Busyness is a Bad Habit, Take Time to Enter into My Manifest Presence

Received 1-8 and 1-9-18

During the time of the earthly holiday season that has just passed, many of My people became so busy that they didn’t have much time left for Me. This busyness has even continued past the holidays now, for a bad habit has been created. This is the enemy’s plan, for he knows the time of great trouble is coming upon the earth is very soon. A spiritual veil of foggy, darkness  has been allowed to fall upon many of My people because of their lack of time spent with Me . Satan knows that if he can distract My people, they will not pray to Me and hence, I will not answer them. For when My people pray I do answer them, although the enemy lies and says that I don’t.

My people, I warn you because of My great love for you. If this bad habit. of less prayer time, persists you will have an extremely difficult time in the coming days of greatly increased tribulations. Even the time that My people  are spending reading warnings of the enemy’s plans and schemes can be detrimental to your spiritual life if alone time with Me is neglected. I do not call you to be ignorant of Satan’s ways and plans but you must not make these things your focus. I must be your focus. To do this you need to enter into my presence every day and be filled with my Holy Spirit to overflowing. I have told you this many times and it still remains true. My manifest (obvious, clear, plain, apparent, evident,unmistakable, noticeable, perceptible, visible,  recognizable) presence increases your faith which is your best defense against the weapons of the enemy, for you are in a spiritual war. The spiritual war is now manifesting in to the physical realm more and more everyday. Thus you need my manifest  presence to materialize in your physical realm more and more everyday; not less. When you come into My presence I strengthen your body and spirit for I AM your creator and time with Me is good for all of your being. I increase your vibration: time in this world decreases it.
There are still some of you that will say that they do not understand how to enter into My presence. I will explain it and make it as easy for you as a possible to understand. To enter into my manifest presence you must humble yourself and surrender everything you are in worship to Me. In the day in which you live this is most easily accomplished by listening to worship music and entering into that worship yourself. There has never been a time on Earth that this has been so easy. You can put worship music on any and or all of your devices and surround yourself with worship all day long. This was not even possible a few years ago.Worship not only makes the enemy flee, it also transforms your heart and mind into My image.
Romans 12:1-2 ESV “I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship. Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.”
I do not say that  music is the only way to worship Me but it is a gate into My spiritual plain of existence. In heaven there is music and singing everywhere. Why not bring part of heaven to earth with you everyday?
The problem has been though, instead of using your devices for good the enemy is allowed to bring his evil, filth into your homes. You must live holy lives in this time more than ever before. If you do not, the enemy is allowed into your homes and surroundings. Repentance of these sins must be done and it must be from the heart. If sin is allowed to persist after repentance the enemy will regain his ground and strengthen his stronghold and you will be seven times worse off than when you began.
I AM everything that you will need in the times coming upon the earth.            I AM the One who can keep you alive in famine and I can rescue you from any  trap or calamity that is not My will for you. I delight in taking the ones home with Me, who’s work for Me is done on earth.
It will go well with you if you put Me first every morning: worship, pray and sit at My feet and listen to Me. Whoever is first and foremost on your mind every morning is who you worship.
Is it Me?


44 thoughts on “Busyness is a Bad Habit, Take Time to Enter into My Manifest Presence”

  1. Sujit, I thought maybe you might not have worded that like you wanted to.
    No worries my brother!
    Blessings love and peace

  2. Sahran, 6 hours of TV a day would ruin just about anyone! LOL
    I undesrstand what you are saying, be diligent and press into His presence.
    Blessings love and peace

  3. Sylvester, That is so awesome to hear that the Lord confirmed His word!
    Thank you my brother!

  4. Thank you Brother Jeff~
    Truly appreciate the fact that you put clear instructions for all of us that are still learning how to have a relationship with Abba Father and you provide clear examples. So, crucial at this hour that we are in to hear his voice, to walk, and talk with him while there is still time. Trying to get as much of the Word in my spirit and soul before the Bible becomes outlawed or internet is taken away from us. May we drown out anything that would hinder our walk w/our precious and loving savior. Oh Jesus continue to teach me how to stay focused on you while the end of the world is happening before our very eyes. Staying focused on you Abba Father provides ample prayer time to pray for all of the lost souls, including our family members. God bless, love and peace to you my wonderful Brother in Christ. Sister Sheri 🙂

  5. Great instructions from the Lord, Jeff. Yes, often I am guilty of reading to know the negative plan program of the beast. I overcome it by self discipline. Really, we need to spend more time in His presence. I have to work on music of worship and praise. You know what? Just yesterday, my wife was saying we need DVD, player for music and messages. So, the message confirms that I have to get in. Hallelujah!!! Thank you Jesus for your revelations. God bless Jeff. More grace from the Lord.

  6. Hello Jeff, I will try that. I didn’t mean I watch 6 hours a day of tv, I only sleep 6 hours. Just wanted to clarify that, but the fact remains I still.watch more than is needed. I will try that as well or give myself only a minimum amount a day watching it..Thanks again

  7. Thank you Sujit, Yes, I agree.Constantly, every hour, every minute, following the Spirit is crucial. I went to bed so late last night watching tv, I didn’t get up for prayer before work and felt awful. Even though, I do spend time with Him before I go to bed, I know He wants that time in the morning. Ihave faith God will help me crucify this flesh.

  8. Brother,
    It just occurred to me that in my original post I was not clear enough in what I’d written about “failing” in my efforts to please God. Forgive me for the poor phrasing. Back then, it was, as you say, an effort to attain righteousness by works. And I didn’t know any better. That is why I referred to the old me as the “architect” of my then “spiritual” life. It was a shell without any substance. I am thankfully well past all that.
    Now the worship and prayer and the time with his Word are all there, but I know deep within that this is not the work of my flesh. After all, I’d failed at all of this for most of my life. What is at work in me today is simply the power of his Holy Spirit.

  9. Blessings, Sahran.
    I agree with Jeff. Your knowledge of the problem is only part of the solution. Self-control is a part of the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Walk in the Spirit, and the fruit will mature. I humbly testify that your flesh will die. The Holy Spirit will take away your desire to watch TV, Sahran. Revel in the promise of Galatians 5:16. Walk in the leading of the Spirit, and your flesh will die. I am a living testament to the Spirit’s mighty work.

  10. God Bless you Jeff:
    This Word, as always is timely and TRUE.
    The continuous bombardment from the enemy can only be counteracted by more time in His Presence and prayer.
    Thank You!

  11. Amen, Jeff.
    I did not mean to imply that I am being focibly changed by the Holy Spirit. What I meant by saying that I have had nothing to do with his transformative work is that I’ve realized that the transformation I see happening in me right from the desire to be transformed to the effort I make to transformed, including the execution of the effort, the ability to endure the waiting periods, and the final result are all an outworking of God’s grace. So there’s nothing I can really take credit for, brother. I yield like the clay, and he shapes like the potter.

  12. Jeff, this makes me think about the amazing love of our Lord Jesus Christ. He has given everyone time (years of warnings) and a path (repenting and drawing close to Him) so that we are ready for His return. Unfortunately, only a few are taking advantage of these incredible blessings. Sad but true. With that said, He is in control and knows those who are listening and being obedient to this calling. He will use the prepared to be light to those who are unprepared. Thanks for being on the front line by helping your fellow soldiers equip ourselves for the battle ahead.

  13. Sujit, what you say is very true, it is the power of the Holy Spirit we need. But we have to yield to Him, He will never force us EVER! We do have to spend time in His presence to be changed. If you are talking about forcing yourself being something religious, I would agree. But there must be time spent seeking Him in worship and prayer and in His word, not because ITS THE LAW ! Because you love Him more than anything!
    Love and peace brother

  14. Thanks Jeff, and all the other posters.
    Thanks for the Words, the songs, the encouragement, the guidance, the confirmations, the Wisdom and practical guidance.
    Bless you all in Love
    Your Brother.

  15. Thanks sir for sharing this link. Thanks also for the word from the Lord. God bless you and your loved ones in Jesus name,amen.

  16. Although I’ve probably shared this testimony, but perhaps worded differently, on Z3 News, I think it is worthwhile posting it again here.
    My testimony is that I have had absolutely nothing to do with building my spiritual life. I tried for years to build it—getting up early, playing worship music, reading the Word, praying, listening to teachings, and so on. I’d go at them for a while and then give up.
    I know now why all those efforts on my part “failed.” I was having it drilled into me that my righteousness is like filthy rags before the Lord and that my sinful flesh cannot please God.
    So what’s different now? Well, I booted out the old architect—“Me”—and invited another one in. You know his name? He calls himself the Holy Spirit. And my word! What an architect!
    “Where were you all these years?” I sometimes ask him in bewilderment, but then isn’t it written somewhere that it is the Spirit who gives life and that the flesh profits nothing?
    He’s given my once so-called spiritual life such an awesome and complete makeover that I can testify that if you yield yourself to the Holy Spirit, he himself will fashion into a sanctified vessel of honor worthy of the Lord’s presence.

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  18. Adam, I do not take donations at all for my Ministry. The Lord has blessed me with a good job and my wife as well. I have no debt praise the Lord! When I get home I will provide you the Ministries that I give to the are truly in need of money.

  19. By the way Tim I just heard Old Church Choir by Zach Williams on the radio of my delivery truck then I thought of your last video LOL

  20. Mercy Me have a couple of really great songs also listen to: “Thy Will”: Hillary Scott and the Scott Family, “Sweetly Broken”: Jeremy Riddle, “Shine On”: NEEDTOBREATHE, “Never To Far Gone”: Jordan Feliz, “Need You Now”: Plumb, “Need”: The Benjamin Gate, “If We’re Honest”: Francesca Battistelli, “I Will Wait”: The Goodnight, “The Storm”: Lifehouse, “Come To The River”: Rhett Walker Band, “Trust In You”: Lauren Daigle, “You Are”: Colton Dixon, to name just a few of my favorite worship songs, especially “Need You Now”: by Plumb. 🙂

  21. Wow Tim your story is very similar to mine in 2008 I knew we had entered the end times because BHO was elected but I had a little hope back then of turning things around in 2012…looking back I don’t know why LOL. After the 2012 election I completely woke up and knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that this is it. The Lord spoke to me and told me to get right with him because the fullness of the Gentiles will be brought in shortly. That is when by the power of the Holy Spirit that I began getting up every morning praying and worshipping the Lord and worship music was and still is HUGE part of it. In my humble opinion the Lord would not have me giving this message to his people if I had not already experienced the change in my own life. Blessings love and peace my brother!

  22. Hello again, brother Jeff.
    I thought that I had seen this answered on another page, but do you have an online means of donating to your ministry?
    May God strengthen your inner man by His Spirit (Ephesians 3:16).

  23. When my awakening began in 2008…(BHO had something to do with it…) I began to search out Christian contemporary music…and now…10 years later, this music is a HUGE part of my life…I have it constantly ringing in my ears even when I am not actually listening to it…

  24. I you cut one hour of TV time out and gave it to the Lord you would be where you need to be spiritually in a very short time.
    Give it a try! I will gaurentee He will not disappoint you. He is faithful and will meet with you but you must take the first step and He will be RIGHT THERE!
    I know this because it happened in my life and I am forever changed!

  25. I honestly feel I have brother. Thank you for being part of His ultimate plan in my life. Jesus bless you brother.

  26. One more thing, my church doesn’t even play instruments and worship music is not a priority or something that I have really been exposed to. If anyone has any recommendations of Christian groups or musicians, I would appreciate it. I have found a couple of songs and one group, Mercy Me, that are of the Christian contemporary variety that I like. My church believes that if it’s not in the hymnal, then it doesn’t belong in church, plus I don’t listen to music a lot. So, I would be interested in everyone’s suggestions on worship music. I know there are ministries that focus primarily on putting out worship music. But, in these times, you have to be careful even if something claims to be Christian, it doesn’t mean that it is. God bless.

  27. Thank you Jeff! I know this word is in regards to my questions and thank the Lord for his guidance! I find it difficult to find the time and have been waiting on the girls to go to bed before I do my prayers and worship. I have added listening to worship music at night after my prayers. Since, I have trouble in the morning with time constraints as well, I have added prayer time in the early, early morning hours when I get up with the toddler. I am also playing the audio Bible, sermons or worship music at night. Keep me in your prayers. It’s extremely easy to blame our lack of time spent with the Lord on the busyness of life and the world. However, I know that it is my own fault and I am just so thankful the Lord has helped me to realize the problem. I do truly hunger for the most intimate relationship with Him as possible and since it is that important, the effort must be made, on my part, even if it means getting down on my knees at 3 am to just spend time with Him. Thank you again.

  28. Thanks for responding….TV is the culprit…I need to ask Him for self control .I’ve always ran on about 6 hours, I know that’s not good. Most of TV is evil.anyway so I need to let it go

  29. Praise the Lord brother!
    I perceive that you have grown so much in the Spiritin the last year or 2.
    Keep on growing in HIM!

  30. Sahran, you did hear Him 100% correctly.
    Now ask Him to help you work out a plan to accomplish what He has spoken to you.
    It may involve going to bed just a little bit earlier.
    One thing you do not want to do is not get enough sleep. I have done this and after a while your body will start breaking down.
    Any questions? feel free to write me back.
    God Bless You!

  31. Michael, I am guilty of that myself at times
    WBJ takes up more time than it should sometimes
    Thank you Jesus for your warnings!

  32. Awesome word it confirmed a conversation I had with my mother on how she needs to spend more time with the Lord to help her over come the attacks she is having. Love you in Christ bro you made my day

  33. “Even the time that My people are spending reading warnings of the enemy’s plans and schemes can be detrimental to your spiritual life if alone time with Me is neglected. ”

  34. wow, the Lord was speaking to me on getting up earlier before work to meditate on Him. I have to admit I go to bed late and everytime i try to in the morning I fail. He was stressing to me that doing this could allow Him to speak clearly of possible danger that may lie ahead for that day, and just being in His presence. He literally put that thought in my head the entire day. Thanks for posting. I cant let the flesh overcome. God Bless

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