Do you love Me? Spend time with Me. 

Received 1-2  through 1-4-18

“There are things that you can do right now that will help you in the coming days. First of all, stocking up on food, water, and supplies will help for the onset of the financial collapse, because there will be no food to be found in your stores. This is wisdom and will make this transition time somewhat easier.  My children are to share what they have stored up with those who don’t know Me, so that some will see Me in you and accept Me as Savior. My love in you will draw the lost to Me.
This will not be how you survive the coming times though. Those that have no earthly means to stock up now will have to rely 100% on Me. The financial catastrophe will happen before the beast system is implemented, but after the third seal is opened and after the fiery event I have told you about.

The most important things that you can do right now are to read My word and to get as close and as intimate with Me, your Lord and Savior, as you know how. If you do not know how to get close to Me, you need to read My word and/or ask My servants and find out! There will be no excuse for not knowing how! You have been warned time and time again and yet some of you do nothing about it. This is not good enough; you must put what you read into practice and overcome in Me! I do not give these prophetic words to My servant to be read and forgotten. Soon these types of words will be gone and so will the bibles. Hide as much of My word in your heart now as you can; it will be all that you have left to stand on.
Here are 2 scriptures from My word that All of you need to put into practice. Jeremiah 29:12-13 “Then you will call upon Me and go and pray to Me, and I will listen to you.  And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.”
Also Luke 11:9-13 “So I say to you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened. If a son asks for bread from any father among you, will he give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will he give him a serpent instead of a fish?  Or if he asks for an egg, will he offer him a scorpion? If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him!”
So, you must desire more of Me by the Holy Spirit, My Spirit. I will give you more desire for Me and I will give you My Spirit till He overflows you, but you need to make the next move. I have made the first move. I have My hand open to you right now. You need to open yourself up and receive!
No one will be defending those at the great white throne judgment.  Some thought in their heart “God and I have an agreement; I’m good!” or “I believe in God and I went to church,” or “I gave money to charity and even volunteered for great humanitarian causes.” My Father will say, “DEPART FROM ME, I NEVER KNEW YOU!” I AM the advocate (lawyer) between God and man. GET TO KNOW ME!
Your works are NOT enough and head knowledge is NOT enough! I AM the one who sticks closer than a brother. Talk to Me. I AM always there waiting. I AM the lover of your soul and you were bought with My own blood. I love you!
Do you love Me? Spend time with Me.”


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  1. Hi Jeff,i’m here to understand better how spend time with the Almighty Lord,when I put worship music, do I have to sing? can I just listen? can I listen to the worship music with the earphones? Please teach me everything, I live in Italy, they are all asleep here and do not realize that these are the last days, I must learn to hear the voice of Jesus and be guided by the Holy Spirit. I continue to see numbers like 144 1444 (14.44, 144,000) 111 222 333 17 1717. Another question Brother Jeff, how do I understand what are my gifts of the holy spirit? Thanks for everything brother.I hope not to bother you with all these questions God bless you.

  2. Jenny,this is what I have been led to belkieve and I do not say it is THE PERFECT undserstanding but I believe there is a lot of truth in it.
    The first seal, the rider on the white horse represents the AntiChrist whom I believe is Obama. Say what you will but he did go out conquering in the name of peace.
    I also believe the the second seal is open but the scroll has not fully rolled out yet, meaning there is war but is not in full effect yet.
    So we what I am personally waiting for is the opening of the third seal which is the global financial collapse which I believ will be sparked by a fiery false flag event to kick everything off.
    I hope this helps your understanding Jenny
    Blessings Love and Peace!

  3. Hello Jeff
    Third seal is talking about here, sounds like first and second seal already opened. Second seal is war, however, do you know what is first seal? The white horse representing what? Have Christ’s ever revealed that to you? Thanks

  4. Yes Nancy I read his word from the Lord. I am in total agreement with with what he heard.
    I don’t think it will be very long…but the Lord’s timing is really different than ours!

  5. And Jeff check out Pastor Faircloth’s message today, ‘The Main Event’. God specifically told him that an event, a main event was coming soon. That it would be nuclear in nature, which sounds like your event. He also said to look towards Israel.

  6. Brandy, I really feel in my heart that if you seek him with everything within you that the Lord will bless you spiritually and such a way that you will not be able to contain yourself. His spirit we’ll just overflow out of you and people will be able to tell that there’s something different about you and they will want to know what it is.
    Blessings love and peace in the name of Jesus!

  7. Sorry, I didn’t finish my thought. I will start early in the morning, it makes a lot more sense opposed to me waiting until all the kids go to bed; which has been my current routine. I really do hunger for a more intimate relationship with the Lord. Thank you again for your blog. The amount of false teachings and prophets on the internet has increased exponentially over the last year. It has been a blessing to hear your messages. I have been very fortunate as the Lord has helped me with discernment considering all of those who believe to be hearing from the Lord but, are not. Thank you for your obedience to Him.

  8. Amen, Brother Jeff~ I am right there w/you on this one. I could be wrong too. But the signs are all around us like never before . They are spraying us w/heavy Chemtrails. I have not seen this much spraying it is disgusting. I don’t even want to take walks anymore. We can’t live in these toxic chemicals being sprayed on us. God knows it is causing upper respiratory / flu like symptoms. Job 1:10 hedge of protection around all of us mentally, physically and above all spiritually. Jesus/Holy Spirit continue to direct our paths hourly and daily. No 5 year planning for me. It is hour by hour. God bless you my brother in Christ. Love, peace and blessings. Sister Sheri

  9. Brandy, I don’t not have a specific video or blog message in mind to give to people but I know that the Lord has given me many messages on the subject of getting close in the intimate with him. I want to say first of all that you have the right heart on the matter. There never seems to be enough time to spend with the Lord and you can always spend more! If you have this heart attitude that is what he wants.
    My personal advice especially for starting out would be to get up at least a half an hour before your normal waking time and put on some worship music and just sing and enjoy his presence. I guarantee that after a while of doing this the person will want more and he or she will end up hearing the Lord speak to them. See when you do this in the morning you carry the presence of the holy spirit with you the rest of the day. That is why there are so many Psalms and verses worshipping and giving thanks to God in the morning.
    As the Lord was telling me the biggest thing is seeking and knocking. If you have the right heart attitude and search work with all of your heart you will find him! I know I need to tell you this out of personal experience I was not always like I am now. I did not always hear his voice clearly. I can guarantee you if you do is a f set above you will grow close to the Lord and he will speak to you.
    Love and peace

  10. Amen Juanita!
    We will live by His miracles only
    and by His will we will bring in the harvest.

  11. Thank you Sherri as always!
    I might be wrong but I really feel that we are close to this all happening. I’ve been wrong before, no big deal. One thing I do know is that the events spoken by the Lord will happen, weather it is in 2018 or not is yet to be seen
    Blessings love peace provision and protection to you in the name of Jesus!

  12. Thank you brother Jeff you have confirmed a lot the holy spirit has been saying to me as of late be prepared .just as Jesus feed 5000 with a few bread and fish he shall multiply for his own to give hope to the lost and lead them to.our savior ..We are his hands and feet his light to shine bright in the darkness to come amen hallelujah…..

  13. Jeff, you wouldn’t have an article or video that would be helpful for those who want to gain greater intimacy in our relationship with the Lord. I know that by spending time in the word, praying and fasting from not only food but, technology, etc helps me. I also, try to get away from the noise, I have three girls lol, and just sit quietly, focus on Him and listen. I will admit, I don’t spend enough time as I should. Which, I think even if I spent all day, it still would be inadequate. I do get distracted easily and suffer from spiritual attacks that are a hindrance. I just thought that those on this site, who are more seasoned in their walk would give great direction on this matter. My own church is spiritually comatose and believes the gifts of the Spirit left with the Apostles. The Lord has me there because they will eventually wake up. I do have a lot of Biblical understanding, unfortunately, I am spiritually weak and still very much a babe. God bless. Thank you all, this blog brings me so much hope in the Lord.

  14. Oh and yes, I am tremendously thankful to Jesus for leading me to Brother Jeff’s site. A true man of God! God Bless in Jesus Name. Not by accident that we have all been brought to Brother Jeff’s webpage. God is so good. Sister Sheri 🙂

  15. Thank you Brother Jeff~
    This message is so timely and those with eyes/ears need to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying. The mini ice age is coming upon us and there will be famine ( Food and spiritual food lacking). Like Pastor Faircloth said “rice” will be a commodity. I have been urging anyone who will listen to me over the past 2 years to prepare with food/water and a Bible. I tell people get the Word in you because one day they are going to outlaw this Bible and only those that spent the time preparing w/Abba Father and filling their lamps w/oil will endure. Those Christians who failed to prepare will want some of the wise virgins oil for their lamps but it will be too late. They failed and put off preparing mentally, physically, emotionally and above all spiritually chasing after the things of this world. I see it with some Christians and I was in tears this week; they don’t see the train wreck coming and don’t want to hear it is coming. They once prepared and share they were preparing; now they are looking for other things to fill their evening besides God and the Bible like learning a new language. The Falling away has begun and it is very visible. I stay silent now for those that I once spent time in the Word with they feel they are too young and will just wade it out if the end is here. God help them and God help me to keep praying for them but put away my sorrow and move to those that will listen and dust myself off. They are in Abba Father’s hands I planted the seeds and that is all I can do.
    Yes, my concentration has been to spend as much time as I can with Jesus and speak to him to prepare for what is ahead of us. I have taken a stance to follow less news and spend more time w/him daily as possible during and in between long hours as work.
    My husband and me were led I would say 4 years ago to really prepare getting extra food to give out to whom the Father leads us too. Yes, we are not to hoard because the Father will give the same measure back. Also, the dollar store sells Bible’s cheap for boxes of them and will come in handy. The time of Joseph is upon us. May we all prepare wisely. I thank you Brother Jeff bringing out this topic that some do not want to hear. But, time is short and we must cling to Jesus tightly Psalm 91 and prepare accordingly to his instructions for each of us. God Bless you love and peace in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Sister Sheri

  16. Amen! so well put Brother Jeff. Yes, our trust must be like when God would provide manna each day to the Israelites in the wilderness. We must believe beyond a shadow of a doubt he will provide us w/food. Sister Sheri 🙂

  17. Hi Warrior4Jesus, yes I have been watching Pastor Faircloth for the past 2 years. I saw him on Truenews with Rick Wiles interview and Brother Jeff post’s his sermons faithfully each Sunday. God Bless you. He is right on target. 🙂 Sister Sheri

  18. I am humbled to be thought of so highly and if it wasn’t for the Holy Spirit I would fall never ever be able to say anything that would help anyone.
    I love Brother Faircloth and I agree he is one of the few out there preaching what the Lord is actually saying to the body of Christ as a whole.
    Blessings love and peace to you!

  19. Thank you Jeff that is a great encouragement to me! I felt the Holy Spirit all over me as I read your comment and was refreshed.
    Love and peace brother!

  20. A good food to store (and use) is wheat grain. You can buy a 50 lb bag for about $40 at many health food stores. Using this mill:
    you can make ~2 cups of flour in about a minute. It makes great cakes, cookies, pancakes… not to mention bread. Real flour – just as God designed it, is not only tasty but significantly healthier than white flour – which has had the bran, middlings, wheat germ and wheat germ oil removed. About 12 years ago God directed me to buy 15 of these #50 bags of grain. Yes something is coming!
    By the way I have used this grain mill for 20 years with no problems. I’ve raised my kids on it and all are quite healthy. I’ve also used grain stored for ~7 years and seen no degradation in quality (like Joseph did!). But note keep the unopened bags indoors and once opened use sealable containers.

  21. I believe I have read beforw that it relates to Judgement. That is another number I see very frequently

  22. A True Man of God, An Old School Modern Day Preacher who we all need to listen to once in awhile, just so we can hear the Word of Truth (Jesus), in the way that it needs to be preached today, because only men like Pastor Benjamin Faircloth of Ignited Church, and Jeff Byerly of Holy Spirit Wind are heeding the Words of God and sharing the Truths of Jesus with everyone they possibly can.
    (Click on the links below to listen to one of the last sermons of 2017 and the first sermons of 2018 by a man who speaks the Truth so those who have spiritual ears to hear, will hear and those who have spiritual eyes to see will see.) You will not be dissapointed!

  23. Sure, these people are trusted and have been used. But you can also go to any coin dealer.
    Let me tell you a secret, the thing you want to buy with your $ is the thing NOBODY wants, and nobody wants Gold or silver. Everybody is so focused on financial assets, they are missing what God gave us to use as money and has been used as money for 5000+ years. Gold & Silver.

  24. Kimberly, I read a good tip, recently, on a prepped website that a couple can actually use 5-gallon food buckets in place of bed rails.
    Like, you could place a 5-gallon bucket at every bed corner, underneath the box springs; or even double up, etc.

  25. Are these “end times” going as you have expected? Have you noticed the messages from the Lord are about BIG events – large milestones on (what seems) the slow march to his return?
    It has not gone at all like I expected. When I read about revelations, I had these stupid ideas that things worked like this “Seal opens, wam bam hot dog, WW3 starts or Hyperinflation happens.” But this has NOT happened, not even close. I am learning that a seal opens and it is like somebody uncovered a stinky thing that was covered, and that smell starts to spread all over the place, but it hits different areas differently, and not at one time.
    You won’t have the EVENT tomorrow, and 3 days later you can’t get food (well, you MIGHT have this, but after a period food will show up again) – that is not what He is saying, and He even said that is not what He is saying.
    But you MIGHT have the Event tomorrow and the $ start a rapid decline TO the point where he is speaking of, right? Why would the $ decline? Because all those $ that have been shoveled into the markets and across the oceans start to come back because people no longer have confidence in the US as a powerful nation. We were just hit with what seems to be at least 1 nuclear weapon and maybe at least 1 city is vaporized. Would YOU want to keep your $s around? Nope, you want to exchange them as fast as possible for tangible goods.
    What did Jesus do when He was on Earth? He took a tiny amount and MULTIPLIED it by THOUSANDS to feed all the people who showed up to hear Him speak.
    This means, THINK like He thinks, have faith as He has faith.
    If you have super limited space, that is fine, you don’t have room for 3 or 4 5 gallon buckets of food, but you CAN still have additional food. You just have to do things differently. Examples:

    1. Most people have a ‘thing’ of flour. So what you do is have 2, you use 1, you then bring the last to the 1st and buy a 2nd again. This rotation always keeps 1 extra thing of flour around. You can apply this to sugar and other simple banking items – if it means you have 1 extra thing of flour around and not a thing of cookies in the cabinet, then move the cookies to a nice cookie jar and free up some room. Where there is a WILL there is a WAY, you just have to think outside the box. You don’t need 3 months of food, have faith in Him that he will multiply what you have. Focus on stuff you use often (Flour, Sugar, Butter, baking soda, baking powder, etc)
    2. Water – buy a few BOTTLES of water for each family member and put them in a closet – your clothes closet if necessary. The stuff does not go bad, when the time comes and you are unable to get water, the LORD will multiply what you have. He said He will.
    3. Silver – A single US Silver $ is about $20. They take up very little space and while you can’t eat it, buying a few coins MIGHT help you get some food when the hyperinflation takes place and the $ becomes worthless. And folks, “A day’s work for a loaf of bread” = HYPERINFLATION. But it typically does not happen over night, but once it starts it will not STOP and it is very destructive. However, those who have some silver coins can still make purchased because somebody might be willing to trade with you.

    Look, from where I sit, everything the Lord has spoken to Jeff is ALL about economic collapse. WW3, Civil War, Famine, a day’s work for 1 loaf of bread. This is ECONOMIC COLLAPSE – if the $ goes, so will the world. Why do you think Russia and China and many other countries are getting out of the $.
    Look around you, stock market hit another high of 25,000, bitcoin is at crazy prices, car loans are nearly at 0% as are other loans, what do you see? Deception! Where? In the economy (other areas, but clearly the economy is being pumped up with lots of $$$$)? This is the setup for the EVENT, after which I suspect the paper assets will crash and burn, and then after a period of time, the entire $ will collapse.
    Everything the Load spoke of in this post I’ve been reading about from analysis for YEARS – a country, any country, that goes on a spending DEBT binge ends up with a collapsed currency. PERIOD – there are no exceptions. The reason why the US has gotten away with it is because the Lord has allowed it AND it is being propped up by the deep state – they have to stretch it to the point of breaking to insure it really breaks this time.
    You can order COINS on line from:

  26. Excellent reply brother Sujit I could have not have said it any better myself! Sister Kimberly please listen to brother Sujit.

  27. HECK NO!!! Nothing is coincidence brother Jeff. I actually saw that that number as I was driving to work today. Awesome brother!!! I love when you post words from the Lord it just makes my day.

  28. Hi, Kimberly.
    I am more or less in the same boat as you as far as the ability to stock up food and stuff is concerned. And when the reality of the time I was living in first dawned on me, I too was concerned. But I’d learned to hear the voice of the Lord through his Word by then. So one such day when I was again weighed down by how to prepare for these times, the Lord said something I haven’t yet forgotten. I think it was nearly or more than two years ago. This is what he said: “Forget everything else, and cling on to me.” And as I kept spending time with him over these two years, he began to strengthen me spiritually, so much so that (I don’t mean to boast nor do I claim to compare in the least with the apostle Paul) I simply and humbly can truthfully (as far as I know my heart) state now: For me, to live is Christ, and death is gain.
    With much blessings, love, and prayers in Christ.

  29. Eduardo, it is not by chance you mention those numbers. When I was hearing part of this message in my spirit I looked at my fit bit(watch) and it was 4:44 am on 1-3-18 EST. Coincidence? I think not!

  30. Then this part of the message is for you”Those that have no earthly means to stock up now will have to rely 100% on Me.”
    It is not about how much money or space you have, when it come down to it, it’s about your faith in Him. Do you believe that Jesus can provide for you when there is no food anywhere to be found?

  31. I read over and over to stock up on food, etc. How do my husband and I stock up when living in a small, one bedroom apartment? It concerns me.

  32. Wow, what an awesome uplifting word but also a scary one. I fear for those members of the family who just play churchianity and don’t want to talk about the last days or how to live our His word. I received a word from the Lord from a brother in Christ this week about taking time to understand when He speaks to me and I’m trying very diligently to try to find out just how . I keep seeing several numbers like 333,888,777, 911, 11:11, 111, 222, 777 188, 177, and I KNOW in my SPIRIT it is him speaking to me because I look up those numbers in strongs and He answers to what I am praying about. Anyways I love you in Christ brother.

  33. Jeff,
    I so look forward to hearing from the Lord through your faithful ministry. For the past 10 years, the Lord has shown me the troubles that are forthcoming (and are here now). Like many others, I have tried to help family, friends and the church see and understand the signs of the times. Though most are asleep, I know that we who continue to warn are planting seeds along the way. So that when these events do come to pass the seeds will sprout into a great harvest.
    I started out mostly with physical preparation, but over the past few years that has shifted entirely to spiritual preparation. I believe the Lord will use those that have prepared in this way as special utensils during the coming chaos. Fear will abound, but those the Lord has prepared in advance will be able to help those that were asleep.
    I suspect that most of your followers are those that the Lord will use in the days ahead. The Lord is using you to teach the teachers…and for that I am grateful. We need to help those that are fearful trust in the Lord and in His sovereignty. A great separation is about to take place: those that will run to the Lord in trouble and those that will run away from Him out of fear and anger. Our ministry will be to help draw people to Him. May God bless you and your followers in the days and times ahead.

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