Is There Still any Question that My Hand of Protection is Lifting Off of Your Land because of the Great Sin of this Once Great Nation?

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The Holy Spirit spoke this word to me as I was looking at the devastation caused by hurricane Harvey.
“My people in America, hear the word of the Lord this day.
I would ask you, is there still any question that My hand of protection is lifting off of your land because of the great sin of this once great nation? Soon there will be no question; you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that judgment has come. Even though this storm that I have allowed upon Texas is the most destructive and devastating that has ever been recorded, there are some who say, “We have seen this before, it is normal.” 
I, the Lord, will tell you this day that this storm is not normal, but it is also not yet My wrath either. I am increasing what I allow your enemy to do on the Earth, but it is not yet the beginning of the Great Tribulation spoken of in the Scriptures. There is no coincidence that this storm brewed as the eclipse was passing over America. Coincidence is term created by the enemy to explain away the things that I do.
I do everything for a reason.
My people, have I not made myself clear?
This storm (Hurricane Harvey) is not the “kick-off event,” for have I not told you it would involve fire? Have I not told you that it will be 10 times more destructive than what you have ever seen, America? Has martial law been declared across America? Could this in any way be considered a “terror attack” or “false flag”?
My warnings are to be taken seriously, but how easily you seem to forget. My warnings are to bring repentance from the sins of this country, yet it only comes from a few.
My people, see this storm for what it is, no more and no less. Please do not be guilty of crying, “Wolf!” by blowing things out of proportion and saying that the “Apocalypse has come!”
Yet, do not ignore it as if it were nothing either, because it has a purpose.
My people, be very careful not to pass judgment on those this storm has affected. For there will come a day when calamities will hit your state, region, county, city, town, and neighborhood, or maybe even your own home and family. For it rains on the just and the unjust.  Are there not some of My own children that have been affected by this storm? Should you not be praying for mercy in My judgment for those who are affected? Those who show mercy shall be shown mercy when calamity comes upon their household. Pray that many shall turn to Me in these disasters and that Heaven’s protection, provisions, and power be released in their time of need.
I use these disastrous events to humble men and show them how little power they truly have without Me. I also use them as an opportunity for My people to rise to the occasion and show the lost My love. In the times that are coming, I will give all of you chances to show My love. Do not back away from these divine appointments or hide in fear. If you do, I will have to lift My protection off of you so that you are humbled, and you may find yourself repenting of your sin in the last seconds of your life on earth. James 4:17 says “To him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.”
It is time for you to awaken from your slumber, sit up, and take notice of what is happening in your country and in your world.
The judgment on America will affect the whole world, for she is Babylon.
My heavenly markers tell you that you are in the time of the end.  
The wrath of the Lamb has not come yet.
For in that day there will be NO WARNING! 
Jesus Christ


Yahushua Hamashiach”

17 thoughts on “Is There Still any Question that My Hand of Protection is Lifting Off of Your Land because of the Great Sin of this Once Great Nation?”

  1. Jerrie Lynn, thank you so very much for sharing that with us.
    Psalm 91 is so important, we need not only to memorize it but we will need to live it. And no matter what happens we know that He will never leave us or forsake us.
    Blessings,love and peace to you dear sister!

  2. Brother Jeff…I'm always encourage to come to your blog to see what the Lord has revealed to you ..So much patience is needed to endure all what is converging and keeping prepared spiritually and waiting on the Lord..
    I've had a few things and dreams revealed from the 1st of Aug.. I awoke approximately at 2:00 am.
    I first heard and felt rumbling in my spirit..And I just laid there taking in what I was feeling and then I heard myself singing to a familiar song about a rumbling coming the as I stopped sing in my spirit..
    I heard..
    "I must do this to awake my people up"
    Then the following morning Aug 2 2017..In dream just before awakening…There appeared what was like a T.V. but actually like like a decorative box… But there appeared a warning Alert DHS…My thoughts upon awakening was food Stamps …Asking why that would be a warning. And then I thought of Department of Homeland Security. So I googled the meaning…
    I realized then that ,we must be facing an event that must be happening in our country that would involve the Department of Homeland Security..
    On Aug 19th..I had a dream it was like evening that I was in a crowd of people who were scattering and running and I heard someone say they are trying to surround us with fire to trap us and kill us..because there were burst of fires being started all around. There were soldier looking men in distance settings fires..
    Then there was these things like small bombs hitting the ground around us and in impact these little torpedo things popped up and started spewing like gas or chemicles and so the people and whoever I was with..We started rushing away from it..As if knowing we'd die if we were in contact with it.
    I started telling the small crowd I was with if we jump into the water it would keep us from burning in the fires. And all of a sudden we were upon a river bed… Then I awoke.
    So this is confirming to me what you shared you received from the Lord.
    So Brother Jeff …Knowing all these things that are soon to happen…Being patient and waiting in the Lord is hard at times..
    But as well as you I keep going to PS. 91…And trying to keep others in prayer and thinking of others more than our self. Because the are many who need our help and our prayers…
    God bless…
    Your sister in the Lord..
    Jerrie Lynn

  3. Heather, I need to tell you this, every major city in the USA is a huge target. I do not know which will be the kick off event but Chicago is definitely a prime target. Pray for the salvation of your daughter and warn her of what you have heard.
    Pray for the Holy Spirit to water the seeds that are planted.
    Love and peace sister!

  4. littledove – If this question is addressed to me. I am NOT saying that this is the kickoff event. I was merely wondering out loud. This could be during the tribulation period or any time in between. I simply don't know. The Lord simple said it would burn.

  5. brothers & sisters – I was just watching a video done by BPEarthWatch. The video was produced yesterday (Monday). This man is a brilliant Christian scientist. His video shows another storm moving into the gulf following the eastern edge of Mexico, which is going to bring more rain to the Galveston/Houston are on September 2nd. Fair warning!

  6. Do you think the kick off event is destruction of Chicago? like total? I have heard many words about California , new York and Texas but very little on Chicago -except that its included -My unsaved daughter Camilla moved there last year and I pray its not THE kickoff event

  7. Amen, thank you so much for reminding me about the Joy of the Lord as our strength. I keep reading Psalm 91. I am still working on keeping my focus on Jesus and not looking to the left or right. It does take practice. Love and blessings to you always my wonderful Brother in Christ. 🙂

  8. Yes sister Sherri, my heart goes out to these people and my prayers are with them.As the Lord says ,soon we will all be affected.
    We need to have the joy of the Lord as our strength and stay under the shadow of His wings for protection. The "kick off" is coming very soon.
    I love you sister! Prayers of peace go out for you and them.

  9. Thank you Brother Jeff~ My heart goes out to all that are suffering and I am praying for mercy and grace upon these people. Oh, Lord may they call upon the name of Jesus and no other. I am saddened and this is hard to to digest all that is happening. I can't understand how people at work walk around as if it is just another day at the office. My heart is heavy and saddened. May Jesus comfort all that are mourning and may the lost souls turn to Jesus now before it is too late. As you said it is only a matter of time before something happens with the "kick off." Abba Father I know this has to happen to wake people up. May Jesus use our vessels in a mighty way and may we assist all of those in need with whatever means are possible. God bless you, love, peace and rest to you Brother Jeff~ May the Warrior Angels protect all of us with their swords drawn. Sister Sheri

  10. Speaking of fire! I was in Chicago attending a wedding this past weekend. While I was brushing my teeth in my hotel room and talking with my wife, I turned and took a step towards the window. The Lord spoke and said, "This city will burn!" That's all I heard. I don't know when or how, but I know it will burn. I was wondering if the kick off event may have something to do with a Chicago, but I just don't know. I will say that when I mentioned this to some of my Chicago relatives, it was not well received.

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