Vision and Word from the Lord Concerning the Dollar and its Destruction

Vision given on 12-17-17
I saw a group of people in the darkness similar to pictures I have seen of Bohemian Grove. They were worshipping a big totem pole made out of a dollar bill.

They had a fire and were bowing down before it and plenty of partying and revelry was going on and there were some that just stood and stared in awe.
As this was going on, out of the bushes jumps a lizard dressed as a man of Chinese descent with a sword in each hand (which I thought looked like a ninja, but found out after research he was not) He then chopped off the bottom part of the dollar bill totem pole and it fell over.

Then all the men that were worshipping the dollar bill jumped up and propped the dollar bill totem pole back up, but now it was shorter than it was before. The men resumed their worship of their idol.
Then out of the bushes jumps a lizard dressed as a bear and he swats the top or head of the dollar bill totem pole off and once again it fell and the men propped it back up again.
So now the dollar bill pole is even shorter than it was before.
Then the men start dancing around it and worshipping again, but out of the sky comes a laser beam (maybe from a fighter jet or a UFO) and it burns up the dollar bill and its remnants fall into the fire.
After this I saw the wings of the totem pole rise out of the fire, which I feel is the mythical Phoenix. I believe this is the rise of the beast system.
Vision over …
Word from the Lord given on 12-30-17 at 7:50am EST
“Alright Jeff, write to My people.
I, the Lord Jesus Christ, Yahushua Hamashiach, would say to you this day that judgment has been declared upon the financial system of America and upon the world. For as I have said before, America is Babylon the great, but I AM THE GREAT I AM! YOU ARE NOT GREAT AS YOU SUPPOSE AND YOU WILL NOT BE GREAT AGAIN! DO NOT LISTEN TO THE FALSE PROPHETS OF PROSPERITY WHO WILL LEAD YOU TO HELL!
America, you once followed Me and My ways, but now you are the deepest, darkest, filthiest cesspool of the most abominable sin and blasphemous behavior ever known to man. You do what seems right in your own eyes. You murder the unborn and you have all manner of perverted sexual relations with whoever and whatever you please. Men marry men and women marry women and you call it “love” and you call it “good.” Your sins are too many to list! Yet you feel no remorse and the thought of repentance does not even cross your mind. You have another god. You do not know Me or worship Me. You worship your American Idols. I do not speak of a TV program, which is really enough of an indictment against you, but I speak of your “Almighty Dollar” and your great possessions that you love so much. Your preachers lie and say that I bless this country and it is good to have abundance and to desire more and more and more. It is the enemy that is now blessing your country, for he is the lord over the world system and he will burn you as a sacrifice in order to implement his “New World Order” without any trace of Me.
America, in your desire for “things” you have lost your desire for Me and have taken your eyes off of your Savior. The “things” you seek will bring you death, for I AM the only way to life. I have warned you over and over and over again by My true apostles, prophets, watchmen, preachers, teachers, pastors, servants, and even My handmaidens to repent, yet you do not. When I have allowed calamity to strike your land, you cry out to Me for a brief time but you do not repent and turn from your wicked ways.
Yet even then, I shall hear your cry if you turn back to Me with all of your heart! For I DO NOT desire to cast any of you into Hell or the Lake of Fire. Yet most will choose it of their own will.
I have a remnant, she is My bride and I tell her to prepare for this time to come. There will be lack and persecution and some shall be put to death for My name’s sake; this is the refiner’s fire. I tell you to purify yourselves now so this will not be necessary for you. You ask, “How shall we purify ourselves?” Draw nigh to Me and I will draw nigh to you. Renew your mind by My Spirit and walk in the Spirit so that you do not fulfill the lust of the flesh. As I have said, the whole law is fulfilled in this: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.” This is the first and great commandment and the second is like it: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”  On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets. No man has ever fulfilled even these two commands of himself but by My Spirit YOU CAN, for all things are possible through Me by My Spirit.
Spend time alone with Me alone in My chambers and I will spread My wings over you and cover you with My feathers. Delight in Me and My ways and let My joy be your strength, for when you are weak I am strong. I whisper My words of love and direction to those who quiet themselves and take time to listen to My still, small voice. My sheep hear My voice; this is My promise! But to recognize My voice among all the others takes practice and must be learned. Time of intimacy with Me is what separates you from the rest.
When your minds and hearts are focused on Me, you shall not fear. You shall see the reward of the wicked but it shall not come nigh your dwelling. You will see darkness engulf the world around you but you will have My light. I AM your God and you are My own special people who obey My word and love Me more than life itself because you know that I AM the giver of life and without Me you are nothing. You will NOT be forsaken! For I AM in you! I provide for My own and they shall go out with Me and reap My harvest. You shall walk in My power and My protection.
Once America and then the world is humbled, many shall come into My Kingdom!
Prepare yourselves and comfort yourselves with these words.
This is not to be posted until December 31st 2017 at 12:00 am EST”



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  1. Hi jeff, Yes Sir, 9 Sept 2018. The latest LVS video “Put your stones in your pocket” she confirms it is eve Rosh Hashana (29 Elul 5778). She also confirms this is the jubilee year. On another note, I’ll send you a link to my idea on the 2018 economist cover… it seems to end at 9 Sept 2018.

  2. Eduardo, thank you for sharing this with me! Our Lord Jesus is so awesome! You have the faith that will be needed in the coming days! I have no doubt about it. Do not ever let the devil lie to you and tell you that the Lord Jesus is not using you. I am so glad that the Lord gave me words for you that ignited your spirit and set you into motion for His great works through you. Blessings love peace protection and provision my brother!

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