A Parable About the “Kick-Off Event”

Received 8-4-18
“My son, I wish to give you this parable about the “kick-off event” so that My people have more understanding about what is about to take place and perspective.
The ball has been placed on the tee and the whistle has sounded and the kicker’s hand is raised. Do you hear his footsteps? That’s how close it is! I tell you, do not focus on the kicker, he is only a small member of the many teams of Satan that is against the one team of YHVH. Don’t focus on the ball or any of their players, focus on your Captain and Quarterback. Their quarterback is the all-time crowd favorite, when he comes unto the field, the crowd goes absolutely wild. Satan will personally control the quarterback and through the his mark he will control his team. The players on team Satan are much bigger and stronger physically than those on My team but We will prevail.
All of the officials (referees, line judges, umpires and judges) are for team Satan because has paid them off and if they don’t rule in his favor on the playing field he has them killed and replaced by someone who will. Satan has even gone after the star players that were on My team and he has lured them away with mega-money and incentives up front (now) instead of the heavily back-ended contract that I offer My players for eternity.
Just before halftime of this final game, team Satan will look undefeatable. They will seemingly score at will and will even take out many of My team members. My team will be extremely worn out but they will overcome, all is not lost! The League Commissioner, My Father, is sending down rulings from above and the team shall have new power breathed into them by coach Ruach ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) and My team will play like never before and will be transformed and unstoppable. They will even go out and find many, many teammates that had switched teams and they will recruit those who Satan had cast aside. The team will be larger than ever! We begin our great victory feast before the game is even over, at halftime.
Satan will be ABSOLUTELY FURIOUS but he will not stop them. This is when the Commissioner will send down many penalties and destroy their game plan and many players. The fallen ones from times of old, the men of renown and mighty fallen angels that have been bound will be loosed and join the game. They will not overcome My mighty ones for all of My power will be with them. Satan will scheme to throw the Commissioner out of His office but it will fail. Then I shall return at the end to score the winning “touchdown” with the millions upon millions who were at the feast. Satan shall be thrown into prison for 1000 years, for all of lies, deceptions, murders, extortions etc., etc., etc., along with all of his those who were loyal to him and all of his staff. At the end of 1000 years, Satan will be let out of prison and try to overthrow the Commissioner again but he will again fail. Then he will be thrown into the lake of fire where he will be tormented day and night forever and ever!
I speak this to My team:
You are assured to win if you do not give up and have faith in your team Quarterback and Captain. Focus on Me for the victory has already been won on the cross of Calvary! I sacrificed Myself for the victory for all. Although earthly players have guaranteed victories and some have won but I CANNOT LOSE and YOU CANNOT LOSE ON THIS TEAM but YOU MUST GIVE YOUR ALL JUST AS I DID NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS!
Jesus Christ
Yahshuah ha Mashiach”


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  1. Darrell, My God. I have read this message of yours 3 or 4 times and it blows me away. I don’t know how the ‘deep state’ could make such a thing happen, but if God said it, I believe it. Nothing else I can say. I pray that anyone in that area will find salvation before it’s too late. God bless.

  2. I personally have read from different Watchperson’s, in whom I trust, that they personally believe that the Truth of the Word of God was spoken to them through His Holy Spirit and that they heard that BHO will definitely be the anti-christ, but then on the other hand, their are some other Watchperson’s whom I also trust in, who say that they believe, that the Truth of the Word of God was spoken to them as well through His Holy Spirit, and that they heard that BHO is definitely not going to be the anti-christ, but then again I have also heard from other different Watchperson’s, in whom I also trust, that they personally believe that the Truth of the Word of God was spoken to them through His Holy Spirit, and that they heard that BHO will definitely be part of the anti-christ movement, and he will support the anti-christ campaign in many ways, but that he himself is not going to be the anti-christ.
    All that being said, we as True Believer’s have to Pray, and ask God to reveal to us through His Holy Spirit, on what His Will shall be in regards to who, what, when, or where, the anti-christ may or may not be, and not take any man or any women’s words on this matter as it seems that whether BHO is, or is not the anti-christ, is definitely not set in stone at the moment and therefore could be subject to change based upon God’s Will and variables such as BHO himself and Belief, Prayer, Repentance;…etc;.. etc;…
    Also we as True Believer’s have to open our own Holy Bibles and seek out the Truth in what God’s Word say’s about the subject matter of this topic, and I know for a fact that BHO is never mentioned anywhere in the Holy Bible. I also know for a fact that scripture indicates that the anti-christ shall not be revealed until after a certain time allowed by God has occurred.
    What we must try to remember as True Believer’s, it is not our concern to be looking out for who the anti-christ may or may not be, it is our concern to be Praying and Repenting for our own daily and nightly sins, and in asking God for Spiritual Protection for our own selves, and for our own families and loved ones, and yes even for total strangers, as we should be praying for the unsaved to Believe in Jesus and for them to Repent unto the Lord God Jesus Christ, before God’s Judgment’s come upon us, as well as we should be praying for God’s Will to be done in all of these matter’s, especially since knowing who the anti-christ is, or in what he is doing, will be far less concerning to us than being overwhelmed by death and destruction that shall be warring all around us.
    Remember, according to the Holy Bible the anti-christ appears on the scene as a great peacemaker, as a false christ, a false messiah, and so with that in mind, try to picture the great destruction and the devastation that will have to occur all around the world first, in order for the world to ever accept a one world global government leader, so who he or she may or may not be, will not really be of any concern of ours unless it is God’s Will for us to personally know, and to be personally involved in His Plans during this time, as most likely we will either be physically dead or spiritually reborn by this time, then it should not be of any concern to us whether BHO is or is not the anti-christ. If anything we should be praying to God that BHO and his loved ones find the Truth of Jesus and Believe and Repent of their daily and nightly sin so that they can also make it into Heaven before they physically die, same as we should be doing for all non-unbelievers.
    Read the scriptures/chapters below for understanding of this subject matter.
    1 John Chapter 2
    1 John Chapter 4
    2 John Chapter 1
    2 Thessalonians
    Revelation 13
    Revelation 20
    God Bless,

  3. We don’t mind sharing. I can send it to you in email along with some other words the Lord has shared with us. Then you can decide if you want to post them. Do you communicate via email?

  4. I just finished reading it. There is a lot that the entire post brought to mind that the Lord has shared with us. The latest may help in timing perhaps. My wife had a dream recently, and in that dream was a prophecy. It stated, “What you spend in the next 2 years will take care of you in the next 4 years.” Her understanding in the dream was, what we spend in the next 2 years would take care of us in the 4 years that follow the 2 years. That timing seems to fit with a word the Lord gave us about putting Jezebel (Hillary) in our white house to defile our walls (the walls of the white house) since we have defiled His walls (the churches). And she will persecute His people. But then her fate would be worse than the fate of Jezebel in the old testament.

  5. That’s Awesome Robyn! I believe we are going to see a very big switch from team Satan very quickly once the Kick off event happens… I don’t think that’ll be too long now

  6. Jeff the Lord used the same words to me about switching sides just a few days ago..that they are for team satan but they can and some will switch to the victorious team…confirmation!

  7. Jeff,
    I haven’t shared this out with anyone other than my FB page. Wanted to share this with you and see what you thought.
    This happened to me on May 2, 2018 and I typed it up.
    Earlier I felt the Lord speak to me that He speaks to me in things that I read and songs that I hear. And I thought back on the many times I felt Him moving in me and confirmed what He was saying to me.
    Then at lunch today, I felt like playing some different songs, ones that had meaning but were not Christian (we listen to Christian music here almost non-stop). After I had played a couple, Emily, my second oldest daughter, asked me to play a certain song but I told her I wanted to play songs that had a meaning (mainly because I could feel the stirring of the Holy Spirit in me). Then I played Alan Jackson’s song “Where were you when the world stop turning?” While it was playing, the Lord started really moving in me. After it had finished and Cory Asbury’s song “Reckless love” was playing, His Glory settled in on me and the Lord started speaking.
    The first thing He said was “You will be here when the next 911 event takes place.” When He said that, He let me feel the weight of what was going to happen … I couldn’t stop crying … I was trying to hold it back, but I couldn’t. We are now living in our shop (which is exactly where the Lord said 3 times, over the course of about 4 years, that we would have a ministry out of, but I couldn’t see it).
    I then moved to the living room and sat in my chair and waited on the Lord. It took me awhile to share with the family what was going on. After I was able to gain composure, every time I tried to share, the tears would come from the extreme of what is going to happen. At this point, I had no clue other than, we would be here during the next 911 event.
    After I was able to talk with the family, we were discussing that I didn’t know a time and that I didn’t get the impression that it would happen on Sept 11, but that it would be a 911 like event. All this time the weight of the Lord was on me. Then I started trying to clear my mind to see if the Lord had something else to share. But I couldn’t get my mind to leave the Twin Tower site. I even mentioned that to my family that for some reason I couldn’t get my mind to leave that.
    Then I saw an earthquake (if you will) that was a straight line from New York to the Northeast corner of Arkansas. I tried to clear that out of my mind and asked the Lord to speak and not me. Then the Lord answered, “I AM SPEAKING!” The weight of that was incredible. His Glory sat down on me heavy and I started crying really, really hard. The Lord was letting me feel His heart in that He is grieving over the lives that will be lost but it is coming. When I tried to share it with my family, the pain that the Lord is feeling kept coming over me. Everything in this path will be completely lost. At this point I have never heard of a fault line running from New York to Arkansas. It is going to be massive. But what the Lord showed me was an opening in the ground that was from New York to the NE corner of Arkansas. It was a straight line and in the middle was about as wide as half of Arkansas. What I saw was deeper than it was wide. And when it got to the NE corner of Arkansas it stopped and I saw 4 cracks that went out from there.
    The other impression was that this was going to be another 911 event in that our government was going to cause it.
    Has the Lord shared anything like this with you before?

  8. Hi Bro. Sylvester, I live in Aba too and I look forward to hearing this aired on the magicfm radio station. Yahweh bless and keep you. Uloma.

  9. Pastor Benjamin Faircloth
    Ignited Church
    August 5, 2018
    “The Undertow” (A Tumultuous Event)
    “Thus saith the Lord Thy God”;…
    America you are in the Last Day’s of your existence.
    Normality and security will soon be by words and thoughts of what used to be.
    You’ve overplayed your hand with your enemies and you have underplayed your commitment to Me.
    The twighlight of your existence has come, the former glory of your history will serve only as a mirror and a reminder of what you used to be.
    Many of My People are running to and fro trying to rebuild that which they have wasted.
    I tell you clearly, this is like a man, who tries to catch, but ends up only chasing a falling star.
    The Wind has no barrier in which to stop it’s mighty force once unleashed in it’s fullness.
    Neither shall a false covering from false convergence keep Me from executing My Judgments.
    The Undertow is here, the Force of My Displeasure is being revealed, but can you see it? Can you feel it? For many who cannot answer in the affirmative, it will be too late when the Winds of Change criss cross your nation.
    America you have One Choice, brace yourself for impact and Behold your God!
    Jeremiah Chapter 17

  10. https://byronsearle.blogspot.com/2018/08/racing-downhill.html
    RACING DOWNHILL (After The Kick-Off Event)
    – August 06, 2018
    My son, I heard the cries and prayers of My children, saying, Give us a king! Give us a king that thinks as we do and will do our will! I have answered that cry with a man whose heart is as yours. You, My Children, are stiff-necked, and your hearts are not after My heart. I have given you a king, a reflection of your hearts. My rebellious children, all you desire is to please the flesh and to reflect a lying image. You puff yourselves up with haughty attitudes and vanities. Have I not shown you in My Word to be humble – washing the dirty stinking feet of a stranger? But you, My self-righteous children, do not have time to be humble!
    My son, this nation and all the people are racing downhill to judgment. The kick-off event is the top of the hill, and it will be all downhill from there. My children, you will learn humility when all is taken away. You will learn to share and serve others at that time.
    My son, as My children have been lax in reading My Word, soon they will have plenty of time. Where they have refused to seek Me but trusted the king they elected, soon the king will be gone, and they will seek Me. Nothing changes – ancient people, modern people. Only the technology changes, but the people are exactly the same in their hearts. Men want to wage wars, women want to care for children. Poor people then are the same as poor people now. Rich people then are the same as rich people now – LOST!!!
    My son, what I am saying is even though times have changed, the people’s hearts remain the same. Only repentance can change the heart. Only crying out for forgiveness can change lives. Soon it will be too late! The world is racing downhill to judgment!!!
    My Remnant, take your eyes off this world and fix your eyes on Me! Pray daily, read My Word, seek My direction for your life! I AM COMING SOON, AND I AM THE ONE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE HILL!!! I love you all very much. Love one another. Amen.
    Messiah Jesus
    I Samuel 8:5-7
    5 And said unto him, Behold, thou art old, and they sons walk not in the ways: now make us a king to judge us like all the nations.
    6 But the thing displeased Samuel, when they said, Give us a king to judge us. And Samuel prayed unto the Lord.
    7 And the Lord said unto Samuel, Hearken unto the voice of the people in all that they say unto thee: for they have not rejected thee, but they have rejected me, that I should not reign over them.

  11. Thomas I have no doubt that if I’m supposed to minister with you that the Lord will make a way. He is in control and I will not fight against him. His will be done!

  12. Powerfully worded by our Captain! Hallelujah!! Thank you Yahushua. You are three much!. I love you dearly! Hmm! The die is cast! No going back. Father, we are ready to push on. This message will be on radio show this coming Sunday, August 12. On http://www.magicfm.ng
    @4pm Nigeria time. Please check your local time. God bless you prophet Jeff.

  13. Jeff, greetings in the awesome Name Above Every Name, the Mashiach Yahushua,
    I am honored and blessed by you continually and your encouragement to His body is truly a testimony of faith.
    Several weeks back when I told you that I had prayed and asked Father for you to be translated here prior to the disaster hitting New York City and you said that it blessed you even though you were 800 miles from that place… the Ruach haKhodesh spoke to me that His angels can still find you and fulfill their assignment(s) for you despite time nor distance, (As He was saying this to me, I felt a huge grin and jovial attitude coming from His Heart in a playful way). His pleasure toward you was palpable.
    I still trust that should you be needed here (instead of ‘there’) then we will be fellowshipping face to face rather than online!!! 😃 😉
    Much much blessings and manifold peace be poured out like water upon you this day and every day until we see Him face to face and are able to kiss His feet and look into His eyes.
    Shalom, Thomas NoDoubt

  14. I have never been told anything about the Dome of the Rock being destroyed or a key event so I dont know but I’m sure that will have a profound impact when it happens.

  15. Jeff – Could the “Key Event” be when the Dome of the Rock is destroyed, first?

  16. The Lord also told me that I should share these verses from Isaiah 53Surely he took up our pain and bore our suffering, yet we considered him punished by God, stricken by him, and afflicted. But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed.
    We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to our own way; and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all.

  17. Very good point Sujit, what you said is very true.
    I would like to bring out this as well, the seperation that Jesus experienced from the Father (2 Corinthians 5:21) “For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.” Jesus actually BECAME SIN and thus was seperated from part of His own being because Jesus, the Father and The Holy Spirit are one. (Hab 1:13) “You who are of purer eyes than to see evil and cannot look at wrong, why do you idly look at traitors and remain silent when the wicked swallows up the man more righteous than he?” Sin CANNOT be in the presence of a God that is Holy,Holy, Holy that is why we are here on earth…but I digress. (Psalm 5:4) “For You are not a God who takes pleasure in wickedness,
    Nor shall evil dwell with You.”
    For now God tolerates the presence of sin in order to accomplish His purposes with mankind on the earth and that is seperating the darkness from the light. Soon the age of grace will be over and no sin will be tolerated at all (Rev 21:27) “But there shall by no means enter it anything that defiles, or causes an abomination or a lie, but only those who are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.”
    So I said all of that to say this the words of a song that I have sung many times “I’ll never know how much it cost to see my sin upon that cross” and I might even change it to this ” I’ll never know how much it cost
    To BE my sin upon that cross” Jesus died a sinners death because He was sin for us but He was not able to be held there long, for He is God, so just maybe it happened on the same day, I would probably say that was the truth.
    Blessings, love and peace

  18. Very good point Sujit!
    Thank you for bringing that out.
    We can do all things through christ who strengthens us and He can see us through any situation if we have faith in and trust in Him alone.

  19. As far as I understand the scriptures, I believe that prior to Christ’s resurrection, all those who died, went to a place where the spirits of the righteous dead were separated from the spirits of the unrighteous, one place with two compartments, so to speak, one for the righteous dead and another for the unrighteous dead. The paradise that Christ spoke about to the thief of on the cross I believe was where the spirits of the righteous went. I don’t think this paradise was heaven, where God’s throne is. Of course, after Christ’s resurrection, I believe, all those in paradise went to be with the Lord, whereas all the unrighteous dead continued to remain where they were and perhaps still are.

  20. If I may, I would like to draw your attention to Daniel’s three friends in the fiery furnace. We know there was a fiery furnace. We know that the furnace was extremely hot and that the flames in the furnace were real, because they burned up the men who carried Daniel’s three friends to the furnace. And we know the three young men were indeed thrown into the furnace.
    But did those three young men behave anything like what we might naturally expect of those who are thrown into a fiery furnace?
    My point is simply this: If we will not backpedal on our faith, we will either be supernaturally protected from the fires of the tribulation or we will be given supernatural grace to walk through those same fires.
    The three young men were not alone in the furnace. Someone was with them. And so shall it be with those of us who are counted worthy to walk through the fires of the tribulations of these last days. Be encouraged, and do not fear!

  21. Hey brother! Thank you so much for delivering these messages from the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He speaks to me and many other brothers and sister through you. I have a question. In a message you recieved quite a ways back called “God Hates Religion”, Yeshua said “Then I went to Hell for you, I never want you to experience that place!” I just wondering if we went Hell in between is death and resurrection, why does Jesus say in Luke 23:43 to the crinimal hanging beside him “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise.” ? It would be very helpful if you would answer.
    Thanks! David

  22. “We begin our great victory feast before the game is even over, at halftime.”
    Is this statement telling us that we will all have to endure half of the tribulation?
    We may have to remain here on Earth longer than I thought…..

  23. Yes I did’nt realize that until later on yesterday.
    I wanted to put it out yesterday but I ran out of time and fell asleep typing…I need 48hrs per day! LOL

  24. ” You train my hands for war ” said King David….Lord in all our situations destroy and evaporate our fears and doubts , may our faith to withstand and endure grow supernaturally by your hand. Keep touching our hearts as we seek you more than ever.

  25. Thank you Stephen if I can find the time I just might watch it.
    I have never heard of it!

  26. Ming, Jesus is the quarterback and captain that’s what He said…in truth He is also the commissioner and coach as well because they are one but they are also three. The remnant/bride will play the position of Quarterback as well once we are transformed because we all are one with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We must not try to over analyze this parable, He told me it was supposed to be a simple overview.

  27. The quarterback on the Comissioners team is Yahshua and the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit), through the man-child 144,000 that will be transformed into Yahshua’s image.
    Imagine 144,000 Yahshua’s walking the earth completely filled with the 7 Spirits of Yahweh (Isaiah 11).
    Asatan and his quarterback are about to be completely horrified and terrified. 🙂

  28. If the Anti-Christ is the quarterback of devil’s team, who is/will be the Quarterback of God’s Team on earth?
    Because Jesus is the Captain, the Heavenly Father is the Commissioner, and the quarter-backs who will be playing in the field will have physical bodies – so, who is this Quarterback of God in the end time?
    Thanks for the clarification!

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