Stand in the Gap that I May Show Mercy in the Judgment of the Event

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2-2 and 2-3-18
America, the stage is set!  Nothing else has to happen, except that I allow the fiery, false flag, kick off event to happen.  You have not repented.  It can happen at any day,  hour,  minute, or second. My remnant, be ready!  Rid yourselves of all filthiness of the flesh and spirit and come into the secret place where you will be filled with more of My Spirit, the oil of gladness shall anoint your head, and you shall be My bearers of the Good News of the Gospel during the chaos and destruction and reap My harvest, for you shall know My peace.
My remnant, I ask you to stand in the gap for those that would be lost in the coming event.  I can have mercy on whom I will, for I desire to show mercy even in judgment.  If My remnant asks Me, I can spare many, but I won’t take the event away. This I will not relent on; it must take place to awaken millions to the time that you are in. There are so many asleep right now and  this is the only way to awaken them. I have given My prophets and watchmen many messages telling America and the world to repent and turn back to Me, but most of these messages are going unheard and un-acted upon.  I ask you now to lift up those to Me in intercession that will be taken from the earth by this event.  Pray for them to be spared and to have one more chance to get to know Me.

My people, I want you to understand something: I have given you all power and all authority on the earth in My name because of the victory I won over death, hell, and sin by resurrecting from the grave. This does not mean it is automatic; it must be enforced by My people. The enemy comes not but to kill, to steal, and to destroy, but you who have My authority can stop him. You are My “policemen” on the earth.  Dominion over the earth was taken back from Satan through My resurrection, but it must be enforced . There are very few that believe this, even in My remnant. That is why very few walk in the power of My spirit. The deception by the enemy in this area is very great. Satan will always try to make himself look as though he is undefeatable but he must obey what My people command in My name by My power and authority.
There are many people are asking Me right now about the Super Bowl. They ask Me will this be the day of the event?  My answer to that question is, it could be. If My remnant fails to stand in the gap, I will allow the enemy’s plans to go forth unhindered. The window for the event to take place has been open for some time now and as of yet I have not allowed it, but I could have already let it happen. It is by My mercy that it has not happened. The window that the event must take place does not close on February 4th, 2018; it does not have to occur on that day. I do not follow linear time as you do, I am above it. You do not understand this because your realm is bound by time, but once you enter My eternal Realm, you will understand. There are events that must happen, such as those written in the Scriptures, but there are no time limits on them. My thoughts are higher than your thoughts and My ways are higher than your ways. Do not be foolish and think you know better than I.  Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.
Once the event does happen, everything in the entire world as you know it will change.  All of the wicked plans of the enemy will be allowed to go forth. All arguments about pre-wrath, pre-tribulation, mid-tribulation, and post-tribulation rapture will cease. All arguments about flat Earth and spherical Earth will end.  All arguments about who is the Antichrist will be no more.  All petty doctrinal arguments will stop, as with everything else that is not necessary for salvation.  Arguments between those in My remnant will all pass away and My people shall become one. These disputes are caused by the enemy to bring division to My true remnant. This happens when My people are not filled with My Holy Spirit, but I will increase the measure of My Holy Spirit when I bring the former and the latter rain in one month.
After the event, a door will be open that no man can shut and the door will be shut that no man can open. Nothing will ever go back to the way it was. Everything will come to pass until all Scripture is fulfilled, the fullness of the gentiles will be brought in, and the great harvest is reaped. The dead in Christ shall rise first and then those that remain on the earth. They both shall put on immortality and be transformed into beings of light. They are the manifest sons of God and they are My remnant, My bride. Then I shall take them to be with Me forever as My wrath is being poured out upon the earth. They shall rule and reign with Me in My kingdom that has no end.
I ask of you this day, to stand in the gap for the lost who would be thrown into an eternity of intense suffering without Me! Pray for Me to be revealed to them and pray that they would accept Me as their Lord and Savior.
Jesus Christ
Yahushua Hamashiach


42 thoughts on “Stand in the Gap that I May Show Mercy in the Judgment of the Event”

  1. This event will be most likely examination of conscious ( Lord will make ppl see all their sins and wrong doings) and right after 2nd Outpouring of the Holy Spirit. It might happen during the event called 3 days of darkness caused by something wil will see in the sky as warning.

  2. Ольга, ты прав. Также очень скоро я надеюсь, что эта весна будет вторым излиянием святого духа для всех христиан. Это будет так красиво. Также это могло произойти в течение 3 дней темноты. Когда это происходит, оставайтесь дома, запирайте двери и много молитесь. У вас всегда должно быть дополнительное питание, свечи и спички. Благословение вам

  3. Yes you are correct. This event which is 2nd Outpouring of the Holy Spirit will be main event before Rapture and great Trib. Stay focused, calm and away from sin my friends. Keep praying

  4. Greetings Roxanne! I believe what the Lord is saying in the part that you asked about is that he is going to increase our capacity of the Holy Spirit very soon and that is called his former and latter rain out pouring and it will happen very quickly when it happens. I really have no idea when it will happen but there is talk out there that it could happen as soon as this next week! Take it to the Lord in prayer and see if he reveals anything to you about it.
    Blessings love and peace in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ Yahushua Hamashiach!

  5. Hi Jeff, I found you because of “Tribulation now radio”, John Baptist. The holy spirit directed me to Johnny almost 2 years ago. God bless you for your work. I was not ready for Johnny until I was ready, if that makes sense. The holy spirit is so good and amazing. He has been able to teach me because people like you are willing to obey him. Thank you!!!!!! May our Lord Yeshua bless you, keep you and yours.
    Anyway, I was hoping you could shed some understanding on this section noted below:
    “but I will increase the measure of My Holy Spirit when I bring the former and the latter rain in one month.”
    The holy spirit has been impressing me hard to stand in the gap and pray for the lost. Such a burden , one I never carried until recently. More confirmation for me!!!
    Thank you!

  6. Hi Brother Jeff~ I have been meaning to you respond to your latest post here…. because truly it was timely. It seems like my weekends have been so busy… between Bible study on Friday nights and Church on Saturday, and Pastor Faircloth on Sunday. Then it is time to go back to work. Whew, anyhow I had sent you a quick email on the weekend but wanted to respond to the Word the Lord gave you. He has been reminding me the urgency and to continue to be an intercessor for my family members, brethren, friends, co-workers, and people on the street. I have been praying with a homeless man that I met recently. I was able to get him a blanket and give him a Bible. He grew up in church and is now finding his way back to Abba Father… Praise the Lord!!! As the days get shorter and darker we need to be ready to be used in even greater ways for his Kingdom. The Lord said there is an apostasy right now a falling away and that there will be division ( separating the sheep from the goats, wheat from the tares). The Lord keeps placing on my heart for me and every one to be open for correction, and reproof. He keeps showing me things about getting rid of Books that are part of the NAR/Dominion Theology and now cleaning out some of my music. Especially, since my Church has taken a turn for the worse to usher in the A/C NWO/ One World Religion now. Things are speeding up. God Bless you, love and peace my wonderful Brother in Christ. Sister Sheri. P.S. Hope you are staying warm.

  7. That is really interesting re non interest. I suspect it is because despite being endtimes news producers, they aren’t aware of the remnant army being called and positioned for duty. It Is sad they seek and watch for the coming of the Kingdom yet are still asleep in other respects. I pray holy spirit wakes many many up!! I can’t even share with my family and some christian friends .. they don’t get me and I feel as if I’m the weird loony one but I know I’m not!
    So glad I have found your site and ministry (via p3tr4q YouTube channel).
    GBU richly

  8. Amen bro..thank you for being faithful and obedient..the Lord has shown narrow the way is and many of His own people are not aware of how.narrow and all our other brothers and sisters on the front line spreading these unpopular but much needed words are in my prayer..Love ya

  9. Jeff,
    The Lord has recently asked me to “go sailing” with him. To align myself w the Holy Spirit. I was told the he is removing my sackcloth and replacing it with gladness. This is not power of positive thinking it is a joy that reflects JESUS. The oil of gladness is flowing all over me and I can not contain what is happening to me. I loved your message! Thank you.

  10. Amen brother Jeff! God has been highlighting these things to me as well the past weeks. Praying for a spirit of intercession and repentance to come over the nations. Blessings from Israel

  11. Sharine, I am well aware of which one you were speaking of. The Lord told me early last year to quit visiting that site. I am grateful to that site though for expanding my Ministry and I pray that they will see the error of their ways before the rapture. I pray that the Lord would reveal to them that the love of money in any form that it comes in is the root of all kinds of evil.
    God Bless You!

  12. One of those big websites is promoting the cryptocurrencies as an investment for Gods people. I kept sending that website multiple warnings but they went unheeded and unpublished. I tried to tell them that investing in the cryptocurrencies feeds into the beast system.

  13. Praise Jesus!
    Thank you Olga for even confirmation of this message to me.
    Blessings love and peace to you.

  14. Justin, I appreciate you for your zeal but neither of the websites you mentioned are interested in the word that the Lord gave me.
    Pastor Benjamin Faircloth is promoting it but and a lot of others on Facebook maybe some smaller websites but none of the bigger websites want to hear this… That being said Holy Spirit Wind and WHISTLEBLOWERJEFF are both growing quite a bit.
    God Bless You

  15. Wow bro Jeff, God just lead me to read this post. Yesterday night as I was driving to church service, I saw a license plate on the freeway that read “event 2”. It definitely caught my eye and i knew the Holy Spirit was highlighting it. I felt it was speaking of something to this nature that your post confirmed. Thank you for posting. We must pray and fast. Please sent your post to z3news and Steve Quayle. This needs to be heard and become priority.

  16. Спасибо, Господь!
    Спасибо, Джефф. Только вчера мне пришлось цитировать притчу –
    18 Погибели предшествует гордость, и падению – надменность. (Прит.16:18)
    18 Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall. (Pr.16:18)
    И вот Господь говорит, подтверждая…
    Спасибо, Господь!

  17. Yes, Amen Sylvester! Praise the Lord Yahushua! If the Kickoff Happens today He is saying it was because His people didn’t pray and stand the gap. I pray and hope we have more time but if not everything will Accelerate very very quickly! Blessings Love and peace to you brother!

  18. Hallelujah!!! Another reminder by the Lord, that we have a responsibility to stand in the gap. Again, the pieces of the expected event are in place now! Let us be ready, continue to speak the truth about the word, even as many argue, it’s not yet time, he cannot be, he would come out from Turkey, etc. Father, thanks so much, for always making things simple, for us. We are seriously standing in the gap, looking forward to please you. The aspect of timing is in your hand. God grace Jeff, the more.

  19. Shannon, We are all in a process on being becoming more like Jesus and sometimes we fall but if we truly repent and turn from our wicked ways of the flesh and love the Lord with all of our hearts and our neighbors ourselves, we are doing all that we are commanded.
    When we think we have arrived and can learn nothing….WATCHOUT!
    1 Cor 10:12 Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall.
    Blessings love and peace Shannon!

  20. Ugh I just looked at what I typed…I wish your site let us correct posts! The correction has to to with my saying I kind of knew what you were going through…not that the Lord was rebuking you, but that I knew you were struggling with the situation. I also wanted to say that I am sorry that you were rebuked…that is never a nice thing, but it is for our refining and sanctification so a necessary step in all our walks. I am also sorry for causing your misstep so to speak. Please forgive me. Much love and God Bless.

  21. Brother Jeff – you are always forgiven! We are called to forgive and love one another. I thank you though for speaking those words. Whether you believe it or not, I knew what was going on on your side to an extent. As for my side I was crying out to the Lord wondering why I am always rejected for words that are spoken. It happens frequently. I have been rejected my entire life, except for by Jesus. But as I said yesterday, I know not everyone sees things the same way and I understand that. We just all need to be understanding of that. I love you as a Brother and wish you nothing but abundant blessings in Jesus Christ. Your Sister in Jesus Christ – Shannon

  22. Amen Shannon, whether you know it or not the Lord is using you to refine me I was rebuked by the Lord and I am humbled and I have repented and I have learned a valuable lesson.Not everyone sees everything the same as me…I was wrong and I’m sorry.

  23. Thank you my brother Steve for your excellent insight as always! Hope and pray you are feeling better!

  24. Amen Steve. I keep trying to tell ppl that we have been lied to since long before we were born. Everything was built on a lie and they will continue to lie to us till the end. It’s all part of satan’s deceptions and he is the father of all lies. Praying for truth in all things to be revealed!
    May the brethren continue to lift one another up in this time instead of cutting them off as ALL are needed in the Body of Christ. Love above all else. We will be judged for every word, deed and action. Much love and God Bless.

  25. Some note I think are good to point out:
    What He means by the STAGE is SET is all the pieces are in place – the economy is ready to crash and then collapse, the military is ready to blow up NK (it is clear they’ve been just waiting for the event), the stage is set for economic collapse and ww3. What an unrepentant, baby killing, gay marriage loving America deserves is here. They’ve just used this time to stretch and push and move things so they are even worst than before. They will be NO recovering after it. America won’t be great again, it is going to be hell on Earth – I pray each of you have prepared for these times that are about to unfold.
    I also want to point out this single statement “here are events that must happen, such as those written in the scriptures but there are no time limits on them.” Is exactly what I’ve been trying to explain to many people – we think Jesus will return in 3,5,10 years, but there is no law or rule that says he will have to. I’ve read people say Jesus’s return is with in X years, but there is just not truth in that. Each of us should prepare for a LONG, MISERABLE chunk of years, keeping protected in Him.
    This event is just a starting point. People get so caught up in a vision or a dream they think these things are on some timeline, but they really are not – the prophecies will be fulfilled, but they will do it when He decides, and remember: SAVING SOULS IS #1 GOAL, not sinking California to prove a point.
    Lastly, regardless when this event is, you can be certain “they” will tell you it will be ok, our economy will recover, and America will be great again. They will tell you we must destroy North Korea and the lies will start to flow like water from a river. Just tell yourself, THEY ONLY LIE. They’ve lied to get you to this point,and they’ve will continue to lie to you and all those you know til you are dead and in hell.

  26. Praying for eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts to soften; for all scales to be removed. May the remnant rise up and be bold in these days casting aside all division. Feed the sheep. Much love and God Bless.

  27. Thank you Robin! We may not see eye to eye on everything but I want you to know that you are very special to me and our differences right now will not matter in eternity.God bless you!

  28. Go to for some other great words and posts confirming this word in an even heavier and greater deatail.

  29. Wow what a word! How blessed we are that our God has revealed so much to us. I am ready for everything to change. Im hoping the Bride is too. Its going to be things we’ve never seen before…but as the manifest sons and daugthers of God, the warrior Bride, we can say…bring it on…while always standing in the gap. Take care Jeff.

  30. Brother Jeff,
    The Lord is ready to use His remnant in the days and months ahead. I pray that the remnant know who they are and that they stand ready for service. The Lord has prepared His remnant for these days/events. Let us all put on the full armor of God and soldier up from Christ! Let us not be afraid, but obedient to the Lord’s desire for us to serve Him. Be bold and courageous for the Lord has prepared us well. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, do not depend on your own understanding, seek His will in all that you do, and He will show your which path to take.”
    May God’s grace and peace be upon the remnant to stand in the gap.

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