You Must Truly Trust in Me

Received 11-27 and 11-28-17

My children, this your Father and I want you to know above all else that I love you with an everlasting, unconditional, unfailing love that is more intense and all-encompassing than you can perceive. When you are in My house you will be able to understand better, but it is truly immeasurable. I long for you to be here with Me, and I instruct you once again so that you make your calling and election sure with all diligence and so that you do not stumble when the events that are coming begin to take place. Once again, do not ask Me for dates for I have told you many times that no man knows My timing, for it is past your finding out.

My children, you must trust Me implicitly, not wavering, completely, and you must not fear. I tell you these things so that you do not fear. Fear is used by the enemy to sneak into your midst, but I say stand against him with all of your armor on and speak My Words to him and he will flee. Trust in Me and My Word is so important now, but it will be even more important in the days to come. You need to have My Word hidden in your heart and trust that they are true. My Spirit inside of you will bring to your remembrance My Words when you need them, and He will make them come alive to you and become Rhema. They will strengthen you in the times that are coming.
My children, do not believe every so-called prophet, preacher, or teacher. There are those that have been sent from the enemy as tares within the wheat, wolves among the sheep, and even angels of light that seem to illuminate but bring even greater darkness. These are those who tell My people that there shall be no suffering or pain or lack in the coming days upon the earth. They say all is well and that My Son will come and whisk you away before anything “really bad” happens. I TELL YOU THAT THIS IS A BLATANT LIE THAT WILL SEND MANY TO THE LAKE OF FIRE! These lies have caused MOST of the church in this day to become lukewarm and fall asleep under the spell that has been cast against them, and because these have not remained sober, diligent, and ever watchful of the enemy’s deception. Almost an entire generation of so-called “believers” have been led astray because they do not KNOW My Word, and have not hid it in their hearts, and it has not manifested in their lives, and it has not transformed them. They have been taught to trust in a prayer that they have repeated that meant absolutely nothing to them, and then they were told that they were “saved” and even “baptized with the Holy Spirit” like the flip of switch, even though there was no real commitment to Me, repentance from sin, or transformation of their spirit from darkness into light. They are now many-fold worse off than when they began, thinking that they can sin their way into Heaven because they got a “free pass” and Jesus has their back. I TELL YOU, THIS IS A MOCKERY AND BLASPHEMY AGAINST MY SON’S ULTIMATE SACRIFICE THAT DEFEATED SIN, DEATH, AND THE GRAVE! Jesus’ blood covers every sin if you trust in, cling to, and rely on Him, not just believing with your physical mind, but with your heart, soul, mind, body, and WITH ALL THAT YOU HAVE! True faith and trust in My Son and His sacrifice will change first your spirit, then your mind, and then you WILL produce good works because of your love for Us.
My children, I also want to tell you that you must truly trust in Me because everything in your world is about to change without delay. None of My plans have changed because the countries of the world, most of all America, have not repented of their wicked ways of sin, and their true god, who is Satan, is being revealed ever more clearly, and hardly a man thinks anything of it, because they love their sin and Satan has become their best friend because he gives them “rights” and “entitlements” to live however their evil hearts desire, even though it brings them death. Yea, they have called good evil and evil good just as My Word says!
I tell you another thing in My Word that is still true; all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. This world will hate you because if you are trusting in Me and I am directing your path, you are going the directly opposite way of the world. Children, take heed and listen to me! If you experience no opposition in this world at all, you need to check to see if you are on My path. Seek Me with all of your heart and I will answer you! This is My promise, and I cannot and will not ever break it.
My children, some of you are sick and you have cried out for Me to heal your physical bodies and I have heard all of your prayers. Some of you will be taken in your sickness home to be with Me and be healed forever because there is no sickness in Heaven; you will be totally restored to your former glory. Others will be healed over a period of time, and still others shall be healed instantaneously and strengthened to go out and reap the harvest. Each of you differs and it is not the same case for all. I am not the author of sickness but I can use it to refine My people if I see fit,  for I  see with eternal eyes and My aim is for the best possible eternal outcome. Someday you will understand better than you do right now, but for now, trust Me.
My children, I want you to trust in Me as My servant Job did, who said, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.” For many of My children will be called to give their lives because of their love for My Son. Before He returns, millions shall be martyred and they shall cry out to Me from under the altar saying, “How long, O Lord, holy and true, until You judge and avenge our blood on those who dwell on the earth?” and I will comfort them and say just a little while longer, until the number of them has been fulfilled.
Do not fear this saying. My Son shall personally be with each martyr and not every one of you are called to martyrdom; a few of you shall remain until He returns; it is not for you to know right now who is chosen for what, unless I have spoken to you about it. You must truly trust Me completely, for I know who should be in each group. My master plan is stupendously more intricate than any man or angel or any other being could ever hope to know. I will tell you this though; the time on earth that comes, even before the rapture, will be incredibly difficult and if I choose to take you home to be with Me, REJOICE! If I deem that your work is over, you will enter into My rest and you will be at eternal peace and comfort, never, ever lacking anything again.
Those that will remain on the earth are of 4 separate groups. First will be those that are not of Me and have no chance at redemption and cannot be forgiven. This group includes Satan, the angels who fell with him, and all of those who are not the descendants of Adam, either by birth or by choice. This includes all those who change their DNA by taking the mark of the beast and are changed to no longer be who I created, for My Son came to die for man and that is why He called Himself the Son of man. Secondly will be the children of disobedience who will be given their last chances to turn to My Son in repentance for forgiveness. Thirdly, the lukewarm church will remain and be purified of their sin as by fire, which is by My mercy so that they are not lost for eternity, though some will be. The last group will be My sons and daughters that will walk glorified by My Spirit and the enemy will not touch them. These are the ones who have put their trust in Me and have NOTHING of the enemy in them. They walk humbly and holy before Me and are obedient to My will and love Me as well as their neighbor. I will that every one of you reading this would aspire to be in the last group which is the bride of Yeshua and My remnant. They are the ones who will be counted worthy to escape all the horrible things that will come to pass; they shall see with their own eyes the destruction of the wicked, but it shall not come nigh them, for they are protected under the shadow of My wings; a hedge of protection and a wall of My all-consuming fire round about, and I will be the glory in their midst and My angels will be guarding them with their fiery swords drawn in readiness against the enemy.
My children, truly trust in Me, for no man or demon or angel, or even Satan himself can take you out of My hand or away from My love, though you can choose to jump out of My hand and run away from My love. I will warn you that there is very little time for this now, but I would still call you back until the very last day. The days of grace are not many for My wrath is kindled against sin and those who practice it and love it.
Truly trust that I have what is eternally best for you on My heart.
Your Abba Father,
The Ancient of Days
Job 13:15a
Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.
Psalm 56:3-5
Whenever I am afraid,
I will trust in You.
In God (I will praise His word),
In God I have put my trust;
I will not fear.
What can flesh do to me?
Psalm 57:1
Be merciful to me, O God, be merciful to me! For my soul trusts in You; And in the shadow of Your wings I will make my refuge, Until these calamities have passed by.
Psalm 118:8
It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.
Isaiah 26:3-5 You will keep him in perfect peace,
whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You.
Trust in the Lord forever, for in YAH, the Lord, is everlasting strength. You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You. Trust in the Lord forever, for in YAH, the Lord, is everlasting strength.
Prov. 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.
Job 1:10 

Have You not made a hedge around him, around his household, and around all that he has on every side? You have blessed the work of his hands, and his possessions have increased in the land.
Zechariah 2:5
For I,’ says the Lord, ‘will be a wall of fire all around her, and I will be the glory in her midst.’”

40 thoughts on “You Must Truly Trust in Me”

  1. I woke up to the Last days in December of 2014 and prayed to ABBA to use me to prepare my family and prepare his precious people for the coming Tribulation. He has revealed many things these past years to prepare me I’m humbled and blessed to be with you all in Jesus mighty name.

  2. Amen, Jeff I do believe kickoff time draws near,I pray the remenent is truely ready. It will be an honor to work for our Lord Jesus Christ. So many people have no idea what’s coming our way, it saddens my heart ❤. Love to all the brothers and sisters in Christ.

  3. Wait two witnesses of God in Ukraine, in Kiev. From there everything will begin.
    For Christians, the main thing is to see the beast, whose kingdom was the USSR and which will again be reborn when the earth is reaped.

  4. I believe you are talking about this passage, correct?
    “My children, some of you are sick and you have cried out for Me to heal your physical bodies and I have heard all of your prayers. Some of you will be taken in your sickness home to be with Me and be healed forever because there is no sickness in Heaven; you will be totally restored to your former glory. Others will be healed over a period of time, and still others shall be healed instantaneously and strengthened to go out and reap the harvest. Each of you differs and it is not the same case for all. I am not the author of sickness but I can use it to refine My people if I see fit.”
    I believe what the Lord is saying here is that, currently their are some True Holy Spirit filled Believers who are currently suffering from ailments such as sickness and physical health issues, and they are currently praying for healing regarding those issues, and God hears their prayers, but will be acting upon answering their prayers with healing, but He will be doing this in several ways.
    Some of them will eventually be healed, but their healing will be done over a longer span of time, so they will have to wait a little while longer until they eventually are completely physically healed.
    Others will be not be healed at all before they physically die, but as soon as they are pronounced dead their soul and their spirit and their new Heavenly body will no longer suffer from any ailment/sickness or physical health issues, because their is no pain and suffering or sickness in Heaven.
    Yet their will be others who will be healed instantaneously and then their new bodies will be strengthened so they will be able to go out into the world during the most violent times upon the earth and be protected by God, while they help to reap the harvest by performing signs and miracles in the name of Jesus, helping to save many souls and lead many unto the Truth of the Lord Jesus Christ.
    That sound about right Jeff 🙂

  5. Yes they are called the Dead in Christ, Those who are asleep in the Lord, They will rise first before the living transformed bride does at the Rapture, when the Rapture finally occurs. 😉

  6. Hi Jeff,
    The words that you’ve given are anointed to my soul!
    Bless the Lord, oh my soul, worship His Holy Name!!

    Blessings love and peace to you my brother!

  8. Amen. Thanks Father, for your consoling word. We are seeing the puzzles joining together for the “kick off” event. Few hours ago, breaking news has it that one of the “guys ” tested a ballistic missile launch. Capable of hitting Washington. We are strongly at alert! BHO, is not of the race of Adam. Henceforth, confirming his eternal mission. We are grateful to have revealed this to your remnants. We are strongly preparing to face the toughest times ahead. Barbara of God’s channel 7,confirms the tally is almost over. The two witnesses are ready to appear in Jerusalem. Great events to happen soon. God, grace your son Jeff, the more!

  9. May the LORD have mercy on all of us and take us out of the world and the world out of us. Father bring us out of Egypt, and Egypt out of us and carry us on your Eagle Wings to Your House in Jesus Name I ask it. May your Kingdom manifest within us and send us out in Your Harvest for Jesus Glory, Amen
    Great Word. The Holy Spirit confirmed it.
    In Jesus Name amen and amen.

  10. Juliana,
    I believe with all my heart that you will be healed before He takes you home.
    Either way you will not be sick for ALL OF ETERNITY!
    It wont be long now, this is your hope
    Blessings Love Peace and Healing to you sister!

  11. Thank you Alain, I am so greatful that the Father uses me to bless and help His people.
    nk You for the encouragement.
    Blessings Love and Peace!

  12. Wow! It is so comforting to hear your message about the sick from Abba Father. Having been ill for so many years I could not understand His love for me. Your words have brought me fresh revelation. Many thanks Jeff.
    Love and Peace in Jesus,

  13. WoW!!! I have read many words like this one, but this ONE is one of the best i have ever read…. Father God i love You soooooooo much, Thank You for All You Are.

  14. God Bless you brother Eduardo!
    Whatever you do just keep seeking Him more and more.
    Love and Peace

  15. WOWZERS!!! That one was a doozy my brother. Thank you for your obidence my brother. Its like a birthday or Christmas every time you post these words from Our Father brother Jeff. I’m still pressing to hear Him more clearly everyday. I love you in Christ bro!!!

  16. Colapesce, I do not completly understand your question butthe only group that will be raptured is the bride of Christ also called the remnant. Somewill be called to be martyrs or give their lives for the Lord and the Father is saying to trust Him and do not be afraid.
    Blessings Love and Peace

  17. Father is refering to those who do not have His Dna here. A nephlim giant is the product of sexual intercourse between an angel and a human woman. when a nephilm dies its spirit goes to neither heaven or hell but is a demon and wanders around trying to find a flesh body to inhabit. If you would like to learn more about this please read The Book of Enoch chapter 15: 8-12
    And now the giants, who have been begotten from body and flesh, will be called evil spirits on earth, and their dwelling-places will be upon the earth.
    9. Evil spirits proceed from their bodies; because they are created from above, their beginning and first basis being from the holy watchers, they will be evil spirits upon the earth, and will be called evil spirits.
    10. But the spirits of heaven have their dwelling-places in heaven, and the spirits of the earth, who were born on the earth, have their dwelling-places on earth.
    11. And the spirits of the giants, who cast themselves upon the clouds, will be destroyed and fall, and will battle and cause destruction on the earth, and do evil; they will take no kind of food, nor will they become thirsty, and they will be invisible.
    12. And these spirits will not (?) rise up against the children of men and against the women, because they have proceeded from them, in the days of murder and destruction.
    The others Father refers to were born human but changed themselves afterward IE the mark of the beast.
    Blessings Love and Peace

  18. hi, i dont’t understand a passage.
    the first group of sicks will be rapturedb or will die?
    thank you.

  19. Do you happen to know what this part means? “all of those who are not the descendants of Adam either by birth or by choice.”

  20. Amen. Time is fast running out and all i know is its taken me 4.5 years to feel ready for the Harvest, or even to lose my life if asked to. These changes we need to make sadly dont come over night….they come through much hard work and suffering and persistence to finish this race. But with God, anything is possible. I hope the number of Brides significantly increases ASAP….because the laborers are few as stated in the Word

  21. Thank you Emanuel for the encouraging comment!
    It means more than you know!
    Blessings love and peace

  22. Robert, the most important thing is that we know the heart of what the Father is saying in His word. We may jumble up the words a bit when we try to remember it but the meaning is so much deeper than memorization and rote.
    Love and Peace

  23. What a glorious Word, what a glorious Father. Glory to God and the Lamb forever. Amen
    The main point in this message is trust. Thank you brother Jeff for bringing the heart of the Father to His people.

  24. Oh yes There are probably millions from past generations
    here is the verse
    Jude 14 Now Enoch, the seventh from Adam, prophesied about these men also, saying, “Behold, the Lord comes with ten thousands of His saints

  25. Are there any in the bride that have died ahead of time, in times of past generations or only this one?

  26. Amen Adam that is my number one goal, to be deemed worthy to be counted in the number of the remnant/bride!
    There are not many in that group sadly.
    I pray that everyone that reads this blog is counted in that number!

  27. I’m glad to have the reassurance that the holy spirit will bring remembrance of the word to me when I need it most…I know the bible very well and have read it many many times however due to my human weakness I do not recall it as well as I’d like to…anyway Gods word is the difference between life and death to me…so this is very comforting!

  28. Boy oh boy knowing I am a Bride started to feel REALLY GOOD when He told you about the 4 groups of people ….wow is all i can say. The sacrifices we are making are TOO worth it and it is truly sad that lukewarm Christians prefer the instant pleasures of the flesh….though I am not afraid of anything now….who wouldnt prefer to be a Bride right now!? God bless Jeff

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