You have gone through a door and crossed a threshold in the spiritual realm


Whosoever has eyes to read or ears to hear: pay attention to what the LORD says to you this day!
You have gone through a door and crossed a threshold in the spiritual realm. I have opened a new door and closed an old one and the world as you knew it will never go back to how it once was. Once again, the chance that I have given you to repent of your wicked ways has come up empty and fruitless! You wicked generation!

I have given you more time and have called you time and time again through My prophets and watchmen, yet you blind your own eyes with multiple screens and devices of “entertainment” and turn up the volume so you cannot hear the beckoning of My Spirit.
Thus, I will again pull My hand of protection away, in hope that you may call out to My name for mercy. A book of remembrance has been made for each one who cried out to me, yet turned back to their sinful ways.
Once again, I say repent NOW before the fire falls!
I will forgive every last backslider that comes to Me now!
This soft, cushy, easy way of life that you now enjoy will not exist very much longer. Everything that you take for granted in your world right now, you will not in the coming days. Everything that you take for granted right now, you will need to believe Me for. If you do not believe Me for it, you will not receive it. If you do not believe Me and are not obedient to Me, you will either die or you will give in and enter the camp of the enemy. This is the time that the sides are being chosen. I ask you this day, whose side will you choose? Will you pick My side, or the side of the enemy that seems like the easy way. My way is never the easy way. It’s the narrow way and you must stay on it to receive life; any other way leads to death.
Most people say this way is too hard, My way is upward and takes much strength. The way that leads to the pit is downhill and lazy men can coast their way in. Most who begin to follow after Me, turn back and go a different way, but I tell you right now that My way is the only way that leads to life.
I give you hope now, My children. Yes, My way is hard now and steep, but at the very end of your journey there will be a mountain so huge that there will be no way that you will be able to ascend it in your own ability. This is when I will pick you up by my Spirit and I will take you up and you will be on top of that mountain, though it was not any of your own doing to get there. You were at the foot of that mountain but I bring you to the top, and you will know that I AM God, for I have put you there.
This is Mount Zion!
Psalm 9:11 Sing praises to the Lord, who dwells in Zion!
Declare His deeds among the people.


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  1. Jackie, thank you so much for confirming this word to me! Even those that hear the Lord regularly love to have confirmation that they are hearing the Lord’s voice to correctly. I think we are in for lots of changes in the very near future. Love and peace, Jeff

  2. Before reading this yesterday morning, I was dreaming and was suddenly awakened by a loud door opening. Like the old style of wood doors that get stuck with the old fashion metal doorknobs. This house doesn’t have those kinds of doors, & I wasn’t dreaming of anything with doors. It was spiritual. It was so loud & distinct that it woke me up. Less than a few weeks ago, I had the same experience except I heard the doors closing. I was surprised when I decided to see if you had posted anything & was surprised when I read the title of the message.

  3. God truly is speaking through you. Those are the very words I needed so very much to hear. He has given me a mighty quest and I’ve been anxious and worried. Doo you have a facebook page or a way to reach you? I would love to talk about the upcoming journey I’m to go on in His name.

  4. Sherri, This may be a silly thought but have you ever considered or prayed about writing your own blog? You really have a way with words sister! I look forward to reading every comment that you make and I always impressed by what you bring forth.
    You are truly led by the Holy Spirit and I know you touch many on my blog-site.
    I really wish that you didnt live all the way across the country from me! SIGH
    Sister all I can say is thank you….
    Blessings, love and peace bro Jeff

  5. Tomasz,
    Thank you for writing these questions!
    I can tell you with surety that you have not blasphemed the Holy Spirit because you never would have even read this blog to begin with and you absolutely would not have asked these questions.
    Tomasz, I was a backslider myself for 15 years after I attended Bible college!
    I would be helpful to you to read my testimony that you can find here:
    I hope you take the time to read all of the beautiful comments and instructions that the children of God have wrote to you, they are all true!
    I have a message directly from the heart of God to you, and this is what He says:
    “My son, I created you and knew you before there was time and I have loved you all the while, I have never stopped. Even though there have been times when you questioned My existence, deep down in the core of your being you still knew that I was here. Do not listen to the lies of the devil, your adversary, the accuser of all, for he is the father of lies. He wants to deceive you into joining his fate in the lake of fire, that I made only for him but he has lured many away from Me. I know you don’t think it’s fair but each man has a free will choice to choose who he will follow and I do reveal myself to each one and give them a chance to choose Me, Jesus Christ as their savior from sin.
    Tomas, I took every sin you have ever committed upon My own body and I suffered and died so you would not have to! You feel My Spirit drawing you to Me! Please surrender your heart to Me right now, receive My Spirit into your very being and I promise that you will feel the love that longed for your entire life. You will become transformed into a new creation and all things will become new in your spirit. You will feel alive for the first time because I AM the author of life.
    Tomas, I long for you to Know me!
    Please say yes!”
    Tomas, I am praying that you make the choice for Jesus
    Jeff Byerly

  6. Yes Adam, the Lord has never given me 3 messages in 4 days before so you had better believe that I am taking note! He has not given me one thus far today though and He usually speaks to me during my morning prayer/worship time, not the case 100% of the time though.

  7. Dear brother Thomas, I saw your comment and wanted to reply. I used to be in the faith when I was younger, and came away from it after primary school. I’ve committed so much sin, broke almost all the laws of God and was an Atheist for some time in my life. I came to Jesus Christ in 2016. When I first started reading the Bible I literally couldn’t say the name Jesus Christ. It was like the shame of my behaviour and there was a big blockage there. But when I persisted and kept reading the Word the truth was revealed to me, and it explained everything I see in the world.
    Brother I know many struggle with the nature of the Lord, who is love but is also the just and righteous Judge of all. Remember the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is only through His sacrifice, His grace, His love, He led a life of no sin, overcoming all temptation and laid His life down willingly, though He could have called 12 legions of angels to defend Him. He laid His life down and gave up His body (His flesh) and His blood (the New Covenant). His shed blood atones for the sins of the whole world. My sins and yours brother are already atoned for. However, we need faith in Jesus to claim the gift of our Lord’s love and Salvation.
    You need to honestly, humbly and sincerely repent of all sin before the Lord and make a strong effort to purify yourself from sin. Remember, we of ourselves are nothing (see John 15 vine of Christ), but the Lord’s strength is made perfect in weakness. He alone can help us overcome sin by His Holy Spirit and by His grace and mercy.
    You are not condemned brother. The devil is a liar. Almost everything he says is a lie, he is the father of lies. God does not and cannot lie. He is faithful and true. But know that God is the righteous Judge. Without the blood of Jesus to purify us in our bodies of sin, we cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. It is a mandatory requirement. The Word says this over and over.
    Consider the story of God who created man and women perfect, walking with Him in His garden. But they fell for temptation, and the desire to be equal to God, and ate of the fruit they were forbidden from eating. The Lord does not compel His servants, they are free to choose Him or reject Him, this is why the tree was still in the garden. As a result of this, sin entered the world.
    To answer your question: blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. We are told in the word, those who said Jesus had a demon were blaspheming the Holy Spirit, for they were insulting His Spirit and calling it demonic. Have you ever said the Lord’s Holy Spirit is demonic and meant this? I have said many words against the Lord in my life, taken His name in vain, even saying Holy and then a curse word many times. But I did not sincerely mean to blaspheme the Holy Spirit, I did it out of ignorance.
    I believe a true blaspheming of the Holy Spirit (unforgivable) is something that is serious and intentional.
    Brother you can indeed repent even though you are an Atheist or became one. Repent today brother. How? Just humble yourself and confess all and every sin you can think of before the Lord, ask Him to purify you and help you not to sin, confess your faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who is one with His Father and the Holy Spirit. Abide in Him and His Word, love Him (follow His commands) and seek to come out from the fleshly and worldly ways.
    To begin to love the Lord brother is first to repent. Then to fear the Lord. We are told fearing the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and a spring of life. Believe in heaven and in hell brother. They are very real, I assure you. Know that Jesus saved your soul, and by our faith in Him we are redeemed from the pit of death. Know He bore immense pain and suffering to save your soul. Know that He gives His love to you freely and loves you unconditionally. Read His Word, pray to Him daily, seek Him often and your love will grow brother. We are told if we draw near to the Lord He will draw near to us, this is the truth!
    I was saved from the pits of hell myself brother. I was an Atheist. I am now a born again believer in the Word of God and my Lord, God and King Jesus Christ! Praise the Lord for His mercy and grace!
    I hope for you brother, may you come to the Lord and repent and come out from sin, and you WILL BE SAVED!

  8. I believe this is call to repentance . Do it now or be forced to do it later while you are trying to dodge the the vicious attacks of the wicked one. John 3:16 still holds . today is the day of salvation if you will only call upon Him. God bless you.I plead the blood of Jesus over this comment.

  9. Tomas,
    I am not Jeff, but would like to take a pass at your questions as I have a similar background. I was raised in the church, walked away in my teenage years, made it all the way to agnostic and on the verge of atheism before God brought me back. I’ve done things in my life that I thought were unforgiveable, but God has been merciful and faithful to me.
    1) I can’t claim to know for sure what that passage means, but if you’re still feeling conviction, it means there is a path of Salvation available to you.
    2) There are people who have repented of much worse. I heard someone say once that in our own mind, our sins are one of two things: so big we can’t be forgiven or so small, it’s not worthy of repentance. The truth lies between the two. God has made it clear to me that I am forgiven of my past sins and he is no respector of persons….he will do the same for you.
    3) I also did not love the Lord when I turned back and had the same view of Hell. Simply getting to know him resolved all of that. Let the Holy Spirit guide you, but for me it started with reading the bible to get to know his ways, then he led me to a community of believers which then led to a spirit-filled church. If you let the Lord guide you, he’ll show you who he is and it’s inevitable that you will love him when you see his glory.
    I hope that helps.
    With Love,
    Your soon to be Sister in Christ

  10. Dear Mr. Byerly, I want to begin my message by saying that your blog gave me much comfort. You see, few years ago I went away from God and became an Atheist. Now I’m an Agnostic, however, and I don’t know what to believe anymore. But I do think that devil tries to convince me that I blasphemed the holy spirit. However, I still feel conviction and sometimes all I want to do is to cry to Jesus and say that I’m sorry to for ignoring and tarnishing his sacrifice for us humans. I’m still afraid to repent and I’m still very deep in sin. Just like doubting Thomas I also doubt (My name’s also Thomas btw.) In one of your messages you said god told you that if someone feels conviction for sins that means they can still repent and have not blasphemed. I’ve noticed that when I think about Jesus’ blood the fear and filthy thoughts seem to go away. So I have three questions for you:
    1. What is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, how does one commit it. Is it attributing something done by HS to satan or something else?
    2. Can I still repent even though I became an Atheist?
    3. I went away from God because I couldn’t accept hell as a fair punishement, which I something I try to do now. How can I begin to love the Lord?
    Best wishes from Poland, and have a nice day!

  11. Jeff, I believe that this word, especially, is serious (all prophetic words being serious, notwithstanding) since this is the first time that I can remember you receiving back-to-back words from the Lord.

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