The Ship You are Now in Shall Sink and Unless You Come Out of This Ship, You Shall Surely Die

Received 12-3 through 12-6-17

As the winds of war blow across the sea (this refers to the people of the world), the waves will swell and rage, rising higher than ever before. My children, do not pray that I calm the storm, for it is written and it must come to pass and now is the time. Instead, pray that I calm you in the storm and that My peace may surround you. You must exercise your faith in Me now, for I shall call you out upon the waters, even as the storms grow ever greater in intensity. In your own ability you will sink and drown, for no man will stay afloat in the coming storm. Men who are used to swimming in the sea in their own strength will not be strong enough to endure what is now coming.

The nations of the earth shall be like ships tossed to and fro and will break up and sink because of this storm. I allow the enemy to do this as part of My judgment but My wrath is far greater. The ship you are now in shall sink, and unless you come out of this ship, you shall surely die.  Have faith and walk on the water with Me! I call out to you as I walk upon these waters and you will not sink unless you fear and take your eyes off of Me. Stretch out your arms to Me if you begin to sink into the sea and I shall pull you up and you shall walk with Me.
You see the dark storm clouds and waters rising up even now, but this is but a foreshadow of what is to come. The skies will be blacker than you have ever seen and the waves shall be a mighty wall and higher than has ever been seen by man, yet I will steady My children through it as they take My hand. I will be there! Do not lose your focus on Me! A few steps in faith is all you will need to take, but you must trust Me and not look at the peril all around you. You must remember the words that I have spoken to you and you must never doubt them, for I cannot lie. I will never tell you something that will not happen, but many have come and told lies of false peace and prosperity to My children and many have believed them.
The wind and the waves shall surely batter and rend you. You shall be given over to the tormentors and into great tribulation. Will you then humble yourselves and repent of your lying, sinful, idolatrous ways?
I tell you now My beloved, the reasons that the waters shall rise up over Babylon is for her great sin and because she will divide My land. Even as you witness this day, what many call a victory, the waters are stirred by the enemy. This is a scheme of the enemy. The outcry from Esau is great and their anger is kindled as hot as it has ever been. Babylon, you shall turn against My land as the conflict ensues and then you shall be utterly destroyed in one hour by fire. Esau and Jacob shall war like never before, though they have been since they were in the womb. Jacob, I have chosen you and I have called you by a new name, Israel, and though you wrestle with Me, I will prevail. You shall at last recognize Me as your Mashiach and you shall bow and worship Me as your King. My Father shall raise His mighty right hand and bring it down with a force that shall shake all of the nations and break apart any ships of safety that men have hidden themselves in.
Those who have faith and trust in Me shall walk on the water and be saved even in the mightiest storm the world has ever seen. Those who doubt and do not believe in Me shall perish.
Yahushua Hamashiach
Jesus Christ


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  1. Sylvester He is giving me another message yesterday and today and I should get it done by tomorrow.
    We are getting very close now!
    Blessings Love Peace and Protection to You

  2. Hallelujah! The word or war, spoken by the Spirit, received by prophet Jeff, is a confirmation of the message or war, given to Barbara, which was published first week of this month. I have been following Barbara messages for years. For the Ishmael in place of Esau, was permitted by God, and not the act of God. Glory be to Elohim, the remnants of Yahweh, cannot doubt the word of God.

  3. Спасибо, Джефф, я очень нуждаюсь в Его благословении. Спасибо Вам.

  4. Thank you so much Brother Jeff~
    I am so blessed to have you as my Brother in Christ and all the wonderful Brother and Sisters in Christ around the world that visit your forum. Blessing love and peace to you always. God is our comfort, shield, and protection. He is with us through the fires, floods, etc. Peace and love to all. Sister Sheri

  5. Sherry I am praying for all of God’s children that are in the way of these fires. In the name of Jesus Christ I rebuke them and I command them to go back around every child of God’s house in the name of Jesus Christ Yahushua Hamashiach! Amen!
    Blessings love peace and protection to you and your husband and everything that is yours Amen!

  6. Thank you Olga!
    I completely understand that you want to read a clear word from the Lord Jesus Christ. That is great to know! Like I have said before I’m not perfect but He is.
    Blessings love peace and protection to you in the name of Yahushua Hamashiach!

  7. Hi Brother Jeff~
    As the fires are raging on and the Navy base let us out early last night…as the warnings signals of red were constantly being sent via our phones and computers at work like I have never seen before…. You could feel the darkness raging from just seeing the fires taking place in Los Angeles which is only 3 hours away and then another major fire broke out in Fallbrook area which is only 1 hour away from me and my husband. Anyhow, the past few weeks has been a time to draw close to Jesus Christ and our Abba Father seeking him in prayer and silence away from the computer and reading his Word. I have not slept well the past few weeks being woke up at night realizing what is coming upon this earth. The only comfort is when I am in prayer or reading my Bible. Now ,as I wake up this morning ( Friday) the fires are only a 20 minute drive from our home. I was led to the Book of Joel 1:13-
    Mourning for the Land
    Gird yourselves and lament, you priests;
    Wail, you who minister before the altar;
    Come, lie all night in sackcloth,
    You who minister to my God;
    For the grain offering and the drink offering
    Are withheld from the house of your God.
    Consecrate a fast,
    Call a sacred assembly;
    Gather the elders
    And all the inhabitants of the land
    Into the house of the Lord your God,
    And cry out to the Lord.
    Alas for the day!
    For the day of the Lord is at hand;
    It shall come as destruction from the Almighty.
    Is not the food cut off before our eyes,
    Joy and gladness from the house of our God?
    The seed shrivels under the clods,
    Storehouses are in shambles;
    Barns are broken down,
    For the grain has withered.
    How the animals groan!
    The herds of cattle are restless,
    Because they have no pasture;
    Even the flocks of sheep suffer punishment.[b]
    O Lord, to You I cry out;
    For fire has devoured the open pastures,
    And a flame has burned all the trees of the field.
    The beasts of the field also cry out to You,
    For the water brooks are dried up,
    And fire has devoured the open pastures.
    Thank you for the Word from our Abba Father Brother Jeff. Once again these fires were started from the new technology that they used in the Nappa Valley and Santa Rosa areas in Northern California. Babylon is still burning. God is not mocked and I pray that all of those who have lost everything precious to them would realize that the only thing precious to them is Jesus Christ. Please keep us in prayer and we are praying for our neighbors etc. that are dealing with the uncontained fires close to our home right now. God Bless you in Jesus Name. Love, peace and blessings Sister Sheri

  8. Спасибо, Джефф. Это так важно – понимать, что читаешь истинно слово от Христа. Дай Бог Вам слышать Его ясно! Благословений, Джефф.

  9. Anonymous, I made an error I typed Ishmael instead of Esau. I will just say that I have been getting attacked lately in the area of sleep. My mind is not as alert as normal. When you prophesy for the Lord the information still has to go through your mind, He does not take total control of your body like in demonic possession.
    Some day I shall shed this mortal body for a glorified one! What a day of rejoicing that will be!HALLELUJAH!
    Till then we press on…
    Blessings love and peace to you!

  10. Джефф, так кто ошибся в отношении Исав-Измаил – Вы или Иисус? Вы не поняли Христа или что это было??

  11. Thank you for the link and excerpt Jeff. I read the excerpt and I look forward to reading the article as it i find it fascinating.
    However, your original post is signed Jesus Christ. Did the Lord say Ishmael or Esau? While we certainly can err, we know He doesn’t.
    Thank you, again.

  12. Continuation of comment to Anonymous:
    Also please pay particular attention to this:”So as we read the Holy Scriptures the facts are plain. Esau’s big moves are yet future. Daniel places Edom squarely in the time of the Antichrist. (Dan.11:41) If we look at Esau’s character and then look around at the genocides we have seen in this past century and particularly in recent times we shall soon find reason to suspect that the spirit of Esau is very much with us today. The scriptures give us no basis whatsoever for thinking that the spirit of Edom has ever been destroyed. Nor have the children of Esau ceased from expressing themselves in the nations. In fact the godless ways of Edom are rising up very strongly in recent years as we have noticed.
    When the present Pax Americana comes to a close and the curtain of history goes up next time the key players will be different. New characters will enter onto the stage of end time history. The years to come will see the Apocalypse or “unveiling” of our Messiah, Jesus Christ. It will be here, in the time of that climactic witness to the covenant of our Lord Jesus that the modern Edomites shall arise to prominence among the antagonists of the Judeo-Christian people. This latter day drama of Jacob and Esau will be a lot closer to us than those ancient family interchanges in rocky wastelands of Jordan. And this matter of the Edomites will no longer just ancient history. It will be into our modern era in the 21st century that the Edomites will return. And they will return with a vengeance. God alone will set the limits on his actions.

  13. Anonymous I respectfully disagree with your comment.
    I invite you to read this article
    Please pay attention to these parts that I will post here.
    “The children of Jacob spawned the Judeo-Christian people, with their nurturing ethic and a culture of caring for others. Jacob was a man of the flocks and herds. He was to be found near the tents of Isaac, his father, and Rebekkah his mother. He was drawn into the character and ways of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. That was the way it was way back at the beginning. And that is the way it remains today.
    Esau was Isaac’s firstborn and his favorite son. He was a hunter and a free spirited man of the field. He was a wild man. Esau sold his birthright to Jacob for a mess of pottage. In this act of spiritual neglect he showed that he had very little interest in his spiritual inheritance. He was an earthy man, and a phallic sort of a man. Esau was a hustler, an exploiter of others and what others had, rather than a nurturer of plants and animals. He was motivated to “go out and get” things rather than to establish things and watch them grow. He preferred to ‘take down’ what he wanted in the wild. A life of cultivating plants and tending to the flocks was not for him. He sneered at culture. He rejoiced in being uncultured. Being wild at heart and a hustler was a badge of honor to him. We can certainly see that same rebellious and bullying spirit rising in our Western culture today. It is now becoming a matter of grave concern in our schools.
    4,000 years have passed by. And so we now come to the big question. Where are the Edomites today? We know that they are out there. We know that they are in existence today, in our time. And how do we know this? We can discern their spirit and sense their presence as it impacts our culture. We have the end-time prophetic scriptures of Edom in Daniel 7:21, Micah 2:12,13, and the apocalyptic climax of the age with Messiah trampling the wicked at Bozrah in Isaiah 63 to name just a few. More specifically we know for a certainty that the children of Esau, the Edomites, will be rising up as we approach the latter days because of the left-over blessing Isaac gave to Esau in the book of Genesis.
    Genesis 27:39-40 (NKJV)
    39 Then Isaac his father answered and said to him:
    “Behold, your dwelling shall be of the fatness/(rich places) of the earth,
    And of the dew of heaven/(places of God’s blessing) from above.
    40 By your sword/(your gun) you shall live,
    And you shall serve/(be subject to) your brother;
    And it shall come to pass, when you become restless,
    that you shall break his, (Jacob’s), yoke (of civility)
    (those “onerous chains of bondage” to Jacob’s “straight” life), from (off) your neck.”
    This is the driving force of end-time Esau.
    He wants to break loose all constraint and grasp something he calls “freedom”.
    His is not a freedom nurtured and enjoyed within boundaries of Godliness or civil behavior.
    Esau wants HIS notion of freedom.
    He demands freedom to express himself in any – – – – way he pleases!
    Some scholars affirm that the Edomites are “the Palestinians” or “the Arabs”. This is sloppy scholarship. It maligns and does a disservice to the Arabs. The first time we see the pre-incarnate Christ, the Angel of the Lord, He is appearing to Hagar, mother of Ishmael. He tells Hagar that her son will live. He will be blessed with wealth and become the 12 tribes of the Ishmaelites, the Arabs. These people have a wonderful future. And once they break free of that bloodthirsty Islamic moon worship of Allah things will turn around for them, and gloriously so. Allah is capricious. We see a merciful smiling Allah one minute and righteous beheading Allah the next. No wonder the Arabs are unstable in their ways! Their god is flip-flopping in an unpredictable manner all the time. In Islam, as in other religions, there is no cross to unify justice and mercy as we have in Christendom. The Judeo-Christian people have been enormously blessed by this in their system of common law and the peace the faith of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph brings to men and to the Western nations.
    So given the present day politics of the Middle East the assertion that the Arabs are the Edomites may sell well in the politico-religiou marketplace and be easy for Westerners to swallow. And yes, there is some truth to the present day Palestinian-Edomite connection. But this does not exhaust the much wider prophecy of Isaac over his son Esau. Many nations, the nations the Bible describes as the fat places of the earth have gathered Edomites. The Arabs are primarily the descendants of Ishmael. Yes, it is true that Ishmaelites intermarried with the Edomites. But many other nations intermarried with and adopted the spirit of the Edomites as we shall discuss. And unlike the Edomites the Old Testament prophecies present a happier final outcome for the Arabs who are primarily the children of Ishmael, Abraham’s son through Hagar. The Arabs as a people have been hogtied and bound by that scimitar waving Islamic pseudo-religion. But it has only been for the past 1300 years of their 4,000year history. This state of affairs can change. And it will change!”

  14. Hi Jeff,
    Ishmael is father of the Arab/Muslims. Esau is father of the Romans/Christians/Western world and Jacob is father of the Israelites. I think maybe saying Ishmael is correct until you mention the womb.

    Once again Happy Birthday and remember You were born for such a time as this and you are doing the good works the He has prepared for you to do! HALLELUJAH!

  16. One of best birthday gift the Lord gave me today was this word and that he healed my daughter from a fever and ear ache immediately. Thank you for your birthday wishes brother Jeff.

  17. WOW! Miriam that is an awesome revelation!
    Yes there is no way we can stay afloat without His miracle working power.
    Blessings Love and Peace to you

  18. Alec,Thank you for pointing that out, the correction has been made. Esau instead of Ishmael…
    I would like to point out that about 1000 people read this so far and you are the only one to point that mistake out. Even my proof reader missed it LOL
    I am NOT perfect yet that is for sure! BUT ONE DAY I WILL BE BY WHAT JESUS HAS DONE!

  19. I had a picture a few months ago, of an anchor floating in the sea. There was a black cliff over to one side. Someone asked why was the cliff black, and I said it’s because there’s trouble pending in the world. I also had to go back and ask God why the anchor, ie true believers, was floating, and the answer was it’s floating in a sea of God’s grace. It’s the only way it will stay afloat, as they are of course designed to sink.

  20. Jeff! Jacob’s brother was Esau, not Ishmael. Esau’s family became the Edomites and resided South of Jerusalem, around Hebron. Judas, from the town of Iscarioth, near Hebron was an Edomite, as were the Herods, whatever that means but probably means something.

  21. Its the message of the hour,time is crucial indeed as we seek to draw near to the Lord, thank you for updating me God bless

  22. Thanks for sharing that Adam!
    Im sure I read that but its hard to remeber
    (I really believe we are there!
    Love and Peace

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