become much like the movie “The Matrix”. There is much truth in that movie but not all of the truth, for I AM the truth.
There is a song says “Every move you make, every breath you take” they’ll  be watching you. I know much more than that about you but I also love you. They HATE YOU! They want to know what I know everything about you and everything about how My creation came about. They are getting ever closer, they are ever learning more through their scientific research and they will unlock the bottomless pit. They will be stopped before they unravel all of My creation, though that is exactly what Satan wants. He believes that if he could destroy everything that I have made, he would become the most high God. The problem with this is he would destroy himself as well and the fact that I can never be destroyed. He does only what I allow Him to do and right now he knows his time is short, so at this time he is frantic and very dangerous. Ask Me daily to protect you and those around you from him and I will.
Part of the plan of Satan is to replace humanity with AI and erase every memory of Me from the Earth. I WILL NOT ALLOW IT! I said “unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened.” As My wrath is poured out upon the earth I will be destroying AI along with it. When the electrical grid goes down, AI will go down. There would be no use for the Earth if the sons of Adam were eradicated from it and the scriptures show that men will be on earth when I return.
I call all to repentance now! Forsake your sin and follow Me. When My warnings end you will wish you had another. When your days of comfort and ease end you will wish you had one more. When the kickoff event comes you will wish you had prepared more. When death  and destruction come over this nation like a flood of fire you will wish you had an Ark of Safety. When you stand before my judgement seat you will wish for mercy but there will be none! You will wish that you had forsaken everything and followed Me but instead you followed man, your own fleshly desires and ultimately Satan. Wishing does no good, you need to pray to me! I will hear you if you are sincere, no matter who you are or what you have done.
Cry out to Me in repentance before it’s too late, I died for each one of you and took your punishment because I love you. Remove your spiritual blindfolds and see that I AM THE ONLY WAY!
One second too late is too late!
Jesus Christ
Yahushua ha Mashiach
PS – (9-29-18 8AM)
Here is an article about “Sophia” the robot in the above picture that I think you may find disturbing but it is where our world is going.
” Sophia may be the only robot citizen to date, but she is not entirely alone. In November 2017, Tokyo granted a chatbot official residence status in Shibuya ward of the city. Similarly, the European Parliament is considering the possibility of declaring some robots “electronic persons.” Sophia’s citizenship represents the latest move in the growing trend to personify and anthropomorphize our robotic counterparts—a movement that can have profound consequences for the rest of humanity.

Naming Sophia a citizen creates a huge void in legal systems around the world, damages public understanding of AI, and fundamentally damages the very notion of human rights itself. “

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15 thoughts on “If given 10 more years Satanically controlled AI robots would control the entire Earth.”

  1. True, no one is guaranteed tomorrow, but the Holy Spirit has already told me I will be bringing in the harvest and what me and my partner will be doing (providing food to those who need it from a truck).
    I recommend everyone who is communicating with the Holy Spirit ask if you will make it to the harvest and what you will be doing. While I know I still need to “hold up my end of the bargain” by getting to this future point in time while remaining right with the Lord, the reassurance that I will get there is invaluable!
    For those unaware of what I am talking about, I am pretty sure the harvest will come at the end of Satan’s wrath as described in Revelation 6. Still a lot of events we will have to survive to get there.

  2. The wireless part of the test will begin at 2:18pm ET Wednesday, while broadcasters will air an emergency message at 2:20pm.
    I’m pretty sure this is not the “kick-off event” because that will occur at a day and time unexpected.

  3. Hallelujah! Glory to our God. The Lord used Ten years as prophetic order of completion. I’m 99% sure, the the son of perdition, will certainly take over before 2019 ends.
    Watch! The Global Elites, will switch on global currency transaction by 31st December, 2018. They called the new global currency, SDRs (Special Drawing Right). The central ledger transaction will be handled by nations Central Banks. This elites program will cause the dollar to cease as a World reserved currency. The SDR, becomes the reserved global currency. It’s digital. The IMF, AND UN, have given their accent to this. I ask, who will stop them? The scriptures must be fulfilled!!!
    There is no more time! Everything is set now. Live ready, we are about to pass through the short time of darkness.
    Thanks Jeff, for your faithfulness without compromise. Shalom.

  4. Warning Prophetic dream to me on 1-12-15 at 1:12 a.m. –
    In this dream, I wake up to realize that I am being held down by electronic devices. I’m given the knowledge that these devices are acting as binders — actually clamping onto and holding people (me in the dream) hostage. I am lying on a bed and being clamped down, immobile, surrounded, pressed upon by electronic devices. Told by Holy Spirit that technological devices were part of an evil plot to keep humans enslaved. Also, that this is a 2 part plan in the first stage now (addiction), but evil has a plan to progress to total mind and will control. I break free by sheer will with Holy Spirit’s help and run to safety.
    When I wake up, I am completely horrified by the dawning realization that electronic devices which came in as “labor saving” devices and ways to increase convenience are all part of a carefully set demonic trap. They had physically wrapped around and imprisoned me as in a strong vise. I was told they are meant to harm us. I woke to the sound of “Calling All the Messengers” song playing in my mind because Holy Spirit often sings over me at wake-up — an anointed worship song usually.
    “What does it profit man to gain the whole world but lose his own soul?” asks the word of God in the Holy Bible. This question’s answer will have eternal significance.
    Prophets are told to report on words from the Lord, bravely, regardless of consequence. I have thought long and hard about these revelations before posting. Obedience to reporting on what God’s Spirit is revealing is more important to me than worry over how people will receive the truth. God has no untruth in Him, so I choose to believe this knowledge for what it is — a warning. What are we humans willing to give up in exchange for the glittering promise of convenience? Now most of our medical records, monetary transactions, websites visited, email, children’s school photos and lunch money, entertainment…well, almost everything…is online or monitored through some form of electronic device.
    I only hear about how we are to embrace all the technological change of this new information age…but what if we have been given that which will cause our downfall in the end? How convenient will that be? Have you ever noticed that all the people who have been given glimpses of heaven report back on its glorious attributes, but never ever mention technology? Something to take to the Holy Spirit in prayer…

  5. John, I agree with you about those 50000 sealed indictments, Trump is not going to drain the swamp! He lives in the swamp too! If this isnt eveident after him stating that he is for the 2 state solution…I dont know what is.
    Its time for Christians to wake up! Trump is not Cyrus and he will not Make America Great Again, only God can do that and America Has Rejected God!

  6. I would tend to agree with your statement Allen but I would also say be ready even now because we are not promised tomorrow and be ready also to endure a little longer if necessary as well…

  7. The truth is we have about 6 or 7 yeArs until Yahushua returns. The 6000 yeArs ends in about the year 2025. Blessings in Yahushua! Allen

  8. Is the national emergency cell phone event on Wednesday the “man made event” known as the “Kick-off” event? I am not buying the “Man will rise up and vanquish evil and redeem our country back scenario” put forth buy a few who I think are some of the perceived elect that are being and trying to deceive. Just a feeling based on reality. There very well might be 50,000 sealed indictments. I am more inclined to understand that they belong to us!!! We who represent a low/flat tire on the N.W.O. vehicle that needs removed before it can come up to speed! We who Love JESUS!!! I would say that what we should do before this emergency cell phone test is done on Wednesday is to remove the battery and stay off your phone for a few hours after the event occurs. Greatly reduce the tracking signature that 50,000 believers will make. Who are you believers that truly think that 50,000 people is what it will take to clean up the U.S. government. You must use your wise as a serpent wisdom and discernment that you are to be asking for and put on your thinking cap. It is probably way more realistic that 300 arrests are all that would be needed to stop the forward momentum of the U.S. N.W.O. vehicle. Strike the shepherds and the sheep will scatter! The bullseye we who love JESUS proudly wear, as we all who care visit sites as this and others like it are just as telling to the enemy camp as belonging to the N.R.A. You are on their enemy list! There is a reason that thinkers are imprisoned in old and newer regimes where control is essential for power. I was made to understand years ago that no one cares and that the U.S. must be destroyed to accomplish the beat down required for Israel to finally get to her knees and call out for her salvation through the Cross and Blood. Going beyond stagnant will require a great price for most who are steadfast and sold out! Many of us could rightfully go on and on, for it is indeed a never ending story whom we serve and say we love. Who are the many who will fall away from the faith? I was told years ago that I have trouble to go through. There are many voices out there today that reverberate a loud front and center voice that will net them an eternity in hell. Their convictions put them on the front line even thought their eternity is equal to, It would have better had you not been born!!! Thank you for You, Precious Lord JESUS!!!

  9. Practically the game “Detroit: become human” is a look into the future, they started the rebellion in 2038 (in our case it would be 2028). The game ends in two ways, with robots having the same rights as humans or total destruction of humans. Now this is a video game and they do not want to alarm anyone, but we all know that in real life they would start a war against us without even thinking about it. God bless you all🙏

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