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  1. BLOOD
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    12/25/09 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
    The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
    For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear
    Behold, the earth swells with abominations. The cities of men are filled with darkness and overflow with every kind of evil. Every foul and wretched sin is widely accepted, as the multitudes band together with one voice, reaching new heights in wickedness. Across land and sea, iniquity spreads forth like a plague; even in the wide open spaces, behold, it is there, carried upon prevailing winds to every corner.
    O most wicked generation, you have raised up Sodom from the dust, and brought forth Gomorrah from the ashes, having learned nothing from the example! Behold, the days of Noah are revived before My face! Thus the days of calamity and many sorrows have come in.
    Peoples of the earth, your evils are
    Not hidden, nor does your wickedness sleep!…
    Behold, the cause of the oppressed has come up before Me,
    And the cries of the innocent fill My chambers!
    Even the sound of every unborn child, which you have murdered,
    Has entered into the ears of The Lord of Hosts!…
    Murder fills every corner, blood flows
    In the streets, and the lewd gladly walk in it!…
    Thus by all your doings have you brought
    Blood upon your own heads!…
    Says The Lord.
    Therefore, thus declares The Lord to the generation of His wrath: From the blood of righteous Abel to the blood of every unborn child, even to every person murdered in innocent blood from the beginning unto this day, have I laid upon this generation!
    For I had spoken, yet you would not hear! It was written, yet you rejected My Word! I poured out My spirit, yet you refused to drink! And now, even as in all times past, you come against My servants, the prophets! Behold, even the churches of men join in your error and remain on your part! For they have not discerned, neither will they receive correction, blind leaders of the blind who cast their lot with this world and the deceiver!
    THEREFORE, BLOOD! Blood shall be your drink, and suffering your meat! Blood and suffering shall fill every corner, for this is your due reward, seeing as how you do revel in it!
    Behold, you show no concern over the affliction of others, and care not for the poor and the needy! The cause of the widow and the fatherless is all but forgotten among you, and over the slaying of the innocent rarely a tear is shed! Your murders have not ceased, they only increase by measure! Nor have your leaders sought to put an end to all this injustice, nor has the outcry of the suffering entered your ears, nor has the scale of these atrocities penetrated your stony hearts, whereby you should have been moved by it!
    THEREFORE, BLOOD! Blood shall fill the rivers and springs of water, and the sea shall become as the blood of a dead man! The mountains shall drip with the blood of the slain, and the hills shall flow with the blood of My enemies; multitudes of dead bodies shall litter the ground!
    Behold, the hand of The Invisible God
    Of your forefathers shall be felt!
    The presence of The Holy One of Israel
    Shall cause all in the earth to tremble!…
    The mountains shall be thrown down, the steep
    Places shall fall, and every wall shall fall to the ground!…
    Behold, at the sound of My voice all creation shall bow down!…
    For the time has come for The Ancient of Days
    To stand up and judge the peoples of the earth,
    For The Everlasting to stretch out His arm
    And pour out judgment upon the nations!…
    Says The Lord.

  2. Wow! I am taking this as confirmation and I agree with your beliefs of Trump and Obama. I started taking notes of spiritual things that I’ve been experiencing and this happened to me on 2/7/18: I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night and looked at the digital clock in my bedroom it was 12:34am (I thought of a countdown like 1,2,3,4.. and there was another thought but I am unable to remember it), I fell back asleep, and woke up a second time, looked directly at the clock again and it was 12:42 now, and I immediately thought of the 42 months that the beast will reign on earth. Then I fell back asleep.
    This morning 2/27/18: I was getting ready for work listening to worship when the lyrics to the end of the song, First Love, “grace returns to me today” came on I was lip singing them, and while I lipped those lyrics I felt my lip do that thing President Trump’s does after he says something, and at the same time an image of Trump popped into my head… then I do a new search for prophetic words 2018 and find this blog and your comment this morning! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Hi, I wonder if any of you know or have ever read a book “The Imminent Fall of America”. It consists of 47 prophecies, given by the Lord to a young prophet in the US for the Church in America as well as for all Americans. It also has some earlier prophecies and visions of America’s demise given to Dumitru Duduman and other prophets from the early 20th century. But the bulk of the prophecies in the book were given to this young prophet in 1996. The book was compiled and published by a prophet Malcolm Heap in UK in 1999 and in 2001 (second edition). The name of the ministry is Midnight Ministries (UK), not to be mistaken for the one in the US, which has no connection to Malcolm Heap’s ministry. If you have never read this stirring book, you can read it on the webpage using this link: http://www.midnightministries.org.uk/ifoa/ifoa_index.htm
    Thank you and God bless

  4. Jeff, what are your thoughts on the prophecies about Billy Graham passing? There are a lot of them coming out of the woodwork but one in particular resonated with my spirit, http://www.expounderministries.com, Steve Millhone (I believe), if you have time to go to his website and read that one. He said he was given that prophecy in 2011 I think (I didn’t write this down), and was given a scripture in 2nd Chronicles about King Josiah and a comparison of him to Billy Graham and how he delayed judgment on Israel until after his death. He also said that after Billy Graham passed terrorism would increase in America which brought me back to the ‘event’ that could be a terrorist attack of some kind. Of all the ones I read that felt genuine besides BenNoon’s, this one is real.

  5. Back in the late months of 2016 I asked the Lord to show me what this election meant for us and I also asked him to remove all influence from anyone that I have listened to so that his precious Holy Spirit would be the one to guide me and show me what I need to understand. After this I was just dumbfounded by what I was personally understanding in reading the scriptures and then I had decided to share this with one cousin whom I trust dearly. She is heaven sent and has played a huge role in my life and walk with the Lord. I am forever grateful to the Lord for saving her and then bringing her my way! Well back to what the Lord showed me. This is how I explained to my cousin. I told her that I believe that Obama is the one that would serve for a time and then allow the 2nd beast (Trump) to rise and serve for a time period of 42 months. Then the first beast that was (Obama) would return to the scene and bring havoc to our world. I told her Trump is there for a reason and he is serving his purpose in all this but the people even the elect are deceived because they think he was sent by God. In essence he is fulfilling prophecy. He is absolutely a grand delusion because the people (Christians or the Church) have been wanting change. A King. So they got Trump and they are mesmerized. Then we have these false prophets announcing a new change, peace, prosperity (which even my own long time, God serving parents believe) thinking that we have way more time and that this time is not the end at all. My family unfortunately marked me as the doom and gloom daughter. The one that is negative and only sees the worst of everything. The believe I have been brainwashed and that I am in trouble for listening to the whispers of satan. How said this is! But I believe that they are fulfilling prophecy as well! In the days of NOAH no one, I mean no one saw it coming. They did not believe it to be true until it was upon them! And so family in Christ, I can share so much more but truly I just want to say that I appreciate your ministry and have found much confirmation in here as well. God Bless You.

  6. Amen brother thank you for praying for all of us! I pray for everyone who reads my blogs and every one that I influence for the Lord and anyway so that was include you! Blessings love and peace to you

  7. I really enjoyed listening to this broadcast this morning. ?
    My two favorite Watchmen of God together sharing the Holy Spirit filled Truth of Jesus Christ along with current geo-political events with all of us,
    All so that we can know what we are up against in the spiritual warfare battle that we are engaged in! ?
    God Bless you both Benjamin and Jeff, and Byron Searle and Stephen Hanson as well;…..all of you guys are in my Prayers, same as I know the Lord has impressed it upon your hearts to keep my family and I in your prayers as well, as we begin to receive our spiritual assignments for duty in this on going end times war that we are beginning to see and that will all see with our own eyes in the not to distant future! Even so come quickly Lord Jesus, Amen,

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