There are Many “Angels of Light” Coming and They will Deceive Many

Received 6-3 and 6-4 -18

My children, there have been many new attacks and assignments sent against you from the enemy. These are different and more intense than you have experienced in the past and the origin of these are harder to pinpoint. Beware, for attacks are coming from places and people that you have trusted in the past. Those that have been close to you will become your enemy. I have told you that this would happen. Father shall be against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, mother-in-law against daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law and so on. Yes this has happened in the past but in the end there shall be even greater fulfillment. My people don’t let this break your heart! My love shall carry you through.
My children, I tell you now, you must recognize all of the plots, plans and schemes of the enemy so that you can stop them in My name. Pray that I send My perfect light to expose the shadowy areas that hide in the corners of your hearts, minds and lives. Not everyone or everything that seems to be from Me actually is. By the power of My Spirit in My name alone these things will be uncovered and stopped, not by your own power or will. You must surrender all of your own power and will in the situations that you are in, even though your flesh tells you the exact opposite. Truly, you battle not against the flesh and you will not overcome by the flesh. If you fight fire with fire you will be burned. That is not My way. Your enemy will beat you if you play his game, his way. Your battle is in the invisible, spiritual realm and it is more real than the things you can see, touch, smell and hear. Soon these invisible things will be made to manifest and men’s hearts will fail them for fear when they see what is coming upon the earth.

Take your eyes off of the physical world and fix your gaze upon Me. As you do this, all of the plans of the evil one will be revealed to you because I will open your spiritual eyes to see them. Do not focus on the mountain that is in front of you. If you do, you will not see where I am in your situation. I can allow you to see through the mountain to what is on the other side where I am. Close your physical eyes and seek Me, with all that is within you and the scales will fall off of your eyes to behold My perfect plan for you. When I show you My plan, you must act on it in obedience by faith. Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. By faith everything around you both seen and unseen were made by My word. Speak My word and My will shall be done on earth as it is in heaven by faith, not doubting or wavering. This is how mountains are moved!

Yes, darkness is falling upon the earth but you must not be afraid but know and believe what I have said. Darkness cannot overcome the true light but false light is darkness. There are things in each of your lives that you have thought are of the light but they are being revealed as darkness now. Come and be alone with Me now My children, so that I may show you My glory. This is how you will discern the false light from the true. This is how you will be able to tell the spirit of antichrist from My Spirit. You must know Me intimately. You must know the “Real” to spot the imitation. There are many “angels of light” coming and they will deceive many. Many who attend churches will be among those that will be deceived and many in the churches are deceivers. Those who don’t know Me personally will be deceived, if they are not warned about the disasters that lie ahead. 
Who will warn them? Who will say to Me,”Here I am Lord send Me”? I will strengthen you to complete the task that I give you, if you are obedient to My will and go out and do My Kingdom work. Seek and save those that are lost with Me! I will guide your every step and you will not stumble. You will have great rewards in heaven with Me forever!

As the greatest darkness that has ever fallen upon the earth falls, hide your selves in your chambers with Me for a little while. I will protect you from the fury and wrath that will be released if you are hidden in Me. With Me you will not fear the evil that is coming, you will overcome it. This is when you will be transformed and My chosen ones shall shine brightly for all to see. 
My hidden ones shall be revealed and the harvest will be great!

Jesus Christ
Yahushua Hamashiach


23 thoughts on “There are Many “Angels of Light” Coming and They will Deceive Many”

  1. Troy, I totally agree with you 100% in regards to flesh and blood shall never enter into the Kingdom of Heaven and have been saying and teaching it for over 20 years, but all to chastisement and to no avail, just because of the churches stance that the flesh and blood body will transform into a new flesh and blood body made specially for heaven.
    The sermons and the books and the movies all about how in an instant, in the twinkling of an eye all children and every christian will suddenly simultaneously dissapear off of the face of the earth, and the only thing that will be left behind will be their clothes all founded up in a neat little pile on the ground is ludicrous!
    Or when these preachers say they cant wait for that day where their physical flesh and blood body will fly away and soar past the Milky Way on its way to heaven.
    People who preach this concept and people who believe this concept need our prayers because they are not allowing the Holy Spirit inside of them to inderstand that Heaven is a Spiritual Place and God and His Angels are Spiritual Beings and we are made in that Holy Spiritual image of God and that Holy Spiritual Image is inside of us in the form of our Spiritual Soul and when you go back and re-read the Holy Bible knowing this Truth, many scripture take on whole new Spiritual Meaning and allows us to see more clearly in not only what a future in Heaven will be like, but in how our immediate future will play out depending on if we die or live or are Raptured or if we return etc;…

  2. Lehua, I just said a prayer for you and the Lord said that you do not have time NOT to do your daily worship and prayer with Him.If you would be faithful and continue in it daily that He will multiply the rest of yourtime throughout the day. He said think DAILY SABBATH.
    Rest in Him every day and you will see that you will be less busy than you were previously.
    Heed the word of the Lord Lehua!
    Love and peace

  3. Great and timely message from our Master. Bro. Jeff, I am shocked! How? Even the very elect, could be deceived! God forbid! We are in such a critical time. Oh, Lord, help us!

  4. Brother,
    I will second that warning, as the Ruach has been showing me that over and over in the scriptures…so yes, our enemies will be in our own households and those closest to us. It grieves my heart to think of that and I pray it not be so, but there is a reason He sends us the warning…
    One more thing, the other day (3-4 days ago) I woke up out of sleep praying from my spirit and I remember praying that the Father protect us (all of us) from “psychological warfare”, “biological warfare” and a third type of warfare that I now do not remember. It’s as if He was downloading into my spirit what to pray for. And the Ruach is also bringing to my attention again the dangers of wifi, cell phones, smart meters…all of this is very very dangerous to our health. We need to get outside and have our feet touch the earth (it’s called grounding), and turn our wifi routers off at night. The blue light on our “devices” cause us to be stupid and affects our brains. Also, I’m learning about nano technology…and I think it comes into us from the chem trails…please everyone do your research and keep your spirit awake and pray in the spirit diligently. I will share this, that for the last month I’ve been feeling so cruddy, bronchial and sinus infection, and I’ve been so “busy” I have not even felt like spending time with the Father or worshipping….so I definitely believe the attacks are on in full force guys. Please when we pray for our familys please include all in the Kingdom of Light because the warfare is getting intense as Brother Jeff heard!! Pray for me too saints! I need it, I’m a single mom and time is not easy to come by for me.

  5. Eduardo, that is amazing that you said you fell that day! I have no way of knowing that I was just scrolling through my messenger contacts and I saw your name and the Lord said send him a message… So I did!
    Jesus never ceases to amaze me, there are no coincidences brother. Just keep seeking him daily and confess your sin and repent of it when needed and he will take care of the rest.
    Blessings love and peace bro!

  6. Sherri, I’m sorry it took me so long to respond to you but I am so busy at times that I could scream… But it does no good LOL the only thing that does any good is crying out and seeking Jesus. I really think that the remnant /bride are being put through some test and trials for the time that is coming. I know I have been and it sounds like you have been as well and I’ve been talking to Johnny Baptist and he’s going through it too and I could probably name about 100 other people but I don’t have time LOL But I know that if we stay seeking Jesus and repenting daily if not hourly when we screw up that he has us in the palm of his hands and we just have to trust in that and no matter what happens we will be with him when it is all said and done and that makes it worth all of this!
    I can’t wait to see him! (Tears)
    Blessings love peace and strength in the Holy Spirit sister

  7. Thank you my brother. I slipped and fell into the worldly desires that day and that same day you reached out to me. The enemy has was tormenting me a making me very sluggish for about 1 month I didnt know what to do anymore. I also started breaking out in hives outta the blue its been a real struggle brother. I sometime feel like I am loosing my mind but I thank the Lord for His grace and mercy and for brothers like you. Jesus bless you bro.

  8. True believe me or not Jesus saved me from them in a vision I believe He’s going to use me to open eyes so He can save them in 2020 when He sends me this is what ill be reading- 1st Corinthians 15 :44 the word “it” is referring to the same body 1st Corinthians 15:42-44 one day the natural body will be transformed into a spiritual body which is a physical glorified resurrected body verse 50 a flesh and blood body is a natural body that cannot inherit the kingdom of God but a spiritual body can inherit the kingdom of God because this flesh body has no blood a body that Jesus was pointing out sometime after his resurrection Luke 24:39 but before his resurrection his body had to 1st Corinthians 15:53,54 Jesus body dies no more Revelation 1:18 that’s why Jesus is called the firstborn from the dead Colossians 1:18 in other words the first person who rose from the dead to never die again Jesus gave up his human Spirit on the cross Matthew 27:50 so only his body died but when his Spirit entered back into his body on the third day the resurrection of Jesus was a transformation his flesh and blood body became Flesh and Bones with no blood the blood had disappeared Jesus was able to shed his blood in payment for sin Hebrews 9:22 and yet resurrect his body John 10:17,18 and what did his human Spirit say within his flesh body John 2:19-21 you believe that Jesus didn’t have a human Spirit within his body you believe that he was resurrected as a spirit cause you fail to understand “in the spirit” in 1st Peter 3:18 it doesn’t say made alive as a spirit it reads made alive in the spirit “in the Spirit” is another way of saying by the power of the Spirit so his body was made alive by the power of His Spirit Romans 8:11 you believe that Jesus Spirit took on different bodies cause Mary didn’t recognize Jesus John 20:14 verse 1 of John 20 tells you that it was early and still dark and if you continue to read we see that she begins to weep so here tears plus the darkness got in the way of her recognizing Jesus no wonder she mistook Jesus as the gardener plus she believes that Jesus is dead she wasn’t expecting Jesus to be alive also her grief didn’t allow her to recognize his voice at first and for Luke 24:31 verse 16 tells you why they didn’t recognize him and why would Jesus trick Thomas John 20:27 that his body was raised if it hadn’t you fail to understand the resurrection of Jesus 1st Corinthians 15:14-17 we can say that God the Father raised his son’s body because he gave Jesus the Commandment John 10:18 please pray for the Jehovah Witnesses in your area please print this out and pray that God will send u in 2020 to the Kingdom Halls to open the eyes of the Jehovah Witnesses you can email me at if u have any questions

  9. Thank you, and blessings, love and peace to you as well, child of Christ. amen.

  10. Yes Deena, I will pray for the Lord’s comfort from that dream. It is hard I know to see and hear the things that are going to happen. When I first woke up to it I used to cry day and night how about this but the Lord has comforted me and I know he will do the same for you. I believe that the only thing that really helps is getting alone with Him in the secret place and just let his presence penetrate every part of your being as you pour yourself out to him in abandoned worship.
    Blessings love and peace my dear sister!

  11. Lord Jesus led me to your site. I have been suffering great anxiety for the past week following a dream that I had. At first glance it seemed rather innocuous, but as I looked more closely I realized that the Holy Spirit had been removed. People were fleeing from authority and imprisonment, finding very temporary hiding places. Strange things attacked and bit them in the open. Not one thing or person had any light, love, comfort, joy. Evil was thick and covered every single object. This dream has me trembling in my very skin. I don’t want to see anyone have to experience this feeling of being so separated from God. Will you help me pray to Jesus to comfort me from these visions? Thank you for your faith and love. Deena.

  12. Brother Eduardo, I am so glad that the Lord had me get ahold of you to encourage you. It was not me! It seems like most of us are struggling right now and I believe it is because we are getting very close 2 the time of all of the things coming to pass. The prophets have spoken about these things, both from scripture and from his modern-day voices and the true words of the Lord will never fall to the ground. Right now I think we are all being tested and tried so that we will be more ready than ever or when these things take place. Most importantly of all do not forsake your alone time with Jesus in the secret place. This is where you will get your strength!
    Blessings love and peace brother…

  13. Hi Brother Jeff. Thank you for reaching out my brother. I was having a hard time during the time you reached out the other day. I was tempted to fall into the world for a second but this slip and fall just made me even stronger in Christ. It is when we fall down and get back up that we rise stronger than ever. I guess I’m having a hard time keeping the balance between my job, life responsibilities, bills, prayer and just simply living. I find no joy in life right now but I know that is the enemy I am only focusing on Jesus and it breaks my heart knowing what the enemy is doing not only to my immediate family to but my brothers and my mother and father. I sometimes battle with dealing with everything I know but I thank the Lord of Host for showing me the TRUTH. Thank you for being there for me brother. I love you in Christ.

  14. Yes Scott, I think the aliens/fallen angels are the Strong Delusion referred to in the Bible in 2nd Thessalonians 2 verse 11. It is the coup de gras of the great Falling Away that is already in progress. Like Jesus said in this message, those who know Him intimately will not be deceived.

  15. Jeff, do you think that deception will be the fallen ones appearing as “aliens” – claiming to be our creators?
    I can see where many, who currently cling to evolution, dropping it like a hot rock and jumping over to what they can now see. I can also see many nominal christians fleeing Christianity for this new teaching.

  16. Amen to all that you said brother! Everything that you mentioned is part of the Great deception but I think in the times to come it will be much worse. The Bible says if it were possible even the very elect would be deceived… But I believe the very elect are intimate enough to know the Holy Spirit from the spirit of antichrist.
    Lord I pray for increase of Your discernment and Your glory upon the hidden, remnant, chosen ones and your bride!

  17. One on-going deception is often posted photos of The Statue Of Mary shedding tears or people believing they see pics of Jesus in cut wood, pieces of bread and here and there. Whether its in a public display or in your own home.
    But probably the most predominant angel of light ministry is The Mormon Church. The Book of Mormon is another witness of Jesus Christ named after the ANGEL Moroni who appeared to him and taught him another Gospel.
    But, according to The Mormon Church , The Book of Mormon is parallels or is equal to the scriptures.
    Another angel of light ministry is a continuous presence of angels in a persons life to include reports of Alien abduction. Stories like angel feathers falling in a church service or gold dust. Lying wonders. Another is adding requirements that are not biblical.
    Any person or organization that mocks or minimize Jesus Christ and The Cross. Islam does. Supposedly when their prophet returns, Jesus will return with him and he will deny the cross and kill Christians and Jews. Islam and Mormon were both started by angel appearances.
    A person should not think that they cannot deceived. The guiding of the Holy Spirit is most needed for Christians. For the unsaved, they are open season.
    It is awful how people are acting now, even in the church. It is not a wonder that some people are disgusted with Christians and often seek have crosses removed and limit christian influence. won’t come to church. Spiritual warfare is misunderstood and many Christians are reluctant to do and the lost do not understand the fight for their soul.

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