Barack Hussein Obama Is the Real Leader of America

Received 6-30 and 7-1-18
I read this article Saturday Morning
Then I asked the Lord about it and this is what He said.
“My son write this down and share it.
My children, you have been experiencing a pause in the labor pains but now the pangs are about to increase again. This is how I said the end would come, with the pain ramping up and then going down like a woman in labor. There is only temporary relief for a short time and then the travail intensifies. This will continue until the very end. At the very end of labor there is no relief until the child is birthed. The pains are about to get more intense and closer together, especially in places that have been the most rebellious toward Me. The great cities are also the places with the greatest sin. I shall tell many of My people to flee before destruction comes but some of My people will be brought home to be with Me at the same time the unrepentant sinners are destroyed in the judgements.
My people know this, what was said in the news article is true, even though the statement was downplayed and made out to be a joke. Barack Hussein Obama is the real leader of America, though right now he is behind the scenes, he will return but not as president as I have told you before. Behind the scenes, civil war is being plotted, planned and schemed. He is dividing and will divide America while looking like the the”good guy” just as he did throughout the middle east when he was the elected president of America.
Donald Trump is the controlled opposition, he is a part of the whole plan. He does not know the depth of the evil that Obama does, as I have said before Trump is one of the “fall guys”, a “scapegoat”, someone to lay the blame on. They will blame the crash of the US economy on Trump, that comes after the “kick-off event”. That is when Obama will return as ruler and the people will love him! Even many of those who where once against him will be for him because of the destruction and economic catastrophe that had happened. He will promise peace BUT DON’T BE FOOLED! He will cause the utter destruction of America, this has been his destiny and I will allow it because America has not repented.
Many will disregard this message now but in the coming days and months they will see it come to pass before their very eyes. Those that said it could never happen will be shocked and stunned. I ask you to remember to cry out to Me in repentance when these things happen and even now. The closer you are with your Creator, the better it will be with you. The birth pains are upon you and there is no stopping them. The end of this age is here and the birth of the children of God and My new age will not be halted.
Jesus Christ
Yahushua HaMashiach”
1 Thess 5:3 ‘For when they say, “Peace and safety!” then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape.’
Matt 24:8 ‘All these are but the beginning of the birth pains.’


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  1. Yes brother the Lord has revealed to me that Obama is the Antichrist and has confirmed it many times. If you look at what Obama is doing right now you can see it coming to fruition. Blessings love and peace from America my brother!

  2. 2-3 days ago I had a dream, I said to a friend “Obama is the antichrist”, as I finished the sentence someone tried to break my vertebral column in my dream, and I woke up a little later with a strong pressure on the vertebral column.
    Greetings from Italy

  3. Dear Jeff, I typically do not trust my “feelings” enough to share them outside of my family. However and sorrowfully, my heart lines up with much of what you have said about both Trump and Obama. Praise to Jesus for ever and ever into the coming new age.

  4. And a third confirmation post . . . . I could share more, but hopefully any who are “on the fence” about what you shared, Jeff, may actually pray about what you shared rather than brush it aside.
    Here’s the link:
    3-18-18 – Warning WORD About Obama, Son of Perdition, Creating Fear & Warning DREAM: Government-Made “UFOs” – BelieveActs2FIRE

  5. Greetings Jeff,
    The following Word I was given back in 2017 basically confirms what you shared on your post (see link below):
    4-8-17 ~ This WORD from the LORD had me Shaken – BelieveActs2FIRE
    Here’s an excerpt from that post:
    “I also know now, that even though Obama “officially” left the office of the President . . . He is ruling behind the scenes even more than he did as president. I also know those who had been shown, told, sensed from the LORD that Obama is the last president of the United States. . . WERE RIGHT.
    What we see now in the United States political scene is a farce. A show. The global elite have chosen Trump to be a diversion to professing Christians so they would not fast, pray and repent . . . To be easier prey for the destruction planned for those who profess to be a Christian.
    The delusion of “all will be well because Trump is in office” is a part of the deluding influence that we are warned about in the Bible (2 Thessalonians 2:11). MOST professing Christians did NOT seek the LORD about the truth about Trump and have been caught up in the delusion.”

  6. Lou thank you for your most excellent and well thought out comment.
    You truly have understanding given to you fro the Father above.
    Blessings Love and Peace brother!

  7. Yes sister thank you for encouragement!
    Let us remain humble before Him and all men and in due time when it is His time…
    we will be exalted but the proud and unrepentant will be humbled.
    Blessings Love and Peace

  8. Thank you so much for your reply!
    I will place it here for everyone to read…
    Dear Erin has been given details of Donald Trump as the Red Bull aka Peacekeeper and Barack Obama as the Peacemaker the Entity is The Pope when you read the excerpts from the various dreams below you will find Dream 199 particularly Chilling…
    Dream 103: Jesus: “Oh, it was not just a matter of paint on the bomb; this was much deeper than that. Yes, so this broke apart in five pieces, but was false. It caused mass panic and was intended for the peacemaker.
    Dream 195: This man was labeled ‘peacemaker”, yet I saw no peace here. The feet he walked upon, his feet, were like bronze blocks. On his feet of blocks I saw newborn babies, barely able to hang on as he walked. I didn’t understand what I was witnessing in my vision. As he walked, his pant legs were turning to something like burnished bronze scales. This ‘peacemaker’ seemed to be changing although it was only visible in the unseen realm.
    Dream 195: God: “This was a good answer. You pray as you set yourself aside to ‘pay attention to Me.’, yet, as God, I have to send calamity to get the attention of those who do not recognize Me. I call out. I send hail, rain, wind and snow. I sent lightning to strike two tall towers in the wake of trouble; one in the city of the ‘peacemaker’ and the other, the Tower of Freedom.
    Dream 196: “Judgment is coming upon the land because it is Written. Not many have turned to Me. They will turn to the peacemaker, the savior of deception, which leads to the dung gate. The dung gate is plenty wide and many will rush in.”
    Dream 197: This entity declared, “God has sent me to proclaim His good news. He has anointed me with the power to proclaim freedom for all prisoners, sight so those blinded can see, to bind the broken and seal their wounds.” I saw it as the Word of God was twisted and forged as a tool for the “peacemaker”.
    Dream 197: I then saw the peacemaker and the proclaimer of blessings ascend up God’s holy land with a great celebration. I saw a back room presentation where the lamb was sacrificed, but with unclean instruments. The blood spilling was pure, yet neither of them could drink it. The blood disappeared and became water. They were unable to partake in the blood of the lamb.
    Dream 199: God: “Yes, Erin, they were part of the deception. Only a ‘peacemaker’ who has knowledge of the defenses of this nation from the inside could destroy it so readily; first by winning their hearts and minds and then turning on them.”
    Dream 207: “Keep your eyes on the ‘peacemaker’ as he is to be watched. He is soon to become an even larger figure as time moves forward.
    Erin’s website is

  9. It all ties together on reflection. Donald Trump entered politics as a direct result of his immense pride and it was Obama himself that catapulted Trump to seek the Republican ticket, in his contrite and unabashed personal attack at the correspondents dinner. Trump has never graced one since and the last one was a total farce.
    Now Obama is after his scalp (no pun) and that is evident in so many ways. Obama is the only past president to continue in public life with the impetus being one-upmanship. He can’t be president again, so he is aiming at Lord of the World and he will achieve this platform through deception… the very tools of demons.
    We are in the Tribulation years, it is the Masters Plan and nothing will avert how this must play out. The sign of Jonah was the eclipse and unlike the good folk of Nineveh, nobody repented. The evidence of moral, statutory and constitutional fraud, to say nothing of the injustices perpetrated by former administrations is palpable and all those complicit will face the Divine Judge post haste. Is it mere coincidence that another eclipse will cross the land exactly seven years later.
    There is but One path, that of the promised salvation through Jesus and it is not negotiable. Hold firm in the belief that He will provide in times of trials and if He asks for martyrdom, who would deny the Lord in His wisdom and Grace?
    Thank you Jeff, your efforts are opening many eyes, may the Lord through the Holy Spirit continue to bless and protect your mission.

  10. Jeff,
    Remain obedient to The Lord – look at it this way – has he not told me to forward certain messages to you only? Hopefully that gives you encouragement.
    Brother, I too have made mistakes. Yes, there will be voices out there pointing fingers – but I also recall Jesus saying the following:
    John 8:7 King James Version (KJV)
    7 So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.
    I, for one, am truly the least of these. I don’t deserve His Grace and I am beyond Thankful I can claim His Blood. I have told Jesus that I only ask to be able to enter His Gates.
    Blessings & Shalom

  11. I have not seen Erin say that!
    Can you show me where?
    I respect Erin, she sees Jesus face to face and I do not…

  12. Thank you for reminding me of those Deena I had forgotten ?
    Yes I do think that that has something to do with Trump being taken out.
    I don’t know all the details yet nobody does! We prophesy in part and we know in part and we see through the glass dimly as it says in 1st Corinthians 13

  13. Amen Sister,
    These things are not easy for me to put out either but I must be obedient to the Lord. Believe me this is not a popular message at all! people are calling me false prophet and other names that I won’t bother to write here but of it is for the glory of God and it will all be worth it in the end.
    Blessings love and peace ♥️

  14. It saddens my heart to say this, but by The Spirit I understand T sold out long ago. Most everything Jeff shared in this post I was also told/shown In The Spirit (pre-election cycle, through election day) I’ve had at least two T-related dreams and 1-2 open visions dating back 2-3-maybe 4 years now.
    Among them, Trumps ascent to office, what appeared to be some sort of fall from status and the demise of Israel…they have all weighed heavy on my heart.
    Truth is, Our God raises kings and removes kings (Daniel 2:21)…Scripture asks us to pray for Trump. The prayers aren’t as much for his salvation as they are for interceding (his lack of worthy counselors) because he is dealing with God’s chosen people and land.
    For all Trump has accomplished (or thinks he has in this life), this is Trump’s test. (the Genesis 1:4 test) regarding whether he will follow the Light or dark. As well, he is being “measured” by The Spirit of God (Rev 11:1) and all of Heaven is watching (Hebrews 12:1) to see what he will do with what he has been given.

  15. Adam, you can try Mark’s link but I am afraidwhat he saya is right. Anyone who is elected POTUS has already gone past the point of no return…but I guesss you could try. If you believe the Lord is telling you to do it,please by all means doit, then his blood will not be on your hands. the Lord did say Trump is not at the same depth of evil as Obama.
    Blessings Love and peace!

  16. Adam,
    From what I hear, if you want to send a twitter message to the Trump White House and have it read by someone important, you need to use the official White House twitter account:
    Don’t ever use the RealDonaldTrump account (too many messages go there and no one important will read it)!
    You can send Trump all the warnings you want, but I fear Trump has already sold himself out to Satan in order to get elected in which case it may already be too late for him.

  17. Is there any way to send this to Donald Trump’s Twitter — in the slight, slight, slight, event that the Lord moves him to read this message and get right with Him?
    Thank you again, and once more, Jeff for being a faithful servant of Him!

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