The Convergence is Happening Now!

This a very powerful prophetic word given to us by the Lord Jesus. I received bits and parts of this word over a long period of time. Most of these parts have been received from mid July 2017 until today August 12, 2017 but some things I have heard in the Spirit for years and now is the time for their release. Take what you read for yourself before the Lord in prayer for confirmation.
Love and peace to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!
This is what was spoken in the Spirit.

“My children, I speak to you this day so you do not fear. 
Know that all things are under My control and all things work together for good to those who love Me, to those who are the called according to My purpose. When My manifest sons and daughters are revealed all of creation shall rejoice. It is for this reason that a convergence is taking place.
I wish to speak about the convergence of all the apocalyptic events you have been told about. I want you to see that it is not just this thing happening or that thing going on over there. It is not random in any way at all, that is what the enemy would have you believe.
I have set signs in the heavens to indicate that you are in a time like no other. The blood moon tetrad that occurred on the LORD’S holy days should not be ignored. I put it there for a reason, they are time markers. I have done this because My time is by events and these are events in the heavens. No one else can cause these signs to happen except Me. Men have interpreted this sign wrong and they are interpreting the upcoming signs (The eclipse across America and the sign of the woman in Revelation chapter 12) wrong as well. The reason for this being is that men have interpreted all of these signs with preconceived ideas and doctrines of demons and men. To receive revelations from Me you must put these things away but you must never be in opposition to My written word the holy scriptures. These upcoming signs do not indicate the date of the “rapture” and they do not indicate the beginning of the great tribulation but your physical world is going to change like never before and there will be much sorrow, for men will long for the times past but they shall never return. 
All of things are for My purpose and they will all take place in a very short and concise order after the “kickoff event” takes place. This will be a “false flag attack” orchestrated by the followers of the evil one, Satan. They shall once again try to fool the world into believing that someone besides them, so called “terrorists” are the ones that cause this destruction but you will know the truth because I have told you beforehand. The way evil ones have done things in the past is the way they will do them again. This is why you see so much talk of war between the political leaders of your world. They all know that it is coming and this shall be the catalyst. This is the plan of the evil ones. At this time I shall allow a door to be opened that shall not be shut until after My return. I have spoken much of this in the past and you will know when it happens, it is not something hidden in the Spirit but shall be plainly seen in your physical world. The destruction shall be 10 times worse than anything you have ever seen but it is only the beginning, much more will follow.  I will allow it but it is not from Me, My wrath shall come later and the followers of the evil one shall hide themselves from Me and they will not escape NO MATTER WHERE THEY HIDE! The destruction that shall be wrought by My hand in judgment shall dwarf anything that the enemy is capable of! 
It is at My perfect time that is known only by My Father and I that this shall occur. Remember My time is not linear as yours, but by events. After this the events will come one right after another. You must pay attention to the order of the events and disregard dates on your calendars. After they take place you will be able to understand how My plan has been worked out but not before.
My remnant bride take heart! 
My wrath is not appointed unto you and you will not experience it. I have never said in My word that you shall escape without persecution from the enemy. In fact I said in this world you shall have tribulation but be of good cheer for I have overcome the world and call you to as well. I call you to reap the final harvest at this time and afterwards we shall celebrate at our marriage supper as the great tribulation occurs and My wrath is poured out upon the wicked as their last chance to repent. The harvest shall be a glorious time for you if you stay under the shadow of My wings and fear not what men can do to you. Some of you are called to give your life for Me as a testimony of your love for Me, once again do not fear this, you will be greatly rewarded for this in My kingdom and I shall be with you personally through it. I hold each of your lives in My hands. Do not stray out of My hand or there will be no protection, there is no time to be in open, deliberate sin now. If your life is taken because of sin, fear or disobedience you shall receive no reward. You must be holy as I AM holy. You must be found clean and spotless without blemish or wrinkle and the enemy must have nothing in you. 
This convergence of all these events is like an X. The fallen ones shall be brought down and My Children shall be raised up and together We shall defeat them. My holy ones shall take over the high places vacated by the fallen ones and these who once served Me. It has been said that if you humble yourselves before Me in due time you shall be raised up and exalted by Me. All that have raised up and exalted themselves shall be brought down unto the lowest depths of the pit. 
 Just as the higher and lower shall meet the left and right shall meet together as well. They shall be drawn together like with hooks in their jaws, this confrontation will not be able to be avoided for it has been written since times of old. Those on the left shall be defeated. Those on My right are already victorious for My death on the cross was conquered by My resurrection. I give this victory to all who ask Me with all of their heart to fill them with the Spirit that raised Me from the dead and give them power over this world system.
By My Spirit you shall walk in love and you will testify of the power of My power that overcomes ALL the power of the enemy and many shall be saved from eternal death by the power that shall flow through you into them. 
This is what it is all about! 
Convergence of My love into a lost and dying world!
The convergence is happening now! 
Every day all is drawn closer together.
Which side will you be found on?
Choose this Day!
Your Victorious King Yeshua Hamashiach,


Master of ALL!”

32 thoughts on “The Convergence is Happening Now!”

  1. Brother Jeff-
    In January 2017 I had a somewhat foggy dream (that I have no recollection of) that I knew was from the Lord, And at the end of that dream I asked the Lord "OK Lord, what am I supposed to remember from this". Immediately He gave me two words- "convergence" and "trap". Convergence is a word that is rarely, if ever, used by most of us, so it is most unusual that I received that word in January, and currently am hearing/seeing it almost daily, especially with the new DVD "The Coming Convergence". I appreciate your word concerning this convergence, but am now wondering about the significance of the other word the Lord gave me that night- "trap". Any ideas on that one?

  2. 1 Corinthians 15:52 ties in what you are saying Bro Gary. I always read that book but couple days ago that scripture hit me and thats what came to my spirit as well.
    The scripture says:
    "In a moment,in the twinkling of an eye at the last trump for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorrupitble and we shall all be changed."

  3. Jeff, I liked your emphasis on events for "timing" beyond our linear time thinking and perceptions. The rapture will happen at the sounding of the last (seventh) trumpet. The Book of Revelation wraps various events around this final trumpet sounding. Understanding of "when" can be confusing without understanding the various events and signs. The same with the judgement of Mystery Babylon America.

  4. Yes sister Juliana,the Lord has told us through Dumitru Duduman, Henry Gruver and many others that Russia will be the country that destroys Babylon America by nuclear fire in one hour.
    God Bless you sister!
    Love and peace always

  5. Amen Rebecca thank you for pointing that out! There are not many out there that believe America will fall first but we know its true because the Lord has told us it will be so.
    Love and peace always!

  6. Dear Jeff this word from Our Dear King Yeshua Hamashiach/Lord Jesus Christ fit's perfectly with what Dear Erin Aleshire has been given from:

    So many do not realise that America is taken down before The Great Tribulation starts and this in turn will affect the rest of the World.

  7. Dear Bro. Jeff, Jeremiah 50:3 says that a country from the north will attack Babylon (USA) and lay it to waste. North Korea is not north of USA. Hence I feel that it would not be North Korea who will trigger the "kick off" event. The only possible country in the north is Russia and it is not surprising with all the sanctions that they have been slapped with. I know it is not important to some people but this just popped into my mind that all the expectations are highly delusional. I hope you would not mind my views.

    Love and Peace in Jesus,

  8. Well from accounts I've read from people that have gone to heaven Jesus can be anywhere he wants all at the same time so you can hug him for a hundred years too!
    Except I forgot there is one problem… THERE IS NO TIME THERE! HALLELUJAH!

  9. Thank you Brother Jeff I can't wait till we all can meet too!!! If you get to Jesus first then I will wait to hug him and just ask him to please let me wash his feet. A 100 years is a long time for me to wait to hug him. LOL Thanks for making me laugh.

  10. jeff…sorry, I didn't word that well….I just meant I know you hear "thank you" for these Words all the time….and maybe it's easy, or just human, to sometimes think people are just being nice or whatever (and not truly and deeply appreciative for the Words thru you…and, you being obedient and pressing in and in prayer to get it right)………but, from reading the comments to you, and my personal feelings, we are deeply thankful and even indebted to you.
    —that's all I meant. anyway…blessings!

  11. Thank you Sandra I just saw that!
    I seems that the Holy Spirit is speaks very similar things to a lot of us lately and that is exactly how it is supposed to work in the body of Christ!
    Love and peace sister!

  12. Sister, you have made tears come to my I eyes as well, pretty much every time you write me a comment.
    Can't wait until we all can meet!
    But that will be after I hug Jesus for about a hundred years first! LOL

  13. Amen Brother Jeff~ Thank you so much for posting the links.

    I need to go back an read Nathan Leal's blog on the False Flag To Take Us To War… amazing how your blog mentioned a "False Flag too. The Holy Spirit is just amazing. Not sure if you had a chance to listen to Nathan Leal's last 2 audios; they were right on target. I am going to look at Julie Whedbee's post too. Yes, Abba Father thank you for the precious moments we have to fellowship here. Big hugs, blessings, and love to everyone on this site. Jesus loves us beyond words. Tears are coming down now. Have a blessed evening! Sister Sheri

  14. Sister Sherri it is very sad that the people you have bible study with think the way they do. Most of the people that go to my church believe that way too.That is very interesting the tile of your Dvd is "THE COMING CONVERGENCE" I would have to say without seeing it that he is right on track with what we know is going to happen soon. Btw Nathan Leal put this out today as well Prophetic Warning – A False Flag to Take Us to War
    As well as this by Julie Whedbee

    As always for as long as we have left to fellowship via the internet, Blessings love and peace to you my precious sister in the Lord!

  15. Thank you Brother Adam~ I wish we knew more people in our area that had the same discernment but Jesus wants me to rely 100% on him; still learning that I must surrender all. I keep reminding myself the Lord said it would not be easy. Thank you so much for your encouragement and support. May the Lord bless you and shine his face upon you. May God be with you always and surround you with his mighty wings of protection. God Bless you tremendously in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Sheri

  16. It's definitely not the first that I've noticed you both releasing a Word on the same day 🙂

    Also Jeff, do you know more on how God distinguishes between linear time and event? I mean, events have to be played out linearly, right?

    God bless you and the true modern-day prophets, brother!

  17. Just shared this word and the one God recently spoke to Julie Whedebee (…I've noticed God especially speaks to the two of you at similar times).

    These last days have been pleasant — but it's just about time for God's Word to be fulfilled.

    May His glorious will be done!

  18. Thank you Michael, by perfunctory do you mean routine or something else? I appreciate all of the comments people make.
    If you mean because the words are His and not mine, I agree 100%! I am merely a messenger.
    Love and peace brother!

  19. Jeremy, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I mean that sincerely! I cannot wait to meet you in person some day though it may not be until after we are transformed.
    Hey I'll look a lot better then anyways!
    Love you brother!
    Love and peace always!

  20. Sorry, clarification from my post above. Typing to fast.

    What I meant to say….. was the leaders of my Friday night Bible study group would not watch the whole DVD
    (Documentary of the sudden destruction and end of the World as we know it. The DVD is called "THE COMING CONVERGENCE" The leaders only skimmed through it and rejected its contents because they believe they will not experience anything of destruction or Tribulation here in America. My heart breaks and I am pleading with Jesus remove the scales from their eyes. At last night's Bible study we are studying 1 Thessalonians and when we went over 1 Thessalonians 3:4 I stressed the words to the group and emphasized that "For verily we were with you, we told you before that we should suffer tribulation. The Leader think that these verses only applies to the Apostles! God Bless, love and peace. The road is narrow; broad is the path to destruction.

  21. Wow, Brother Jeff~ Praise the LORD, Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!
    This is exactly what I needed to hear. Confirmation from the Holy Spirit. I have been saddened and a bit frustrated of people looking for signs lately.. such as the Pharisees…(The eclipse across America and the sign of the woman in Revelation chapter 12). So called Christians are promoting these videos which bother my spirit that people are actually falling for this stuff. I also, feel such a burden to warn others of the dire danger coming. Even our Bible study group is not concerned they think that they are going to be ruptured out of here.
    I say Jesus how long and how many seeds do we need to plant. Me and my husband keep feeding them the warnings of Revelation a little bit at a time. I guess the Lord has us there to warn them of the coming destruction? Because this can be pretty tiring after working 9 hour days. LOL. I will do whatever the Lord wants of me for we are his vessel and purchased with price by his precious blood that was shed for us and the atonement on the cross. The leaders of my Friday night Bible study group would not watch the whole DVD; they skimmed through it and believe they will not experience anything here in America. My heart breaks and I am pleading with Jesus remove the scales from their eyes.

    Your convergence posting just reminded me of the DVD called the "COMING CONVERGENCE." Not a coincidence that the Lord had you title this message my dear Brother in Christ. Anyhow, I bought DVD back in May 2017.. it has an interview of my Pastor from a large church here in San Diego (

    I lent my co-workers the DVD and one of them bought several copies to pass around to more people. This co-worker / he watched this documentary over 6 times and he changed his mind and the Lord opened his eyes to let him see that there is no pre-trib rapture, date setting etc. I have included the link to the trailer above. I know that this is but a season in my life to keep fellowship and keep learning the Word of God; since my Pastor does teach straight from the Bible; but i am so sad….he is not warning the flock of the sudden danger and destruction and how the world really ends because he has the congregation believing they will be raptured out of here and that nothing bad will happen ( The American Christian mindset).

    I need an alarm to warn the flock. Wish I had a bull horn and could wake them up and let them know exactly what the Holy Spirit has been showing you as you share with us. I pray your post today will be spread across the world by the blood of Jesus to warn people and let all draw close to Jesus. Jesus thank you again for Brother Jeff and his posts that ring true his remnant. May we keep waking up others and keep working to save souls for your Glorious Kingdom. We love Jesus and thank you again Brother Jeff. Blessings, love, and peace to you always. Sister Sheri

    p.s.( Still sending your postings to friends and family; even if they don't respond… I will never give up witnessing and sharing your blogs to the unsaved and saved for his Glory; not of my own.

  22. wow. WOW. this left me speechless. to me, it resonated w/ the heartbeat of the Father and his Son, thru the Spirit. I wanted you to know ….this had IMPACT. I know all the 'thanks' may sometimes seem perfunctory…..I do not think they are….I personally do not hear more than an occasional nudge….I NEED these rhema words…..from a a trusted source. thank you jeff.

  23. PRAISE GOD ALIMIGHTY!! Some days I can feel the convergence happening in the Spirit. We must stay vigilant until the end. I pray each day for all of us that are following and serving the Lord to be found worthy to escape all the things coming upon the earth. We will have to suffer some persecution, but as Jesus said, rejoice for your reward in heaven will be great!!

    Thank you Jeff for being an obedient servant to the King of Kings!! God bless you!!

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