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4 thoughts on “Holy Spirit Wind (Jeff Byerly)Prophecies Audio – God'sTruthBeingTold YT Channel”

  1. He continues to pour out His heart, almost in desperation to reach this generation. It is painful to know that the millennial generation grew up with no God. And now they are raising children that follow in those footsteps. I desperately want to reach these souls and I do hope I will. God I pray every soul has complete clarity before their last breath to accept the Lord Jesus Christ!

    1. Amen Josie, you are a woman after God’s own heart. I also for every soul on earth who has not yet blasphemed the Spirit of God, that the Lord will strip away Satan’s deception, that they will believe and be saved. Not by might, nor by power, but by the Spirit of God, in whose strength we can do all things. And then we do what we are led to do each day, not in our own strength but in His. Psalm 37:4.

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