When Almost Everyone Has Let Their Guard Down it Will Strike!

Received 8-4 through 8-11-18

My son, write these words for those with ears to hear and eyes to see.
In the coming days there will be no comfort except for in my presence. There will be no earthly comfort for you, none! The things that you rely on now will not be. I tell you this not to bring fear but so you can prepare and ready yourselves. You must begin to ready yourselves by ridding yourselves of the things that you depend upon in this world. Do you rely on having a house to call home? I am your shelter. Do you depend upon your job to put food on your table? I am your provider. Do you rely on friends and family for love and acceptance? I love you so much more than any other and you accepted in the beloved. Do you rely on pills, prescriptions and man made medicine to ease your stress and anxiety from this evil world? I call all who are weak, weary and heavy laden unto Myself and I will give you strength, rest and I will take your heavy burden from you if you give it to Me. Do you fear the things you see coming upon the earth and you rely on your earthly weapons to defend you? Trust in Me that I will protect those that I have called to do the harvest work and no harm will come to them. If you are reading this you have been called, it is NOT a coincidence! Will you accept My call?No matter what you depend on besides Me, you must humble yourself, surrender it and give it to Me. This must be done willingly, not grudgingly. Know that I always want what’s best for you. I will give you grace and power to overcome all, if you allow Me to. You must have faith in Me alone! You must not put your faith in anything in this world because soon it will be taken away and all will burn. This Earth is temporary for I am going to make a new one, behold it is already done because I have spoken it.
Children listen to me! You must now start to prepare for things to change. Many of you have made spiritual and physical preparations and you think you are ready for what comes but I tell you that you are not, because you have never seen anything like what’s coming. Though the things that come will not happen all at once they will happen very suddenly, in an instant, without any warning and the world will change in a moment. Yes, I have told you about this many times, it is the “kickoff event”. You are closer to it than you have ever been before. There are those who would mock and say “We have heard it all before, where is it?” I would say to you in a moment that you think not is when it will happen. When almost everyone has let their guard down it will strike! There always are those who ask,  “When will it be?” I have told you already many times to be ready at all times. This is the way you must live your life, you must be in constant communication with Me and if you are not, you will not be ready! If you think in your heart that you will be ready at the last day or moment, you will not be! The time is now to be ready, not then! If your heart is such that you want to hold on to your sin and then give it up at the last minute, you are in bondage and you will not be set free by me because the intent your heart is not right. I am the word and I am sharper than any two-edged sword could ever be, because I divide between the soul and the spirit. I see every thought and I know where it comes from. I know your heart better than you do! Do not ever try to hide anything from me. Do not try to be like Adam and hide your nakedness because I see it all. Why don’t you just surrender to me? I am merciful and gracious and I understand and I died for you so that you would not be bound by your sin. But many of you would not be set free because you hold on to it because it is what you know. But I say to you I want you to know me! Oh how it’s saddens me that you love your sin more than me! Ask yourself why! Don’t you know that the wages of sin is death? Choose life! Choose Me! Confess all of your sin to Me so I can put it under my blood and you will be freed from it. After you have put down your your sin and have given it to Me, I am your advocate when you stumble and you only must confess and repent and your sin will be covered by my blood when you ask for forgiveness.
Children you will not be perfect until you see Me as I AM, in My fullness, because then you will be like Me. But until then you must press on towards the goal of the High Calling of God, which is to be changed into my image. Once again it is about the heart intent. Examine yourselves! My Holy Spirit that dwells within you, will tell you the things that need to change in your heart. Do not grieve Him! When he speaks to you obey for if you do not obey him you are not obeying the law and all who break the law, the Commandments, do not love Me. He who sins willfully and habitually is of the devil for the devil sinned from the beginning. All that is of the devil will be burned. I wish this on none of my creation, especially those created in my image. I made a way and none need perish. But you must die to this life and all things of the flesh in this Earthly realm. You Must Die daily by picking up your cross just as I carried the cross for you. I do not ask you to suffer as I did for I took the punishment for the whole world. You will never know how excruciating it was! I suffered more than any man on Earth ever has or ever will because of sin. Those in hell wish they had this choice now but they have already made their choice and they will join their father the devil in the Lake of Fire for eternity.
My son, My pleas and warnings for you to give out are coming to an end but you will do it for as long as I allow. The time of the great harvest starts when the calamities comes and many shall seek out My children. You shall lead them to Me and MANY shall be saved. Many more shall be led to destruction because they do not believe that I AM who I say I AM and they will be given over to believe the lies of the enemy, even though all will be given the chance to believe in Me. The belief that I speak of is in the heart and not the head.
Jesus Christ
Yahshua ha Mashiach


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    1. Anna the Lord is giving me another word “My people, don’t get comfortable! Everything is not as it seems!Stay Alert! Be Sober minded and vigilant!”
      Do you feel the Lord speaking specifically about this coming Thursday?

      1. Hlo sir I am ananya misra a hindu and trying-to-be-a devotee of krishna i love krishna (i really hope so) can plsssssss say me that my coming and reading this post is a mere accident??? Bcoz out pure curosity about this “rapture” thing i used to watch various videos but i must say i like Jesus Thakur(a title given as a mark of respect), he is a great perfect vaishnava so will u pls pls plssssss clarify me about this wether this is just an accident plsss i am waiting for your reply
        Thank you for bearing with me

        1. Ananya, it is no accident that you came across this website. Jesus Christ directed you to this website! He is calling you by his Spirit and wanting you to draw close to Him now and know Him. He is telling me to tell you that he is the only way the only truth and the only life, no one comes to the father except through Jesus Christ, He is also called Yahshua ha Mashiach. The Hindu religion is not the way! Krishna is a false god! You must worship the one and only true God. All sin and fall short of the glory of God. This sin has separated us from God but Jesus made the way by shedding His own blood for our sakes and dying in our place so that we can live eternally with Him! The only people that will go in the rapture are those who love Jesus with all of their heart and soul and mind and strength. There there is hope, you can be one of them! All you have to do is call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and believe with all of your heart that he died for your sins and that God raised him from the dead and you shall be saved! Then you must confess that Jesus Christ is Lord before men to tell them the way to be saved too.
          Anaya, if you have more questions please write me back. And remember Jesus Christ loves you more than you will ever know and He wants you to know him personally!Call out to Him right now! He is right there with you

          1. Thank you prabhu for answering my question i feel blessed i have one desire someday i would like to take peronal interview of Jesus Thakur that would be fun via auto writing or direct interaction 😁😁😁

          2. Jesus is the name by which you can be saved all other ways lead to hell! Please believe this and pray to Jesus!

          3. Respected sir i dont know if i should ask you this but i really am desperate i am burning inside with hate will u plsssssssss kinfly ask sweet Jesus Thakur why i am forced to marry this person i dont have any personal hatred for this man bcoz i know he is good man but i would hate him every sec if i am forced to get married to him bcoz i have only tender feelings for the one i like i wont say i love him bcoz only god can truly love his creation but i can say this without doubt that i would love to dedicate my feelings only reserved for him as far as being a wife is concerned i dont want to entertain to peopl in my life in my mind i would love to have a child with him only and i have seen that child in my mind ,, i would be very very very grateful to you sir if communicate this to sweet Jesus Thakur aftr all i want be pure and chaste i always whole heartwdly desire that both my husband{the person i like} will both serve God dedicate our whole life to God and raise our child to be godly wil u kindly ask sweet Jesus Thakur what is his opinion thank you so much for bearing with me may u be blessed with pure unconditional love for sweet Lord Jesus

          4. Anaya, I first want to say that I do not know what Jesus Thakur means But you need to call Him Jesus Christ or Jesus the Messiah or Yahshua ha Mashaiach bcoz He is the Savior of all of mankind if they except His sacrifice and accept His Spirit into their lives.
            Anaya, have you asked the Holy Spirit to come and live inside of you? If you have not you must do this NOW! This is what you must say and mean with all of your heart: Most Holy precious Lord Jesus Christ, I ask you right now to cleanse me with your blood and take all of my sins and wrongs away and make me holy as you are holy. Take all of the hate out of my heart and fill me with your perfect love that is more than I can even understand. Jesus I ask you to make me a new creation and change me by your Holy Spirit. Old things will die and new things will come alive in my life bcoz I ask for Your Spirt to come and live inside of me and you will never leave me or turn your back on me because I am yours.I Love you my Lord Jesus Christ! Thank you for loving me first Jesus!
            Anaya if you prayed that and meant it with all of your heart the Holy Spirit of Jesus lives inside of you and you are changed! Halleluyah!
            I will pray to Jesus that you do not marry this man if you dont want to be with him. Jesus Only wants us to Marry those that He choses for us.
            You can send me email to holyspiritwind@gmail.com if you like or write me here again.
            God Bless you Anaya!

  1. Wow! Boy did I feel the Holy Spirit quicken in me Jeff when I read where you wrote;…”Do you fear the things you see coming upon the earth and you rely on your earthly weapons to defend you? Do you Trust in Me that I will protect those that I have called to do the harvest work and no harm will come to them. If you are reading this you have been called, it is NOT a coincidence! Will you accept My call?” And holding back the tears (because I am at work reading this), I answered;…”Yes, Yes Lord, Yes, Thank You Jesus.”
    Thank You Jeff, for your obedience to the Lord, and Thank You Lord, for Jeff and Holy Spirit Wind, Protect him and continue to bless him and his ministry, Amen.
    (Yes, recent messages also posted this week from the Lord God, through His Holy Spirit, all seem to be in sync with this message above as well, click on the links posted below to view/read for yourself and see:

    1. Praise the Lord I am so glad that the Holy Spirit Quickened you by breathing that portion. It just goes to confirm what it said in the message. You are indeed one of those that is spoken about!
      By the way have you ever looked at my other website?http://whistleblowerjeff.holyspiritwind.net/ it has many prophecies from other Watchmen and women as well as some important news. I don’t believe believe it will be very long before the kick-off event…
      Blessings love and peace!

      1. Just read this now Jeff and am glad how the Lord led you on the Hindu woman with all His truth and how you explained it to her in laymens terms and i really pray and hope that she prayed what you told her and accepted Christ into her heart

  2. Of course I wasn’t there, but on the night before the Pearl Harbor attack, the sailors where at the clubs drinking and then sleeping it off on Sunday Morning so to speak or they were going to church services off base on the morning of, while our then enemies were closing in on the kill and destruction. Mankind doesn’t change, History repeats itself, the church as a whole is lethargic. The Military brass is overconfident……..and the average citizen is enjoying the riches and comfort of mystery Babylon………Am I being to harsh or do I exaggerate? I even fear for the dwindling number of the Remnant to be unprepared.

    1. Steven I fear for the remnant as well. Since Trump has gone into office the number of the true remnant has gone down considerably. Trump is God’s man! they say…I will agree
      Trump is God’s man to bring war!
      This will wake up the sleepers

      1. Trump was the choice of God. But he does not regret. Jesus says he is proud and he does not ask Jesus for advice and therefore all his plans will fail. He pulls down the people blindly listening to him.

  3. Hi Jeff
    Do you advise me to find a spirit filled , end time , Church
    Or is it best to seek God from home and internet for teaching ?
    Blessings Tess

    1. Tess, I gonna be very honest with you, the churches (for the most part) are not going to be preaching about the end times. Even the one that I attend does not.You may be able to find a spirit filled church but those are very few and far between. The picture for the church as a whole is very bleak but everything is possible and I believe there will be an end time revival AFTER the kickoff event happens especially in America. It will be too late to save America as a country but MANY luke warm Christians will turn hot and lead millions to Jesus.
      I believe it is best to seek to Lord on your own unless you live somewhere close to NE Georgia where Pastor Faircloth’s church is.
      If you do want to seek out a church at the very least seek one that believes in ALL the gifts of the Holy Spirit and that they are for NOW.
      Sorry I couldnt be more helpful to you,
      Love and Peace

      1. Hi Jeff and Tess,
        This is Tess G. I am also in the no church situation. My former church has sin in the house and my husband and I felt led to leave. After a couple of visits to other churches, we felt defeated. We have been spending Sunday mornings doing our own bible study and seem to be in a good place. I’m learning a lot from the Holy Spirit as I study and He really allows me to hear Him in this setting. I want to encourage you to try this and listen. He will speak to your spirit and you will be blessed.

  4. Sometimes when I drive, I get an urge to pray out loud. Many times those out-loud-driving-prayers are actually a way God uses to speak to me. Today on my way home, I prayed for more of the Holy Spirit so that I can have a holy boldness to tell more people about Him (He has been working with me on that) and an anointing so that after the bad times come, people will come to me so that I can tell them about the hope found in Jesus. I believe this last part is a confirmation of your Word.

  5. I want NOT set dates but I believe there is something really happening this year 10-12 sept
    10 sept is the feast of trumpets (my 33years are over. 33=sign. The Lord is using me as the shofar and Isiah 58:1). It is also the 252th day of the year (this is the price we get for our house, much more than we ask for it and strange number. It is not the only thing: sell on 14-5: israel 70year. Transmission on feast of shiloah, the transmission when we buy the house was on 14-2 gentile ‘love’feast.
    My telephonenumber begins with the 2 numbers of the transmission + 2 numbers that is de days between the follow 3 numbers: 129 and then a 3. 12/9 3th day??
    There is a lot in my life I learned more and more.
    Born 1/7 on Torah
    1/8 Torah baptized (on 26-10)
    My daughter was 1/8 Torah about to come (10/10/10) but she came later the 26-10 (c.s.)
    26-10-2017 was the 33th day after the revelation12 sign, she become 7 years (it was also 33years+33days after my baptizing thus)
    I dont know what it means, but it is something and I know we all get puzzle pieces, so I shared this with you
    God bless you above your understanding. Trust Him FULLY

    1. 11 sept is also 17years from 2001.
      And I saw last week that on 11sept 2008 Russia tested the Father of all bombs. (From more sides the Lord has tell us that the invasion comes from Russia..)

  6. Prepare your hearts for the coming black tide,
    It seeks to plunder our souls divide.
    Weary not the way be full of rocks,
    for the fire can burn away the dross.
    Beware of false light and promises
    they are but temporary illusions to the lost.
    Thou shall have no other gods before ME,
    they are but empty shells.
    I AM living, breathing, come to ME,
    all who choose my way well.
    My peace I give to you, embrace it please,
    for the time is short and full of it will you need

  7. I have a question,
    John 10: 27-28 (KJV)
    27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:
    28 And I give unto them eternal life; they will never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.
    I lived a whole life in my sin, this year in June I felt urgent to repent of my sins and I began to pray, read the bible. But I wonder, I never heard the holy spirit speak to me, how can I communicate with the holy spirit? Without the guidance of the holy spirit, how will I resist in the difficult days that await us? I’m a baby christian, I need to learn a lot in this short time. I want to know Jesus, I want to go to heaven with him. I do not want to hear from him “I never knew you, depart from me”,
    i hope it’s not too late for me 🙁
    God bless you all.
    I’m from italy, sorry for my bad english.

    1. Marco. The Holy Spirit is always speaking to us but for believers like you and myself it is difficult to hear (though even though we dont hear as clearly as we want to its possible/probable we still hear and are guided to make the right choices). I would suggest setting aside a time during your day where you can sit in a quiet place and just listen for an amount of time, believing that He is there with you. Also talk to Him throughout the day if you don’t so you can have a really close relationship, so when this world is turned upside down, you’ll feel safe and close to Jesus…and..you wont hear ‘depart from me i never knew you’ if you live in love with Jesus and you make time for Him.

    2. Marco, it is not too late brother!
      I will tell you this I have never heard the Lord’s voice with my ears, but He speaks to My spirit constantly.
      Do you have any kind of music you listen to, to worship the Lord? When I am worship the Lord is when I hear Him the best.
      The second best I hear Him is when I am reading the bible. The Holy Spirit explains the verses that I read to me in a deeper way than just what the words say. The Holy Spirit will tell you things that you never knew before. His words come in thoughts that are way better than your own thoughts.
      The biggest thing you need is to desire Him more than anything or anyone else. Man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart.If you need some more help please write me at holyspiritwind@gmail.com
      God Bless You!

      1. Thank you Jeff, Deb and Aaron. I listen worship music from YouTube, there are a lot of Playlist, and I will ask to the Lord Jesus for more of his spirit. I want be a sheep of the Good Shepherd. Thank you for every comment, love u all brothers and sisters, God Bless you all.

    3. For Marco and all those who want to draw near to God and be led by the Holy Spirit, I would recommend videos or podcasts by Dan Mohler. He teaches about our identity in Christ and the love of the Father. He also teaches at the Power and Love conferences. You can find these on Youtube. Not sure how long that will last. He teaches and demonstrates how to commune with God. In my experience we think it is more complicated than it really is. He keeps it simple and real. I hope you will look him up. Enjoy.

    4. Hi Marco, I lived in Trento Italy with my husband and daughter but now I have relocated to my country Nigeria. I believe you should fix a Covenant time with the Lord YAHUSHUA haMashiach. This is the time when you will be studying the Word of God alone and the Holy Spirit will begin to teach you and speak to you in visions, dreams and spoken words. This is how you will hear from the Holy Spirit. Please make sure that you are consistent in keeping to the time on a daily basis and I promise you will begin to hear the Holy Spirit speak to you. This is called Holy Ghost School and is on going all over the world. Yahweh bless and keep you. Shalom.

      1. Thank you Tim , i will check Dan Mohler’s videos from YouTube. Eze Uloma Julia ,what you mean with studying the Word of God? I’m reading the bible on daily basis,at least 20 chapters every day,
        should I read more?
        Thank you again brothers and sisters for every comment,God bless you all.

    5. Marco,
      Have you turned away from all recreational activities / pleasure that is of the world? I know many of the prophetic messages says this is very important to do before you can hear God’s voice.
      If you have done this already, then just keeping plugging away and give it time. Even if you are doing everything right, God isn’t going to talk to you instantly. And if you really want to speed up the process, fasting wouldn’t hurt.

      1. Remember that God wants you to give all of your “free time” to him. This doesn’t have to be limited to praying and reading the Bible, but you do have to find activities that have a religious component to them while replacing from your schedule those that do not.
        If you are “splitting your time” between God and activities “of the world” than God views you as “serving 2 masters” – both Satan and God. That is the road to destruction.

        1. Thank you so much Mark for your comments, now i understand why the way is narrow. I need to left the gym(my only worldy activity) but i promised to bring my brother,i need a solution. God bless you Mark.

          1. You’re welcome Marco.
            It can be sometimes tricky to figure out what activities God approves of and which he does not (besides work and religion). Especially because I too am in the process of trying to learn to hear the Holy Spirit.
            Some of the prophetic words for instance do say to watch the news, and another I read said when you go on a walk to pray for the people you see (it certainly didn’t say don’t ever take walks). IMO going to the gym should be acceptable as a form of exercise. I don’t think God would disapprove of it, especially as being in good physical condition is going to become more important as we move forward thru the end times.
            That said, most recreational activities (TV shows, movies, video games, social media and even reading books) I’ve seen God warn against doing repeatedly. I’ve also read words that say we need to remove all “willful sin” from our lives. That is a very broad definition that can even include thoughts.
            Some people I’ve talked to say they hear the Holy Spirit but also still watch some TV. However I’m trying to be on the “safe side” on that so I cut out TV entirely recently except for news and religious channels.

          2. God has described the Holy Spirit as being like a lamp of oil that needs to be filled over time.
            What frustrates me is, there is no way to tell how much oil one has until the lamp is full. Is my lamp 10% full of oil, or 90% full? All I know is I’m not there yet.
            However I know my heart is in the right place, and I have turned away from all the activities I was enjoying in the world, so I have faith God will speak to me before it is “too late”.

          3. One last thing, it is never too late to turn to God and receive salvation as long as one is still breathing and hasn’t taken the “mark of the beast”.
            That said, if you want to be part of the Remnant / Bride (and we all should want that), the door will shut at a certain point in time so it is best not to wait.
            It is also best not to wait because one never knows the date of one’s death, or the date of the Second Coming.

    6. Hello Marco a word of encouragement. When we receive Jesus we are born again of incorruptible seed the Bible says. SEED not fruit, there needs to be a growth process. Water the new seed with the washing of the water of The Word. In other Words God will speak to us through His Word, Washes us, encourages us, strengthens us. Feed on The Word, Read the gospel of John, beautiful love letter to us. The Word of God is a wonderful way that God has of speaking to His children. Blessings

    1. Wow! I am going to share that on WBJ! That nailed me right between the eyes!
      I was just talking to John Shorey about this very thing about being JADED about prophecys.
      I believe the Kick off is coming quick!
      Thank you so much Carla!
      God Bless you!

  8. Awake. Awake from your slumberous sleep. Earth will rumble. Man’s structures will tumble.
    Women and children will morn and will weep.
    Have I not promised. Have I not said. Because you do not listen thousands will be dead.
    Repent.  Fall to your knees.
    I am the great I am.
    All is written.
    All is timed.
    What I have commanded.  Not even the Angels may rewind.