“I tell you now that their secret agreement is about to be revealed and it will not bring peace but a sword to the earth.”

Received 8-5-15 and 3-17 through 3-21-18
“This wicked and loveless generation doubts My words. They say the things  prophesied to come will not be as My true prophets have said. They say, “How long have you said that judgment is coming, yet it doesn’t come? We will do as we please!” Most of this faithless generation do not even believe that I exist. They are so focused on themselves and their little microcosm of a world, that they do not focus on the “big picture,” though I have set eternity inside of every man’s heart.

They believe in a god of here and now, of convenience and of their own bellies. They wish to do anything their wicked hearts desire with no rules or constraints. They do not even realize who they are truly serving. They serve the god of sin and they love him, for he lets them do as they wish! That is why they love the man of lawlessness; with him anything goes! He is a man that they can see and not an unseen God. My elect will know who he is, but the carnal, worldly man cannot discern spiritual things. To some of my elect it has been revealed who he is while others only guess, but all of My remnant/bride will know who he is at the time of his revealing.
My Beloved, I warn you! Stay sober, vigilant, and alert! Don’t believe the lies of the ear-tickling, powerless, spiritless, religious, false church. For they shall accept the Antichrist and join with the false prophet to make the one world religion foretold for the end time that you are in. They receive their power from the dragon, that ancient snake, the devil, Satan. I named him Lucifer when I created him and I loved him, but pride was found in him and he was fallen along with one third of My angels that he deceived. The goal of the evil one is to have all of creation worshipping him so that he can overthrow Me. He will fail!
You can see this happening before your eyes if you let Me reveal it to you. The false church says that they worship Me, but their hearts are far from Me. The leaders of this apostate church know whom it is they serve, but they lead My sheep astray. This false church controls all the kings of the earth and they all kiss the ring of the false prophet. The people of the world love him. The second beast has two horns as a lamb, but he speaks as a dragon. He and the first beast are of their father, the dragon (Satan), and they deceive the whole world; those whose names are not written in the Lamb’s book of life, and they will cause them all to receive the identification mark with his name or the number of his name. No one on earth will buy, sell, or trade unless they have this identification mark, which is also a computer chip. It will also remove My image from man by changing their DNA so that they can no longer be redeemed by My blood. Satan wants to be all-knowing, all-seeing, all-encompassing and all-powerful as I AM. With his mark he will seem to succeed for a short time, but he is doomed for destruction after the time of trial upon the whole earth is done.”
Then the Lord reminded me of a message that He had given me on 8-5-15 that I had written in a notebook, but I was not allowed to release publicly until now. Here is the portion that the Lord wants released: “That day (9-23-15) Obama will meet with the pope and make a “peace agreement.” The Lord continued, “I tell you now that their secret agreement is about to be revealed and it will not bring peace but a sword to the earth. They are using the kings of the earth like pawns to fulfill their agenda, and all of the countries that have been stated in My word are aligned against Israel. War will come now for it must come that the Scriptures be fulfilled. They plot and scheme over My land, Israel, and the apple of My eye, Jerusalem, because Satan has deluded them into thinking that he is the Messiah and that I am the “bad guy.” “The man of peace” has been riding his white horse around the earth gaining power and favor in the eyes of men. After the orchestrated, false flag, fiery event that starts everything, suddenly you will see him rise to power aided by the false church of Rome. Their plan is to rule the world from Jerusalem because they know that is My plan. Satan has no original plans of his own; I know them all and I will defeat him and his followers. The unholy trinity: the devil, the beast, and the false prophet shall be cast into the lake of fire and be tormented day and night forever and ever.
These beasts now look to the heavens, for they know the mighty fallen ones are returning, and the first beast shall have authority over them. They shall rule for 42 months, or times, time, and half a time, and My remnant/bride shall be taken away for this great tribulation. They are the ten horns that sit on the seven heads of dragon “The ten horns which you saw are ten kings who have received no kingdom as yet, but they receive authority for one hour as kings with the beast. These are of one mind, and they will give their power and authority to the beast. These will make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb will overcome them, for He is Lord of lords and King of kings; and those who are with Him are called, chosen, and faithful.” ( Rev. 17:12-14)
Behold! I, the Lord Yahushua Hamashiach will come with myriads of My holy saints to execute judgment on all!
Beloved, I want you to be with Me when I come!
Seek Me with all of your heart now!

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35 thoughts on ““I tell you now that their secret agreement is about to be revealed and it will not bring peace but a sword to the earth.””

  1. matthew 21:43 – jesus words…Therefore I say unto you, The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof. in other words it was take from the jews and given to the gentiles. the book of revelation rails against the jews and Jerusalem – was john wrong? remember he was given those words by jesus. and all throughout the old testament there are examples of god judging Israel and Jerusalem for adultery and idolatory – modern Israel is worse – and made more so by the fact that Israel is creating the beast system which will eventually take an open hand against the Christians. the actions by isis are mere childs play compared to what is coming

  2. Zechariah 2 Amplified Bible, Classic Edition (AMPC)
    2 And I lifted up my eyes and saw, and behold, a man with a measuring line in his hand.

    2 Then said I, Where are you going? And he said to me, To measure Jerusalem, to see what is its breadth and what is its length.

    3 And behold, the angel who talked with me went forth and another angel went out to meet him,

    4 And he said to the second angel, Run, speak to this young man, saying, Jerusalem shall be inhabited and dwell as villages without walls, because of the multitude of people and livestock in it.

    5 For I, says the Lord, will be to her a wall of fire round about, and I will be the glory in the midst of her.

    6 Ho! ho! [Hear and] flee from the land of the north, says the Lord, and from the four winds of the heavens, for to them have I scattered you, says the Lord.

    7 Ho! Escape to Zion, you who dwell with the daughter of Babylon!

    8 For thus said the Lord of hosts, after [His] glory had sent me [His messenger] to the nations who plundered you—for he who touches you touches the apple or pupil of His eye:

    9 Behold, I will swing my hand over them and they shall become plunder for those who served them. Then you shall know (recognize and understand) that the Lord of hosts has sent me [His messenger].

    10 Sing and rejoice, O Daughter of Zion; for behold, I come, and I will dwell in the midst of you, says the Lord.

    11 And many nations shall join themselves to the Lord in that day and shall be My people. And I will dwell in the midst of you, and you shall know (recognize and understand) that the Lord of hosts has sent me [His messenger] to you.

    12 And the Lord shall inherit Judah as His portion in the holy land and shall again choose Jerusalem.

    13 Be still, all flesh, before the Lord, for He is aroused and risen from His holy habitation.

  3. Jeff – have just revisited this and have a couple of thoughts which you might not agree with. How can Jerusalem be the apple of Gods eye when he calls the city, Sodom and Egypt? Knowing also that most will be killed off and only a remnant left. The world will DEFINITELY be run from Israel but not in the way most think. Israel is probably the most powerful nation as far as technology is concerned especially virtual reality and artificial intelligence. There is a worldwide surveillance system being built out of Israel and this system will be run and operated from Israel. This is where the 7 Noahide laws come in. This system is the Beast system of Revelations. In essence Israel is babylon

  4. That reminds me of when the Lord told his disciples not to touch him because he had not yet ascended to the Father.

  5. Praise the Lord Brother Slyvester!
    All Glory goes to Yahushua Hamashiach the King of kings and Lord of lords!
    Blessings Love and Peace brother

  6. Hmm, Father, what else have you not revealed to the remnants through your prophets? Now, you are reminding us about the duo of evil! You confirmed again about the two beasts:from Barbara, you spoke, Feb. 20,2018:”Antichrist Obama, continues to conceal his true identity, his birth place and birth records have been destroyed. This man knows what his future holds. He has been groomed to take control after a prominent event takes place on your earth…” In another revelation to her, Pope was mentioned by the Lord as the second beast. Powerful confirmation Prophet Jeff. Prominent event happening that will bring O back is confirmed too. Brethren, we are to be very vigilant! The Lord spoke to me on August 28, 2007, “The last phase of your ministry has started.”This August will make it 11years. Father promised me that He would use me more in this last phase. Now, He has opened the door for me in the radio to share these prophetic warnings from Bro Jeff, Julie, and Barbara. Hallelujah!!! God bless Jeff, and all family members in this platform. Glory!!

  7. Wow! Amazing times we are living in! Please pray I can get my children to see. I pray frequently for the Lord to reveal Himself to them.

  8. Very interesting, if I get anything from the Lord on this I will be sure to let you know… God bless you!

  9. Thank you Jeff for responding. I am not sure about that myself, as I have never “embraced” or accepted Obama. Spiritually, I was shown, even as he ran for President, his true character. Therefore, I am not sure why the attempt to embrace him was even in the dream. Perhaps the Love of God on display. Love after all, is our “covering”, and we are to show Love, even to our enemies.

  10. I believe the Fact That Obama is coming back is fairly obvious. Donald Trump will be slain.
    Here is my question to you: Why did you try to embrace him?

  11. Had a dream about Obama a few nights ago. First time ever dreaming of him. I won’t go into dream,but he was visiting,and as he was leaving,an attempt was made to embrace him but it was rejected,and he responded in essence,( as I recall) ” I will see you soon”. -Not sure what this dream means. Any ideas?

  12. Lou, yes the eveidence is overwhelming but to really KNOW you have to be revealed it by the Holy Spirit.
    I think the Lord really wants to warn of this again so that people will repent and realize how close we are to these things happening.
    All evil and sin will be destroyed!
    We must get all evil and sin out of our lives by the Blood of Jesus!

  13. Obama is the antichrist, it has been evident since before he was elected president. After a massive rally in, of all places, Berlin Germany in 2008
    https://www.theguardian.com/global/2008/jul/24/barackobama.uselections2008 while a senator and candidate for president, the newsfeed were interviewing people regarding their impressions of his speech. In the background was a transient lurking waiting for his chance to offer his thoughts and then he came up to the camera and said “He is my new messiah!” That hit me like a ton of bricks.
    On the night of the Nobel prizes in Oslo Norway the following year where he was awarded the peace prize for presumed intent. He uttered these words in his 45 minute lecture “To say that force is sometimes necessary is not a call to cynicism – it is a recognition of history; the imperfections of man and the limits of reason.” Something the Nobel prize committee did not want to hear. In the hours beforehand in the north of Norway the strange spiral appeared in the skies over Tromso. Failed Russian rocket or a sign of things to come?
    Time and time again he has spoken with a forked tongue, endorsing gay marriage and inciting dissent. In the popes speech at the Whitehouse and to Congress at no time was the name of Jesus uttered as it is abhorrent to these demigods.
    Thanks Jeff for this timely reminder and for the call to repent and bow not to the illusions but to the One True God who will ultimately vanquish this evil.

  14. David I will be in prayer for you brother! May the Lord mightily anoint you and may you bear much fruit blessings love peace protection and provision for you in the name of Yahushua Hamashiach! Amen!

  15. BTW please pray for me! I am going on an outreach tomorrow in Jerusalem. (I live in Israel)
    Really expectant..

  16. Hey brother Jeff,
    Had a really interesting thing happen to me recently. For a short period of time, I constantly smelled this smell that I only had smelled before when I was in Rome (back in 2014). It started on 2/22/18 and lasted until the 7th of this month. It was a really strong smell and felt the urge to pray and intercede against something demonic coming out of Rome/Vatican. God is speaking..

  17. Yes Rodger I had heard about Obama being in New Zealand at this time that is why 3 – 22 was a very big watch day on my calendar but so far nothing that I can see has happened… the fact that your country is making such a big deal out of him being there is proof to me that everybody loves him and he is indeed the Antichrist. I think she is loved far more now than when he was president of America!

  18. Wow Phil that is some really interesting stuff! Any and all of that could happen! Thanks for sharing and God bless you!

  19. Here in New Zealand, three days ago Obama jetted in on his private jet for a couple of games of golf with an ex prime minister, and met with the existing prime minister and gave a speech at a private dinner to 1000 or so invited business and other influential leadership figures. The mainstream media gave excessive, almost manic coverage to the visit. It was almost nauseating. It was a relief when the advertisements which interrupt our “newshour” came on.

  20. The Texas Bomber, is he 23 or 24 yrs old? Reports of both. As if the FBI cannot even figure out his true age? 23 for the 9-23 symbolism, and don’t forget last years 9-23 Rev Sign of the Woman in the Heavens. Now they say there is a Black Hole in Virgo and Stephen Hawking who studied Black Holes just died.
    I do not think we make it to our 242 nd Bday on July 4th. On our 241st Bday N Korea began their missile testing. 242 is a 42 forward & backward for the 42 months of tribulation. Also perhaps another reason they said the Bomber was 24?
    The Texas Bombings were a Masonic Ritual for the Ides of March. Are they forecasting the removal of Trump & return of Obama?
    Bombers name was Mark Anthony:
    Mark Antony was the Roman General & Politician who helped transform Rome from a Republic into a Autocratic Dictatorship. Sound familiar to what is happening in Amerika?
    After Caesar’s death in 44 BC (Obama 44th Pres, Twin Towers opened on 4/4/73′ EL), Mark Antony fought a Roman Civil War, which is coming. Dow closed down 44.96, 44 for the Ides & Unabomber was caught in 96′. Mark Antony died on 8/1/30 BC = Cable TV miniseries Manhunt Unabomber opened on 8/1/17′. The first bomb was 81 days before the Unabombers birthday. Mark Anthony Conditt = 81 in gematria, 81=18′ mirror. 8/1 is the Satanic Sabat of Lammas = 35W Bridge Collapse in Minneapolis = he was caught on I35.
    He was a Home schooled as a Christian to Demonize Home Schooling and force the kids into the Government Gulag Scool System.
    4/4 is coming up and what else do they have planned for the 45yr anniversary of Twin Towers = 45th Pres Trump?

  21. Thank you Jennipher for more confirmation from the Lord to me! This has not been an easy message for me to put out by any means. The enemy has been working overtime trying to get me to doubt but I’m hearing from the Lord but now that it has been released I have peace… Thank you for all the work that you are doing for the Kingdom right now Jennipher you are a blessing to many! Love peace protection and provision to you and your family!

  22. We must pay attention to our thoughts! As I was cooking a couple days ago, a thought came out of nowhere that Obama was jetsetting around the world, quietly making alliances, as well as spending alot of time at the Vatican with the Pope. I wondered where did that thought come from and what did it have to do with making dinner! LOL
    I dismissed it…until I read this post just now. What a Confirmation! (“… we have the mind of Christ [to be guided by His THOUGHTS and purposes.]” 1 Cor 2:16

  23. Ah, that was the Ben Affleck and Morgan Freeman film that came out in 2002.
    (From age 17-19, I worked as a film projectionist at a multi-plex)
    It’s funny how the enemy embeds its plans into films!

  24. Amen sister Nancy! Thank you for reminding me about that movie I’ve been meaning to watch it for a long time now but it’s hard when you don’t have very much time to do things like that. Well if it’s true that the bomb will go off during an NFL football game then we have at least until September… But I would not count on it!
    Love and peace sister!

  25. Interestingly enough last night I watched the movie ‘ The Sum of all Fears’ about the evil powers that be set off a dirty bomb at a football game to start a nuclear war between the U.S. and Russia. The Lord revealed to me parts of it I had never picked up on before. This is almost the same scenario that they will use to start WWIII with Russia and the U.S. People need to see this for what it is! It is the only way they can create chaos to gain control of the majority of people to fall into their trap. We really need to be showing people the truth and exposing them for who they are while we still can.

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