If You are Only a Hearer of My Word and Not a Doer; My Word is Worthless to You

Received 1-13 and 1-14-18
James 1:23-25 AMP
“For if anyone only listens to the word without obeying it, he is like a man who looks very carefully at his natural face in a mirror;for once he has looked at himself and gone away, he immediately forgets what he looked like. But he who looks carefully into the perfect law, the law of liberty, and faithfully abides by it, not having become a [careless] listener who forgets but an active doer [who obeys], he will be blessed and favored by God in what he does [in his life of obedience].”
I the Lord would ask you today, what is the purpose of me giving My warnings to a people who do not heed My warnings and do what I say? I do not give you My warnings for entertainment I give them so that my children would be prepared for the events that are coming. And yes the events that are coming are so terrible that none of you can imagine them, because you have never seen the hunger, the suffering, the destruction and devastation of the time that comes. It cannot be stopped. I have given My servants many many messages telling you to prepare telling you to get closer to me, telling you to be filled with My Spirit and to seek Me with every ounce of strength within your being, but how many of you have heeded this? I tell you that you will be held accountable for every prophetic word that you have read from Me and have not taken to Heart. If you are only a hearer of My word and not a doer; My word is worthless to you. My words demand action and change on your part. If you are not changed and transformed by My word you have not received My Holy Spirit and thus I have no part in you. For you cannot change yourself it is by My Spirit. The good works that I have for you to do, do not save you but you do them because of your love for Me.

I speak to my prophets, messengers and watchmen to make ready those who are not, to give instructions in righteousness, to give encouragement to my remnant/bride, to call those living apart from me in sin, to repentance and holiness and most of all because I love you. But you must seek me for yourself and though I give messages to my prophets, Messengers and Watchmen I want each of you to hear Me yourself and this can only come with time and practice. This means that you must come and spend time with Me each and every day and by this you will learn the voice of My Spirit that is still and small. There are not many of you that I will speak audibly to, just like there are not many who have ever seen Me. But I speak to ALL who are Mine.
There is still time you are still in the time of grace, though is very short. I bid you again this day to get to know Me. To seek after me with abandon. To seek Me with all your heart and you will find Me that is my promise, I cannot go back on my word. I am not a man and I can never lie. All the promises in My word are yes and amen and all the curses for not following My word will come to pass as well. Everything in my word will be fulfilled. This is the time of the end and you will see things being fulfilled much faster than ever before, even as I speak.
Those who are not spiritually blind and deaf can plainly see what time you are in. My Spirit inside you you verifies these things to you. I tell you that 2018 will be a year like no other but it is not the end. Actually it is a beginning of things that have been prophesied from long ago. It would do you well  to review  the prophecies from scripture  as well  as my modern-day prophets. But I ask you again,what good will it do for you though to know these things if you are not prepared by My Spirit? Those not prepared by My Spirit will be overcome by the things that will happen. It is not that there is no hope for them but it is for my people to show them hope. I am their hope! But to show these lost ones My hope, you must be full  and overflowing with My Holy Spirit. So you must listen to me and fill yourselves daily. This is not a suggestion this is a command but I do not force you it is your choice. I will tell you though, that all of the miracles that have been prophesied to come in the end days, will only come through those that have spent ample time seeking Me with all of their heart so that they are full of My Holy Spirit. That Spirit will be able to be seen on those faithful ones, My bride, My remnant and everyone will know who they are. I ask you now, wouldn’t you like to be one of these? Put what you have read and heard into practice! Do not let this message be one that you read and forget.
Won’t you please spend alone time with Me and get to know Me let me fill you with My spirit? I am jealous for your time with Me. I desire to show you and tell you secrets that only those who are close to Me know.
There is still time… but you must not delay!
Beloved I long for you more than you know.
I AM the Creator and Lover of your soul


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  1. Yes amen Sylvester! Even if we don’t agree with Trump we we should pray that he is not assassinated. The Lord told me last year that he would be taken away but he did not say that he had to be assassinated. I know some other people have seen Trump the assassinated in dreams and visions but I don’t think that that has to be that way it is… I think it is a warning and I think if Trump is assassinated things will be much worse!

  2. Thank you, I will look up the “Bolse and Boyce” demons. I have never heard of these. Do you have any additional information where you received these names for electronic devices? 🙂 God Bless, love and peace.

  3. Hi Brother Jeff~
    LOL, I thought that was who you were talking about. Yes, I saw that the show had to be canceled on Johnny Baptist due to audio ( yes, that was the enemy). Yes, I have seen/heard many of his videos. He has a excellent one on the Chemtrails spraying. I will watch the one you posted. Thank you. 🙂
    God Bless, love and peace to you my wonderful Brother in Christ. Sister Sheri

  4. Thanks Jeff. So there are two different kinds of tongues? How do we know which type the Bible is referring to when it mentions tongues?

  5. Brad, there is a difference between your own personal Holy Spirit prayer language and the gift of tongues that is similar to the gift of prophecy. I don’t have time right now but I will post some scriptures later.

  6. Hallelujah! Prophet Jeff, do you observe that the Lord’s words to you always come in simple English? Even an illiterate can read it? We are on a partial 21 days Daniel fast for January, and this morning, the vision revealed by the Holy Spirit, is that prayer and Christianity outlawed. Persecution ensued. So if anyone fails to do the word now, it would be very difficult in the days ahead. The Lord repeated in this message concerning 2018, that is beginning of events will be very very clear. I love this: we have waited for such a time as this! One of our respected servant of Christ in Nigeria, said that prayer should be intensified in the International seen, against assassination. When I heard it from him, my mind went out for Trump!

  7. Brother,
    I encourage you to visit Dave Roberson’s website and download his book on the subject and read it. It is free, and it is not a gold mine; it is a diamond mine! You’ve asked a lot of good questions, but simple point-blank answers will not suffice here. Therefore, I encourage you to read that book because I was once in the dark like you, and the book cleared up a lot of things for me.
    Blessings in Christ!

  8. I appreciate your posts Jeff. I do need to spend time with the Lord each day. I know I can do it. I am just being lazy. I wish I was older (with the kids out of the house) because I feel like it would be easier to make the appropriate time. We have a 4 year old and 20 month old so at the end of the day the wife and I are very tired. I believe in my Savior Jesus Christ and I want to do His will. I am one of those who hear/read the message but then forget (although it is always inside me, nagging at me to act on it). Or some days I begin to worship and then wonder if I am doing it right or if it is accepted of Him. I just need to do it.

  9. Hey sister Sheri!
    Those can be caused by the demons called’Bolse and Boyce’, they are specialised to cause problems to the electronic devices!
    Cast them out of your machines in the name of Lord Jesus Christ.

  10. Hi Jeff, thank you for your post. The Words from the Lord through you are a blessing to me. I would like to speak in tongues. But I see a few different Scriptures that seem to say that it is not for everyone. For example, 1Co 12:30 say “Do all speak in tongues?” It seems that the answer to this question and the other questions in this Scripture is “no”. Also, 1Co 12:7-11 says that these gifts, tongues being one of them, are given as the Holy Spirit wills a person to have, not as the person wills to have. Also, 1Co 14:27 says that only 2 or 3 people should speak in tongues, not all the people. Also, Ac 2:4-11 seems to say that hey were speaking in languages that other people around them could understand, just not speaking in their known language. So this says to me that speaking in unintelligable words that people can’t understand doesn’t seem right. I would like to speak in tongues if God wills it for me, but I just don’t know if He wills it. Does this make sense?

  11. Amen,
    Thank you so much Brother Jeff. I have not heard of Boston Rob’s videos? If you have a link I would love to check them out. Interesting, yes that was definitely the enemy not wanting the truth out. When I go to see this pastor w/out fail the air condition stops working at the Hilton Hotel. This has happened every time. I encountered this electrical type issue when I was blessing a friend’s home in Florida and boy did we sweat it out. LOL Enemy loves cutting off or distracting us from the truth. Love, peace and blessings. Sister Sheri

  12. Thanks for taking the time for such a detailed story. It blesses me and I’m watching the video and its challenging me. I pray I will have the faith to really step out into this gift. I will look into that book as well.
    I seek to be edified in the Spirit as you have done. To read that others have gone through similar experiences and found victory in the end is so encouraging and has renewed my hope in this.

  13. Sujit, that makes a lot of sense to me, thanks for sharing that.
    Things I didn’t do are most common for me – an opportunity that was missed due to fear or lack of faith. I am thankful He is patient with me as what I would like to do versus what usually happens are quite different unfortunately.
    I repent every day, but I don’t always know if I had sinned or needed rebuke. But my attitudes always are not perfect. I’m always striving to be loving, forgiving and humble but impatience, frustration or selfish thoughts seem to slip in somewhere. I lay these things at my Savior’s feet every day and progress and heart changes are happening.
    “When I received that, it was like…”Huh? Really? You mean you are not mad at me?” That was a major stumbling block for me, that my Father could actually be pleased with me.”
    That hits home for me, thanks again Sujit!

  14. Thanks brother Jeff,
    Thanks for the fast reply, man, it means a lot to me. Also appreciate you praying for me, now I know for sure I will be praying in tongues soon.

  15. Evan,
    You wrote: “I pray hindrances and wrong attitudes or sins I am not aware of be shown to me and dealt with, but nothing comes.”
    I’m kinda like that (maybe I was more so in the past than now), in the sense whenever I enter my quiet time with the Lord, more often than not, I expect him to rebuke me.
    Of course, if he shows me something, I repent. More often than not, I repent of anything I think might be a problem before he shows anything at all.
    Some days, as is for you, I do not receive any rebukes, which, you know, is contrary to what I usually expect. I believe one such day the Lord impressed upon my heart that if I came to him every day only expecting to be rebuked for something I did or didn’t do, I’ve not truly come to know him as my Heavenly Father.
    When I received that, it was like…”Huh? Really? You mean you are not mad at me?” That was a major stumbling block for me, that my Father could actually be pleased with me.

  16. If you want to beat Paul, brother, know that you have a cheerleader in the stands. Go for it!

  17. Thank you Sujit! It’s been quite some time since I’ve received the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence I was speaking in tongues that it is kind of hard for me to explain to people anymore because I just do it. So it is very helpful that you only receiving tongues a year ago explain it to people. Yes I agree with everything you said Sujit.
    Speaking in tongues or also called your prayer language is so awesome and edifying that you want to do it as much as possible just like Paul said I speak in tongues more than you all! Well I would like to try to beat Paul!

  18. David, the feeling that you have on your head when you’re praying is the holy spirit there is no doubt about that in my mind. So you may be also baptized in the Holy Spirit but not yet able to speak in your prayer language. I would suggest that you read the comments to Evan and watch the video that Judy shared. Most of all keep on seeking him and asking daily for the gift and yes I will pray for you.
    Blessings love and peace in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ

  19. My sister Sheri thank you for sharing that warning with us! We must not be ignorant of The Wiles of the devil but we must realize that Jesus has given us all the power over him also. We are not going to make it in our own strength that is for sure. Here’s a question for you Sherri, have you ever want any of Boston Rob’s videos? I’ve been hearing quite a bit about him but I haven’t had a chance to watch any of them. A lady from church told me I should look into the things that he talks about. I know when he was on Johnny Baptist show that he said about two sentences and then he was cut off so I’m thinking the forces of Darkness probably shut him down. Well I just thought I’d ask.
    Blessings love and peace in the name of the Lord Jesus!

  20. What a blessing! I was just praying with purpose, asking for guidance and discernment on this topic and others. Tears rolling down my face, asking Him to light my path.
    I finish praying and there is your post. Thanks for sharing with me.
    I can hardly wait for His revelation and guidance, I will keep pursuing it and seek to have a clean heart for him. How great is our God!

  21. Evan, I feel the same way as you describe when I come into His presence love and warmth may times a tingling sensation. He is so awesome! I feel Him right now! He is telling me that He is pleased with you and to keep seeking Him diligently and He will be answering some questions you have for Him very soon.
    Praise God!
    I didn’t expect that!

  22. Greetings, Evan.
    Here is another video you can watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omJ64XuEnMo.
    Please also get Dave Roberson’s book “The Walk of the Spirit: The Walk of Power”; it will be a blessing.
    I do speak in tongues, and I hope what I share will encourage you to step out in faith and try.
    Back in March 2016 I had no idea about any of the gifts. But the Lord had been speaking to me for six months (because I’d been regularly taking time to hear him through the Word), and he’d made some fantastic promises to me, so much so that I had to like literally convince myself that it was him speaking to me because there was no humanly possible way that I could then do what I heard him saying I would do.
    He had to convince me to go and get baptized (and that is another story altogether), and I was hoping for something supernatural to transpire like being engulfed in flames or something, but I truly had no idea what to expect. All I had was his promise that he wouldn’t just give me the Spirit, that he would pour out the Spirit on me, that I would speak in tongues, and that I would prophesy. So I was expecting these three things to transpire.
    When I came up out of the water and those baptizing me prayed, I immediately experienced something like an empty glass being filled up as if something was being poured out from above and filling me up from within, and I did not doubt for a second what this was. I was a little disappointed though that I was not on “holy fire” and that there was no rushing wind or anything like that.
    Then came the struggle of speaking in tongues. I’d been told by those baptizing me that I would feel words forming inside (Holy Spirit giving me the utterance), that I simply have to let them out, and also that my mind would fight it. But nothing came, and I felt no words form. Then the people praying over me told me to imitate them, and I got out three words—“shak,” “rakh,” “makh” (as clearly as I can remember, those were the words). Beyond that, nothing. At that point I truly thought I was imitating them, but when they heard me speaking, they said I’d got it.
    “Well, the second thing that God had promised didn’t seem to be working out so well,” I thought. But the third thing did work out! I prophesied (as I believed the Lord to be telling me) to a young man that same day who was in need of a job and was not very enthusiastic about the interview he was going to attend that he would get his job. And I learned later that he did!
    As further confirmation, I watched with my own eyes as I laid hands on people, them being healed. So I knew I’d definitely received “bread,” not “stone.” But all I had was three words for speaking in tongues, and I was not too thrilled about it. And I thought that those words sounded made up and like the lyrics of a song I’d heard “Shakalaka, baby.” I debated and wrestled for months with this, but I also kept speaking those three words, and read up on everything about the gift that I could get my hands on. I also received continuous encouragement from God, as I continued to spend time in the Word, to speak in tongues.
    I knew it was him speaking, and if I’d received a demonic tongue, I’d expect him to know it and forbid me from speaking it. But he continued to encourage, and, in spite of my doubts and knowing only three words, I persisted in speaking. I did not experience anything out of this world, but I continued, relying only on what God kept asking me to do.
    It’s been more than a year now, and the language has so many words now I can’t count them. And I speak so often that if I didn’t have to sleep or brush or eat or speak to regular people, I’d probably continue doing it all day. And, yes, it’s edified me in more ways than I care to admit, which is why I sometimes tell others when I get to testify that the Holy Spirit is the architect of my current spiritual life.

  23. Thanks Jeff, I hope you are right about that!
    I will keep seeking Him and this gift daily. He has been so patient with me, he may be teaching me patience?
    I do love the Lord so very much, and feel it reciprocated back and feel His presence flood over me particularly while praying – you know, you ask that you will be found acceptable in His sight and you get an immediate burst of warmth and acceptance within you? I really desire His approval, and have wondered if I am not as close to Him as I hope I am – and this is why it doesn’t come?
    I will also try to make my quiet time with God during times that are quiet in the house. Early morning is pretty quiet in this house 🙂
    Thanks again for your encouraging words and advice.

  24. Thanks for the video Judy.
    Maybe because I have grown up in a Baptist Church this seems forced to me. I always assumed it would be something more spontaneous, you know – like the Holy Spirit comes and takes over you? Just making random sounds to try and get it started seems strange (I’m not saying wrong, just odd). When the Holy Spirit descended in Acts it seemed like they had no say in it, they were not taught how to do it – it just happened. Where do you know your random sounds are handed off to the Holy Spirit to take over?
    I appreciate your help on this, I’m just trying to wrap my head around it all. I do really desire this baptism, but I also want it to be genuine as well? I’m not saying you are not genuine at all, please take no offence at this. Sometimes typed words can be taken wrong and I mean no slight to you – I am looking for more understanding I guess?
    Is this how everyone else here does this, or how they received the gift of tongues? Maybe I just had the wrong conception of this gift all along. I expected it to just start on His own accord, not needing me to “prime the engine” so to speak?
    I have used self deliverance through a method taught by Neville Salvetti ( http://nevillesalvetti.com/lulu%20books/delverance_lulu.htm ) and it changed my life and freed me from problems with desires to sin that I have fought all my life. The deliverance part isn’t an issue with me – I’m living proof that works! I’m still struggling on the tongues topic though…

  25. Brother Jeff, I cannot speak in tongues yet. But the only time I feel the presence of The Holy Spirit is when I pray, I get a tingling sensation in my head, does that make sense at all. Also brother , when you have time if you could pray for me to receive the gift of tongues, thank you, if you feel you are lead, if not I totally understand.

  26. Hi Brother Jeff~
    Good question.
    Last night at the deliverance session we were being taught by Pastor Jay Bartlett that one of the strongholds of the demons is “Mind Control.” In the dream I felt shocked because I know I hear from the Holy Spirit but there was complete silence and what I recall was that the mind control technology was in place and had taken over the atmosphere….anyone that had not had a relationship with our Lord and Savior was marked to never hear from the Lord. I believer the devil is a liar and wanted me to doubt me hearing from the Lord. Also, the enemy blurred my vision on the way to this deliverance session which was open to the public. I was driving but I made it there with my neighbor and the blurriness went away. I feel this is a warning to everyone that those that do not seek to have a relationship with him now will in the near future will be cut off and receive a stronger delusion that the Lord spoke about in 2 Thessalonians… those not seeking the love of the truth would be lost and receive even a stronger delusion. God Bless, love, and peace. Sister Sheri

  27. Sherri, do you think that your dream is a warning to you or do you think that it is symbolic and for the body of Christ as a whole?

  28. Aaron, that is exactly where we want to be. Bold and confident in the Lord and not in ourselves. We dont want to ever get proud and cocky but meek and humble realizing without Him we are NOTHING and can do NOTHING!
    Aaron I believe He will use you MIGHTILY!
    He is just looking for someone He KNOWS, someone who is submitted totally to Him, someone who believes what He says and someone who says ” Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him” Job 13:15

  29. Evan, I have found myself facing increased in distractions pulling me away from my time with God. This message is for me just as much as all the rest who read it.
    I am going to tell you what I feel in my heart about the second paragraph of your comment and it just may be the Holy Spirit telling me this. I feel you may already be baptized in the Holy Spirit but you dont speak in tongues yet. What you describe is very similar to how the Holy Spirit come s upon me.
    Keep seeking Him daily!
    Blessings Love and Peace brother!

  30. I have always found the most clarity and detail in your words im sure you notice that too. I dont know about everyone else here, but I am finding such peace and calm and assurance that I will be SO fine during these events, lacking any fear, and feeling SO ready that He will not think twice about using me.

  31. Evan, I dont know if you already do this, but the Lord has recommended to others to seek Him either early early in the morning, or like what I do, between 12 am and 2 am. Lot less distractions, much quieter too.

  32. Wow, I had a dream last night I was in a room with other believers and they could all hear the Lord’s voice clearly and audibly. But, I could not!!! It seemed that I had somehow missed an open window and was stuck/left to seek after his voice with no success in a world that was full of mind control. This was a nightmare ….because I thought how could I have missed this part for Abba Father to speak directly to me to drown out the mind control technology that affected the rest of the masses. Especially, when I have been spending every free moment trying to have a relationship with Abba Father?Actually, when I pray the armor of God over me, my husband, my family and all the brothers and sisters around the world that belong to God and the lost sheep to come under the fold… I always pray for the Lord to speak to us in an audible voice. Well the enemy was mad at me because I took a neighbor to witness people being delivered from demons last night. This deliverance pastor only comes in town 2 times a year. Anyhow, it was so powerful seeing Jesus deliver these precious souls. One boy was delivered from cutting himself and he was only 18 years old. Thank you Jesus for the people that received freedom last night from the demonic possession. Wow, there is so much work to be done and setting the captives free, healing the brokenhearted and healing the sick. Time is of the essence we must take action like you said Brother Jeff while there is still daylight to work because the hour is getting dark. Thank God for the little laughs/joy I have had from speaking to other believers because I feel like Jeremiah the “weeping prophet.” The Lord told me again that prepare ” You know that I have to do these things and it is written.” Meaning, just what you said Brother Jeff what is coming is beyond our imaginations. Jesus keep preparing us for the days ahead, mentally, physically, emotionally and above all spiritually. Let us memorize scripture for the days ahead. Let us find rest in only you Jesus. My prayer is that we can all drown out any flying arrows/attacks from the Devil in our mind and only hear our Abba Father. The devil/demons can’t read our minds but definitely tried to plant thoughts in our heads. We must take every thought captive…. Corinthians 10:5 King James Version (KJV) “Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.” God bless, love and peace to you and everyone of our Sisters and Brothers here. Sister Sheri

  33. Awesome my friend!
    Now is not the time for putting stuff off. We need to put our faith into action!

  34. Thank you Jeff, this word i’s for me..Sometimes I wish I could just go in a cave and hide so I don’t have to deal with the temptations the world bring. .This message is on time. Blessings

  35. Has anyone else found an increase in distractions pulling you away from your time with God?
    More and more when settling down into my quiet place to spend time and pray I find all sorts of “urgent” things happening that need me to act on. Lots of other less urgent things as well, such as “Dad! Can you get me a roll of toilet paper?”
    Also I have found the Holy Spirit’s presence coming upon me more unexpectedly and quickly at times and sometimes when seeking Him in prayer it is more muted (yet other times overwhelming)… also I have been praying for the gift of speaking in tongues for several months but maybe I’m not ready for it yet? I pray hindrances and wrong attitudes or sins I am not aware of be shown to me and dealt with, but nothing comes. I will continue to ask and wait…
    Thanks for sharing this message and also the message regarding worship music! That one was a particular blessing to me as I had been led to believe that I shouldn’t “waste” (not the right word, but best I can come up with) my alone time with Him listening and praising through music and instead focus all the time on prayer and scriptures. Yet I often feel the Spirit fill the room so thickly while doing this you can almost reach out and touch it. I was feeling a bit guilty for this indulgence as I crave His presence and it feels so very good. I feel so much more free to wholeheartedly praise Him during my alone time with Him now. A big thank you for that!

  36. Awesome word from the Lord God. I am working on my patience in order to be able to hear His voice more and more daily. He already told me He wants me to take the time to understand when HE speaks to me.

  37. Hi Jeff – thank-you for your faithfulness…I needed to hear this…I will jump on the Book of Acts and prepare a study on the miracles in there….God Bless…Tim

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