America, When your Leader Does Something Against Israel/Jerusalem I Will Allow Something to Happen to Your Land

Received 5-7 and 5-8-18
Psalm 9:17 “The wicked shall be turned into hell,
And all the nations that forget God.”
America, you have been overtaken by Babylon many years ago, though you do not perceive it. You are blind and deaf spiritually because of your refusal to repent before Me. You have forgotten Me. The righteousness of your forefathers has run out of its effect because the abundance of wickedness and sin that has overrun this nation that once followed Me. You have made your choice of whom you will serve and that is self and your god is Satan. For he says “Do as thou wilt” not as I taught you to pray to the Father “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”
America, in your last election you thought that you had been given a choice between good and evil because you don’t know Me, I AM the truth. What you see as good is only a charade. The results had been predetermined and the one who holds America’s supposed highest office was exactly who those behind the scenes wanted. He was put there to execute their plan and that is to start war and bring about the catastrophic collapse of the greatest economy the world had ever seen. He has built “house of cards” even higher than before, so that when it falls there will be no coming back. It’s all set and ready to fall, it will crash and burn after the event that I have spoken about so many times. But who has listened?
America, do you see the destructive powers that I have unleashed upon you? Everytime that your leader does something against My land israel and the apple of My eye Jerusalem I will allow something to happen to your land. What has and is happening in Hawaii is a direct result of the plans to give away part of My holy city and uproot My people from their homes! I WILL NOT STAND IDLY BY AND ALLOW THIS! MY WRATH IS KINDLED! I have told you that Israel is My timepiece and the time to the end speeds up as she is surrounded by her enemies and plans are made against her. She is a burdensome stone and a cup of trembling by which I will destroy all who come against her and shake every nation who would divide her.
America, you have not heeded My warnings and repented before me. Your  leaders are wicked and they make wicked decisions of war. They offer branches of peace and then go back on their agreements on purpose to cause destruction and death, just like their father the devil.  It has come time for Me to begin to allow even worse things to come upon you than before. You will no longer look to foreign lands and say “That’s too bad” or “What a shame” when you see destruction, because it will be all around you in the land where you live. No part of  America will be left untouched except for the places of safety that I have designated for My true people, My remnant, My bride. A hedge of protection shall be around My chosen ones and My holy fire shall be around them on all sides. They will not be put to shame! They will bring in the great harvest with Me and they will rule and reign with Me forever!
The King of kings and Lord of Lords,
Jesus Christ
Yahushua Hamashiach


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  1. Linda, I thought that perhaps an experience I’ve had personally might be able to give you some (more) insight into the timing of events, so, very succinctly… I experienced an NDE from a brain hemorrhage during a truck Wreck. Upon leaving the body, what I saw and heard , BTW-it is Awesome once you shed the flesh & blood ‘shell-carcass’!, I focused on a few men whose teaching I had been researching while back here on earth. As I did that I instantly ‘knew’ all they knew AND, here is the hardest thing for us on earth to comprehend! I was able to know not only their knowledge acquired during their lifetime but also, their future knowledge… long story shortened here; there is No Time once this carcass is dropped off and, events in the heavenlies(spiritual) are not ruled by the (Pope Gregorian) calendar. (Even though they will try to change the times and the seasons!).

  2. Please pray about that website and the one who runs it. Those messages and teachings are contradictory to Scripture and many, including myself, have been led to unsubscribe to that YouTube channel. I was listening to that channel in 2014 and after a few questionable words, prayed for discernment. Thankfully, I wasn’t subscribed long due to the unsettling feelings I had in my spirit while listening to those messages. There are quite a few YouTube channels that I had to unsubscribe to for this reason. Don’t take my word for it, take it to the Lord. I am by no means trying to argue, just re what I experienced and was shown.

  3. Linda, no man knows exactly when this will happen and if they say they do they are mistaken. I have seen people try to guess over and over and over and over again only to come up looking like a fool. The Lord has told me over and over again that we do not understand His time and that his time goes by events and most specifically Israel.
    All that I can say is I know we are getting closer and closer and that things are not going to go back to the way they were especially once the kickoff event comes.
    Sorry I can’t be more specific but that is the way it is. Just be ready at all times and stay close to the Lord.
    Blessings love and peace!

  4. So, Trump DID back out of the agreement with Iran. Yes, it WAS a bad deal, but now the Arab world will become seriously inflamed against America. And when you see Trump talk about his decision I sense a lot of pride and even arrogance. My MAIN QUESTION in all of this mess is this Jeff. We know all manner of disaster and war is coming to our nation, but WHEN???? We are now living on the edge of our seat waiting and being very settled. We try to explain to others what is coming, but THERE IS NO SPECIFIC TIME. Can you explain please? God Bless, Linda

  5. My God, Jeff. I somehow missed that article. Dang. That is bad. I knew the tone of your message was harsh but since I hadn’t seen this I didn’t understand. Now I do. That makes me angry.
    The article even mentioned that the US would support Israel in battle even if they started it. This week, they did. Now I’m not blaming them since they are surrounded by enemies and have been attacked plenty of times before.
    This information makes things so much clearer. Thank you brother. Now I have to re- read your message. Never thought Trump was a saint or any kind of savior, but I thought he’d be smarter based on Israel’s history. Yep, this country is in big trouble if he goes through with that plan. Thanks again and may YHVH bless you. Gregg

  6. I agree, Just know that NO political figure that you see on the world stage has a personal relationship with Jesus and they are underthe control of the enemy (Satan) though they are not completly possessed the way the anti-Christ will be.

  7. I’m not polemical, I just try to understand.
    there is a lot of confusion.

  8. Translation:Glory to Jesus Christ, Peace be upon you.
    Jeff I am of Ukraine, I read the prophecies and the God-like God so gently speak to my people, and so I’m praying for the people of the Ukrainian people, praying and praying for you, pray God is looking for awakening in us on the Ukraine, praising the glories of God’s blessings.
    Our country is in a grievous camp, praying that the Lord has spoken the word and for the people of Ukraine before we are ready to do it. May I bless you all.
    Sasha,may the Lord bless you and all of our brothers and sisters in the Ukraine and may He strengthen you by His Holy Spirit!♥️

  9. Cлава Ісусу Христу, Мир вам.
    Джеф я з України , читаю ці пророчества і дякую Богу що Бог так багато говорить до свого народу,але також мю переживання за вій український народ, молюся і прошу вас молитися щоб Бог відкрив пробудження в нас на Україні щоб хвалу відати тільки Богові.
    Наша країна в тяжкому стані ,молитимуся щоб Господь сказав слово і для народу України до чого нам готуватися. Нехай вас всіх Благословить Бог.

  10. Steven, at the rate things are going right now I don’t see how America lasts until 2024 …but that is always subject to change

  11. I am not going to get into an argument about this but I will say I disagree with what this person says and I just ask you to look at Trump’s actions. Are his actions good? Is he doing what Jesus would do? I think you know the answer to that…

  12. This is big……with everything teetering on the verge of chaos, it seems the trap for our own demise that we set ourselves is finally come……weeks or months…..So many think 2024 is the final end of America, but I do not have the faith for that……I love God……I love my homeland………at least I love what it once was.

  13. Wait. Did that actually happen? I’ve been paying attention to Israel but have never heard that Trump betrayed Israel. Do I think he could, of course. I just have not heard that happening yet. Can you clarify this please? Thanks, Gregg

  14. I do not understand why there is a difference in perception about the American President in apparitions that are credible.
    For example, this agrees with those of Jeff on the figure of the antichrist, but says that the current President is a positive figure.
    Jeff can you give me some explanations? Thank you.

  15. Yes Rick that is what is meant by the Lord.We got this evil leaders in America because of our sin. Most cannot see that or choose to ignore it.

  16. “The Simple Truth”
    Taylor Ray
    May 2018
    Question: What does the immediate future hold for the “Millennial Generation”, also known in some circles as “The Last Generation” or “Generation X”?
    Answer: I AM so disappointed in the younger generation, they scare the hell out of me with how little survival skills they have without electricity, Walmart, WiFi, Internet, TV, Video Games, Gasoline and Starbucks and especially in their total disbelief and lack in the Truth of Jesus Christ. 😳
    What’s even worse than this is;….War is coming soon to America, and when it finally does come, this time the military draft will include both men and women from the ages of 17 through 26, and this time their will be battles fought on American soil against not only Russian and Chinese Soldiers but against Islamic Muslim Terrorists as well, not to mention our own Corrupt Military Government and the Police State, who along with NATO and the United Nation Troops will at first be used as Peace Troops to help quell and suppress the violence, especially the violence that will erupt within the many urban cities of America where Civil Unrest and State of Emergencies will have to be declared along with Martial Law once their is no food or water or basic facilities to live on.
    (Google: America’s 1st President
    George Washington’s Vision from God, if you don’t believe me about the 3 coming Wars he was shown that were to be fought on American soil, 2 have already occurred and the 3rd one is still to come.)
    So with this generation in mind, there is just no way that America could possibly ever win this coming War, especially since this generation does not even believe in God, much less Trust in God and therefore they are not even under Gods protection, and this generation is surely not “One Nation Under God, Indivisible With Justice For All”, so thinking that God is going to continue to “God Bless America” for unrepentance and for disbelief and for unrighteousness, is simply a pipe dream that has all but faded away, if anything God has already removed His hands of protection over this country and His Judgments for disobedience are about to become a reality to a lost generation of unbelievers, who without Gods coming Judgments, would never cry out to God for Salvation, and so it is only for the sakes of These Souls, that God has no choice except but to discipline His Children so that they will not eternally perish, same as a father out of love, has to physically discipline His Children, so they will not be disobedient and so they will learn right from wrong and know the Truth from a lie.
    It’s so sad that the people of the world and the people of America do not understand the basic premises of “You Reap What You Sow”, and “God Blesses Those Who Believe, Pray, Worship and Repent Unto Him Daily” and the differences of the premises of those who do not even bother to seek out the Truth of God (Jesus), during their very short stay here on earth, and who instead sow nothing but disbelief and evil wickedness during their short stay upon this earth, even if it is just simply by denying Gods Love Gift of Eternal Salvation for their own immortal Soul.
    It is for these people that Gods Judgments have to come upon our world, so as to give these people one last chance to seek God before they physically die. It’s not about doom and gloom. That’s only a temporary physical state of mind for unbelievers!
    This is about everlasting love and light and positive energy for your own eternal immortal soul when you use the Freewill that God gave you to choose Jesus Christ, who by the way is the only answer and the only key that can ever unlock Gods Plan Of Eternal Salvation for your Spiritual Soul. 😇
    Believe, Pray, Worship and Repent, all else is futile, as Jesus is our only hope. 🙏
    This is “The Simple Truth” by Taylor James Ray lll aka: “Warrior4Jesus”

  17. Today President Trump will make decision on the Iran deal! I wonder if the decision he makes will have any negative affect on the nation of Israel? Our supposedly number one ally in the middle eastern region., because according to Prine Minister Netanyahu Iran is dead set on destroying the nation of Israel by wiping them off the map with nuclear weapons of mass destruction and if America allows this Iranian deal to continue, this could be seen as a betrayal towards Israel.
    However even if President Trump cancels this deal today with Iran and he appears to take the side of Israel, there is still room for him to betray Israel in the not to distant future by not rushing to her side to help her defend herself from a direct attack by Gog and Magog (ie;…Turkey, Iran, Russia and many other Islamic Muslim nations who will them come against her as has been prophcised in Ezekiel 38-39. 🧐
    Believe, Pray, Worship & Repent Unto Jesus Christ, as this is our only hope! All else is futile! 🙏😇

  18. ..yes, in the back of my mind I was thinking the same thing Eduardo…Trump will back out of his plan and leave Israel stranded…is this the same warning that prophet Sadhu Salvarej from India got from the angel that pierced his sword into the heart of America and France? And the angel said I will divide the land that divides my land and that Israel will be betrayed by her best friend?? What does France and America have in common? Where was the conference of the 70 nations that met in December of 2016 that Gog, I mean Obama held to divide Israel at the UN?? France!! I remember when I read that Obama did this right at the end of his term I was enraged!! I mean really mad because I knew he had opened the door of destruction upon our nation (my spirit knew this!) So, yes folks…it’s getting ready to get real up on this land..

  19. May I suggest a clarification on the meaning of the title of the Word above- “America, When your Leader Does Something Against Israel/Jerusalem…” -for some may wonder WHY we must suffer as a nation, due to our Leader’s mistakes? I believe the Lord has pointed out at various times in past Words that our ‘Leader’, or our President, including many other Officials in the land, represent an actual cross-section sampling of the spiritual condition of the nation at large. Unfortunately, that includes a large section of people who are submitted to the whispers of the anti-Christ spirit, that Babylonian whore spirit of the wisdom of the world, prevalent both in the world & in the sleeping church system, & so therefore these leaders will make some very bad choices in God’s eyes in every aspect of government. Literally, ‘they’ can’t help but make choices in agreement with the spiritual condition of the church nation at large, until there is major national repentance. It’s the nature of the terrible beast within. Remember that the Lord has already revealed that ‘the remnant’ Body of Christ is still a very small percentage of the church nation. rick

  20. I’ve said it on here before, but I believe that Mr. “Art of the Deal” thinks that he’s “made a deal” in establishing the U.S. embassy in Israel — in exchange for giving the Palestinians East Jerusalem as their land and capitol.

  21. Last Sunday night at our Church, we had a video presentation summarizing the rebirth of Israel from 1947-48 to the present.
    Discussed extensively the 1967 war in which The Israelis captured The Old City.
    But, probably the most important comment in the documentary was made by Ambassador Michael Oren who said. Prior to the 1967 War The U.S. was not considered an ally of Israel and that during World War II, Jewish Soldiers fought the Nazi’s with the French.
    So, France was considered Israel’s only Ally. Primarily Israel flew French Jets provided by the French. The U.S. did not supply air craft until 1968.
    However, my point in all of this. Just before The June 1967 War, France refused to aid Israel and and refused to send the fifty jets they had paid for.
    I hope and pray that we do not. But, this post is consistent with what ministers and prophets have been saying and well Katrina occurred when The Jewish Settlements were being uprooted in Gaza. Could go on.
    But if America divides Israel, God will divide our land.
    Also, another dangerous rumor. It has been rumored that part of the peace deal with The Palestinians that they are being offered 4 neighborhoods in The East Jerusalem
    Listen, did you all know you can email The President?
    He is on twitter and so is his wife.
    That is the one I use and if you do, do it in a Christian manner. Sugar tastes better than vinegar.
    And on we go,

  22. Thank you for pointing that out Sue. The correction has been made it is Psalm 9:17
    God bless you!

  23. PS 9:7 NKJ
    But the Lord shall endure forever;
    He has prepared His throne for judgment.
    This does not line up with the scripture you have. Could you clarify? Thanks…love your site!

  24. My brother, what you have been feeling is the Holy Spirit warning you that this was coming. We must stay at the ready with our full armor on ready to use our sword which is the Word of God!
    Blessings love and peace brother!

  25. Oh man I have been feeling this in my spirit that Trump will back out on Israel and let them fend for themselves and now you relay this word brother Jeff. Holy moly I cannot believe it brother. Jesus bless you.

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