Another Door for War has Just Been Opened and No Man will Shut It

Received 4-28 through 4-30-18
My son, I have told you and many other watchmen and prophets that judgement is coming to your nation (America) and to the whole earth. Indeed it is already touching many countries but it will touch all of them. I have been warning some for so long that now their minds are numbed to My warnings. You must realize that there are some of My lost sheep who have never heard My warnings yet, so I continue sending them out.  All of you must realize that war is going to be your reality very soon. A shift in the spiritual realm has occurred once again and now it is manifesting in the physical realm. I tell you now, another door for war has just been opened and no man will shut it.
My children, I want you to come humbled and broken before me so that you can hear what I am saying. When you come before me thinking you know anything, you cannot receive what I am saying. Do not come before Me with your own preconceived ideas. My knowledge far exceeds yours and you know nothing, except for what I allow to be revealed to you. Do not think that you have it all figured out because you haven’t even scratched the surface. The term “tip of the iceberg” does not even cover what you don’t know. What you know is more like one snowflake of the iceberg. What you know is like one grain of sand and all the deserts of the world. What you know is like a drop of water in all the oceans, rivers and lakes of this earth. What you know is like the small blue spec of a planet on which I have placed you, compared to the trillions and trillions of galaxies and planets that are in the ever expanding universe in this realm. Yes, there are other realms as well, more than you can imagine or even know if I told you. There is so much more that you can’t even begin to imagine because I have not allowed it to be known. Yes, the evil men of this world think they know much and they are prideful and they think that they are gods. I will show them who exactly is the most high God! I AM that I AM!
I tell you this day that the warnings are coming to an end. I have told you that you are days away from the kick-off event and I have not relented or changed my mind. Just because you think “days” should mean one thing, it does not mean that I follow your rules of thinking. You should follow mine. Look in the scriptures, did I not tell My prophet Daniel a timeframe of 2300 days?(Daniel 8:14) Did I not tell him again timeframes of 1290 and 1335 days?(Daniel 12:11-12) You would do well to read these passages so that I may give you understanding. You know nothing as you ought to know but if you ask I will give you a small part of My wisdom and knowledge if you ask me humbly, with the right motive in your heart. Why would you limit Me when I say something happening in “days” to just a few months? You must not try to figure these times out through man’s wisdom because it cannot be done. This is how doctrines of demons and men have come to infiltrate My body. Be patient, what I have said will take place when I say they will. When these judgements do take place most will wish they had more time but time will be NO MORE!
Once again My children, look to Israel and you will see that time is moving ever faster and it is very short. A hook has been placed in the jaw of Israel’s enemies and they will now begin to try to destroy her. I will allow her to chastised by her enemies but she will not be utterly destroyed. She will cry out to Me and I will hear and I will defeat her enemies. I shall protect The house of Israel and the tribe of Judah for they are My own chosen people. They have strayed away but they will come back to Me and know that I AM the Messiah that they have been waiting for. The wicked shall be deceived and follow the beast but My elect shall not follow another. For they KNOW Me and I KNOW them.
Come close to Me and do not be afraid, My perfect love casts out fear!
Jesus Christ
Yahushua Hamashiach


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  1. Isaiah 11:11-12, its theorized that black people from the USA and other places are actually descendants of the Tribe of Judah. The Ashkenazi European Jews are not the original Biblical Hebrew people because their ancestors converted to Judaism in the 8th -10th centuries. Genesis 10: 3.

  2. The Event – Byron Searle
    Jeremiah 9:23-24
    “Thus saith the Lord, Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom, neither let the mighty man glory in his might, let not the rich man glory in his riches: But let him that glorieth glory in this, that he understandeth and knoweth me, that I am the Lord which exercise loving-kindness, judgment, and righteousness, in the earth: for in these things I delight, saith the Lord.”
    My son, hear now and write. Great distress is soon to come upon this nation. Those who thought themselves wise have sown the seeds of this nation’s destruction. In the coming days, the king will reverse the treaty with the Persians, and the beginning of Jacob’s Trouble will begin. Those whose wisdom is of this world will be made fools, for they did not seek Me, but sought the king.
    My son, now is the time for My remnant to be ready to move when I speak to your heart. Many, many people will seek you, My remnant, for you hear Me. My remnant will be calm, for I have given them peace in a time of destruction, and My children who laughed at and mocked you will cry out to you for answers. Pray for the president’s safety while in hostile conditions.
    My son, the darkness of the coming days will take all peoples and nations by total surprise. No one expects what will happen, but I will tell My remnant prior to the event. This event will lead to the kick-off event that I have told many will happen. I am the Lord and I exercise My judgment in the earth. I delight in seeing the lost come to Me, and in the coming days many will. My judgments will bring glorious revivals where the fire of My Holy Spirit will flow like a waterfall over those who repent. Much hardship lies ahead, but those who place their faith in Me will flourish in a dry, desolate land. I am coming soon for a strong, revived body walking in great power by My Spirit, saith the Lord.
    The king will make several mistakes in the days ahead that will open the doors of destruction on this nation. War is coming home – choose the right side, My people! Seek Me and repent! REPENT, YOU STIFF-NECKED PEOPLE!!! I love you My remnant, and I love you My lost people.
    Messiah Jesus

  3. Ezekiel 38 & 39 pop to mind in reading this word from our Mighty God. May 14th is a very important day to Him who sits ypon the throne, and to the usurper, who along with his minions, pope frank and whomever will play the antichrist because in the usurper’s warped mind, he will most likely try to use that day to try, I said try, to rub God’s nose in it by attacking Israel. But the prophet tells us that God will protect Israel in chapter 39.
    So, let us wait and see what transpires.

  4. Yes brother Sylvester, May 14th 2018 is a very important date, it is Israel’s 70th birthday as a nation and then America is also going to be moving the embassy to Jerusalem. I believe this will cause much unrest and violence and chaos and most likely War. The Muslim nations are going to go crazy! I think this is all planned by the evil people that run the governments of the world and work for their father the devil.
    Blessings love and peace to you my brother!

  5. Shalom Jeff, and family of Yahushua. Thank you Father, for your grace, given us another clear understanding on what you previously revealed through your servant Jeff. Another door has been opened, watch Israel! My insight here in this message is calling us to be more alert, that before or after May 14, the enemies of Israel may strike! It would bring up the war, and simulteneously, we shall be close to the kick off event. But we must not be afraid, the Lion of Judah, will protect His own. We are days ahead, spoken by the Lord. Daniel 8.14,and chapter 12.

  6. Thank you Tim that makes a lot of sense to me! Sometimes I don’t understand everything He says to me but that’s why there are people like you that have a deeper understanding of things like this. Remember no one gets it all and even all of us together don’t have it all.
    God bless you brother!

  7. Hi Jeff…I think I know…but it requires me to speculate…but this is what my research has shown:
    The House of Israel are the Christians worldwide with Ephraim being specifically the USA.
    The House of Judah are the Jews worldwide…but…
    The Tribe of Judah or plainly “Judah” is the modern state of Israel as it currently stands…so if I could translate your word like this:
    “I shall protect The Christians and The State of Israel [Modern country] for they are My own chosen people. ”
    Does that make sense? thank-you and God Bless.
    P.S. – The Christians are chosen also…not chosen for salvation, but chosen to be a Kingdom of Priests (see Rev 1) and the Israelites from the OT were chosen in the same exact manner (see Exodus), to be a Kingdom of Priests. Simply put, The Christians and the Jews have been selected by God to be his hands and feet on the earth, His harvest workers…

  8. Yes Olga we need His wisdom and strength to follow Him. There’s no way we can do it in our own strength or wisdom. If you think about it he does everything for us if we allow Him.
    Blessings love and peace sister!

  9. Tim I’m going to bet that you can answer that question a lot better than I can! I know from what you’ve taught that the house of Israel is the Christians but I am a little unsure of what the Lord was saying when he said tribe of Judah.

  10. Hi Jeff, thank you again for all that you are doing to help get the warning out and encourage the remnant. Seems as the timing on this message was very spot on with the bombings in Syria last night.
    I was wondering if anyone recalls a message from Lisa. I am not sure where I read it or Lisa’s last name but I have a note book that I write key messages in. This is what it said: Huge explosions either going into or coming out of Israel. Right after the Lord told Lisa ” as soon as we see this happen, we will be within hours or days of the cosmic event that will then trigger the earthquakes and 3 days of darkness.
    I just remembered that I think this comes from Lisa’s visions on The Call of the Bride’s web site.
    Just things to think about.

  11. Thank you Jeff,please pray for me..Can I contact you through email..I have something personAl to share

  12. Спасибо, Джефф. Его слово так поддержало меня в в размышлениях в последние дни о том, что я так мало знаю. По сути – НИЧТО.
    И только Он – ВСЕ знает.
    Спасибо Тебе, Господь, за все!
    И все, что Ты предназначил – да сбудется по Твоей воле!
    И дай нам мудрости и сил следовать за Тобой!

  13. The word above said:
    ” I shall protect The house of Israel and the tribe of Judah for they are My own chosen people. ”
    Who is this “House of Israel” compared to the “Tribe of Judah”?

  14. Good post.
    Based on the breaking news from Syria we may have entered that time.
    So, this what I get from this post. Regardless what happens and what does not happen. Stay focused on Jesus at all costs.

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