Worship Me and Pray My Will

My beloved, I’m jealous for your undivided attention. I want you to seek Me more than anything else. I want you to lay down all your burdens before me and surrender them to Me. Just let it all go! I am seeking those who worship Me in Spirit and in truth. Focus your heart on me for a while and the cares of this world will will fade away in the glory of My presence. I want you to sing songs of love, adoration and thankfulness to Me because I am already singing over you! Our love must be mutual. This defeats your enemies and they run from you seven different ways. This is what submission to Me is all about. I made you for My pleasure, I love the very thought of you! I made you to love Me, that we may have a relationship, so that you would know Me intimately and I created you to worship Me.

In the beginning all of creation sang a song of beautiful worship, in harmony to Me and all had abundant life and nothing was held back from them. After the fall I came to the earth to repair the destruction of sin by My blood sacrifice. I came so that all could have life and have it more abundantly. Soon My plan of restoration will be complete and all things will once again be as they were in the beginning and all sin and wickedness shall be burned up.
Beloved, I want you to lay down everything that you are doing for Me as well. I just want you to spend time being in My presence alone, with nothing else. I want to speak to each one of you but some of you don’t quiet yourselves. You pray to Me but your mind and heart are somewhere else, then you wonder why your prayers don’t get answered the way you want them to. Some of you call upon others to pray for you and that is fine if you are in agreement with your brothers and sisters. I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven (Matt. 18:19). But there are those who constantly ask for prayers from others that do not ask of Me THEMSELVES and this should not be! How can I honor your faith if your faith is in a man to pray? Do not hold these religious men in such high regard, they have become idols to you! Let Me into your temple and I will smash all of your idols but then you must clean up the mess left behind by purifying yourself in Me. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much (James 5:16b).
I tell you, that if you came before me in worship, your soul and spirit would be completely fixed on Me and you would pray My will and your prayers and requests would be answered. This is because when you truly worship Me, My Spirit is released and My Spirit surrounds you in a tangible way. This is when My Spirit speaks the most clearly. So it is imperative to humble yourselves in worship! One who has pride and refuses to worship Me will not receive what he desires from Me because he will not pray My will. You must desire Me more than what you ask from Me!
To some of you I would say this, that you are focusing on what the enemy is doing way too much. I do not ask you to be  ignorant of his devices. In fact My people perish for lack of knowledge. I am the source of all truth, wisdom and knowledge so you must keep your eyes on Me. The enemies plans must not be your primary focus. There are some that worship the enemy in this way. This must not to be! If you worship Me and seek Me first, I will reveal the plans of the enemy to you so that you may prepare for what is to come. I know everything that he has planned and I can lead you to safety through the war, destruction, calamity and chaos if My Spirit is leading you. But you must be at peace and listen for My voice and this will come when you worship Me and your heart delights in Me. There is no other way!
King David was a man after My own heart, not because he was perfect. No, he made many mistakes and sinned grievously, even more than most of you, but he humbled himself before Me in repentance and he worshipped me like few on your earth ever have.
David’s focus was on Me completely, where is yours beloved?
The One who is worthy of all of your praise and worship,


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  1. These are links to the Last two Words from the Lord from Pastor Benjamin Faircloth.
    He and Jeff have been confirming each others Words from the Lord for awhile now so I have been learning a lot from both of them. Thank you so much Jeff and Pastor Faircloth for being obedient to the Lord and sharing the Truth with us. 🙂


  2. Oh that is so awesome and blesses me to know brother Jeff! I wrote all this out and thought it never posted because it showed me an error…so I said “oh well I wrote it in the Spirit world and it it is there. It cannot be erased!” Then I closed my tablet and got ready for bed…to my surprise it posted! That’s happened to me before when I try to comment on your site…and sometimes my message was too long to try and retype it all out so I just let it go. Must be the angels that posted it after I declared it so.

  3. Roxanne, I think what you described is happening to many of God’s people. I know that it happens to me seemingly at least once a week. I think He is telling us that worpshipping Him is the answer. The enemy CAN:T STAND IT and it empowers us with the Holy Spirit.
    God Bless you as well Sister Roxanne!

  4. Just what I needed brother Jeff!
    I have battled distraction during my designated bible study/prayer time with the lord. It has to be an attack as it has been going on since last fall. Just quieting myself before him, handling the overloading challenges on my plate, have been overwelming. I know in my heart it will all come to a favorable conclusion, it’s just too much at once and been used as a series of ongoing hammering of attacks. My walk is very different than it has been in years past. It feels as though the enemy knows what my purpose is before me and is getting ahead of me. Somehow. Heading off my work for the lord. I hope that makes sense. Even though I arm myself daily and warfare prayer over myself, you and everyone in between.
    Thank you, this was soooooooo needed to quiet down my spirit. Reaffirm what he wants from me.
    I pray for peace, covering, great discernment and wisdom for all my brothers and sisters. To be in the right place at the right time, but, especially when judgment hits. To not be moved by what we see as it is not for us, we are here as the mop up crew. May we NEVER forget what Jesus rescued us from! May we never forget how close we came to being decieved/rocked to sleep on the way to hell from a church pew. May we never forget the Father’s great love and mercy he has shown for us and the ones we love as well.
    No one knows the heart. What we see on the outside is denial to the works of Jesus in the inside. Do not give up on anyone!
    God bless you brother Jeff!

  5. Sister, that prayer touched me deeply!
    Straight from the Heart of the Father!
    Blessings Love and Peace

  6. I believe this lack of focus is an attack from the enemy but the Lord has given us the plan to defeat him.

  7. Yes I have been feeling this lately too that He wants our focus and attention…We have been too focused on wanting knowledge that we have forgotten (of course I’m talking about myself) to seek His face and His will. I have been praying more than ever His will be done. I have been asking for His will more than I ever have up to this time so that’s in sync with what you heard brother Jeff. Father we just repent as your children for seeking others, and second hand bread from any other source but you our True bread our true source. Restore the joy of our salvation ABBA and give us simple pure unadulterated worship for You alone! I bless all my brothers and sisters around the globe for a Holy passionate cleansing fire and joy and shalom that surpasses knowledge! Flood our hearts precious Ruach HaKodesh! We love you and we belong to You alone!

  8. Oh Yahushua! We are guilty! But by reminding us again, we are waking up to keep on in humility, staying in your presence and shutting out the cares of this world… Lord, revive us again! This month of May is mysterious: Loaded with your faithfulness: Israel nationhood, Jerusalem your beloved city and capital, are being celebrated!!! Hallelujah! We love you Abba Father. Our ears are open to your instructions…

  9. I really needed this I have been focused too much on the plans of the enemy lately. Now I am in a major spiritual battle consisting of brain fog, confusion, I fall asleep during prayer and during my bible time. I also have been on YouTube entirely too much
    ( watching bible studies and prophecy) it’s like an unexplainable draw to it. Please pray for me brother I love Jesus so much and I know the hour is too late for me to continue in this foolishness.

  10. Mindy,I think most people in this day and age have struggles with that. I know I do at times because of technology.

  11. I needed this also. Thank you for being obedient!
    The line about not quieting ourselves enough spoke directly to me. I struggle with this.

  12. This is just what I needed to hear! It is like it is written to me specifically.
    Thank you.

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