America, You Await My Command to the Executioner!

I had have had a recurring vision over the past 5 days. At first I was not sure if it was from the Lord but after I began to receive more, it was confirmed to me that it was from Him.
I saw a man that was completely stoned, drunk and high. He was stumbling and staggering around, he even fell down. He was in a courtroom “standing” before the judge.
The judge was very angry and asked “Where is your defense attorney?”
Man:”Why what did I do?” as he was weaving back and forth.
Judge:”Where is your counsel? Do you intend to defend yourself?”
Man:”Gee whiz there judgypoo! Why so serious?”
Judge:”Yes I am serious! You have broken every law ever made by me. Do you not think that you will be punished?”
Man:”Well… huh…, I thought you might just let me slide, I mean I thought we were tight, you and me. I know what you said but… C’mon man!”
Judge: “You are now in contempt of court! (To the bailiff) Take this man out of MY SIGHT! You have ignored all of my warnings and have not changed your ways in the least. You come before me intoxicated, with no respect and with no advocate to plead your case. You knew what the laws were and you have blatantly broken them in defiance to everything I stand for. If it were not for your forefathers, which I knew personally, I would have punished you years ago. You have left me no choice… You will be punished to the full extent of the law, all of your possessions shall be taken away, you shall be put to death and burned!”
Man:”Yeah, Ok, Whatever…Can I go to my cell now? You’re a big downer judge…You need to lighten up!”
The bailiff then took the defiant, stumbling man to his holding cell where he was to await his execution. A visitor came to see the man and he was very sharply dressed, in all black. This man comes bearing many gifts for the man and the man is very appreciative, especially  for the alcohol and opiates. The man asks” Dude! How’d get these in here?! Thanks a lot!” The visitor replies,”Oh, I have my ways, I’ll be back when you need more. You can count on me, I’m not like that old-fashioned, high-and-mighty judge. Don’t you even worry about his judgments against you. He has a judgment out against me too and look at me, Never Better! Just relax and don’t think about a thing! Look I also have some cigarettes, a TV, a smart phone,  earphones, and a blindfold to block out all of the light so you can sleep even during the daytime.”
Man:”Wow! You are such an awesome friend what do I need to give you for all this?”
Visitor:”Don’t worry about that right now, there’s a price to pay but you can pay later.”
“COOL! Thanks!”, said the man as he turned around to thank the visitor but he was gone. Then the man shrugged and began enjoying all the things that the visitor had brought him.
Sometime later, a different visitor appeared in the man’s cell. He was sent by the judge, it was his son, and he agreed to represent and defend the man before the judge. All the man had to do was agree to stop doing his evil deeds against the judge’s laws and agree that the defender represent him. But the man was fast asleep with his blindfold on and loud music was playing his earphones from the smartphone he had been given. The second visitor tried to wake the man but he was out cold. Every attempt, even shaking, did not work so the second visitor left.
After a seemingly long period of time had gone by, the date of execution had finally arrived. The guards came to get the man from his cell. He of course was totally oblivious that this was the appointed day of his demise.
Man to the guards:”Where are you taking me?”
Guard:”To the guillotine, your time of execution has come.”
Man:”OK, but may I take all my stuff with me as my last request?”
Guard:”Yes, no problem”
So the guards walked the man down to the guillotine bound hand and foot with chains, a can of beer in one hand, a cigarette in the other, earphones playing loud music and a blindfold over his eyes. The guards laid the man down and put his head in the restraint. Then the man said “That was a long walk, think I’ll take a nap now.”, so the man dozed off.
Then the two visitors both appeared before the man. The first one was laughing hysterically at the man and said, “The time has come to pay! You were a fool to listen to me! HA!HA!” The second visitor was in tears and said “I tried to help you but you would not listen to me, this did not have to turn out this way. WAKE UP! Cry out for mercy and forgiveness now!” The man looked up at the second visitor still blindfolded with music playing loudly and he said “What did you say? You’ll have to talk louder!I couldn’t hear a word you said!”

Vision over…
The interpretation of this dream is very simple.
The man = America as a nation
The judge = God the Father
The first visitor = Satan
The second visitor = Jesus
Word of the Lord
America, your death sentence has been pronounced but you don’t even care! You are so preoccupied with all of your drunkenness, wealth, possessions and creature comforts that you don’t even hear or see what is right in front of you. I have offered you mercy and grace but you have rejected Me and My redemptive plan. You treat Me with no dignity or respect, many of you do not even acknowledge that I exist anymore. You follow your own wicked hearts and your best friend, Satan. He knows just the things to give to you so that you ignore Me. America, I gave you your Saul, the man you desired and now you should see his lies are almost as bad as the one who was and will return but you are so blinded and deafened that most of you do not.
America, you once followed Me, you were never perfect but I was the God of this country and I have blessed you more than any other country. You have been the the earthly guardian of Israel but now you scheme on how to divide her and My city Jerusalem. You will also be divided and everything that you have will be taken from you. You will be beheaded and everything you now see will be burned. It is written and it shall come to pass.
Will you repent then? I tell you most of America will die but a remnant shall survive and many shall come to Me because of My judgments, many more than the number that are turning to Me now.
America, your head is on the chopping block! America, you await My command to the executioner! Will you ignore Me again or will you cry out to Me? I tell you these warnings are ending! The time to save America as a nation has passed but I am still calling the people of America to come into My open arms and receive My eternal love and forgiveness.
America, you know not the moment in which the fire of the kick-event happens. It will happen in a moment when you think not. All who dwell in the secret place of the Most High God shall be protected by My wings and I will be their fortress, shield, helper in time of need and the rock in which you can hide in and stand on.
Jesus Christ
Yahushua Hamashiach


33 thoughts on “America, You Await My Command to the Executioner!”

  1. BelieveActs2Fire
    THIS IS WHAT THE SOVEREIGN LORD SAYS: “The Day of Joy Will Soon be the Season of Mourning in Your Nation.”
    I have called over and over for my people to repent, yet the words of my prophets have been as dust in the wind, for the lukewarm church will not repent. The days of luxury and ease shall soon end, Oh America, for the invasion of your Nation, will bring death, destruction, fire and fear.
    You who call on My Name have but little time to cling to me in full humility and holiness, with repentance being the only door to My Full Fellowship. Don’t be deceived by false doctrines that tell you that My Grace gives you a license to sin and all is well. Repent, and again I say repent, or you will face My Wrath along with the godless sinner.
    Come now and turn fully to me so that you shall abide in My Peace. Opposing Truth shall only open you up to the deluding influence that I shall send on those who love not the Truth (Jesus). You shall see horrors that shall cause your heart to faint with fear, unless you take shelter in My Truth (Jesus). Fight through the growing deception and darkness with the Word of My TRUTH (Jesus).
    Fear not those who want to destroy My Kingdom, although for a little while it shall appear as if they are. Draw near to Me, draw near to Me My Beloved. Humble yourself and repent, for the forces of darkness want to take you down. However I shall protect your souls while you go through the fire of judgement in your land, as you shall have My Presence with you throughout all eternity, but only if you shall draw near to Me. Repent and again I say REPENT!!!”
    Jesus Christ The King of kings and Lord of lords, your Redeemer and your only Salvation.

  2. Roxanne you might not have heard it but I introduced Johnny Baptist to Nathan Leal when I started whistleblower Jeff and he had me on his show kind of like Cameo doing news and such… Well anyways I am well aware of Nathan leal’s work and it is the truth!

  3. Praise God that you woke up! I was in the same boat as you back in 2012 but Barack Obama getting reelected helped to jolt me out of my coma. God will use anything to wake up his children! I think Him that it didn’t take a nuke going off for me to wake up… For some it will!
    God bless you too Roxanne!

  4. @ Sandra, Nathan Leal, (Watchman’s Cry) has done quite an expose’ on Trump and symbolism over the years.
    Some people do not see these things as important, but they are. He has opened up a world many will never see on their own.
    Myself, I cannot help but notice the symbolism. Trump is big on using it…..Look at the study on Trump towers and all the Greek symbolism. …I could go on. Jared Kushner lives at 666 Fifth ave. Come on, no one can make this up!
    Jeff, Johnny has had Nathan on his show a few times now. You would really like him. There is only a small group of guys who intricately teach the word now, stand up guys. It does not matter where you came from, not idolizing you or any of the others, just making the point that the remnant’s choices have dramatically been whittled down due to our mainstream alternative folks falling for false prophets etc. Without naming names. The holy spirit checked me immediately and told me to stop listening. I had great respect for one in peticular because of their personal journey and comeback. I pray they will fall out of deception. I would think their listenership had to be affected because the last time I listened, they were begging for donations to stay on the air. Hello! You cannot preach prepping and have a false prophet saying American will be great again. That is the forked tongue devil in your house.

  5. Wow Jeff, what a great word. Sadly, this is what I see as well. The holy spirit continues to impress upon me to pray for the lost. It is almost as though people are locked into their lives. They will not change until they have to. They do not care until they are affected.
    I am with you Jeff, the vote is rigged. There is never a good choice on the ticket either. They are all in cahoots with one another. If we do not vote the way the elite want, they have the money and overturn it in court. Just like the gay marriage in California. We were all duped! That is when I knew it was over for us. They would do what they wanted. Take what they want. I did not feel impressed to vote either. I did the less of two evils, but there really was not any difference between the two. Just the perception. I heard the holy spirit say, they wanted a king, I gave them a king. (America) Now, most of America worships king Trump.
    Now that we have the churches preaching once saved always saved, embracing gay marriage AND do not care about the wickedness we are engulfed in. We are saved right?! Neutered is more like it. Yeah, God help our county, many were dupped into that garbage, including myself……Thank God I finally listened. I must have had someone praying for me. I was lost in my own church for many years. So thankful I did not die.
    Anyway, Judgement is the only way to get people to look up.
    As many have said, we understand the magnitude (in word and spirit) of what is coming and it saddens us.
    God bless you Jeff!

  6. Don:
    I believe God is trying to show Trump supporters they’re being duped by President Trump. It’s difficult to see so many professing Christians voted for, and continue to applaud, this man who made a good bit of his fortune on strip joints and casinos. When my friends would claim Trump was an outsider, I showed them the massive loan given him, and then forgiven, by George Soros.
    Yet, Trump was clearly God’s choice to bring His people back to Him. But I see him doing this as He did with His former choice, by awakening them to their folly believing in any human “king” rather that the One and true King.

  7. I would have voted for Mike Huckabee if I would have voted!
    Sigh…its all way too far gone now
    pray for everyone you know to be saved.
    If all the true Christians actually did that billions could be saved!
    Love and Peace

  8. I voted for Mike Huckabee!
    (Hillary would have just given us more of Obama and Trump’s autobiography has always been one of ego and pride, fame and fortune and sex and atheism, sure he’s a Patriot, but if he was a True Christian, stopping abortion and gay marriage and putting prayer and the 10 Commandments back in schools and Courtrooms would have been priority number one, instead of signing bills that support these anti-christ behaviors.)
    There is no once saved always saved! (People sin daily/nightly, therefore we must humbly and sincerely and constantly repent unto the Lord Jesus Christ daily/nightly and pray for Gods will to be done in our lives and on earth same as it is in Heaven!
    Gods judgment begins in Gods own house, the church! (God is cleaning house and separatong the Unbelievers from the True Believers and waking up the Apostate Believers so they can get right with Him or suffer the same fate as the Unbelievers.)
    As far as America as a whole Turning Back To God and Repenting? It’s never gonna happen! Even with all of the threats of wars, natural disasters and watchers, watchmen, whistleblowers, prophets of God etc;..etc;.. Proclaiming Gods Warnings of Coming Judgments, godless immorality is still running rampant all over the United States, and Americans are not repenting.)
    Gods Judgment has to come! Like the Holy Spirit spoke in the words above spoken to Jeff, their will be far more souls saved during Gods Judgments than their are souls being saved right now! (The hard part is for those of us in the know, those who know what’s coming and know that there is no way else that people will ever repent unless these judgments come forth.
    But still God tells us not to pray for these judgments to come but to pray for Unrepentant Souls and for Israel and for America and for its leaders, and to pray for Spiritual Protection over ourselves and over our families and over our careers and over our finances as we get closer and closer to Gods judgments occurring!
    Some people, churches, towns, cities, states, countries are already experiencing the beginning of Gods Judgments and it is only going to get worse and not better, especially as less and less people Believe and Repent!)

  9. I agreed Don, there has never been more division in our lifetime but I’m afraid it’s about to get worse and we will see you civil war. This is what happens when it country turns its back on God…

  10. Thanks for the clarification, now I see where you are coming from. And it’s true people are idolizing Trump just like the other side did Obama. I’ve never seen this country so polarized as it is now with hate spewing from both sides.
    I have always felt it was my obligation as a Christian to vote regardless of the choices in candidates which in most cases I did not prefer any of them. And yes I try to choose the lesser of two evils, I always vote for less evil. God bless!

  11. From the website, Published on: Jun 25, 2018 @ 07:16 EST
    I began receiving the visions in this message on June 19th I believe…

  12. About what time did you post this I’m just asking cause I had this weird dream today some lady kept on telling me that I was going to jail at 5:30 and I kept on thinking to myself I don’t wanna go to jail ima have to see the judge dream over I was like wow when I saw the picture that you used and by what I read idk is it possible that you posted this around 5:30am and did you post this on the 24th or the 25th

  13. Thanks Jeff, I agree with you. The message was so clear and true and to the point. I loved it.
    Thanks for all you do,
    Don Galli
    I put my full name since there was another Don

  14. It is sad to see how people go about their day not paying attention to the warnings given by prophets and watchmen. It is going to take God’s judgments to befall upon the earth to wake up people from their slumber. I believe that Trump and other world leaders are part of God’s plan to fulfill God’s will. If Hillary were to be President we would surely be in Great Tribulation already. By God’s mercy and grace, America was given a period of time to repent and turn man’s hearts to Jesus as he is our only Savior, not man. America and the whole world needs Jesus to save them from their wicked ways. My prayers go to the lost so they can turn their hearts to Jesus before judgments befall this country. In Jesus name I pray. Amen!

  15. Eduardo, yes we must keep praying for those that we love and those that we know that don’t know Jesus because they are going to be totally blindsided by what is coming because they are drunk with the things of the world… That is why the man did not understand what the judge was talking about.
    Blessings love and peace brother

  16. Matt, I just am amazed at the things that he gives me sometimes… I just want you to let you know that I really don’t have all that great of imagintion anymore, when I get things from His mind it is just awesome!

  17. Don, the Lord didn’t want us to vote for Hillary either… He wants us to rely on Him 100%… The Lord directed me not to even vote in the last election because no matter who got in the office of POTUS it didn’t really matter. What the Lord is saying in the message he gave me is that people are idolizing Trump. Actually I think it would have been a bit easier and less deceptive if Hillary would have won! Please don’t take this as me being for Hillary cuz I am not I don’t back Trump either. You can argue that Trump was the lesser of two evils but doesn’t that mean that he is still evil? Anyways the result will be the same… We can argue about if Trump gave us a couple more years but we don’t really know and I don’t think it’s worth arguing about.
    God bless you brother

  18. Thanks for such a vivid message and so true! One thing I just don’t understand In some of these messages is why does God chastise America for voting Trump into office ? It sounds like He had rather for us to support Killery! It seems we are damed whatever choice we would make! Very troubling!

  19. That was powerful Jeff. Thanks to the LORD for giving that to you for you to post.

  20. Wow what a great word brother Jeff. I cant wait for that great day when this goes down but my spirit is in agony for those who are like that man in the vision. Oh how my heart aches everyday. I cant begin to imagine what the Lord God is feeling. May we be counted worthy to escape all these things… Love you in Christ bro

  21. Amen, Allen the Lord gave me a word about the pastors of the mega churches last year… It’s all in His time…not ours!

  22. It is well underway! The pastors in some of these megachurches are going to be held accountable. They cannot keep fleecing the true sheep forever! Blessings guys!

  23. I believe it is coming very soon as well… I just do not know the definition of very soon to the Lord. the best thing to do is just be ready at all times and whenever it comes, it comes!

  24. Amen Linda, I myself was one of those that was erased at one time… Not a good place to be! Thank you Lord for your mercy and Grace to give me another chance!

  25. I was shocked when the Lord revealed to me Rev 3:5, He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment and I WILL NOT BLOT HIS NAME OUT OF THE BOOK IF LIFE… Also Ex.32:32-33. Apparently God has an eraser next to His book of life. What manner of people ought we to be! I was taught “once saved, always saved” but that obviously is not true.

  26. What an amazing vision. It is so accurate as to what is going on right now.
    It is so sad to see. I am not a saint by any means, but God has opened my eyes to see these things and I see how drunk most people and especially the youth are, with their electronic devises.
    I too have tried to talk with people who are strong in their walk with the Lord but they don’t believe that God will bring any judgement on the church. Of coarse, that is all old testiment and not for those who have confessed to Jesus.
    Unfortunately, I believe that this is coming very soon.

  27. Yes Adam, you are correct the judgment comes to His people first. I believe that it is already beginning though most do not recognize it.

  28. Similar to this wonderful word, I get frustrated and grieved over the “Once Saved, Always Saved” crowd that takes such a flippant stance on sin — professing that, if a believer doesn’t turn away from their sin(s), God will merely take them home early!
    Seriously. I even regularly contend with a certain fellow who continually professes that, if the I Corinthians 5:5 man in OPEN INCEST had not repented, God would have just taken home early.
    No wonder judgment begins in the house of the Lord!

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