The Destroyer of Nations is Coming Quickly and Your Kings Have Made Their Plans

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My children, I speak to you this day because you are the ones who have ears to hear and eyes to see Me. I would speak to more, but they have been deafened and blinded by the things of this world.

I would have you notice what is going on in this world that you are temporarily in. Time is short and you are not guaranteed tomorrow, your soul may be required of you this very day. I say to you that the enemy knows that his time is short! Can you not see him raging through those that he controls? Yet, he tries to hide his plans and he lies and speaks of peace, though he has nothing but destruction on his wicked heart and he knows how much he will be allowed to destroy. Do not believe his lies! I have told you that there will be no peace upon this Earth until I am reigning from my throne in Jerusalem. Have you not noticed that every time the light is turned upon the enemy that he lies and then tries to hide what he’s doing? Soon, is coming the time when he will no longer be able to hide his plans and the fiery event will take place, which opens the door of destruction that will not be closed until I come.
The destroyer of nations is coming quickly and your kings have  made their plans. They seek to control all of mankind so that they can survive and not be affected by the chaos and destruction. They think that they can hide under the Earth and some will even flee to the ends of the Earth but they will not  escape My wrath! It will come upon them that do not repent! Even if they try to escape off of this planet I will find them, I AM EVERYWHERE! There is no place to hide from Me!
I am no longer delaying the destroyer, as I have in the past because of My mercy. I gave the wicked space to repent but almost none did. The few that did are worth the delay! I warn you again, what is coming upon the world is not a time of peace and prosperity, that is a lie. All who teach people that they will be rich in this world during the time that is upon you are deceived by the father of lies. My children, you need to discern that this is not of me! Read My word and ask My Spirit to teach you! My children, did I not tell you to lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven and not upon this Earth? Everything that is on this earth shall be devoured by fire! So why should you be concerned with any of it?  I will provide the funds, supplies and the sustenance for those who are involved in My great end time harvest. Some of My people I have told to save and store but others, I have not not spoken this to. I tell you, My workers will not be using anything that they have stored or that I give them, to consume only upon themselves or on their own selfish desires and comforts but for building My kingdom and saving the lost who will come from thousands of miles around to be cared for. Remember he who seeks to save his life will lose it but he who loses his life for My sake shall find it! Lose yourself in Me, under the shadow of My wings, the safest place that you can be!
Jesus Christ
Yahushua Hamashiach
Jerimiah 4:6-8
Set up the standard toward Zion.
Take refuge! Do not delay!
For I will bring disaster from the north,
And great destruction.”
 The lion has come up from his thicket,
And the destroyer of nations is on his way.
He has gone forth from his place
To make your land desolate.
Your cities will be laid waste,
Without inhabitant.
For this, clothe yourself with sackcloth,
Lament and wail.
For the fierce anger of the Lord
Has not turned back from us.


25 thoughts on “The Destroyer of Nations is Coming Quickly and Your Kings Have Made Their Plans”

  1. При чем тут Нибиру? Я вижу, что Господь говорит о том, что никто не сможет убежать с Земли, даже если захочет скрыться от гнева Божьего, Он найдет везде их.
    О Нибиру тут ни слова.
    Я боюсь, что легенда о Нибиру путает вас.

    1. I believe the destroyer as it is called in the bible caused the 12 plagues in Egypt and then the exodus occured and I believe the destroyer will come before the second exodus as well.

  2. Wonderful confirmation! Thanks prophet of God Jeff, for mentioning Nibiru. You know I have forgotten about it, but my mind was tuned yesterday, that the Lord had told Julie, about Nibiru, in the past. CONFIRMATION : the Lord gave sister Barbara, a message last Sunday, 03/11/2018, mentioned about the destroyer is coming, and the evil plans in the dark through Russia, China, Iran, and N Korea. Accurately confirming what the Lord gave you last Saturday. Wow! You remember in the message He gave you before this, He said we can figure what is coming next! In my last comment I had thought of war! Hmm! Now do you see the Nibiru next? I watched one YouTube last night, this particular sister was proven to say that the transformation of the bride comes up anytime between March and April 2018. Only when Nibiru comes, will transformation take place. What do you see?

    1. I see the kick-off event before anything else.Then we will have War and then economy collapse and then we will have plaques and famine. These things will happen before our transformation, I know people don’t like to hear that but that’s what I believe the Lord has told me. I believe our transformation will be during the three days of darkness that is caused bye an asteroid hitting the Earth and darkening the sun and the in the Stars and that will cause mighty mighty earth quake as well, a global earthquake like in The Sixth Seal. Then comes the great Harvest and then comes the marriage and supper of the Lamb. Hallelujah I cannot wait to see my Jesus!
      God bless you brother Sylvester!

      1. Jeff: Did you know that there are many Catholic mystics over the centuries who have seen the coming three days of darkness?

          1. Hey
            I want to know Lord Jesus and be part of His Bride and the great harvest? So what I should do that I get Him answer to my prayers and to hear His voice and get His Holy Spirit?
            I want to repent, How I do it?
            Please someone help me, what I should do? Because
            I do not want to be left behind to face the Antichrist, I know who he is, but please you help me! Thank you.

          2. Matias, you are taking the first step by asking about this! To repent before the Lord Jesus Christ all you must do is to confess that you are wrong and ask for forgiveness to Him and MEAN IT IN YOUR YOUR HEART! The Lord Jesus is not interested in fancy words or prayers, He does not want lip service, He wants your heart! Ask Him to cover your sins with the blood that He willingly shed on the cross and it shall be done. There is no forgiveness of sins without the shedding of blood and Jesus has done this for all of mankind but it must be accepted by each one individually. After this is done, all you must do is ask the Lord Jesus Christ to come into your being and dwell with you by the Holy Spirit. If This truly happens in your life your spirit will be transformed into a new creation, old things are passed away and behold all things will become new to you. You will have the very Creator of the universe living inside of you! Oh what Joy will fill your soul and spirit! Then you must begin to communicate with Him and He will communicate with you. Just speak to Him like you would someone that you dearly love, for He loves you more than you can ever perceive or comprehend.
            Other suggestions that I would have for you is that you begin to read his word that is in the Bible in a version that you can understand. I also suggest that you would listen to worship music and spend sometimes just telling him how much you love him and enjoying his presence. During the time that you spend in his presence is when he will most likely speak to you. Although as you draw closer and closer to him you realize that he speaks to you all the time but is just a matter of recognizing it is him and not something else or your own thoughts. If you have anymore questions please email me at:
            Blessings love and peace in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

      2. Scripture says that Babylon will be destroyed in one hour by fire. If the U.S. is indeed Babylon where does this put un in this timeline?

  3. Jeff,
    The Lord is calling to arms his remnant. Can you hear Him? It’s time to be strong and courageous…not in our strength, but His. The workers are few but the harvest is many. He has prepared us for this moment. He is placing the lost (and those that are asleep) around us. As events unfold, fear will abound. We will be their only source of peace in the midst of chaos, light in the midst of darkness and provision in the midst of famine….reflecting the love of Christ to them. Let’s us not let them down. Let us not let ourselves down. And, let us not let our Lord and Savior down.
    Heavenly Father, take us by the hand and help us to finish the work you desire of us. Give us the strength, courage and wisdom to faithfully carry out our assignments. In Jesus name.

  4. Hey Jeff,
    I woke up last night from a stirring dream in which I saw heaps of ashes. Looking closer at the ashes I saw a red bird coming out and flying into the air. Then I heard a voice saying “out of the ashes of Babylon, the Phoenix will rise.” Was very intense.. Have you heard anything concerning the meaning of the Phoenix? Blessings from Israel brother.

  5. Father, thank you for your faithfulness, love, and mercy. It was last night I was reading the dailies, and saw peace meeting between America and North Korea, coming up by May ending. I said to myself, ha, this is deception. The writer said, new paradigm shift! Haha! Deception. The destroyer is coming : the kick off event or? Thank you Lord, for reminding us to be rich in you. God bless Jeff, the more!

    1. I believe what the Lord has told me about here pertains to Nibiru/PlanetX. The Lord has timed it’s arrival to coincide with how wicked and sinful the world is right now. Nibiru/PlanetX is hiding like a lion in the thicket, you cannot see it be it is there and it is the Lord’s chosen way to bring judgement and His wrath upon all of the inhabitants of the earth.
      Sylvester, the meeting between NK and the US will bring no peace it is a BIG LIE!
      Love and peace my brother!

      1. Jeff I was just going to ask you if the destroyer in this post was talking about Nibiru. There is a good site called hosted by Marshall Masters that is all about the incoming Planet X system. There are some very convincing pictures and video on there recently that show the first of the planets coming around the sun and into view. He has an article about when hurricane Ophelia struck Europe it cleared the skies enough for people to see it through a layer of cloud which would simulate looking through welder’s glasses, and thousands of people witnessed it, but of course BBC and other news outlets told everyone it was a mirage of the sun due to the hurricane picking up dust from the desert. Really? It just shows how God’s timing of that to arrive coinciding with all the other events.

        1. Nancy , Yes I believe the Lord has showed me that the destroyer of Nations is indeed Nibiru/ Planet X. Thank you for sending the link I will be sure to give it a look!
          Blessings love and peace

    2. Привет всем и конечно Джефу!Благодарю вас за то ,что вы передаете послания от Господа. Я живу в России ,ваши послания дошли и до нас.У меня вопрос планета Нибиру это образ или реальная планета?А еще если кто-то является исполнителем Жатвы ,что он должен делать?Господь тоже говорит со мной через сны ,других пророков и святых ,через музуку ,как бы обучает меня .Но этим августом я поняла ,что срок обучения закончен и мне нужно уходить.Я видела через сны ,большую войну России с Китаем ,видела как падут дома от землятрясения (и те у кого нет в основе Господа погибнут ),видела как будут наводнения с юга нашей страны (континента Евразии),и сильный огонь на всей земле. Ангел спас меня от огня ,весь мой город горел ,он поднял меня выше над огнём и сказал :смотри как будет гореть Земля!Это все похоже с вашими посланиями .Потом показал время темноты (длитетельное) после извержения вулканов. И сильный голод везде на Земле и как люди всё время спрашивают у меня о хлебе.Я знаю ,что у нас скоро появится новый правитель (но с тем же именем Владимир) от него идёт свет и наказание от Господа ,он очень суров и прошёл через многое ,он антипод Антихристу.Я видела ,как остаток нашего народа соберется вокруг него и когда его провозгласят Правителем России все люди будут плакать, потому что это будет значить освобождение от оков сатаны. Он будет полностью упровляем Богом ,он будет точно видеть где правда ,а где ложь .Но самое главное антихрист придёт раньше и первым и будет многим казаться спасителем -но это ложь и гипноз ,умоляю вас не приближайтесь к нему!Про печать зверя -это новое страшное изобретение человечество ,наносимое почти бесцветным лазером с помощью изотопов (это не мистика ,а вполне реальное изобретение) ,которое будет менять ДНК человека и делать его мутантом :полу-человеком полу-демоном ,они будут физически неуязвимы ,но духовно потеряют связь с Богом.Те кто примут печать и чип не будут прощены Богом ,они уже не будут его творением ,они будут осквернены и станут марионетками сатаны.На нормальных людей они пойдут войной! Но их будет много и печатанье будет закреплённо на государственном уровне и людей будут принуждать принимать печать (во всех магазинах будет стоить устройство печатанья ) и свободных продуктов будет мало.Господь сказал это через нашего пророка отрока Вячеслава. Он сказал ,что единственный способ не быть запечатанным -это уходить в глухие места и леса ,брать с собой необходимое (инструменты ,семена ,воду ,продукты ,лекарства и др.),чтобы выжить отдельно от цивилизации. А сегодняшния цивилизация погибнет.