A Parable About the “Kick-Off Event”

Received 8-4-18
“My son, I wish to give you this parable about the “kick-off event” so that My people have more understanding about what is about to take place and perspective.
The ball has been placed on the tee and the whistle has sounded and the kicker’s hand is raised. Do you hear his footsteps? That’s how close it is! I tell you, do not focus on the kicker, he is only a small member of the many teams of Satan that is against the one team of YHVH. Don’t focus on the ball or any of their players, focus on your Captain and Quarterback. Their quarterback is the all-time crowd favorite, when he comes unto the field, the crowd goes absolutely wild. Satan will personally control the quarterback and through the his mark he will control his team. The players on team Satan are much bigger and stronger physically than those on My team but We will prevail.
All of the officials (referees, line judges, umpires and judges) are for team Satan because has paid them off and if they don’t rule in his favor on the playing field he has them killed and replaced by someone who will. Satan has even gone after the star players that were on My team and he has lured them away with mega-money and incentives up front (now) instead of the heavily back-ended contract that I offer My players for eternity.
Just before halftime of this final game, team Satan will look undefeatable. They will seemingly score at will and will even take out many of My team members. My team will be extremely worn out but they will overcome, all is not lost! The League Commissioner, My Father, is sending down rulings from above and the team shall have new power breathed into them by coach Ruach ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) and My team will play like never before and will be transformed and unstoppable. They will even go out and find many, many teammates that had switched teams and they will recruit those who Satan had cast aside. The team will be larger than ever! We begin our great victory feast before the game is even over, at halftime.
Satan will be ABSOLUTELY FURIOUS but he will not stop them. This is when the Commissioner will send down many penalties and destroy their game plan and many players. The fallen ones from times of old, the men of renown and mighty fallen angels that have been bound will be loosed and join the game. They will not overcome My mighty ones for all of My power will be with them. Satan will scheme to throw the Commissioner out of His office but it will fail. Then I shall return at the end to score the winning “touchdown” with the millions upon millions who were at the feast. Satan shall be thrown into prison for 1000 years, for all of lies, deceptions, murders, extortions etc., etc., etc., along with all of his those who were loyal to him and all of his staff. At the end of 1000 years, Satan will be let out of prison and try to overthrow the Commissioner again but he will again fail. Then he will be thrown into the lake of fire where he will be tormented day and night forever and ever!
I speak this to My team:
You are assured to win if you do not give up and have faith in your team Quarterback and Captain. Focus on Me for the victory has already been won on the cross of Calvary! I sacrificed Myself for the victory for all. Although earthly players have guaranteed victories and some have won but I CANNOT LOSE and YOU CANNOT LOSE ON THIS TEAM but YOU MUST GIVE YOUR ALL JUST AS I DID NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS!
Jesus Christ
Yahshuah ha Mashiach”


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  1. Hi Darrell. I personally think the 911 event, and the event you are describing with the divide that happens between New York and Arkansas, are 2 distinct events and occur at a different time…. I am still trying to understand this from Dreams of mine, but particularly from studying Dreams & Words that others are putting forward. The 911 Event is the Kick-Off-Event I would say. The confusing thing perhaps might be that they both appear to involve New York (From what you have said). So it might seem like they are the same event, but I don’t think they are… The Divide in America I am thinking will happen possibly as a direct after-effect of the Asteroid Impact out in the Caribbean off the west coast of Puerto Rico as described by Efrain Rodriguez.
    I have never heard Efrain say this, but this is just my own impression of the cycle and magnitude of events that I have seen aspects of in dreams or read about.. With myself, nor anyone else, regarding revelations of events to come, I have found it common that nobody has all the picture given to them in fullness that is completely filling in all the blanks. It seems God is definitely giving here a little, and there a little… I think God is extremely wise with the type and magnitude of information he is giving to each and every person. Also, not being given EVERYTHING helps to keep a person humble, and realize we aren’t all individual islands unto ourselves. Just my thoughts…

  2. I believe Johnathan Kleck has a very convincing scriptural argument for Abama being the AntiChrist.. The Lord gave me the words through the night in late April 2018 “the Time is NOW”.

    He sent me literally to a secret place, up the mountains! Everything has changed! I have clear detailed plan for New Zealand.i know the Times! A Kick off event here was the Al Noor Mosque terrorist attack. I have been Led to Jeff and Byron probesies through mike 444!
    I have no issue accepting the implications of them as I hear it too from God.God said to me ” Trust only Him” and ” there are no coincide ces or Accidents” 12 months ago.

    But Johnathan, God has said is the reason God Has Given me a (spiritual) Patu! (A close combat weapon of the maori indigenous people,! ) He said to me specifically I have given it to you because I know John, !.

    john Has “the Key of David to the Church of Philadelphia. His message as a Harbringer needs to be heeded. This is crucial Key Scriptural revelation for the End Time.

    I also saw in a three part vision a planet covering the Sun! A Angel presenting me with a Scorpian tail like a Arrow out his back! But it was just pierced in two places like he carried it on his back to me. Then a large fat parasite worm with puckered end/head and one of many smaller worms exciting it. All this was in the gallery, Coming down to earth/ fallen Aleins I believe NOW.

    Maybe wormwood type of Ship, or symbolic of Nibaru?

    Johnathan confirms the Word because of you “turning of things Upside down”
    This my demon possessed daughter said.

    when I looked at Jesus as I lay in a Harvest Feild raging over me on his horse. It was him as the Lord if the Harvest on a White Horse. This was a vision 25 years ago,! He said…

    ” What will it take to Follow Me”?

    The Church was symbol used as Tibet in the mountains beyond..Completely useless,! But I had no idea how far I had fallen, even as a Christian. Ido NOW..

    It was like I never realised what it would take! But said “anything Lord”! If I had of known the pain… Of dying to self, everything in this life.. The cost few will accept.

    My husband ! My three Children including 2 stepchildren, our house, my job, career and any friends! ALL in 15 Months, and twelve months after the Wake-up call! GONE

    I am the happiest and so fill of Hope.I have never heard God so so clear… so worth it! I’m convinced nothing is impossible with God NZoW!

    My Daughter was the first one of my entire family to persecuted me.

    Her attack was a possession and God had her leave her internet open so I gained crucial information as to what the fallen angels know. It is confirmed that ( in writing )that she recieved a from a assignment from a entity to attack me. The Best sign I am chosen and will be used of God.

    God sort of used this attack to wake me up and press into him with new found intimacy again.

    Many will Defect that you call enemies so pray for them. My family will follow Gods voice.. My call is to Glory and the Harvest!

    “The Time is NOW”
    he was not kidding…
    Bless you all

  3. Personally i believe that the rapture and second coming are one event and i dont see any indication in scripture of two raptures and if so does that mean that if there were even more raptures then does the dead in christ keep preceding each one that makes no sense. i believe thats why the scriptures say that now is the appointed time of salvation. Our focus should be on being ready and praying for the lost and doing what God has called us to do and that whenever the catching away occurs that The Lord will find us doing his will when he does return.

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