My Clock (Israel) is Ticking Ever Faster Now, so Watch Her and Pray

Recieved 12-10 and 12-11-17

My beloved, I tell you now that you are ever closer to the time of tremendous sorrow, horrendous destruction, and satanic chaos in your world. You need to be prepared for what comes by being under the shadow of the Almighty, where the enemy fears to tread and where My protection is all around you. So many of My children have again allowed themselves to be deceived by the masquerade of the enemy. This is not at all good, for your world is beginning to change at lightning speed and it will even become quicker as war engulfs the entire sphere of the earth.

Nearly every piece to the puzzle is now in place. Notice what has transpired in My land, Israel, and My city, Jerusalem, as of late; it is not to be taken lightly. The recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is truth. It is what has been intended by Me for thousands of years and it is where I shall rule and reign on My throne, and then there will be peace in Jerusalem. The plan of the enemy right now is to take a good thing like this and turn it around and make it evil. This is what the enemy has done since his fall, and his deception is far greater than ever before. You already see that violence and protest against this has escalated greatly since the announcement, and it will escalate further and there will be no peace. This is the plan of the enemy to cause My land, Israel, and the apple of My eye, Jerusalem, to be divided in the name of peace. You will see this done soon and then I will do some dividing of My own! Not only will I separate the holy from the profane, the clean from the unclean, the wheat from the tares, the sheep from the goats, the wise from the foolish, and the multitudes from the faithful few; I will divide the lands of those who dare to defy Me and do that which I have forbidden. It is written and it shall come to pass, for I cannot lie. Those in America, do not believe the lie that all is well and that you will be blessed by the actions of your current leader. The announcement is part of the enemy’s plan for world war and the death of billions of souls. Evil men behind the scenes have been setting up this very scenario for well over 100 years. Their plan shall become a trap for themselves, for even though they may try, they cannot help but do what is written, but they do it of their own accord because they are of their father, the Devil. America, you are Babylon, and you will be the one most responsible for the division of My land and city when your beloved king (Hint: It’s not Jesus) returns. Mark My words, they will come true. My clock (Israel) is ticking ever faster now, so watch her and pray.
My children, I need to be first in your lives. This is especially true now because the fiery event I have told you about is so very close now. You need to put Me before everything else. Many plots, plans, and schemes have been sent from the enemy against My people to keep them from spending intimate time with Me. Even ministries that I have given you cannot come before your intimate time with Me. This is part of the spiritual war that is being waged, because it is during this time that I speak to you. It is during your intimate time with Me that your armor is put on and strengthened. It is an armor of light, though it has different parts as Paul has said. The enemy can attack you without your armor on, and without protection from Me, he can take you out and lead you into destruction. If this happens, you will not be helping Me in the final harvest and you will not reap the great rewards that I have purposed for you to receive. You see, is not about just surviving what is coming so that you can boast that you survived, it is to do My Kingdom work, reaping the great harvest. You need to be full and overflowing with My Holy Spirit oil in order to complete this work. You need to be filled continuously, each and every day; that is My will for you. I know the plans that I have for you, plans of good and not for evil, not for harm. My plans are perfect. My plans have the best outcome for you. To be full and overflowing with My Holy Spirit oil is the best thing that can happen to you on this Earth. So this is what you must seek! When you seek Me, you must humble yourself and seek Me with all of your heart and an increased measure of My Holy Spirit is what I give you. Soon, I will increase your capacity to hold more of My Spirit. No man or woman will continue following Me during the calamity and destruction that is coming without being full of My Spirit. When you are full of My Spirit, you will be holy as I am Holy, and you will complete the works that I have ordained for you to do since before there was time.
I bid you now to Come Away With Me, My Love! Spend time with just Me, no one else and nothing else. Talk to Me, pray to Me, worship Me, and the true desires of your heart will be yours. I do not speak of things in this physical realm, I am speaking about the spiritual realm. For this Earth will soon pass away, but the treasures that you have stored up in Heaven will last for eternity. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.
Come into My presence often and let Me fill you and overwhelm you, My remnant/bride! Cherish these last remaining moments of peace.
Jesus Christ
Yahusha Hamashiach


30 thoughts on “My Clock (Israel) is Ticking Ever Faster Now, so Watch Her and Pray”

  1. Jeff, I was studying Gods Word today (and praying for us), and came across this scripture in Psalm 122:6 King James Version (KJV) Where God commands all believers to;..
    6 “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.”
    I guess we both could have just simply replied to the question above from SGT with this short answer. 🙂 Lol

  2. God needs us to pray for Israel, etc;.. same as He needs us to repent of our daily and nightly sins, it’s because we have Freewill to do so or not to do so, and power comes from praying, same as the devil and his demons get their power from people who do not pray but sin everyday and everynight, and because not everyone, and certainly not every leader in Israel is a True Believing Holy Spirit filled Christian, which means that the minds of unbelievers are controlled by the enemy and these people have no tastebuds, so to speak, because they believe in the lies of the enemy, and so they are bland and have no flavor and are being used by the enemy to steal, kill and destroy anyone and everyone.
    However the minds of True Believers, who are also called the salt of the earth, have great taste in the Truth of Jesus, and add flavor to the world and their surroundings through prayer and supplication unto the Lord thy God!
    When we pray for Israel and its leaders we are interceding on behalf of the Israeli people and give them spiritual power, just in case they are not praying along in agreement with the Truth of the Holy Spirit for God’s Will to be done, then we act as intercessors on their behalf so they can still receive Gods protection power.
    At this same time while we are praying and one receding on behalf of Israel we are also putting up a spiritual wall or a spiritual barrier of protection around Israel and around its leaders by praying to God to help them and to protect them, and to help restrain the evil negative energy that is constantly attacking that nation and those people, but also we are to pray for Israel mainly because the devil and his demons know that Israel and its people are the Apple of God’s eye, and that God has a special future prophetic plan for Israel that must be fulfilled, and it’s because of this fact alone that the enemy wants to destroy the nation of Isreal, not only through anti-semitism, but also they want to wipe the nation of Israel off the map and destroy all of the people, because Jesus, Solomon, David, Moses, Abraham, Noah, Enoch and Adam all came from the same ancestry and the future messiah to come, will also come from this very same bloodline, same as the one who shall come from the branch of Jesse, who is none other than the second coming of Jesus Christ.
    So it is imperative that we do what the Holy Bible says when it comes to prayer: “We are to Pray continuously”, “We are to Pray without ceasing”, “We are to always Pray and repent and ask to be clothed with the full spiritual armor of God to protect us from the wiles of the devil and we are to always ask for Gods will, not outs to be done and we are always to ask of these things in Jesus name. 😇

  3. The Lord has given man domiion over what happens on the the earth. It is His rule and it cannot be broken.
    The Lord can only act when we ask Him to. The same rules apply for Satan as well, but he has no problem finding people
    to partener in helping him.
    Part of the Lord’s prayer is”Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”
    Don’t you think that the Father would just bring heaven to earth if it was all up to Him?
    His ways and thoughts are much higher than ours!
    The truth is we are being tested here on earth for the rest of eternity.
    So please pray for the peace of Jerusalem like the Lord asks us to.
    Love and Peace

  4. Another mile stone message from the Lord. War is coming, confirmed by Barbara. Mr Obama, is coming back as ruler, confirmed by Barbara. Israel and Jerusalem, on the wrath of the Esau. BHO, as the coming Antichrist, is confirmed by Barbara. The time of great sorrow about to happen is confirmed by Barbara. Thanks brother Jeff, God’s prophet, to bring the above message to His people.

  5. Can someone please help me understand why God needs us to pray for Israel, or revival,ect. when he is all powerful, & anything that he has written, or desires to take place will certainly happen.
    Not even powers or principalities,let alone man can change the plans of God. So since this is the case why is it so important for us to pray for God to intervene for things that are his will,or that he has already declared would happen??
    Thanks in advance for your responses.

  6. What people forget sometimes is that satan doesn’t need to attack those who don’t believe in the Truth of Jesus because they are of no threat to him, and he can use them for his will or kill them when he no longer has any need of them.
    However satan will try to kill, steal, and destroy the lives of those who belong to Jesus, those who know the Truth of Jesus, and especially those who are sharing the Truth of Jesus with others and leading them unto this Truth.
    But as long as True Believers are wearing the full spiritual armor of God at all times, then they will be spiritually protected by Gods Holy Power, and the way to make sure that we are wearing that full armor of God at all times is to be in a constant state of prayer and worship unto the Lord, constantly asking and praying for Him to surround us with His Holy Spirit Armor and Protection, but what happens to everyone, are the distractions of everyday life seem to always get in our way, and sometimes seem to be more important in our everyday routine of life, and sometimes it keeps us from entering our Prayer Closets and our War Rooms to load up on ammunition and spiritual protection.
    I have learned this the hard way, and I just wanted to share this with others who are having a similar experience and let them know that if they are feeling like I do;…that the Lord needs the salt of the earth to constantly be in prayer, not only for themselves or only for their own families, but He also needs is to intercede on behalf of Israel and its leaders, as well as America and its leaders, and for the teachers and the preachers who are molding the minds of our children.
    Prayer works and God needs Prayer Warriors and Interceeders to become Watchman while continuing to be the Salt of the Earth.

  7. Sounds Great Jeff!…. You gotta Deal! 🙂
    (Ever since I first found out about your website and heard the voice of the Lord speak through the Holy Spirit I have been thanking the Lord for letting me find the Truth of His Word online, and Jeff you have been in my prayers ever since, but now I realize that you are probably under more spiritual attack than any of us realize because of the souls that you reach through Holy Spirit Wind, and therefore we need to constantly lift you up in prayer as well as other Watchman and True Believers such as, Pastor Benjamin Faircloth of Ignited Church, Stephen Hanson and all other True Prophets of the Lord, so all of us can be protected from the attacks that are surely meant to keep us from sharing the Truth of Jesus with anyone and everyone.

  8. The hint phrase was mine
    I didnt want people to confuse it with the 2nd coming of Jesus…
    Infact its the exact oposite!

  9. I didnt think Obama will be the the Mack Daddy AC either but I belive it because I was Shown it by the Lord.
    Its the only way that you really can even Know it.
    By the way Barry S. is not all human…No completely human body can house Satan’s soul energy

  10. Mate. I think your deal is a big deal. The geezer is propper dodgy and like teflon as nothing sticks 2 him. Even his bogus birth cert is ignored. He has protection from the secret elites and is no doubt ready 2 step in as last prezzer should anything happen 2 the Donald. I suspect it will alth I pray 4 the geezer. As for Barry being ‘the’ actual A/C, I aint convinced yet. He’s defo an end time a/c though. I think the fallen ones will be involved in this. Watch and pray folks.

  11. Thanks brother I was buzzing as I read your comment. Thank you for praying that the Lord amplify my faith and power so that I can do the wonders he promised me through you. I am still trying to find someone with a missing limb to pray with. I pray for divine appointments daily.

  12. Eduardo, I am so proud of you! You are one of the ones who takes the Lord at his word and you practice what you have heard. I pray the Lord would do Mighty Miracles through you of healing and restoration to those that are lost. Hallelujah! Glory to God!
    Love Peace protection and blessings to you

  13. Jeff, I understood the
    reference to be Obama, but wanted to ask was the hint phrase your insertion or did the Lord state “Hint: it’s not Jesus” ? Thank you

  14. Eduardo, I am so proud of you! You are one of the ones who takes the Lord at his word and you practice what you have heard. I pray the Lord would do Mighty Miracles through you of healing and restoration to those that are lost. Hallelujah! Glory to God!
    Love Peace protection and blessings to you

  15. I will make you a deal, you pray for me everyday and I will pray for you everyday. How does that sound?

  16. It seems to me that it is so easy these days for me to get distracted by everyday things in life, such as school, work, girlfriend, children, friends, neighbors, strangers, traffic, sleep, music, radio, television, movies, physical fitness;…etc, etc, that honestly the last thing that I have any time to do, or any energy left in me to do, is to break away from everything and everybody, and get down on my knees and pray and worship Jesus in the way that I, not only would like to do, but in the way that I desperately need to be doing.
    Anyway that being said, I have noticed that when I don’t make time to pray and worship Jesus daily that two things noticeably happen to me everytime;.. 1) I get severely attacked by demonic forces and it seems like these attacks are getting through to hurt me because of the fact that I have let my gaurd down, and because I was not wearing the whole armor of God. Why? Because I have become complacent with my everyday life of relying on my own will, and my own power, and my own strength to get me through my days and weeks that frankly, sometimes everything just seems to be going fine without me having to call out to God for help on a daily basis.
    And 2) When these attacks do get through, boy are they severe drastic and life changing, and they actually force me to make daily and nightly time on my knees in prayer and worship unto Jesus for help and for protection from these attacks.
    To tell you the Truth it almost seems like God is allowing these attacks to get through to those of us who are not in daily prayer and worship with Him on purpose because the time is getting that much closer now for these calamitous events to take place, and we will need to be wearing the full armor of Gods Holy Spirit protection to get through what is about to unfold, and apparently for me this seems to be the only way to get me onto my knees these days to do just that.
    It also seems to me that the Word of the Lord spoken through His Holy Spirit and posted up above on Holy Spirit Wind by Jeff Byerly is no coincidence and it confirms all of my suspicions concerning these matters.
    Please keep my family and I in your prayers. I need Prayer Warriors and Intercessors to pray for me that I may receive guidance from the Lord and protection from these demonic forces that keep trying to kill me so I won’t share the Truth of Jesus with everyone I come in contact with.
    Thank you Jesus, please give me the desire to Pray and Worship with you daily and nightly Lord and cover my family and I with the complete armour of God so thy will shall be done through us Lord God, in Jesus precious name, Amen!

  17. WOW we are at the door of meeting Jesus!!!!! My brain still cannot comprehend everything that is going on right now but my spirit just “knows” that this is correct all these events etc!!! This is awesome. Love you in Christ bro Jeff. Thanks for this word man. I love your messages that I KNOW come from the Lord. I got a short word from the Lord yesterday night and I got this surprised in the morning while I was searching for people to pray( At Walmart) for in the morning before I went to work today. Jesus bless you all.

  18. i had a feeling what seemed like good (recognizing Jerusalem as capital), wasn’t as good as it seemed. and from this Word, sounds like Trump won’t be in the picture much longer and you-know-who will be.
    thanks Jeff, bless you!

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